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Putting The Bast Behind

Aries 20° (April 9)


Monday felt a little rough, but again this year’s New England weather has been diabolical. This was a good meeting day otherwise. We let the conversation emerge pretty seamlessly and found ourselves alighting on the consutancy and foreign book deals—we’ve been approached (we’re always approached) by some people to partner a bit and so it sent us in the direction of exploring notions about exotic markets and how to best remerchandize that which we’ve already written. There might be some fun entrepreneurial notions up some sleeves on this score.

And with the consultancy too: We’ve started going back through the annals of all the clients we’ve seen to date—thousands and thousands—reacquainting ourselves to their stars and stories. The process feels like touching fabric. It’s as if revisiting the clients one by one is continuing to energize a connection if not with each individual then with the consultancy as a collective. We have been so fortunate and we fascinate to work with such incredible people.

We also went over the finishing touches of our gorgeous new business plan for our design enterprise. The plan itself looks like a work of art, honestly; I can hardly believe it. It becomes more and more real everyday; and I have to say that I need some place to put my aesthetic feeling and power. With such a platform, one can throw onto it; but it also draws one out, asking one to give to it. I know I want things to be really quite tiny. It might be good to check out some Providence graduations; spending money in such a way, now, is a very good idea as we are putting into research. So much good design coming out of Providence, actually. And only three hours from New York City. Oh, dear. I don’t want to live in Providence please don’t make me. I feel that investment in this area, from outside sources, is personal, that it is an investment in me. And that is something for which I truly long and by which I would do so very right. I want to let myself be invested in. In this case I want things to be as personal as possible.

And straightaway, this weekend, I must get onto the yearlies (books of weekly horoscopes per sign). I think they are a lovely idea and the perfect platform for approaching a cool stationers. Stationers are the thing. I think, too, if you can replicate old world sorts of things like having a writing tablet and sending hand written notes. I’ve been struggling a bit with the whole notion of handmade and electronic. I’m over this electronic world; in fact I think we are going to see a giant backlash.

Fiesta forever is indeed much better than Siesta forever. Then again?

We walked down the rue Commerce in the 15e a couple of times back while in Paris. It was rather depressing that road. And our previous positioning, which we found again, this last trip, in the 17e, was even worse. However it was very close that section of the arrondissement as it nears Batignolles that was so fancy. But I dare say, still, creepy somehow. We passed a Scientology center this last trip even. It makes me wonder if we didn’t shoot high enough even then. I think we are naturally demure when it comes to giving ourselves material things in life. It seems almost embarrassing. I actually wouldn’t want to have so much money as some of my friends have—and I mean that most sincerely. I just want to have a rich bohemian life. In Howards End vernacular I’m a Schlegel not a Wilcox by any stretch. I’ve been a Bast and I don’t want to go back there.


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And Reminiscing

Aries 19° (April 8)



Sunday. I’m revisiting an old idea. Here is a sample of what I’ve been thinking:


