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Rando Two: Errant Thoughts

Aquarius 2° (January 22) 106


I am the Warlock

People are Witches would make a good bumper sticker

But the point is we are, that’s our natural state.

We’ve been made, rendered, powerless. We have so

much more power than we think we do.

Our brand is our message

Astrology speaks truth to power, it’s proof of your individuality

We navigate by the stars.

I get visual feelings.

All is poetry.

I want to open the back of my mind to messaging from the great beyond, that Piscean portal to the All where one speaks the language of poetry only. Sometimes I hear it and catch it in those moments before falling asleep or waking. That is to say that the poetry exists; we can only hear it and capture bits, craftying them with our own language. I wonder if the greatest poets are not those who can siphon the purest sap.

As I write this I can the vision of He in the temple. He has been there, in my life, now, since, I want to say, 1986 or so. I see certain things clearly. I am looking into a courtyard of stone fitted with lean pillars, no roof of course, but all else unpourous, white stone aged black into tiny crooks and corners, the energy or this internal building directed upward. The light is cool and blue and as I am at the front right corner of the atrium he sits left of center, on the other side, a little ways away; he would be nearly diagonal from me if he slid over to his right along the stone bench that squares the entire inner sanctum, behind him first a banquette of stone rising to around the height of his head, and behind him, and indeed the entire square banquette all around, is a gallery, darker blue, still, whereabouts one would walk; I am sort of hiding behind the corner or the banquette on my side, peering in from the gallery and he sits, fairly motionless, wearing a bluish white jalaba, tunic, caftan type garment, sitting, straight backed, shoulders relaxes, hands resting in his lap; tall, ultra thin and muscular, with a shock of black hair shining blue sky reflection, Adam’s apple, jawline, smiling mouth and eyes.

He waits and I want to ask what does he wants, but he doesn’t want anything though his eyes as the question that is all questions combined, I don’t know what it is in my mind but I try to feel its fullness with my visceral intelligence lodged in the immaterial organ in the center of myself. What is it; that is no question. Time is not here and the cool, blue light makes me love but it is confused. I want to stay and yet I never quite approach only ever coming to the moment when we first lock eyes, neither of us caught unawares.


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Rando One: Seeds of Jokes

Aquarius 1° (January 21)


Starsky + Cockney

We do have our own language. For instance if one of us feels nauseus we might say “I’m Elizabeth” as in Hurley as in about to hurl. “I’m Kevin” means I’m spaced out. Richie is came out of merci which became Merce for Merce Cunningham, then simply Richie because of Happy Days. Toots is many things, but it’s mainly an affirmation. Poodle can refer to a dish of quinoa and brown rice with avocado, sometimes seasoned with seaweed, with crispy chickpeas done in a cast iron pan and sautéed kale, topped with Braggs amino acid sauce. Or Poodle can be a term of endearment, from Poodle Skirt.


Reality Winner, Mueller it over, Sessions in Session, Spicer Spicing it all up. Bannon is all for Bannin’. The way of the con Kelly Conway. Kushy Jared Kushner. Malign-ya, Farron von Munchhuasen, something about can …can he use the Whithouses something

Moved to Wellfleet for the Jewish Eye Candy


The list of things (like oil pulling) that you’re supposed to do but if you did you wouldn’t have time to live

Cyclists versus Bikers. They’re different.

Yacht Rock. A song in which Michael MacDonald is featured in some capacity.

Olsen Tins

Bathrooms need to be cleaner for men because they see everything lifting the seat

Not understanding what certain commercials are about

Movie titles in the nineties

Knowing what a laniard is?

Accessible Celebrities

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Feel the Burn

Capricorn 30° (January 20)


I’ve kind of freaked myself out these past few dates. I accidentally invented a new character called Socks. At least I think I did. I’m seriously hoping I didn’t conjure something already there, actually. Even writing this I can spook myself. Because I want to describe what he looks like (he has sewn-up mouth for instance which, come on, is pretty effing demonic) but I don’t want to say more in case it brings him further into being. Since I “presented” him in a joking attempt to scare the household lots of weird stuff has been happening. Small stuff but weird stuff, especially in the realm of mechanics. So before I give full birth to this deranged magickal childe I need to do something of a mini exorcism to rid the environment of any bizarro juju.

