Pisces 8° (February 27)

Chowder day all day. And I’m happy staying in. I feel a bit shaky and hoping I’m not coming down with anything. Turns out I think I’m just a wee bit exhausted. I sound like a broken record these days but that’s because I’m in a constant state of limbo. 

March 1

Turquoise doesn’t just suggest a love of rainbow deserts, an eagle cry, or contemplating life’s big questions. It is healing, manifesting in a hands-on knack and a psychological ability. You repair your mind like an ant, her antennae, helping loved ones do likewise.

March 2

Your color is clear bubble blue, suggesting emotional, even psychic sensitivity. You don a natural shield against vampiric detractors, displaying a delicacy in negotiating your path, be it professional, social, artistic or loving, learning how not to pop under pressure.

March 3

Having an iceberg colored aura doesn’t make you frosty. It implies it takes time to really know you, to see just how powerfully you loom and so very large you can live. Admirers may go unnoticed. But you’re most oblivious to negativity and owners of narrow minds.

March 4

The mutable-water sign, Pisces born this day are changeable. So, cyan, a color ranging from blue to green, can cover even you. Constant transformation in a signature upward spiral adds up to your achieving a certain transcendence in life. Stasis? Hmm, not so good.

March 5

Deep slate green portrays the fact you’re a Pisces who settles down while never settling for second rate. You create an elegant platform in life from which to bottom line it all for everybody. Securing your base, in private and public affairs, is how you float to the top.

March 6

You’re not so ominous as your stormcloud color emanation might suggest. You’re just once, twice, three times a lady/boy, a triple god/dess befitting ruler Neptune’s trident. You are every wo/man—a sinner in certain areas, a saint in others, and resplendent in all. 

March 7

Tyrian purple expresses the might of Jupiter, your ancient planetary ruler, working through the enchanted mists of your modern master Neptune. A most tangible Pisces, you manifest magic, do business with compassion, and make big bank with supernatural ease.

March 8

With an aura color of wild blue yonder, it’s no wonder your perspective is so limitless, and your aspiration so broad. You don’t cling to close friends to show your love. You aim to meet many souls to learn from, never depending on the kindness of strangers, either.

March 9

You vibrate a misty rose, being subtly insistent and demurely directorial. Yours is the power of suggestion, an uncanny ability to let others think they’ve arrived alone at ideas. And this way, if they don’t pan out, you’re off the hook, which you are in so many ways.

March 10

Aphrodite, also called Mari, sprang from the sea. Mary’s della robbia blue gown fringed in white is the sea with foam. It’s an auspicious day-aura suggesting your great capacity for love and forgiveness. No one is more empathetic than you, the most beatific of babes.

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