Pisces 3° (February 22)

Yippi. I will food shop but only end up eating guacamole with tortilla chips. I have been plummeted back into much bedtime as we are still incommunicado. It’s really quite sad and disturbing but what can you do. I distract myself by watching Ideal Home for the hundredth time.

January 11

Nobody but you could vibrate the color of purple mountain majesty. You’re iconic for your style and, moreover, for your high standards. You may seem distant to those lacking self-preservation. But to people who exist on your esteemed level, you’re anything but.

January 12

Awash in sepia, you radiate traditional values. Not to say you’re not a modern lady/boy, it’s just you see some elements of the past worth preserving, in danger of being lost in our fast-paced world. You recognize the power of handwritten notes and formal introductions.

January 13

Your day is silhouetted in cameo pink, as befits unforgettable you. You have that je ne sais quoi that makes a lasting mark, even in a fleeting meeting. Life for you is a series of full circles, people from the past factoring into your future, forever elevating your profile.

January 14

The island itself is a Goat’s spiritual home, your aura-glow aptly being clear Capri blue. You blend a need for glitz with that of natural communion, and we mean that in every sense of the word. Any proverb to live by? If this yacht is rocking, don’t come knocking.

January 15

Your color vibe is school-house red, which makes us all hot for teacher. You are a bit strict, especially with mates, a loving disciplinarian who need rarely take no for an answer. Your life is for learning and you’ll never stop feeding your head. Isn’t that right, marm? 

January 16

Languid lavender, a light purple grey, expresses femininity that won’t be objectified. You will not be labeled, despite a love of designer ones, which you never flaunt but almost hide. Expressing your mind, with reined emotion, characterizes your big creative style.

January 17

Olive is your essential color. Wisdom is your watchword and you are prudent in your myriad practices. Knowing yourself is an eternally worthwhile pursuit. Poetry plays in your mind if you listen up. You have much to communicate and illuminate for others.

January 18

Your color vibe is outer space, a nearly black blue-grey that likely predominates your wardrobe as well. Even if born in the wilderness, you’re an urban dweller with the soul of a beat poet and beatific beauty to match. You tap universal themes in creative expression.

January 19

Alpine white, a tiny bit blue, is your birthday hue, pointing to your aspirational nature laced, as it is, with emotion. Money is a means to an end: To live a life, maybe close to nature, where you can breathe easy. You know life has complications, so you create none.

January 20

Of all the Capricorns, you’re the most racy, so radical red is, unsurprisingly, your color. You’ve a jet-setting soul, veering toward careers that fuel you creatively and let you live on the fly. Biz and pleasure mix perfectly well. Who else leaves parties with paychecks?

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