Good thing nobody reads this Blague, right, because you’d all think I was bonkers. Then again those who know me are certain that I am so I suppose we can view this as a step in the right direction: I’m letting more of the real me be seen. Ha. That is way easier said than done for me. People assume because I’m a quasi public figure who takes to stages and is out there championing arts causes and the like that I’m super outgoing. But the fact is I’m really rather shy, that is, at least, with no drinks in me. Double ha.

It was a full week of clients and, as is typical, I like to ask myself what I learned from them. Detachment is the first, and very Aquarian (this Blague being assigned to this date during the sign of Aquarius), thing that pops to mind. It is so important because, once we get to Pisces and its energy of dissolution, we will need to let go. But what are we detaching into, ah that is the rub. We are not just detaching from. Detachment is not losing. Detachment is releasing…into…trust?….truth? Both for starters. When we encounter a natural ending with work with a client, we take that exit and look forward to seeing what we’ll see off that ramp.

These past couple of weeks have been an incredible journey in confronting all the past accumulations, going through them and extracting from them what needs extracting, all the while knowing it is the only way to move forward because that will soon take every particle of energy I possess. For that one must love winter. The metaphor of hibernation isn’t about sleep, but about digging down into the ground(work) of what was already established and to live on that. But in living on it, to make work the metaphor most literally, means to live off the stored accumulation, the fat of our previous existance, but to burn it off before we emerge starving for new experience. I’m so close, now, to burning off a great deal of it.


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A New Vaudeville

Capricorn 29° (January 19) 103


Hello You

I hope all is going swimmingly in your world. Gutted that we didn’t get to see your show at [insert last performance here]; I can only imagine it was glorious. Did anybody film it? Anyway, I’d love some verbal if not visual highlights of that and of your life in total—when we can make a moment to chat.

I want to talk about your performing Afterglow again this year, if you’re up for a visit. We are settling into a new rhythm with our new Art House venue. Last year at this time we didn’t know our existing host was about to implode, but we didn’t scramble for long before Art House, which was my first choice of Afterglow venue all the many moons ago, welcomed us with open arms. They team there, which is fantastic, couldn’t have been more supportive and they credit us with bringing their favorite artists and shows to date. And you know, on season, that place is teaming with Pattis, Kristins, Audras & Christines.

The other thing I want to discuss is the newest branch of the non-profit biz. Last year we tried a summer event under the auspice of Glow at Oberon where we do Glowberon (which is finally getting a name change!). Well we’ve decided to activate Glow into a “moveable fest” if you will and we are reaching out to venues, in and around New England, to bottle what we bring to ART/Oberon and so on.

I know we talked about this sort of thing in the past: The non-profit acting as a producer and booker for select artists to create other homes and foster audiences in New England cities and towns, especially, where there are colleges and universities, leveraging our relationship with Harvard to create like collaborations. Related to this we are seeking touring grants from New England agencies like NEFA (that one being applicable only to New England based artists), still outreaching to venues we could also book any and all of our willing Afterglow artist alum.

Whether or not I get the grant for the New Englanders, I’m already mapping out venues which will include museums, clubs and organizations as well as theaters and boites. One more Excel program in progress. With Afterglow in its eighth year I feel like we are starting a new cycle after a nascent one has been completed. And now planning a fourth season at Harvard/ART, with our best press to date this past year, I feel we are in a good position to have some effective conversations with directors of various theater/spaces to whom I can make a strong introduction to our works and, moreover, the works of the great artists we’re so fortunate (and love) to champion.

More scope for Afterglow, more audience and moolah for artists, more exciting programming for venues. Everybody wins. I imagine creating a “circuit” all fueled non-profit, wherein performing artists can loop. I see many possibilities but, steady, not to get a head of myself….


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Capricorn 27° (January 17)


I don’t want to turn into the older man in the comfortable shoes, you know, the one for whom wearing Rockports is no longer ironic. And for those of us too short to age like Anthony Bourdain, blessed with those skinny legs and all, becoming a Breatharian often seems to be the only route to not being some stubby sextagenarian. I joke. But even in my youth I would live on Hemingway’s words: hunger is good discipline. I skipped meals sometimes, breakfast certainly, and lunch every once in a while. I had never been overweight then, I remember, particularly, living in Paris in 1985, 1986, ordering just a pot of tea I’d drink with lemon. Of course, that’s when I wasn’t drinking all the beer and wine; but that never registered physically then either, except in a vague, teen-age puffiness.

