Sagittarius 0° (November 23)


I think what I’m most excited for is the curated aspect of it all. I am so looking forward to having a shop, but in the meantime enjoying elements of that being put into place by way of decor, design of the Boston salon. In this vision I’m seeing two floors of a brownstone and getting buzzed in. I would love my own freestanding house but that won’t be terribly affordable. It’s all about having the scaleable business; and I have a number of ideas on that score in any case. It involves taking stock of rare and out of print books on the subjects that we explore. An alchemist shop of sort. Bringing back the notion of crystals. Also we could be doing something with herbs? These things can be represented in small ways. None of this should actually happen but for in the most subltlest of ways. Have to go to the gift show and to partner on projects with other artisans out there. I think that will be the brilliance of it all—what partnerships we can enter into that are lucrative but unconstraining. I will get through this week and then reconvene with both the Tims.

It’s probably a good time to create another timeline of sorts. There are elements of business that seriously need to happen in the short term; and those which will happen closer to spring. The aesthetics of things need to be worked out; and I’m going to actually defer much of this to La S because she really should lead in this arena while I work on the creative work of the business itself and how many inroads can be made from the purely creative entrepreneurial side of things. I feel it’s time that I know what I want. Anyway it’s already (already) happening. And I don’t know why, when I’m this close, I feel such a divide between the present reality and the one I’m so soon to be living. It is strange how this success stuff works. I don’t think any amount of money, for instance, can really change one’s standing nor one’s sense of abundance. If anything I am strangely fearful and that is the one thing I cannot afford. So I have to immediately redirect that energy and to funnel it into specific big hit items. Plus immediately diversifying such that moolah is made all other ways. That to me would be supremely important.

More than anything it is about hiring the best team right out of the gate. I’m not convinced that R+R wouldn’t be the perfect people to partner with on projects; we do not have to take them on as employees, but as consultants who can help with merchandising and promotion and production even. I have a good instinct about this I feel. And that should really be what I focus on: The big picture. Though I dare say that today, just thinking about it, I feel exhausted. I shouldn’t. I should be able to soldier on, through; but I have been having these energy dips of late and I have been sleeping like a crazy person, pretty much able to always fall back, which I haven’t really been able to do for years. Hey I’m not questioning it.

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