Aquarius 13° (February 2)

Oysters and Ahi from Mac’s with Rachel serving.

July 12

You vibrate vanilla, a sign of one whose head’s held high. Indeed, you pride yourself on being a natural ethical, wholesomely comical and decidedly unkinky character, in any sense. You take kinks out of situations, exploring decadence ever this side of decency.

July 13

Water symbolizes emotion, of which you have great stores, in keeping with the camel aura of your day. Unlike other Cancers, you reserve feeling and let it move you toward self-realization. Delaying purges of feeling, actually, fosters dissipation of inner turmoil.

July 14

Under a silvery yellow moon, you work magic, in secret, keeping your own counsel. A creative of the first order, you live in a world of imagination, welcoming others in, by invitation only. Sensitive and mystic, your social circle is small, personal bonds intense. 

July 15

You’re bathed in moonstone blue, a color of surpassing intuitive power. You often know what we’re going to say before we say it. Like now. Stop that. What you mightn’t realize is you can put it to best use in high-art pursuits or those involving psychological analysis.

July 16

Remember wenge? This browny black color vibration expresses sense memories, which you draw upon, as the proverbial player on the world stage. You can thus meet objectives without repeating negative patterns. Gut emotions guide you to become your own guru.

July 17

A color vibe of timberwolf grey points to the potential effect you have on people. You inspire vocal praise or drive others wild, depending on your moon-powered moods. The definition of lunacy is trying to predict what you’ll do next. You aim to keep us guessing.

July 18

Thulian is a dark pink that derives from ancient Thule, the name for any place beyond the known world—where you metaphorically live. The person who first said “been there done that” was likely born this day. You are all about uncovering new experience, off the charts.

July 19

American rose is the color-vibe of a high-principled, revolutionary spirit. You bring about desired change by funneling outsized emotion into steely action, if not activism. Causes not only provide a sense of purpose, they prioritize your thinking, bringing peace of mind.

July 20

A Moonchild of a most serious countenance, your color vibe is rich cordovan red. You readily inhabit leathery board rooms, ballsily beating most men at any old-school game. The thrill of the deal appeals, mainly, because yours is the agenda of an agent of good karma.

July 21

Your eminence is a chamois, the softest shade of brown. It speaks to your subtle way of coming at goals, at times, sideways—like your symbol Crab scuttles—insinuating yourself into situations. You approach punch lines, similarly, inciting ironic laughter.

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