Okay folks. This is it. A full year of daily Blagues complete. At Pisces 30° the Sabian Symbol is: A Majestic Rock Formation Resembling A Face Is Idealized By A Boy Who Takes It As His Ideal Of Greatness, And As He Grows Up, Begins To Look Like It. What? This sounds like a joke. Like you get to the end of the entire wheel and then you get a pie in the face. But fine. Let us decipher. The boy becomes the image; that says a lot for the power of creative visualization I guess. He finds the face is ideal. So he becomes it. Sounds like a Talking Heads song. This is the final Pisces-Pisces ruled image. Wowee ka-zoinks. I’ll do some reading. I’m back. Dane Rudhyar says this image draws on Nathaniel Hawthorne’s story “The Great Stone Face” which I have never read and I’m not gerner. Apparently it’s an allegory for the self-transformation latent in man. Pisces is all about the power of imagination which, when directed, is a pointed visualization that speaks to the malleable nature of reality—the mutable water sign of Pisces, translating to vapor, mist, symbolizing the unseen elements of reality, has long understood existence to be all force, eons before we came to learn that all matter was particle energy at its core. Given that, the will can thus rearrange said particles to create a desired reality. This is the power used by God-like beings, at the close of a cosmic cycle, creating their own new universe.

The boy is the seedling, and here at the end of a grand cycle, we see the seeds begin a new. The new seeds contain all that the old had to offer, plus a little (evolutionary) extra. The boy looks like the rock formation. There is a new theory about rocks (minerals) and life. It speaks to the symbiotic relationship between life and rocks. Here, I’ve swiped this from the PBS website—I recently saw a program about minerals on that channel. Give it a read. It’s an extraordinary thing:

Nearly Two-Thirds of Earth’s Minerals Were Created by Life

 Planet Earth’s stunning diversity of 4,500 minerals may be thanks to its stunning diversity of life, according to a recent theory proposed by minerologists.

 Rocks helped give life its start—serving as storehouses of chemicals and workbenches atop which the key processes sparked the complex reactions that now power living things—so it only seems fair that life may have returned the favor. “Rocks create, life creates rocks. They’re intertwined in ways that are just now coming into focus,” Robert Hazen, a research scientist at the Carnegie Institution of Washington’s Geophysical Laboratory, told NOVA.

 According to Hazen and his colleagues, who have published a slew of papers on the theory over the past several years, up to two-thirds of minerals on Earth may be the result of oxidation, a chemical reaction that occurs when one element loses electrons to another. The reaction was first discovered with oxygen as the oxidizing agent, hence the name, though other elements such as chlorine (Cl2) can also act as oxidizers.

 But it was oxygen that played an outsize role in Earth’s history. About 2.5 billion years ago, O2 was released as a waste product by newly photosynthesizing algae. Within the span of about 300 million years, those microbes had boosted oxygen from nothing to 1% of the atmosphere, Hazen said. It was a rapid shift that would have wide reaching consequences.

As O2 came into contact with iron dissolved in the ocean, it precipitated a rusty rain that sank to the bottom. Today, those vast swaths of Precambrian rust are still found in the trillions of tons of iron ore that are locked in banded formations around the world.

Other elements were similarly affected. Two-thirds of Earth’s minerals are the result of oxidation, Hazen said, and most oxygen on Earth was created by life.

“As a mineralogist when I look at earth history. I see big new transitions, I see the moon forming impact, I see the formation of oceans and so forth,” Hazen said. “But nothing, nothing matches what life and oxygen did to create new minerals.”

Isn’t that fascinating?

But back to our symbol du jour, the keyword for which is: Archetypalization. We are herein looking at the power of archetypes to condition life processes. The rock formation, the abstraction, has a totemic power, at least, for the viewer cum visualizer, the young boy. There was obviously a power, here, a force to be reckoned with, in which the boy saw himself in and in himself. The opposite-facing fish of Pisces paradoxically messing with the viewer and the viewed, the subject and object, one becoming the other, perfect symbiosis, like those PBS rocks and life, creating one another. It points to another paradoxical question: Were we created by god(s) or did we create them. My feeling is that the relationship is the third and connecting power at play here. The holy Trinity of Pisces experiences expressed by its ruler Neptune’s trident. There are the fish of the sign and then there is the cord which connects them. In the original Sumerian Zodiac, Pisces wasn’t the Fish but the Fish-cord, that umbilical tie, by which, when they took fish form, Aphrodite and her son Eros, would stay connected. We are all connected through time by that same cord; again it speaks to the womb/tomb (which way are you headed?) aspect of those opposite-facing fishies. Perhaps the boy sees all the way back in time to when the rock gave him/all human life and he is returning the favor.

So that concludes year one in which the daily Cosmic Blague focused on the Sabian Symbols. I will try to turn my attention toward other aspects of the blague (French: joke) in year two but perhaps I’ll add a link to the previous year’s symbol for extra added power and meaning or if I don’t feel like writing the blague every single day, at least I can edit the masses of typos I made last year and just provide you a link; perhaps I will have edited those blagues a bit too. Who knows there might be another book in here somewhere. But, on that score, I am going to be spending a greater deal of time working on some new grand master-pieces or -flashes in the pan. Time will tell. Rock on with your smock on!

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