Gemini 14° (June 4)

I can’t even. Work to do: In the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the Strength card depicts a lion and, along with the heart, a symbol of strength itself, the other body part ruled by Leo is the backbone, a mark of strength again, along with conviction, determination and courage. Prowess combines the notion of having talents, abilities, expertise and mastery with courage, gallantry and valor. The more evolved, un-cowardly Lion will be in full heart-felt possession of all these elements, which is a tall order. In a way, you might say Leo has to be somewhat delusional in order to walk the exalted path he’s been put upon, otherwise it might appear too daunting. Whereas the Moon, ruling Cancer, represents the mother principle in the cosmos, the Sun, ruling Leo, is that of the father principle. The Moon is nurture, care and intuition, the Sun is might, right, agency and authority, the Arthur archetype as author and architect of manifested dream of Camelot, the famed round table, a reiteration of the twelve thrones of Olympus (and the twelve signs of the zodiac) circled round a central hearth, the heart center of the palace, tended by the goddess Hestia. The round table is referred to as the table of Hestia, connecting Greek mythology with Arthurian legend. The point is, as Arthur finally alighted on the notion that might should be in service to what is right, Leo man increasingly draws the strength and courage of his convictions from the indisputable rightness he feels he brings to the table. It is nearly impossible to convince him, or for him to ever admit, that he is wrong, about anything. Even when his stances are ubiquitously embraced, there is typically a self-righteous, a hubris, in his expression. One might politically side with a Sean Penn or a Robert DeNiro but it’s difficult to deny that they can be smug in their assertions—don’t let’s get started on Steve Martin—which brings the notion of being entitled to one’s opinion to a whole new level. Even when warm and smiley, Leo so fully embodies an easeful self-evidence in positions of power or privilege, unquestionably suited to the spotlights that might entail. It comes as no surprise that the first ever African American president would be born under the sign of Leo. Barack Obama seemed a natural fit for the job and nothing in his attitude, demeanor or very persona suggested anything but. Everything about him screamed of course. And the fact that his presidential slogan started with the word Yes is right in the archetypal pocket of the sign: We have long asserted that Yes is the word of creation, No being negation. Read James Joyce’s Ulysses all the way through and it will hit home the point, or just listen to (Leo) Kate Bush sing The Sensual World, which she lifted from Joyce’s pages. As the sign of Leo and its fifth house is that of creation of every kind, from intellectual or artistic form to literal procreation, and the real and brain children that result, the fixed-fire of the sign is the immortal flame, the light that never goes out, the eternal Yesof the ever expanding universe. Ever listen to (Leo) Louis Armstrong’s musical catalog? In song after song he vocally riffs on the word Yes. From the Old English meaning “may it be so” or “so mote it be” it is an utterance of the will, as if just saying it could even make it happen. It is a word of both acceptance and affirmation, these two elements going hand-in-hand in the Leo personality. Nobody is more self-accepting than the Leo who views the world, and the people in it, as having to bend and adapt to his natural way of being, not to mention his will as well; and one meaning of an affirmation is a declaration of an intention—we’ve all heard of the concept of making lists of affirmations, statements of desired outcomes worded in the present tense as a sort of magical means of manifestation. Well, this is a naturally occurring mechanism in the Leo who is forever in the process of creating chosen outcomes by the sheer force of his will. Affirmation also carries the meaning of providing positive reinforcement, emotional support and encouragement to others, “the love you give” being square in Leo’s wheelhouse. The shadow side of this naturally fatherly energy is that of the aforementioned tyrant which has been exemplified by some of the many film directors who are born under the sign. 

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