Waking up on this morning is like happening into a work-in-progress, which also characterizes those individuals born on this day. There is an element of happy surprise now in realizing how far along plans and projects actually are; just as we sense a cozy security in knowing that achievement is had slowly, thoroughly, without the anxiety of haste. Today, we feel all shall end well, on a self-satisfied note, spent either in jovial company or in more desired solitude, inwardly gazing as events dissolve into night. Rhea Cronos, Old Mother Time, rules this day, stretching her sense of everlast over its frame. There will be obstacles, if only to illustrate how readily they can be removed. Those born this day may feel thwarted from, even robbed of, nay spared, a conventional course of life experience; they are, in sacrifice of so-called normalcy, being shepherded in an extraordinary direction. This Capricorn day is equal parts careful and capricious. We seek to engage in productive activity, without over achieving; indeed we have the confidence of imperfection, an aristocratic ease and the guilelessness of those whom others only erroneously presume possess airs. The tactile is paramount on this day, a need to commune with the nobility of nature and show it deference. We sense and acknowledge the present, momentous power of what lies beyond the loose protection of our conscious minds. The day invites nourishing intrusion, mostly in the form of serendipitous happenstance. The steady assurance of low light and distant cloud blankets the soul like a swaddled babe. We deliciously strain against the confines of our own perceptions, safe in their sane protection. The limit of our consciousness feels a blissful thing onto itself, a mixed membrane of the familiar and the vastly unknown, this two-part blend of ingredients making each the more delectable. We feel the texture of this day beckoning as do the long contoured ridges of fresh pale cut applewood. Reaching out to touch it, even its coarseness provides reassurance. We will not waste the graces of this day. We will utilize them in full appreciation, counting our blessings, without compulsion for saving, only savoring, our every boon and bounty. People born on this day embrace quality over quantity—they are abundance conscious, highly aspirational, choosey and sparing. A default sense of sacrifice making the most meager indulgence all the sweeter characterizes the spirit of this point in our journey around the Sun. Bright quince ripening in a cold blue-grey bowl. Today we are asked to see the exotic beauty inherent in the presumed bland. Our powers of discernment, natives of this day realize, are key to achieving desired goals. We can see obstacles before us, or the building blocks for assembling our dreams. People born today are expert at visualizing the entire path of their long journey to fulfilling their destiny. We are all this day suffused with the understanding that there is an art to living, the technique of which lies in disciplining the mind to see the upside, the solutions, in every situation. Natives of this day show us, by example, that the act of living is the purest of all creative processes. Today’s native comports herself regally, using the obstacles in her path for fuel to reach ever further than even she originally anticipated. This day reminds us that life might be allowed to exceed our expectations. People born on this day are rarely disappointed, for they project realistic expectations, living frugally on the surprises that the universe (heeding their humble mindset) blissfully springs on them. They are subtle creatures, never showy, typically cloaked in elegant greys, browns, maroon and black, the color of renunciation. They seek to absorb, negate negativity itself, picking up real as well as karmic and energetic slack, clearing the decks, preparing the way for goodness to find them, while never taking on too much so they might be needy of extra help. They tend to take up a surplus of responsibility so that their loved ones might have a lighter, breezier aspect. This can see them being taken advantage of by those who don’t recognize the quiet, constant spiritual sacrifice that this Capricorn soul devotionally makes—this can result in their being scapegoated or overlooked by the obtuse who mistake their humble nature for a self-effacing one. On the other hand, the person born this day can have their surpassing self-esteem taken for a snobbish, haughty nature. Wrong on both counts. Just as this day stretches out forever, time seeming to move more slowly than usual, so too, is its native the proverbial tortoise who paces himself for the long haul, ultimately winning the day, yes, but having a thorough experience of life. This day is to be lived on its own terms—one shouldn’t seek to alter ones experience of it, neither through substances that warp perception nor via the imposition of drama or dysfunctional behavior. People born this day are preoccupied with the notion of being clean livers, regardless of where they fall on that spectrum; they are sober by nature, and unlikely to manufacture drama or manipulate others in any fashion. They thrive without crutches or artificial stimulation. This day’s native goes beyond living in the moment; she glimpses eternity within it. There is no rush today. We don’t wish to sidestep any feeling being evoked; even melancholy is sweet now as it accesses even deeper emotions that can be excavated most readily this date. Those born today are dark and wintry nights. They may be foreboding but inspire a need for warmth and joviality, for close companionship, cheer, upliftment and illumination. On this day, we take a page from its natives’ book, and build a fire in which we, virtually, through visualization, ritually burn all vestiges of a past in so-called ruin that no longer serve, but rather bind, us. As the third and final earth sign, Capricorn represents Mother Nature in her crone (from Rhea Cronus) or dying aspect. The Capricorn motto, “I use” is best applied, here, to what we characterize as dead wood in our experience, which may be used to fuel the fire of our being in which we are purified—our trials and tribulations forge us into more whole and perfect stuff. In this fire we burn our own defects, the only real impediments to our happiness, and thus become a burning beacon to attract future hopes and wishes. This is an ongoing process reignited on this day which reminds us: We have both all the time in the world and not a moment to lose. Today provides us desired pause to process all that has led us to this point on our journey around the cosmic wheel, so that each of us may go forth as our more essential Self, carrying no excess but for increased light and wisdom.

