Pisces 26° (March 17)

Saint Patrick’s Day. I don’t have plans to go out but fuck it, I’m going to the local pub for corned beef and cabbage. It’s a warm rainy day and I have a fittingly green umbrella. It wasn’t a total hoot or anything, but it felt good to be out and strolling. Tired from a few Guinness and crash pretty early and pretty hard. When it comes to the practicable suggestions sprinkled into every chapter, though they are especially designed for individuals of the particular signs, there is nothing wrong, and everything right, in anyone of any sign taking them up and trying them out (especially in relationship to those areas of life linked to your planets or astrological houses, as determined by your individual birth chart). Our hope is that every reader will get the most out of their individual chapters, foremost, as well as insight into their loved ones by spying into their chapters, but ultimately work all the practical magic the book has to offer. You are, after all, as your own birthchart vividly illustrates, a snapshot of the entire zodiac itself, not just one sliver of it. As we like to say: People are pies! You have all the signs, planets and houses, elements, qualities, polarities and archetypes in you—you are an ever expanding, upwardly spiraling universe all your own. So, have some fun applying all the chapters to the various aspects of self to which they relate, bearing in mind that your primary chapter illuminates your primary path toward self-actualization on your own hero’s journey through this most precious lifetime.

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