Aries 17° (April 6)

I spend the morning doing yet another surgical edit of the lawyer documents. Then I race to the dentist which is fifty minutes away. Living where I do sometimes feels like living in Montana or something—one gets used to traveling long distance for even mundane reasons. I stumbled upon a post by someone I loved about a high-school sweetheart that was located in another state. It’s so weird to me that a person in their late 50s would post something about a love affair that happened when they were sixteen. As if it was a road not taken. It’s fucked up. And to put it on social media? Good lord, lady what are you thinking. Between that and all the posts of ones own face are we not expected to think of you as a narcissist? I don’t know how we wouldn’t. Imagine if I posted something about me and some girl I knew in high school in such a weird fashion. OMG. Anyway, back to reality. I am pretty much sticking to the mushroom barley soup I made and will eat it at both meals. I will take a gummie for the first time in days—my doctor actually says gummies are not good for your heart! That it’s actually better to smoke the weed, which isn’t great for your lungs. The best deal apparently is the vaping thing. I rather not do any of it at all. Well I did go to the dentist and get a pretty good teeth cleaning. I wonder if anyone has ever done a scientific study on the percentage of dental hygenists who pathologically require a captive audience at whom to babble about their lives (e.g. the fact they “run hot” and can’t sleep with covers on, their six-year old’s obsession with feet, their love of Mexican food, their insistence that Las Vegas and Disney World are tied for the “best place on earth”, their fondness for certain tequilas, how they can’t afford a battery powered light on their head and how they have to cope with getting snagged by the less-expensive electric cord apparatus, and how their rolly chair doesn’t roll right) every sentence followed by nervous laughter, not to mention a pause from actually doing the teeth cleaning one has signed on for (and on and on) albeit fairly inaudibly due to the whirring water spray of “ultra-sonic” cleaning device, and even extra so given they are still wearing a muffling face mask. “Do you want to close your mouth? Your jaw seems to be shaking.” Um yeah I’ve been in this open-mouthed position for 30 minutes and you’ve only cleaned a quarter of my mouth!!!! Anyway managed to get back in time to work for another solid hour with the lawyer—I spent three on my own in the morning. I can tell you right now: I have done all I’m going to do.

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