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Saturday Night Tulip Fever Massacre

Aries 18° (April 7)




Breakfast at Tatte where some newbie at ART was dishing the staff—oh uh. Drove back to OCC (Olde Cape Cod) and just got some bear necessities. It’s still so wintery and I can feel it in my bones. I sound like an old person. Oh yeah. Super excited to be seeing the Cursed Child in a couple of weeks. Watched Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson’s show on HBO—John Early was a guest and he knocked it out of the park. He really did.

I really do want to stick around here the next two years and get some fun kitchen witch stuff going; like I really have a feeling about essential oils (done in a non cliché way) and other wise digging into the whole apothecary vein. I think I might start by adding some books online. I’d like to make some shrugs and tinctures; but also in terms of the more apothecary ideas we’ve been talking about. And when I say we’ve of course I’m referring to myselves.

I have that all too familiar sense of longing. It really is quite a good thing really. As I say is by our longing, via our need that the Universe can find us. Aries is want, Cancer is need. Both Cardinal signs i.e. putting it out there. And yet, paradoxically, that feeling is often/always/also a sign to dig in right where you are, to center oneself, and to give oneself more breadth of small experience, the things just close by with which we can occupy our time, the small ambitions that are usually muscled out be TV or masturbation.

Yeah I said it. (Sorry, that was my Chris Rock impersonation) I’ve watched his Netflix special a few times. He really is the best and this new piece Tamborine is quite expert. Wow. Still, Netflix has more quantity over quality of stand-up shows in their service. The rare one is great. The funniest thing on Netflix isn’t meant to be: Tulip Fever is an inexplicable film that is up there with the great good-bads like Staying Alive (The Saturday Night Fever sequel). What a yucky time in mainstream American culture that was. I was already feeling Elvis Costello and Talking Heads in ’77 and I was 13 for most of it.

Things are really heating up. I just don’t know why it is we have such a high tolerance for this bullshit. I mean it would be bad enough if he had frauded people out of their university money and experience; or that we haven’t seen tax returns; or that he makes fun of the disabled; or that he fights with the FBi; or that he is using the stage of world politics making threats to other nations as his personal means of expression; or that he paid off women including playmates and porn stars; or that he had shady business dealings; or that he is trying to fire everyone who is involved in the investigation. But there is so much more. Imagine if this were Barack or Hillary.


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Begone You Have No Power Here

Aries 17° (April 6)


Not one of the all-time-great days. First of all it pretty well blizzarded again in April, the second time in a week. I received notice from the Visitors Service Bureau that they a) have decided that they won’t give me funds up front this year despite having done so for the past six years; and b) that I would have to trot myself in front of the board this year as a stipulation. This is all a result of course of the new board chair who is the psycho owner of our previous venue who poached our artists without our approval and, when we asked, to be preventative (without taking him to task for his actions) to put some language in place so this wouldn’t happen again, said owner cut off ties with us and left the festival dangling, and purposefully so, assuming we would not be able to find another venue in time, since there are only two in town.

Well we did manage so salvage our festival and this psycho assassin failed to kill our festival. We found a lovely new home. But now this character, who is Trump in miniature, or Mr. Potter from It’s a Wonderful Life or Scrooge or Mr. Burns or any of this archetype, then took over the board chair of the one grant we receive from the town. In a treacle manner he contacted me last autumn, with the other board members cc’d, singing our praises in truly psychopathic nature, pretending he wasn’t the same person who tried to anihilate us. He then contacted me over the winter asking to “talk” and I directed him to send a bussiness email which he did not do. Instead he texted me the need to speak to me directly. I said no. But I was waiting for some kind of power play or sabotage and he did not disappoint.

In keeping with the behavioral patterns of the Trumps of the world, this so-called person has many minions and has the ability to threaten others more indirectly. And that most likely includes the board itself., who knows? Anyway, it doesn’t really impact me, it’s just all information. And I’m used to dealing with psychos because I grew up with them.

And really I don’t need what I don’t have. The work I’m doing is good work. I’ve been overindulgent lately, as if suffused with the Aries energy of the time. It also leaves me feeling a bit scared, I don’t know why. It’s sort of pre-fight-or-flight. Speaking of which I feel like flying some place warm or driving down to Miami or something; meanwhile S.omeone wants to go to Montreal so you can guess where we will end up.

