Gemini 17° (June 7)

What I must do today is tie some bows on my book intros which really shouldn’t be hard. At this point I need to read through the final chapter intro and actually do a bit of editing I imagine. It will feel good to tie a bow on this particular phase of my yearlong work. So here goes that:

Vibrating at a high cosmic level, Pisces people prove this newly invented adage, that: the more accepting one is of what is, the more one may change it into what could be. Acceptance is the gateway to Love on every level. While in this cosmic context of Pisces we aren’t speaking of romantic love, but of the purely spiritual form of Love as, we might agree, the animating force in the Universe. The great primordial goddess of the sea, who emerged from the foam thereof, is Aphrodite (Roman: Venus). Though planet Venus rules Taurus on the earth plane (nymphs and flower god archetype) and Libra on the astral plane (airy Apollo and prophentic high-priestesses) the archetype of Aphrodite-Venus powers the sign of Pisces. We think of her as the goddess of lower-case love and beauty but she was rather demoted to that post upon entering the patriarchal pantheon which struggled to place. We see her in emanation, too, as the wife of  Poseidon-Neptune, Amphitrite, his famed trident originally being her symbol, that of the great triple goddess, as is the shamrock, the lily (Aphrodite’s sacred flower), the fleur de lis. The mother of Poseidon’s two daughters are alternately, dually, attributed to both goddesses. The name Amphitrite literally means “the third one who circles the sea.” Three points making a circle, the triple god/desses portray the whole of human existence, youth-maturity-age. This speaks, here and now, to Pisces people having a more wholistic sense of the entirety of their life than the rest of us, being more accutely in tune with their own alpha-omeganess—it also speaks to their being something of an every-wo/man empath who can relate more readily to others, if to a fault. Pisces people will gravitate to those they don’t already know in a given room or gathering. For males of the sign, the trident is the triple phallus, meant to mate with the triple goddess, and thus points, despite his signature unpredictability, to the ability of the god Poseidon (and his human Pisces sons) to be the life-long mate who plays the eternal lover of the maiden, to the mother (of his children) and to the inherent wise woman she becomes. Pisces men can be lifers when it comes to love relationships.

Another name for Aphrodite is called Mari (the sea) and she is thus cognate to Mary, Stella Maris, the star of the sea. Both Aphrodite and Mary have sons, Eros and Jesus, who are embodiments with Love. Eros, which means love, like Jesus, is the eternal babe, yet he is also the oldest, most primordial of the creation gods, just as Jesus is one and the same with the father-creator. Aphrodite and Eros took fish form and we know all about the Jesus fish from certain people’s automobile decoration. All this to say that the philosophical concept of Pisces is thus: That if you were to remove all physical manifestation from the world (which isn’t physical but energetic or spiritual anyway) what is behind it all, the very backdrop of existence, is, essentially Love. And someone once supposedly said something like: blessed are those who believe without seeing.

The body part ruled by Pisces is the feet which, metaphorically, speaks to Pisces people being parapetitic, if not perpetually adrift. Of all the signs, Pisces are the least moored to their origins, both in terms of their actual home and family rearing, but also in the assignations that go along with it. From birth, nearly, Pisces people move in a desired direction of character and bearing, most often fancying themself to be erudite, if not encyclopedic in their knowledge, with a certain lockjaw upper crustiness. They are indeed fancy. And we don’t use the word lightly. For Pisces people it is an actionable verb whereby they fancy themselves, art-directing their own personality and, really, they’re very being. They always embody a departure from their roots and they will stay in motion (unless, paradoxically, they isolate and roam around an inner world of their own making instead). It is the belief that they can be anything they want to be and, to look at the feet, again: before we can walk on water we best believe that we can. Science ultimately proves many a belief. Like: all isenergy; and energy can neither be created nor destroyed. So the primordial soup, expressed by Pisces, is all that is and will ever be. Pisces people seem to personify this notion. They are not attached, as a rule, to people places and things; the other side of the paradox of beint the most empathetic of beings. In Sextrologywe joke that Pisces woman, in particular, rely on the kindness of strangers, being embodiment of the Blanche du Bois archetype (she wears della robbia blue which is the color of Mary’s robe); but Pisces people, regardless of gender, are at home with people, among strangers, even as they travel to distant corners of world. They tend to treat everyone equally, which can seem strange to significant others or even their own children. It’s as if they understand the impermanance and eternity of our shared existence.


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree pointof the Sabian Symbol will be one degree higher than the one listed for today. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365 or 6 days per year—so they near but not exactly correlate.


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