Seduction, desire. These can only be associated with one sign Scorpio. Dane Rudhyar sets the keynote of today’s symbol, A Spanish Gallant Serenades His Beloved as the ritualization of individual desires. Incidentally, the great astrologer Liz Greene writes that Spain’s national horoscope is Scorpio. Fun facts. I have a love/hate relationship with the sign, as Libras do; but that is neither here nor there. Like yesterday’s public park, music and courting rituals are culturally shared, but here they are in service to personal, if not selfish desire. Scorpio’s motto is I desire. It is a spontaneous impulse that is crystalized—the gallant is seeking control and possession of the beloved. Frankly I don’t know what the universal takeaway of this symbol is, except that we see certain conventions, like courtship, as having been cemented into the cultural fabric and refined from the dragging the desired off caveman style. But I’m not feeling anything further on this one. Maybe next year at Taurus 26°.