Had a sort of crazy dinner at Waypoint, getting into some heady stuff, thanks to current political climate to some degree. I’m sick of living in dread I don’t know about you. Anyway I also had meat for the first time in what seemed a very long time. It was delicious but I’m good for another month probably. And it’s fishy time on Cape Cod which really turns me on. I could eat fish every day and just vary it; in fact I think I’ll do that or, at least, four times a week. Two words: King Salmon.

I am managing to get a lot done on the casting. In fact I’m pretty well cast but for two slots of sixteen—not bad. And the first wave of letters went out to Sponsors. So really who cares of the local town grant process turns out to be corrupt in some sense. It’s always the asshole who has too much—Mr. Potter, Mr. Burns, Scrooge, Trump et al—who always needs more. Greed is a disease.

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Surprise Me

Aries 16° (April 5)


After weeks of living in this freezing terrarium at least I will get off the rock today for a couple of days. I can’t get too excited, however, as, despite entering the second of four weeks of April, we are still holed up in winter. But screw it, just to have some concrete under my feet for a change is appealing. And I’m determined to keep watching myself, as I have, in a good way, going for the chillest version of self. (As evidenced by the fact I’m leaving the house in a few and haven’t even packed or warrrshed or anyfing. As always, too, I look forward to producing a show in Cambridge, which is always fun, if not the main focus.

We had a nice mention in the Boston Globe today actually for the series and all the work we’ve been doing. I hope it makes some difference in ticket sales. And of course I just want as many people as possible to see Joseph. I will target some folks today with texts, too. This day won’t go great. We drive into the city, in our new car, but with the old trauma. Suddenly new safety features become new points of obsessive, neurotic focus. The journey, so close to destination, ends weirdly and one is plunged headlong into solitary confinement. I barely ate and then a face across the room appears; and it rallies one into best self/ve-hood.

There was unfortunately no new material in the performance this evening.

I am committed to my mission as an impressario, despite the constant challenges I face. At first new challenges can’t help but send me for a loop. But I must learn to back off as best I can this year. It is the only way, really, to insure the survival of the various projects I have in work, which are becoming more numerous. I do enjoy the role I play of helping performing artists achieve more in the world, and the adage remains to be true: The more talented the individual the more professional they are and the easier they are to work with. It’s always those with great insecurities about what they have to offer that throw monkey wrenches into the proceedings. And I include myself, when the shoe fits, in this.

Anyway, onwards and upwards!

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Spew (Pas La Peine)

Aries 15° (April 4)


I feel blatantly negative and unhappy and angry and upset and I want to be able vent the fuck out today. I am sick to death of just about everything and nothing is going to change that right now. Every gods damned thing I say or do seems to result in boring, bad nothingness. This is the way I feel. I wish everyone would just fuck the fuck off. The world is just filled with liars and users and assholes. That’s a fact. On this day I want to empty my bank account fill a bag and just fucking move to the desert, which, by the way, is becoming unaffordable. I just don’t feel I can live in this sick-o-phantic world anymore. cue Google search Quebec. I don’t know where I have to go, or what I have to do, to find kind people who aren’t fucking hypocrites and to experience some kind of genuine, well, experience, I truly do not. This world is one big diseased narcissistic ball of fuck hurtling through the space; and I really don’t see any healing in sight. And I don’t know why I bother trying to make any bit of it any better for anybody. It (largely) goes unappreciated.

I feel maybe I have it wrong. That if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em is the only way to navigate this world. Nobody espouses true kindness, compassion or humanity. Nobody. Everybody is out for their own gain, plain and simple. And those of us who aren’t are just fucking patsys. Remember this is just the way I feel today. I’m hoping that indulging it might get me to the other side. There has always been a battle between good and evil raging out there and in here. But now I think the playing field has become terribly uneven. Greed has never ceased to be the problem, it only gets worser and worser. Our parents’ generation was a blip, and anomaly; and we are seeing the result of that, particularly as Americans where we are not only not given health care and education by rights, but they purposefully don’t want people healthy or educated because then they won’t vote for disgusting monsters like the melting circus peanut.

