Sagittarius 10° (December 3)


I don’t want to give the wrong impression with this post today because I’m not being negative or poor-pity-me in any sense of the word. In fact, I think the reason I can broach this subject is because I no longer carry the kind of sensitivity I once did regarding this: That if I were more well respected a figure I could get away with opinions I hold. I have often re-posted posts from Penny Arcade, for instance, which express my own ideas because she will get an outpouring of support for such positions as would invite ire by people if I were to do it. I am not a popular figure and that is just a fact; and people have seen me as an easy target for their own hate a phobis, especially in the downtown queer community where I have never had the acceptance that so-called straight folks have.

Alot of these people, performers in particular, get away with theft and murder daily and it never effects their standing. I cite Penny again here who will point out when artists are stealing from her or others; calling out the sycophants and the poseurs and those who are doing what they’re doing for attention not for the expression of their creativity, at least in a slanted ratio that neither she (nor I) find authentic. I have seen even my closest friends succomb to life lived inside the bubble of NYC’s limping downtown artistic scene. The truth is, too, that NYC is over. Well, Manhattan is over for sure. But all of it, really. I know this one actor (I will keep it genderless) for instance who is British and had houses bought for them in London and in Brooklyn and they have never had to work a day in their life and they comes from famous aristocratic and actor/writer parents and has been given (along with their partner who also has never worked a day in their life) every opportunity to “make it” now in their late forties as an actor; and all of that is fine except that people like this pose as down and out figures, faux hipsters, who look upon (and I would say down their noses) at the more hard-working and earnest people who, like Penny or myself or countless others, have never had a single thing handed to them in their life and who still create and not only that seek to elevate others who genuinely struggle in the process.

Every person I have known over the years (and there are many) who have gone on to secure fame as an performer, well, as an actor really, never had to lift a pinkie to do anything else but let their ships come in over the kind of calm seas that parental or grandparental or stepparental money could support. It is just the way it goes. I can think of singular exceptions but even they were groomed via Performing Arts High School and Julliard and the like. My parents were never going to give any amount for college if I studied any kind of art. It’s sad, and I wish it was different, but that’s the way it is. As it is I spent my whole adult life paying back the student loans they took out so really I paid for the education I didn’t choose. I wish I hadn’t thought this notion through because it actually makes me feel sick. Oh well, perish that thought; because, again, I am able to put this into words I think because I really have transcended much of the sensitivity I feel regarding the original point of this post—that some people will get praise for saying the very same words that invite hatred when I utter them. So yes getting away with theft (actually stealing other people’s creative ideas—I’m looking at you Taurus people ha—just kidding, sorta) and the murder of being total assholes and getting away with it because why? Because they have kissed their way up the asses of so many people over the years they now receive the same kind of treatment back. As for me, I will continue to drop it like I’m Penny.

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