Taurus 4° (April 24)





To say I have an overactive mind would be an understatement. I always loved the band Blind Faith, and especially “Can’t Find My Way Home”. There is a simple version of the song on piano by Joey Curtin. It’s actually a song I can play. And I love “Surrender” by Cheap Trick. I am constantly chasing thoughts and feelings, not one to be centered at all. Maybe that’s a thing about Libra where they are balanced but not centered. Gemini is the negotiation of opposites, one against another—they are the most polarized as people and sometimes bi- so. Libra is a blend, and so not always an easy one. It’s in some ways easier to compartmentalize, which is why Gemini can only deal with “the immediate” what’s right in front of them. Libra instead spans—inner life, outward experience and, one might argue, time; but then we have to define spanning time. I think it means something like acting in experience with a mind, if not a feel (for we are talking about Libra now) for for “the longbody” of life, as opposed to the immediate, Gemini being ruled by Mercury the god of both close-relationship, ubiquity, being quicksilver everywhere at once, and also the emphasis of the the present and the now, being perhaps slightly different things.

The present is something which can be mesured and expressed in outward circumstance whilst the now can only be innerly, maybe mystically intuited.

Anyway I woke up this day and had breakfast with Steve from the company that is doing our launch . We both had poached eggs and quinoa and S. had granola and yoghurt and ordered a basket of pastries. It was most enlightening and then we left the Marlton and headed to the Eliot in Boston which, since we always get the same suite, is like coming home; and it’s quite a good sense of it. I’m loving staying in hotels when I have to; so much less hassle right now than having some apartment, even short-let; because then I feel compelled to food shop and cook and nobody wants to do that.

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