And honestly I feel like a waste of space myself, which is probably where all this is coming from. It seems I can’t do enough to fight the good fight—that which is raging inside me. So many of us in the country are so busy trying to survive, and help on the small levels that we can, that we have so little steam to take it to the streets where it belongs. It seems futile, resistance, it truly does. Why can’t the people we put into power be championing the bigger issues and causes. They will have privatized everything by the time I finish this post. Speaking of posts—the post office will be next. I don’t know where to go to finish out this life in happiness. Again this is me just talking today.

 Pence tie-breaking against Planned Parenthood is sort of the last straw, and what broke the camel’s back on what was already a fairly lousy morning. I felt fine. But the world got up on the wrong side of the Sun. This might be working. I may coming out of it as I express what needs expressing. Still I’ve more to spew. So: Keep moving around your objets d’art/Photographing skinny young boys/Millions selling the Emp’s New Clothes/Hose down your vintage Pontiac/Keep vigil over the fridge/Find what you need in aisle five/Don’t forget your pills.


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Aries 14° (April 3)



The landscape of my daily constitutionals.


We all have sadness and have experiened lost, but some people are better at grieving than others. I am not one of those people. Dating back, I always felt kind of ripped away. We moved to the suburbs from Jersey City in 1972; and then I was happy to ripped away. Though we weren’t your typical suburban family, I assimilated best of all—my father and sibling had the hardest time—my mother, the Pisces, dissolving in anywhere. But we were ripped away each summer to the Jersey Shore. I didn’t complain about this, but having summer friends and year-round friends made it difficult to bond really full with people and get any sort of consistency or momentum going. And as I was graduating high school my parents sold the house in Wyckoff, so I never returned there during college (except for once, in the first weeks of school, when I and a band of friends from B.U. stayed there and went to see Simon & Garfunkel in Central Park, on a whim, driving overnight and landing, near Wyckoff’s border, where the car literally broke—it’s frame cracked—anyway that’s a story in itself.

Instead I returned “home” to our summer house which was now our year-round house, trying to keep Wyckoff friendships alive but to no real avail. So I committed to a social life I could come home to on the Jersey Shore. I worked at the Parker House in Sea Girt and tried to cobble together a cool social circle. It worked but briefly; and not too many years later that house was pulled out from under me. And I suppose I repeated this trauma in my adulthood, moving from places I loved just like I gave away designer furniture I loved—George Nelson and Eames and other great pieces at least to great charities like Housing Works.

But I think I’m ready for a new era of ownership and stability as I get to this juncture in life. By the same token I could run away and join the circus (which is code for move to Los Angeles to become a character actor). The thing is, curse of the Libra, I am always intrigued by new possibilities and am never so sure as others seem to be about places of habitation and career directions. I can do what I do from anywhere, pretty much; which is a wonderful thing. And the word retire was never in my vocabulary, even dating back to when I was younger: I always knew I’d do something for a living that allowed me ultimate decision power. Ironic isn’t it that someone with difficultly making decisions has at least decided that he wouldn’t outsource decision making power. Maybe it’s enough to embrace this power, and forget about how I wield it. I wield it. That might be more than enough.

The moon transits Jupiter in Scorpio today so emotions can be intense for sure; but as they trine Neptune in Pisces the intensity should be allowed to dissipate just as readily. Today is a pivot, this much I feel. And though there is a ton on my plate I must flow with all of it. Producing a show this week at the Americn Repertory in Cambridge, continuing to write new introductions for next year’s Haute Astrology books, sign-off on a final draft of a business plan (and get my brain around what comes next on that score); I do need to start work on the new books themselves; I must finishing casting next year’s series ad A.R.T. and also this year’s Afterglow, not to mention beginning the outreach to fund it. There is more; but these are the major balls in the air.

The other elephant in the room is, well me. I was going to write the diet I must now began in increasing earnest and intensity, but I could resist. It’s spring and i need to drop at least ten lbs., which, to be honest, I end up doing pretty much anyway starting this time or year through summer, even without trying. My reasons for a little crash aspect in the diet is strictly practical and also financial. I need to fit comfortably into clothes I already own for upcoming events this month and next in NYC. And so I’ll be frontloading diet and exercise above all other things these next few weeks, and then just let it become part of the new order. I have been making my very spicy drinks and broths and getting early to bed and early to rise plus not drinking any wine at all. I know longer plan these sorts of clear-outs really. As I say, they are an annual unspoken event of sorts.

