Scorpio 27° (November 20)


Jury duty today and I decided to do it up. Got a lot of writing done. The judge came out and lectured a bit about having a bad attitude about doing this—I kept thinking he read my “questionaire” where I was a bit cranky. Oh, well. Duty served and speech free. Trum has no idea that he’s in Paradise (lost) California. Anyway I got a lot of writing in the two and one half hours there. I flash back to Carmel and to having a lovely luncheon; it was the same day I had a massive headache and I had to borrow an aspirin from a gallery owner who was very nice. This was our most recent trip I think. I’d just bought my Comme jacket with the red lining and sweat profusely in it walking to park and museum and back again; but it was fine; since I’ve been in torrential rain in it and the fabric never seems to get wet, or it immediately dries. (ha, ha: looks like Dries) Anyway…

Some notes on Aquarius:

Uranus is radical energy in creates new orders, new universes of experience, pointing at the veils of other dimensions. Aquarian people are the XMen of the Zodiac. The Greek cupbearer goddess is Hebe, meaning Youth, thus renewal, and Zeus’ boytoy Ganymede meaning to rejoice. Aquarius is the dipsensation of Joy and Renewal. Leo provides the warmth, gives life, to all she does. Aquarius is a distant star fixed air. Immutable Facts. Joy. Aquarian people go from Joy to Despair and back again.

John the Baptist, whose own demise forshadowed Jesuses. Fixed air. Conviction. Dying for them. A star, not the newly born burst of Aries The obvious link to the song is about being forsaken, out on a limb or in this case a cross, alone. Fixed air, the Star. Not the supernova birth of a star that Aries; but a dead and distant beacon calling across the expanse of time and space. Ruled by Uranus, named for the god of the Universe, the energy is radical divurgent, eccentric “out there”—looking for some connective tissue here and it’s not forthcoming—Aquarian people know what it’s like to be a lone voice in the wilderness, how one might describe wild man John the Baptist who stuck his neck out and whose demise forshadowed Jesuses. Declared a radical, revelation, a turn around. The future is multi-dimensional, like Jack Jack. New Utopias.

if not deviant unexpected, sweeping, revolutionary, revelationary. And evolutionary. It is the quirk the eccentricity the mutation from the norm, now, which becomes the mainstay of the future. It is the darkest dark and the dawn itself. The eleventh hour, the elventh sign and house which rules progress, technology, innovation, In the Jesus story things are about to change. He knows he is reaching the end and pleads his feelings of forsakeness


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