Leo 2° (July 24)


Woke up this morning having kept S. awake with my blocked breathing (read: snoring) last evening which makes me feel bad. Any kind of cold can make it challenging and people have been smoking around me constantly while I’ve been fighting this infection and it has been a bit tough on the old system. Old being the operative word. I left off yesterday with Santorini where S. and I were winding our way through the streets, looking at the various shops, some of which were quite cool in terms of their goods, some of which seemed to be more tourist trappy, while nearly all were some ratio of both. We saw L. and A. seated at a two-top in a restaurant called Character on the edge of the cliff; we passed and waved and motioned that we would continue to explore and then circle back. Within moments we had come to the end of the line, back at the cable car, so we decided to return to them. Had I realized that the rest of Santorini was situated on the other side of the cable car marker I would have ventured into the more residential bit instead as we still had an hour before lunch but it was nice to sit with them; they were ordering their second round of beers, I joined with a white wine and S. had water, but of course. We decided to head over to the restaurant early and found the core already there eating hummous and that fishy thing and babaganoush (sp?)—I don’t know why I said (sp?) since I never spell check this Blague anyway, filled as it is with innumerable typos (see disclaimer copy below). And then E. and C. made an announcement and everyone started wooping and hollering and freaking out and of course, quick on the uptake that I am, I was like what, what, what, I missed it. Then C. held out her hand to reveal her engagement ring that E. just bought in the hours between to pop the question.

I hardly know them but I got quite teary I must say, as others did, and suddenly a bottle of Cristal appeared and it became very clear what kind of lunch this was going to be. Ooh, la la. Killing that in seconds, apparently that was the only Cristal, it was followed by some Dom Perignon and I don’t mean one. I ordered taglietelle with sardine and achovies. We didn’t need to order dessert because the owner, Mr. Lucas, brought us two giant bowl/platters of ice cream and sorbet chocolate and creamy sauces and candied fruits and crunchy nuts, each with a different combinations of goodies. Oh, and a gratis Dom Perignon. Our server Maria was the real star and as Mr. Lucas was telling us the story of hiring her, she was mugging in the background. She was equal parts gorgeous girly and tough pitbull. I’m assuming she is a Gemini (I didn’t ask) and I hope she has a wonderful life. After lunch la famille went to buy D. a watch and also returned with an engagement prezzie for the newlyweds. We hopped the cable car back down, met the tender which was driven by Lucy through the surplus of cruise ships. She was told of the engagement and gave E a warm embrace and then must have alerted the boat as it suddenly blew its loud deep fog horn as we approached it. And they move fast this crew: They were ready with even more champagne which was so nice; and the crew was likely happy that we never dug into the tea that was awaiting us which means they got to gobble it up.

We took a little swim off the boat and I learned that I can still do a backdive despite my advancing years. I tooled around on the seabob but it kept threatening to pull my bathing suit right off me so that didn’t last long. I grabbed my notebook and wrote a bit long hand and put that into my laptop. I got dressed for the evening and worked on one side of the upper deck while Stella walked the treadmill and most others took a hot tub on the bow side. I had a solo negroni and enjoyed the air, grateful to be away from the cigar smoke. The bowside was then decorated for canapés time as the engineer and male crew set up the movie projector and screen and so forth. We had lovely dumpling-y type things and the girls drank lychee martinis. We had a lively chat and then went to the other side to lie on lounge chairs and cushions and watched The Man With Two Brains being served bowls of fusiony something with tofu followed by a lemony cheesecake in ramikens. And then nighty nighty.

I was going to spend the next nine days really focussed on the book proposal and then kill it with the festival on return; but I must have worked something out in my sleep because I’m actually going to do the exact opposite. I’m going to go in for the jugular with the festival these next nine-to-twelve days, while putting a general structure of the proposal together without overthinking it, just putting the fodder into place really, so that is first on my list today. That means the things I will be writing in this Blague will still be a combination of an account of what I’m doing here on holiday and wording some of the things needing saying to the festival donors I need to lassoo. First I’m going to write to all our great advisory board and tell them the story of what’s what. Saying that many artists who are now household names in Provincetown (and indeed everywhere) first performed here under the Afterglow auspice. The talent that we are presenting this year, some of whom are veteran performers and most well known in NYC and other cities, are still under the radar in terms of Provincetown and New England audiences. Like the former group, we hope the latter will also ahieve more ubiquitious recognition. But there is a learning curve for audiences who need to trust Afterglow’s curation. That said, we don’t expect huge ticket sales this year (though we will exhaust ourselves in those efforts) and must extra rely on the support of Sponsors and Sparklers to not only donate to the non-profit, but in doing so, make up a good chunk of our audience. What we are asking of you is to spread the word via your various powerful social media presences and to help us to continue Afterglow’s multi-pronged mission that includes preserving Provincetown’s progressive heritage as an incubator for new and experimenting and emerging talent and for helping artists reach ever-widening audiences with Provincetown as a springboard (along with our separate efforts, with the American Repertory Theater, which involves just a little separate fundraising, to specifically foster audience for artists in New England, allowing for bigger media coverage and outlets). And then go on to talk about the roster. This is also good fodder for the press release which I will write.


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