Lunch today will be a glorious leftover black bean soup. When you wake up at 5:30 as we do, you tend to be ravenous by 11:30. Then again I always ate lunch early. I remember back in the day, specifically, when I worked for the Book-of-the-Month Club in the early 1990s, I would hop the number two train from, practically, underneath my building on 12th Street and zip up to 50th Street to the Time Life Building, in under ten minutes. If I packed a lunch I would inevitably eat it at my desk by 10:30 or 11AM and have to go out and get a second one around 1 or 2 PM. I know that they referred to this in The Lord of the Rings but I thought it was something made up by Tolkien.

Does it ever freak you out that you will die without reading all the books you want to? Now these are the thoughts that could keep my up at night. Ha. Who am I kidding? Nothing keeps me up at night.
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Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Aries 13° (April 2)



So you’re like why is this post Aries 13° but the Sabian Symbol you attach at the end of th post is Aries 14°. Well that’s because my post is about the day as it unfolds from the degree point (here 13°) but that same time frame encompasses the 14° Sabian Symbol, as the degree point signals the completion of that symbol. I hope that made sense to you.

I didn’t forget to watch Jesus Christ Superstar live. I just didn’t want to. And anyway, too many commercials, as Stella would say. I’m sure I can see it On Demand; though I doubt I’ll be able to fast forward through the commercials, so I’ll probably never see it. Awoke at 5:30 and I knew immediately what kind of day it would be—and that I was mind-melding with Stella who also woke pre-dawn to drive back to the Cape. We would have our own Easter—I made pea soup with mint, roasted chicken with new potatoes in the drippings and ginger carrots. And, in a passive embracing of innocence, we watched the original Paddington and it was adorable, followed by stand-up acts on NetFlix. All in all we will file this under a mental-health day. And physical health too as, I’ve been feeling old “conditions” more accutely.

Even my closest friends don’t realize that I “suffer” day in and day out with a nagging physical problem. I put that word in quotation marks because, dealing it with so many decades now, it’s just part of my nature. My own private Chiron, you might say. I don’t want to get too into it but I’m going to say the first leg of the larger problem started in like 1990 I believe. I was at a friend’s place in Brooklyn just hanging out and jamming and I felt this kind of pop in/on the left side of my jaw, ear, throat, face, neck, mouth, tongue, sinus, windpipe, palate, eustacian tube, head, brain. To this day I don’t know where the “things” is located; but it has never been the same; and when i say that I mean that henceforth there has been a block or misalignment. I could go on on this subject and create an entire new blog based just on it.

Instead, I’ll just say that I have been constantly, both mentally and physically, negotiating this thing that happened; and I’ll say that it forced a certain ongoing meditation in me, if not an incessant prayer, which I believe helped “grow” my psychic sense(s) over the years. I remember soon after the incident…oh wait, I have to say first, that I told my mother about it—anything metaphyscial that I might encounter in life was best and easily shared with her because she always got it, nodding, eyes closed, telepathically saying I know, I got it, I understand, been there. This time he reaction was that much more glib. Oh, you popped a gland. I never thought to ask if this was a thing. Actually I just realized I never Googled it. (time lapse) Oh my god don’t Google that, what you get is people, vets, popping their dogs anal glands. Nothing on the subject as what my mother dismissed as a popped gland. Did she make that up?

Anyway, this ongoing nearly thirty-year-old affliction is my little cross to bear. And as I said: I believe helped “grow” my psychic sense(s). I remember soon after the incident I would go into a sort of shavasana, first, trying to “find” the place inside that was afflicted or damaged; and I would imagine this etherically thin golden thread “sewing” up the damages, like I was giving myself psychic stitches. As I did this, breathing deeply, the affliction would move or, rather, I would get a sense that it wasn’t any one place, per se, but along some kind of real pathway, nerve, lymph or circulatory, and/or along some invisible meridian. Anyway, the practice of this sort of meditation, which began pointedly, in time, just took over and became a part of my consciousness, whereby I am forever creatively visualizing the relief of this injury or blockage. I think it is part of my being now. I favor it doing exercise, careful to protect whatever it is. I fall asleep on some theme of this mediation. I never need to count sheep.