But it’s more than just the avoidance of certain footwear. It’s also the way ones jeans fit. I do declare I must avoid jeans altogether unless they are altogether flattering. The truth is I haven’t exercised other than walking in a long time. That said, I walk many miles on the beach which can often be tough going, not a stroll in the park. And the times I’ve been able to swim have been glorious. If I lived in London, I would surely join a swim club. Those days at the Aldwych, I can’t tell you: they pulled on my heartfelt being so much. It is my most favorite pool in all the world. If I had sick money I would get a 15K pound membership just to go there every day. Which is just over 4 pounds a day. Just under six bucks a day. Six bucks a day to swim in a pool isn’t a lot if you go every day. It’s the price of a coffee or near enough. I would give up coffee to swim in that pool. Just one thing: I don’t live in London. But you know what Diana Vreeland said: The best part about London is Paris. There is sense in what I say if you look for it.

So what to do. Well, being well hydrated and slightly underweight is my secret manorexic goal. But I am one of those people who eats so well already, and barely; I never snack or eat dessert except maybe sharing in a restaurant; and I generally avoid restaurants except when traveling, manning the kitchen, my favorite household milieu, will fairly militant precision. Seriously, I am anal when it comes to food, which isn’t a pretty sentence, nomatter how you slice it. So let’s put it this way: I’m ridiculously organized, an expert at gard manger, I never waste even the tiniest sprig of thyme. I shop for exact ingredients, I make menus, I schedule prep times for chopping for a few meals ahead, I do a little at a time, all the time throughout the day—there is always something cooking in the kitchen—such that, when meal times arrive, I need do little else but assemble. It’s one of my greatest, I won’t say only, joys.



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Open Letter to An Arts Journalist

Capricorn 26° (January 16)


Open Letter to a Boston Arts and Entertainment Editor or Journalist

Picking up the thread. I’ll be in Boston on Monday if you can possibly meet up.

Otherwise I’m not back until March 19, also a Monday.

I will likely have other times in town. I just know these both for sure now.

The next show in the series is April 5, Joseph Keckler. and then Fauxnique (Monique Jenkinson) May 17.

The Lady Bunny shows (we added a second one) sold out. Funny how that is.

Taking nothing away from Bunny, as her show elevated her drag-act to performance level which was super interesting…

But Joseph and Monique for instance, whom Boston audiences haven’t heard of, are true Afterglow/Glow material…so interesting and innovative.

I thought it might interesting to highlight these lesser known artist in a piece to illustrate how Afterglow really is on cutting edge (hate that expression but you know what I mean)

They kind of get to the essence of what we’re all about.

Meanwhile artists we’ve produced at Afterglow as unknowns like Bridget Everett, Cole Escola, John Early, Drew Droege, Martha Graham Cracker are now all in movies, on The Tonight Show, have primetime television series or are playing Vegas LOL

I would venture to say that there are at least 30 artists we’ve produced in Ptown and Cambridge whom 99% of audiences first heard of via Glow world.

But the nature of our particular beast is that we have to keep bringing those emerging artists…..we can only occasionally bring back those who’ve already “made it” since they appeared with us.

So it’s all about trusting the CURATION of the best artists you’ve never heard of. And for audiences to show up and take our word for it. Given our track record they should…..

that type of thing……?


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People Get Ready

Capricorn 25° (January 15)


All I keep telling myself is that this will soon be over. Burping smoke. And I will be aligned in my day with enough time and space to make the proper, designated posts and observations. My one goal now is, by January 2019, to have shifted the base of the international consultancy to Paris so to align with our fashion clients whom, we know, have to be in that great city at least twice a year. Otherwise it’s Cape Cod and Boston, and the occasional New York City and Los Angeles. Done. So easy. A nice two bedroom in Paris where we can meet our clients and host the odd guest. A place to gift to friends, especially those, who have likewise gifted us over the years. A little bit of Parisian heaven but a great big chunk of living. So easy to get to Edinburgh and London and Zurich and Geneva and Marseille to visit friends. A chance to explore all of that beautiful country which has always been a spiritual home. An announcement to the world: Starsky + Cox have set up shop in Paris and Provincetown, splitting their time. What a glorious gift to myself. I dare say I can afford it now, in some form, even on what little bit I have put away. I have never been a materialist, much to my own chagrin at times. I traded that for freedom. But what good is freedom unless you take it.

I was meditating on the six of wands in the Tarot which begs the question: Am I prepared for the responsibility this public success and exposure implies? I have to say I think I am. If not a bit over ready. In my mind I know I am, but, okay Tarot, I get it: am I ready in spirit. Am I equal to my dreams? Is that what you’re asking me? Fuck you. Who are you to ask me anything, Tarot? It is me that does the asking. You got that? But you’re right.

