Taurus 3° (April 23)

Met with realtor/landlord and got everything signed and delivered. It turns out I can do as much as I like in terms of cosmetic changes which is pretty cool. Went to the cottage in the afternoon and moved a bunch of things and have a handle on some basic renovation. Went over to G’s house to get codes for entry and wifi. He was complimentary which was nice. I suddenly came to conclusion I won’t be living where I am once May 16 comes around. How did that escape my brain? Had lovely Zoom chat with D + N. Heard all about India. They had been to Goa before, which I vaguely remember knowing. I would love to travel again. I would love to find a friend with whom I could travel. People drop out. Derwood, Bon. All the people that were there at the beginning eventually fall away. I suppose it’s normal. I am looking to the people in my life currently who are the real angels. I still can’t believe how vilified I’ve become. I was telling D + N that I don’t really feel that I’ve changed very much at all over the years. 

Taurus Man

To be born a male in this premier feminine fixed-earth sign (think gardens and fertile valleys), Taurus man draws on agrarian male archetypes, specifically the classic flower gods like Narcissus, Hyacinth and Adonis, male love objects who invite and incite desire in others. Diametrically opposed to the preceding sign of Aries, ruled by objective Mars, Taurus is ruled by Venus, the subjective feminine principle, passive powers of attraction, allure, and temptation. Taurus man wants to be wanted in the worst way, and in a nod to both the sign’s motto, I have, and its rule of possessions, assets and all things of value, Taurus man is a collector of people as well as material props. He must be careful of possessiveness and a surplus need for others’ appreciation. The myth of the insatiable Minotaur, half man half bull, is themed on the labyrinthian trap that an excess of desire (more so, to be desired) can be for the Taurus fellow. Green is the sign’s color, that of material wealth and certain fertility, but also of searing envy. Taurus rules the throat, the gullet, and men of the sign are hungry for gain and all-too thirsty for an appreciative audience, their appetites on any number of levels in need of moderating.

            Taurus man is designed to be a gardener in life, patient and careful cultivation being key to his success and, all things being paradoxical in astrology (as in life) this can be his greatest challenge. A metaphorical and metaphysical creature of the garden, Eden, he can be blissfully ignorant of his impact on others for better or worse (let alone their own needs) and can be notoriously capable of feigning innocence while consciously plotting fairly cutthroat maneuvers. Like Chauncey Gardiner in Jerzy Kosinski’s novel/film Being There, for the subjective Taurus, life is what happens to him—at least that’s what he’d have you believe. Passivity: seeming to have no real agenda, life is about being carried along (read: by other people), the road rising to meet him, the proverbial lotus unfolding. Flower gods like Adonis turned the typically most desired deities, like Aphrodite/Venus, into the aggressor, first as mother than as lover. In the Garden, it was Eve who took decisive action—fittingly it’s the main female character’s name in Being There. There is a price to passivity. Adam lost immortality going along for Eve’s ride. Likewise, flower gods are also “dying gods,”—none of them live past youthful beauty, immortalized (as flowers) for it. So too does the Taurus male let die off parts of himself in the bargain he makes for outsourcing directive power. He especially doesn’t exist without an audience, and there is sacrifice. Taurus is here for human consumption, to satisfy others’ certain hunger, seeing himself, primarily, through others’ eyes, making art-directional adjustments as life unfolds, to appeal to what he perceives to be desired tastes, be they personal, physical, intellectual, cultural, artistic, sartorial, sexual, all of the above and more.

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