Pisces 5° (February 24)

This is probably the most reclusive day of all time. I really don’t even open the door to take a breath. Things are hitting me so hard. I binge on Pam and Tommy and it’s pretty delicious, only the actor playing Pam is either really good or wildly overimagining her character. It dawns on me that I should be a television reviewer. I do have a list of possible jobs somewhere should this all go pear shaped. That was the trigger of two weeks ago. Being told what one isn’t prepared to do rather than what one is. I contacted the TV folk and got an immediate response. I also have a couple of more.

February 1

Cerulean derives from the Latin word for heaven, that which you create everyday, here, on earth. It’s actually a family of blue befitting your morphing vibrational need to remain chill, adapt, float even, as far above any fray as you can stay. And they call it spacey?

February 2

There’s an ice blue called Alice which wraps around you like ribbons. You are meant, you see, to remain in the present. It’s a gift to be able to do so, and nobody does it better. You give full attention to people and to projects. That means you have little to no regrets.

February 3

Arsenic, a color of night, carries a devious connotation. Nocturnal action not withstanding, you embrace covert behavior, secrecy keeping your power of determination undiluted by other voices. A lovely deviant from the norm, you celebrate diversity and bump off hate. 

February 4

You’re enveloped in an antique white. The past provides inspiration, your Luddite ways serving as an antidote to this fast-paced world. Home is a visual feast of cherished furnishings and finds. Often a night owl, your imagination is in tune with mystic forces.

February 5 

You are ultramarine, down, not-so-many lengths, to your soul. Indeed, your spirit is right at the surface, an ease in human relations being testament to your gift of self-acceptance. Your capacity for love brims full like your Waterbearer’s cup, yet only for the worthy. 

February 6  

You don’t mind being bubblegum. You get high culture, but you see equal genius in pop-media creations. You like the ubiquity of art and ideas now being shared by the masses via plastic devices. It’s fun knowing what’s in the pipeline—pure joy to put something in it.

February 7

An electric green, even your aura is gorgeously geeky. Embracing technology and progressive ideals puts a spring in your step as you leap frog over others in areas of learning or in friendly competition, the only kind you know. We look to you for direction.

February 8

A greeny Xanadu grey aura says you come from an out-there place. News? No. Aquarius is a state of mind where the proverbial cup is filled with ambrosia of eternal youth. Where your own brain goes must be the greatest place, cuz your chill-child vibe is ever uplifting.

February 9

Your tickle-me pink aura reminds us that we can all go further in cultivating of joy. So, though you’re essentially one of the happiest on the planet, you don’t comment on it. To do so would stop the flow of exaltation. You’re grooving into the next moment of rapture.

February 10

Your color energy is so vivid a watermelon we can almost taste it. You’re a populist with a pop-art aesthetic. With an ear to the pavement, you gauge what’s coming down the pike. In a subculture of countless acquaintances, you’re a luminary, leading toward the future.

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