Pisces 29° (March 20)

I will have a bit of a morning after. I will head for a late bite to Bayside Betsy’s which is apparently under new management and have a nice chat with T.J; but I only have a little guacamole and tortilla before heading to Mac’s for a dozen oysters. I am making it an early night. Frankly I’m exhausted. I did give Gene a ring and turns out he wasn’t feeling well which might explain things fairly well. Conversation with Nick and also Joe who mentions that Bayside is being managed by Tracey.

The book was a hit with adults of all ages and proved wrong any foreboding skeptics who warned that younger audiences wouldn’t appreciate or absorb the headier, more academic and archetypal material. Indeed, the twenty-four characters I divined in Sextrology profoundly resonated with younger readers, especially; and next, again under the dual byline, I wrote Cosmic Coupling: The Sextrology of Relationships (Random House 2010), which characterized in chapter form all of the possible gay and straight relationships, three hundred in all. (Sadly, the gay chapters were given only one page each while the straight chapters received two—a sign of the times.) Neither book has ever been out of print and Sextrology, especially, still sells briskly. Since then, but for yearly horoscope ebooks I wrote and published under my own steam, I shied away from undertaking a book project of Sextrology’s magnitude;  and, as a humanistic astrologer, instead focused fully on consulting clients in private practice, which ultimately led me back to writing this proposal for this new book which I see as being even more innovative and groundbreaking than its predecessor: will be unlike any astrology book to ever hit the market for a number of reasons, the main one being that it bridges into personal development, providing the reader an original platform by which to grow not only into their sign but via their sign. My nearly three decades experience working with private clients, and especially over the last fifteen years, provided what became field research in exploring the many nooks and crannies of the various signs and their associative archetypes, myths and symbology to exactly identify and isolate the specific perks and pitfalls to each and every one of the twelve astrological personalities, and to extract the inherent wisdom encoded in the zodiac’s signs to diagnose the slice of basic human condition that each of the signs represents, to help the reader gain fuller understanding of natural abilities and talents (their sign’s superpowers), which so often go ignored, while pointing out their inevitable challenges, character defects and negative patterning, of which we are all often to aware (yet keep repeating) and then to prescribe changes in perspective and behavior that will send them along their desired astrological path. 

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