Aquarius 29° (February 18)

Well here I am. Still no response to my correspondence. At least we have some glue holding it all together. We hurried our hineys to get the jewelry up and jumping and I don’t know what the rush was for now. Anyway, the work is done and that is a boon. I’m on guard for more than a few things and I’m tired of feeling skittish and on edge. I will rally some and get the house in order and the menu set for the week and food prepped and so forth. Finished everything for taxes for the year and otherwise put some wheels in motion. It may or may not be enough we shall see. I make myself a series of notes about restarting my festival and drafting some speak for outreach to friends on myriad topics. Making a giant vat of chicken stock and otherwise determined to be productive. I’m living on fumes and renewed sadness still, I have a number of components that I now need to figure out, which is fine. I’m laying very low indeed. I decided I’m not reaching out again to certain folk whom I’ve asked to visit me, one of who lives literally five hundred feet away. I have been so very hurt, it is becoming near impossible to bother me further. I have decided to observe a lent of sorts and really there is no time like the present. I have been so depressed now for the last eight months. There really is nowhere to go but up from here (eek gads I hope that’s true). Doodle loodle loo. I continue writing new copy for the website that speaks to the new order and reality. It’s fine. It’s actually getting to be somewhat fun.  As an astrologer and documented intuitive with a profound metaphysical understanding of energies and archetypes, Quinn takes a practical, hands-on approach, specializing in helping individuals realize career and creative goals—changing professional course, starting new businesses, etc.—as well as ridding clients of obstacles and negative patters of conditioning, clearing pathways to self-actualization, financial freedom, and personal fulfillment in relationships of all kinds. 

December 21

Your color is itinerant tumbleweed. You eerily stumble upon desired situations, a master of sustained synchronicity. Fortune smiles, yet you use resources mainly to foster freedom. Would-be mates take heed: Unless it’s true love, you’re just passing through.


December 22

You exude a cool gold, quietly asserting a high status, demurring to overly engage with others. You reserve attention for a select few, funneling energy into fostering prosperity, privacy and calm. Prizing yourself highly in love, you weed out weak, unsuitable suitors.

December 23

Onyx is your color, your experience being dense and heavily weighted. You think you can have it all and often do, achieving myriad goals, one of which others only dream of. You meet many people of great import. You should strive to do less and foster more fun.

December 24

Ruby red is a color of luck. And luck, a wise guy said, is “the residue of design.” Not that anyone sees all the work you put into your successes, you designed it that way, too. You keep such luck rolling by never pressing it, taking it for granted, or leaving anything to it.

December 25

There’s no coal in your stocking, but it’s your color vibe. A source of sustenance and warmth, you’re a diamond in this rough-and-tumble world. Pressure only perfects you. Yours is a diligent mind, dedicated to learning. You’ve got that librarian chic look down.

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