Aquarius 15° (February 4)

Octopus, Cauliflower Caesar….Bonnie needs me taking my meatballs to go. She and I will fall asleep talking. She has a medical thing and needs support.

August 1

With an aura of rich mocha, you’re sweet and stimulating, highly motivated but firmly rooted in home. You can go pretty far out there, in some form of research or, figuratively, with ideas, exactly because you have stable footing. Fashion-wise, you’re fierce and chic.

August 2

Radiating the gold of a tabby cat, you’re a self-sufficient sort, unimpressed by others’ fifteen minutes of fame. You rightly feel a lasting glory is your birthright, saving energy for noble pursuits. Nothing more, or less, than a meaningful life is what you’re seeking.

August 3

You glow with a red-hot iron will, your resolve forged all the stronger when under fire. Picking your battles, you’re a master at controlling remotely. Nobody can run an empire as easily as you. You demand loyalty from loved ones—woe be it to those who cross you.

August 4 

We see you see life is juicy in your blood-orange aura-glow. You afford the sort of luxury of time that allows for a quick pop down to the piazza, another ride around the park, or a pass under a waterfall or through a temple. The correct term for you is divine.

August 5 

Hay, hay-hay. It’s your color vibe, expressing newly-mowed freshness: You won’t let life dull your luster. For you, the world is ever a playing field you’re just running onto. You don’t keep score, expert at letting history go. You prove the key to success is showing up. 

August 6  

You burn a bright orange like your ruler Sun. You assume, too, that everything revolves around you. Funny others don’t much mind. Your confidence is unrivaled and your legion stories, the best-of biting satire. You aspire to live each day as fully as you did yesterday.

August 7 

God may’ve made your green apple aura, but why speculate? You’re a dealer in facts, serving realness, snapping your finger for a reality check. Grand delusionists beware, you are taking names and bursting bubbles, what need be. You remind us that truth is beauty.

August 8

The purplish hue of heliotrope speaks to your ability to make peace with the past, properly grieve and move on. By not sidestepping so-called sad bits of life, but immersing yourself in natural processes of creation and destruction, you appreciate life most fully.

August 9

A steady Leo, you burn sienna. Conservative with your energy, you conceal a throbbing animal magnetism beneath the surface. Life for you is a treasure hunt, and you thrill at setting goals high, excelling to achieve them. Family and legacy are your top priorities.

August 10

Jungle red is your color, wild child. You stalk this planet, intending to thrive. Creative expression is a must to living a passionate life. You are the fiercest friend —we don’t want you as an enemy. You tell it like it is, sometimes shocking others out of hiding.

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