When I was young I had a Teddy that played Brahms. That was very relaxing. This two score and eight year mediation since affliction became my adult bedtime go to. If you look close me in my waking hours you might notice sudden movement or intakes of breath through my nose all designed to clear said block. I don’t do these things consciously, now, on the main.

I just realized that I forgot what we watched before Paddington and stand-up comedy: Rosemary’s Baby. How’s that for an Easter movie? I might make an argument for it year on year. So what do you do on Easter? Oh we have a tradition of watching Rosemary’s Baby. Happy Easter. Anyway, as happens with these mental health days, in so many ways designed to crank up the old synchronic machinery, many of the themes in Rosemary’s Baby were repeated in the other innocent entertainments we watched afterward. Hail Adrian. The film itself is shot through with so many inexplicable, coded, mystical things I find. Roman Castevet is the name of the main warlock (though Maurice Evans is in it as his would be foil—Evans being most famous for portraying the warlock father of Samanta on “Bewitched” at the time. Roman Polanski and John Cassavetes direct and star. But Roman Castevet is an anagram for Steven Marcato. The film was released in June of 1968 and in August of 1969 Sharon Tate was murdered in the most diabolical manner. John Lennon of course was shot outside the Dakota, which in the film was called the Bramford, which Evans says was the site of witches, cannibalism and murder in the early days of the century.

I might admit I believe that the film “unlocked” something; and I think the author, Ira Levin must have, on some level, tapped into Aleister Crowley’s story in the writing of that book. He actually is on the record as saying that the wave that he started with this book and then the film, which were followed by a slew of literature in the genre, most notably the novels of Stephen King, and films like The Exorcist and The Omen, created such a sense of Satan in the world that it likely fueled the Christian fundemental movement, by relief.


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Let It In

Aries 12° (April 1)


Easter Sunday. And it was not a good night. I barely slept as is the typical case when alone. But when I first woke up in the middle of the night I had a glob of yuckos that I coughed up from my chest and discharged, flushed. Seriously, given that entrance into awakedness I assumed I had a really bad cold. My sinuses hurt anyway, but they basically always do; and I felt generally lousy, so I naturally assumed I was coming down with something. And most of the morning was spent in the head that I’m sick. And yet slowly as the day unfolded, I began to feel fine. Like all of it was allergies or something.

It is also April 1. Now, I had a friend with whom I shared April 1 fun. He lost his way and now we are no longer friends. But today is our sort of shared holiday, as it was for years, and I’m a bit wistful not for that relationship, per se, but for a close bond with another guy on whom I can play practical jokes and have a fairly unconditional bond. It seems that male friendships lose their emotionality over time and they wholesale dissolve on the main. I used to have so many close male best friends. At least a dozen. I miss that. Mostly Virgos, but that’s another story.People forget that, when you don’t procreate, that you’re not occupied as most are by family life. And they assume you are equally predisposed…indisposed…disposed? Anyway, when left alone, even for short periods, I feel that particular dearth.

All told I’ve gone a bit fetal today I suppose.

Krt who owned the Bell Caffe where I worked in the early nineties—today is his birthday. I love/d Krt….Funny I just came back to write this after several hours and I had a nice tete-a-tete with Krt. I’m sorry I’m not using accents properly, someone can edit me. I had left him a birthday message and he wrote me immediately. We will catch up when next I’m in London. I’m just realizing, given the earlier bit of this post, that maybe I got a reminder from the universe

I watched All The President’s Men last night and it’s fine. It ends weirdly.

Now everyone knows that I have an erotic attachment to Luke and Leia from Star Wars, thus Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher, both Libras; and maybe you also know that we assign these characters as archetypes of the sign of Libra—they would be assigned regardless of the fact that Libra actors portrayed them; but typecasting by sign being what it is this comes as no suprise to we in the biz—which means just the two of us as our biz is something unique to us. I have a current allergy to parenthesis.

