The notion of competition has utterly given way to that of cooperation here in the form of A Caravan Of Cars Headed To The West Coast, the oracle for Virgo 20°. The West symbolizes a new world of experience and the convoy represents a linking of consciousness, necessary to get there. We are not racing and egging one another on. There is a structure and we are in unison. Taurus rules this symbol in a twelve-fold sequence; the sign is under the governance of Venus, the energy of union, attraction, coming together. Taurus carries a tribal energy, people coming together on the basis of shared desires, talents and modalities of experience. It is an earthy sign, guided by sense, without over-thinking or overanalyzing. It seeks comfort and security, especially in the form of company, such that embarking on an adventure would best be executed in some form of safety and solidarity. This is less road trip than it is pilgrimage. Taurus’ motto is “I have” and its most prized possession is purpose.

I think about this festival I produce, the fifth annual version of which opens tomorrow. I can plan it alone, but I can’t do it alone. And it’s purpose is to open onto a new world, in this case of creating a home for progressive live performance in a place whose heritage befits it and to also journey out into the world under the banner of that purpose, proliferating the name of Provincetown (where the festival resides as the continuous birthplace of the modern American stage—once and future. It takes a village or at least a band of traveling nomads.


Then again maybe I’ll embark on a new journey from this point in time and space. And perhaps it will require another band of like minds. Perhaps the pilgrimage is a spiritual one (as it likely always is) and now is just a jumping off point. Or now. Or now. Perhaps we can always organize ourselves and our energetic constituents into some form of campaign and take that on the proverbial road of life. Maybe you never know when the past becomes the past and the new world opens up to you. It could be that the end is near and so is the new beginning. As an American, California is always a place that beckons, not because of the glitz and glamour, per se, or the weather, but rather for the sense of it being what we see as a new world full of promise. Yogananda landed in Boston but in time made his way to Los Angeles. I’m just saying.

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