Taurus 7° (corresponding to April 26, 2016)

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T is for Time. It is a commodity that falls under the rule of that sign’s native second astrological house. We think of that house as consisting of that which we possess. Taurus, fixed-earth (a garden) pointing to our need to tend what we have—”I Have” being the Taurus motto. In the Garden of Eden, pre biting into that Gemini apple of duality, we weren’t aware of this or that, good or evil, clothed or naked, innocent or shame or now or then. We lived in an eternal dreamstate. (When I say we, you know what I mean.) Time, like Innocence, was a precious commodity, apparently, which we didn’t Value until it was lost. I try very hard to slow down Time. Meditation is the surest way to do so—to live inside moments instead of rushing ahead. We want to tick, tick, tick things off our list. Right now, it is not even 4 AM and I am writing this because, I think since I decided yesterday I had to write two Blagues a day through July 4 “to catch up” that I didn’t sleep well in anticipation of the fact that I have other major looming projects. But that’s not how Time works.

In a garden we can’t rush. We can only do what the garden asks of us on any given day. There is a weed that’s cropped up, let us remove it. The soil looks dry, let us water it. It might be depleted, let us feterlize it. This is growing to large, let us prune. This is going to seed, let us cultivate before it does. The garden tells us when it is Time to do what. Now, if we can look at all the stuff—this is a shadow-term for the Taurean materials and attributes we possess, and an apt one, as it blocks the energy of our “unfolding” like the flowers we all are—on our agenda, today, or this week, or this month or year, the projects we are cultivating: It is best to stand back and look at them all as separate beds in our garden; and to only do what is necessary on this day or that to bring them to full fostering.

We don’t rush in the garden. We survey and savor. We Appreciate above all. Ironically, I find that Taurus people are the most challenged when it comes to the appreciation factor. It is their particular plot of metaphorical land to tend. Especially since they naturally possess great talent as a rule, making it all the more ironic. But the Bull can be myopic. They might see, in their minds I, what it is they want to the exclusive, even of what they already possess. In Sextrology we call the Taurus man The Idol and the Taurus woman The Ideal as both share a tendency to be held up in high esteem. But it begs the question: If the Taurus flower isn’t being prized and worshipped for all the beauty it brings, does it nonetheless appreciate itself?

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