Mark Hamill seems troubled to me in a way that I take as a cautionary tale. I think he struggles with some kind of substance abuse, most likely alcohol addiction. I don’t know this to be true but: He looks and acts the way I imagine I would if I were to myself slip into some kind of downward alcoholic spiral. And to think about what he looked like younger; we’ve all changed I realize, but he was a slip of a pretty Apollonian boy; and now he’s bordering on playing Steve Bannon’s stunt double. I don’t mean to be glib or point fingers; I feel for him; but: Empathy is always at least half self-preservational. You may quote (and credit) me on that one.

I don’t know how good I friend I really am; and where I am lacking in that department I would attribute to the fact that I am not the best friend I could be to myself. The irony of the Libra man, associated with the seventh house of relationships, is that he will not have a very good one with himself. He is other-orientated, especially in one-on-one relationships, a series of which make up the Libran friendship landscape—he is not a group person. He will give the larger-half portion of everything to his mate, in both senses of that word, but will ignore himself, which means he has less of himself to ultimately share.

I see Mark Hamill on a talk show, say with Ellen. And I can tell he’s drunk or something. I call also feel his pain in trying to appear normal—I know first hand that can be work. When in the past I was consciously drinking too much or too early, I wouldn’t ever admit it. Now I would. But that’s because the light got in to all the broken places. It’s Leonard Cohen who said that’s where the light gets in—he’s a Virgo, and Virgo is all about the break, the crack, followed by that light of Libra. There’s also a fine Roches song called Broken Places.

I believe I shall stop here.


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Aries 11° (March 31)



The last day of March 2018 and the last Blue Moon until 2020; and Easter tomorrow, quite a confluence, the Moon also opposing Mercury all T-squared by Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. Mars is exalted, and Saturn dignified, in the sign. So there is much amplification in the way of power. I think this weekend is posing a challenge: To get to know our real selves a little better and to trust our own sovereignty in situations. There is no reason to go far afield knowing it takes so long to come back. It is on that score I say to you: Know Thyself today.

This sort of speak, I feel, comes under the “weather within” idea I want to work on with S. in our weekly social media offerings. Something short and sweet and astrological—an interstitial—which we might nonetheless have a little comic fun with. Cosmic Comics® Productions. I would like to make a tiny LLC off the biz with that moniker. I think that might be wise. We talked a while back about being content creators, double entendre intended for sure. Contentment creators. That’s another way of putting it. Getting a number of memos out into the either. The montage portion of the programming. What is the film that makes fun with the montage section? Is it Team America? Something like that. God that was a great piece of funny, funny work. I love those guys. Thinking back to the turn of the millennium, just some eighteen years ago, I feel I’m living in a very changed world.

I spoke about The Weather Within (brought to you by As Above So Below, you’re cure for metaphysical irregularity). It can be fun and funny and require us to be up and at ‘em; as we say. I must also check in with the Boston Globe and make sure they have all they need to run a piece this way. I will also put sponsor letters into emails this week and link to the press item as well. I need to go through the weekly minutes tomorrow morning in time for Monday meeting. And I will break down the dealio on social media plan. It’s all part of the program of underachieving borderin on laziness. I know that this is the way to approach the year ahead.

I was thinking about certain times I’ve been with people and how I’ve behaved. For instance, at our dearest friends I might show up for some two week period and I might have been smoking, which I would do, no apologies, outside never thinking a thing about it. Or I might have had a boatload of wine at dinner and send everyone off to bed only to then tidy and “finish drinking” making everything camera ready. I would never do these sorts of things now—if I did I would have to commit myself. And yet my attitude doesn’t get any better as I age, though my behavior might. Still I sense evolution.

Next year, we will be in Europe and UK often. We must base the consultancy in Paris; it is actually the most practical thing to do. So many of our clients are in Europe or Asia and since we see folks mainly by Skype in any case, and so many in-person yearly clients work in fashion and design, they can see us there. Also, most friends how are at the grandparent age—that happened quickly—and I’m ready to be a god/grand/parent for sure.

Monday must also be about settling accounts—we have a number of people and causes to give to in our tithing spirit. I mentioned tithing last week in terms of this young fellow whom I found needs our help. That’s part of the reckoning. Post the Libra Full Moon, I’m feeling pretty balanced overall. And having physically cleaned and organized my offices, je suis tres content.


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree of the Sabian Symbol may be higher than the one listed here  as the symbols culminate in the next degree. There are 360  degrees spread over 365 days. 


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