Aquarius 5° (January 25)

I’m still so terribly lonely and I think it will be important to write about all that. I’m still blocked on social media and such. The LLBs had a wedding and din’t invite me. I have never once heard from him. The shunning and the loneliness has been acute. And certainly not cute. Y will give a call on Tuesday morning which will be a boon. I need that upbeat energy in my life. My optimism will fade sooner than later this week. I’m going to have some delicious Oatcakes after and I plan to get oysters only to realize they are closed. So I will have my chicken tacos and then go for a walk in the evening as it is super mild. I bump in to Pete and Ted who are coming from Sal’s as I’m on the horn with Bonnie Sip. I will pop in and see Brad at the bar talking to some friend with some kind of latin accent. Not nice. But I chat with Sam and ask about the non-incident with David C because I was second guessing myself. And sure enough it was a total non incident and Sam didn’t even sense I was upset. Still the mystery remains.

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