Scorpio 13° (November 5)

Breakfast at Fortingall and brunch at Jo and Neil’s then back to Edinburgh. Flo was hungover and needed a lie down. We trammed from the airport where we dropped off Aine. Had a quick drink at the Residences then met Flo and Jill for Indian. Couldn’t find the restaurant as the map with directions was misleading. But got a little walk in, in the brisk Scottish air. It was Guy Fawkes whatever that means. We heard fire works but didn’t see any. Took a nap and caught up on some emails. Noticed Chris Stein, who is quite cranky, had put up some sychophantic shots of Jo and Debbie, so being the sychophant that I am, I shared them on social media. Meanwhile, I had caught up with my Instagram, including great shots of ourselves in costume. We really did well, having collected all the elements thereof on our many beach walks back in Wellfleet. The Indian food was rather amazing but I really wasn’t sleepy and only sort of dozed in and out all night.

The truth is I had been partying for days and never quite recovered from the huge party in Scotland. I wouldn’t have admitted it then but I think I felt pretty lousy, but soldiered through because that’s what the die-hard do. I can’t wait to be stationed in Europe such that short-range travel can become more de rigeur and we can see many nearby cities and countries we’ve yet to explore it actually just makes good sense to refocus from a Paris or London.


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