Feeling this distinct difference between my mind, which races ahead, creating a disconnect, and my spirit which instead begs for nurture and doesn’t want to go anywhere it till it gets it, I demur…demurr?…it’s not demure. Anyway, I beg off non-chalantly, embracing my confidence issues. But this is part of getting confidence back. This is part of the reclamation. I know there is no such thing as catching up in life, just like there is no such thing as getting behind; but I am apparently engaged in both dynamics simultaneously, such that it is enough to make any Mage’s head spin.


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More Double Duty For The Venues

Capricorn 24° (January 14) 98


Dear So and So

Hello I’m Quinn Cox.

I’m founder, with John Cameron Mitchell, and director of the not-for-profit Afterglow Festival in Provincetown, which takes stage each September. Entering its eighth year, Afterglow’s mission has been to preserve and champion Provincetown’s birthright as the birth place of modern American theater. Something of a spiritual “Save Provincetown” campaign in the face of gross gentrification, it is our aim not only reclaim important stage space for experimenting, evolving and emerging artists, innovative talents changing the face of theater and performance as we know it, but to help develop and proliferate important new works and acts being premiered or progressed in Provincetown.

Playing host to artists around the country and abroad, Afterglow has strengthened Provincetown’s exsiting spiritual bonds with both the Greenwich Village, NYC and Cambridge, MA theater and performance communities via partnerships, repectively, with Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater and the Oberon stage at the American Repertory Theater.

In it’s third season, Afterglow’s critically acclaimed collaborative Glowberon series with the American Repertory Theater, brings artists and their works, primarily originated at Afterglow, to the Oberon stage, from September to May. Glowberon has energized subscribers to A.R.T. and audiences from all around the Boston metropolitan region and garnered great praise from the Boston Globe, Boston Herald and PBS-WGBH’s Open Studio, to name a few. We also staged a small Glow Festival at Oberon in summer, 2017.

Our non-profit enterprise is now in a place where I am reaching out to other select theaters and arts arenas in and around New England that might likewise be interested in collaborating with Afterglow to produce and present our various artists, whether as a series or as a loose collection of solo-act performances over the course of the year or during certain seasons. As we present many emerging artists, many of whom have gone on to great success and wider even more mainstream notoriety—Bridget Everett, Justin Vivian Bond, John Early, Taylor Mac, Our Lady J, Drew Droege to name several—it is Afterglow/Glow’s curation that New England audiences have come to trust as we carefully nurture our press profile, audience build efforts, promotion and social media.

Our goal in partnering with like-minded venues throughout the region is at leas three-fold: To provide the surpassingly talented artists, working in various forms all under the heading of performance a wider platform to reach audiences in places they otherwise wouldn’t reach; to provide the increasingly savvy and eager audiences in these key places the kind of surpassingly entertaining and transformative perfomances these artists deliver; and to establish new spiritual homes for these artists with willing venues who might thrill to present works by artists and acts on the edge of stage craft, theater and performance in these various forms.


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Double Duty: Sponsor Letter

Capricorn 23° (January 13)


Sometimes when I have a lot of writing to do I like to double duty (especially as I’m playing catch-up after a long drama-if-not-trauma induced hiatus). Here is a letter I’m drafting for returning Sponsors to my Afterglow Fest.

To Whom It May Concern

With just a few weeks of winter to go, I hope this finds you happy and optimistic. It’s been a time of daily societal drama, yet I can’t help feeling that some righteous good is being galvanized in the process, and sometime ringer, we’re being put through. So we persevere and pursue the realization of our own good intentions as best we can.

Careful not to itemize all we’ve done under the Afterglow aegis, I want to keep this letter short and just spotlight a few things. We are now entering our eighth year of festival. Last spring we very unexpectedly lost our venue of the previous five years which sent us scrambling rather late in the season. A blessing in disguise: as our original first choice, the Art House in Provincetown, with its two stages, cleared their schedule for Afterglow week, welcoming us, and we enjoyed our best attended shows ever in our history. We return to the Art House, September 20-16, 2018.

