Taurus 21° (May 11)

Paying someone to help set me up here in the cottage with electronic stuff and so forth. Will go to Gregory’s to do Zoom with a client and a bit of laundry. Took myself for a burger at Montano’s easy peasy. Learned about the ex of my ex farmer miscreant. Some back and forth with Domres.

Capricorn Woman

Capricorn is at turns staunch and capricious, depending on environment and stimuli. Her human condition hinges on connecting the rigid and carefree sides of herself. Ruled by Saturn, planet of structure and containment, she’s born with boundaries. And as Cap man draws on the mythic deposed god-king Saturn, Cap woman draws on his wife-queen Rhea: (meaning: ease). This definition may surprise Cap for whom all has been hard knocks and roads to hoe since youth. But Cap can come to understand that she lives backward, becoming more carefree and childlike with time, The sure-footed Goat, aiming for heights of success, should ease into ambitions and/or callings, taking time to embody, assuming the roles she pursues. Rhea is goddess of motherhood; the mountain mama (mater horn) the mythic grandmother or (fairy) godmother. She bequeathed her full estate—leopards, cymbals, orgies, et al—to her grandson, Dionysus. Likewise, the seemingly buttoned up Cap woman, the zodiac’s Marion the Librarian, possesses a libertarian spirit. Her sign’s energy is that of ascension, and along her lifelong climb, she must learn to let go and lighten her load as she goes, an oft painful but freeing process.

Whether or not she ever has kids, it is Cap’s birthright to play a universal-mother role to a great many, nurturing, mentoring, and administering to the proverbial children. As an actual mother, though loving, she imposes a healthy formality, wary of codependency, taking a more grandmotherly approach, with a cool remove. Born under this feminine cardinal-earth sign, symbolized by a mountain or horn, Capricorn personifies the cornucopia, the goat horn of plenty. Saturn’s power is that of containment, preservation, like a natural reserve of bountiful resource. Capricorn is the Sea-Goat, to be exact, the watery element signifying a reservoir of emotion. Cap can come across as guarded, closed, haughty even. Saturn is Father Time, and that’s what it takes for her to lower defenses and invest her reserved feelings. Rhea wears a turreted crown, a nod to her impenetrable mountain fortress, and Cap only grants entry to those who promise something of an eternal bond. On theme, she is a keeper, in every sense, a devoted friend and mate, and a guardian of traditions she believes in passing down. She is a human time capsule of classic style, decidedly old-fashioned and proud of it, the original golden girl, but even Marion the Librarian ditches her glasses and lets down her hair, a rare glimpse of Capricorn that few may witness. Regarding her granny archetype, others may find her methodology, shall we say, unhurried. But she should know that slow and steady wins her particular races, haste making waste, anathema to her sign motto I use. She takes herself most seriously; she neither trifles nor will be trifled with. Respect is her main objective, and she should groom herself as a refined person of importance. It’s part and parcel of assuming the desired executive or other venerable positions to which she ascends. The Sea-Goat has her fair share of sinking feelings, but this can become a motor of self-empowerment and the veneration she seeks is worth the suffering and the climb.

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