The third year of our collaborative series with the American Repertory Theater at their Oberon stage in Cambridge (for which, thankfully, we needn’t fundraise) has gained ever more steam. We credit the uptick in our Provincetown, audiences, actually, with the increased press and promotion and awareness generated by this partnership, as many festival goers this year were Boston and Cambridge folk. Our collaboration with A.R.T. is modeled on our pre-existing relationship with Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater in New York City where Afterglow has produced both solo works and promotional variety shows.

We staged the first mini Glow festival, too, at Oberon in Summer 2017 which scored us high-profile features in the Boston Globe and coveted coverage on the PBS/WGBH program Open Studio, which mainly and happily focused on our mission and the Afterglow Festival in Provincetown, which is at its core. Moving forward, Glow will become “a moveable fest”, funded (fingers crossed) by state and city grants, allowing us to move and develop work, originated at Afterglow, throughout the region.

That’s enough news. Now, the reasoning for this letter coming to you earlier than typical in the new year: The highly function Art House venue works further in advance than our previous host and, as things go, is a pricier enterprise for us, overall, but so worth it. Though we landed safely and softly into the arms of the Art House, being left scrambling last spring hit home the fact that we need to begin our planning earlier each year. That and the fact that too many would-be sponsors have told us that, by the time we approach them, they are tapped out from other commitments.

So, here I come to you with my not-so-metaphorical begging bowl a tad earlier in 2018 to solicit support this year. We realize that our supporters might still prefer to cut actual checks closer to festival and that is still absolutely a-okay with Afterglow; what we are simply asking for now is a pledge to do so for x-amount so that we can better put our cart behind the horse in planning the programming and to pay for all that is entailed in staging the Afterglow Festival, which you’ve helped build into a formidable and important name in the non-profit arts world.

I will save my rant about how Afterglow honors Provincetown’s birthright as the birthplace of modern American theater, being a spritual “Save Provincetown” compaign, of sorts; or how we have preserved sacred stage space (now considered another form of valuable real estate here) for the pure creation and expression by the most influential and progressive performing artists on the planet today, whom you first saw or heard of at Afterglow (though many have moved on to wider exposure and success); or how we culturally and commercially enrich our community; or why, with Provincetown becoming the most sought-after, gentrified and increasingly exclusive place to live or visit, the preservation of Provincetown’s priceless theatrical and performance heritage can only be achieved by such a non-profit endeavor. Or will I?

Enough soapboxing. Please let us know if we can count on your support again this year and, if so, at what level you’d like to participate. With that knowledge we will be empowered to plan and pay all necessary deposits and so forth to pave the way for The Eight Annual Afterglow Festival. I like numbers as you might know; and I really thought of year seven as the completion of a cycle, the naissance and early childhood of our enterprise. Eight, the shape of which is called the lemniscate (a symbol of Infinity), does inspire provide a sense of solid footing and something of a forever feeling. We have made great inroads thus far and I can feel that proverbial wind beneath the wings of this non-profit enterprise in many ways. I believe we have together created something crucial and enduring. Touch wood.

Sincerely yours,


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Cemetary of Disappointments

Capricorn 22° (January 12)


I’m thinking around this time that I want to start sliding into home. I know I’m working hard but am overwhelmed, as evidenced by a need to go the Cook Shop for some kind of adventure. If all I had to do all day was write it might be fun. I am actually longing for that kind of time ahead. I don’t mind it being another year away to be honest.

It’s been so good to feel that my pasts regret are buried deep in the cemetary of get over yourself. Life really is so much simpler than we make it. And it’s more beautiful. And we have to be flexible and spread things out for sure. I have make an effort to be more than abstemious when it comes to all forms of self indulgence.

 At this point I’m still processing the trip which really just happened. I have to say I really loved Miami and would totally take myself there next time someone wants some time away from me. It could be quite the blast me thinks. But I generally want more of that. I need to begin to visualize it happening and to create my own little transporter room at the top of the stairs. I need to feel more relaxed (and get my bood pressure down) and to dream and scheme and roll around the attic of my brain. I need to be fearless.

I have been a so-called orphan now for over twelve years nearly and let’s face it, abandoned long ago on that score, most poignantly with the onset of mother’s memory loss. But the panic attacks are gone for the most part; they which once killed me beginning to decades ago. I can still go there but I am not gripped with fear and dread with a bright orange glare in the backs of my eyes. For one writing is a form of relasaction now as opposed to a process of endless siezing up.

And I’m coming up on having a lot to say. About a great many things. At the same time I am well aware of where I can sleep into the kind of mania that could turn my office into a bit of production design for A Beautiful Mind.


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