Aquarius 20° (February 9)

Blueberries and yogurt for lunch and the rest of the Lamb stew for dinner. Quick chat with bon bon. Spending the entire day getting stuff back to them. S. cancels chat. Back and forth on stuff needed for DSM.

September 21

Fallow is a fitting color vibe. You understand the benefit of rest and recharging batteries, and how to let initiatives germinate without micro-managing them. Socially, you leave space, letting others seek you out. You take your time in love, never forcing feelings.

September 22

Fandango is a jazz-age fuchsia named for a medieval dance. You are aptly precise in your movements, never missing a beat. You choreograph your schedule and long range plans, plotting how the former effects the latter. In love, you need a mate set on the same speed.


September 23 

You burn a cool sapphire, serenity being your watchword. You embrace diversity and bestow emotions democratically, flying neither too high nor low with feelings. You take pride in humility. Creating an enviable design-for-living is how you combat detractors.

September 24

You emanate a pink opaque, the color of the astral plane, where you project your thought-forms into life. You are a hyper-idealist, swinging your scales of justice, slamming all with your lofty convictions, while none of this is obvious to look at you.

September 25

You twinkle with the blue of twilight, Venus showering you with high aesthetics. You prize order and innovation, minimal in your style, while embracing the shock of the new. Still your mind and you hear the music of the spheres, reassuring you of a divine plan.

September 26

You can be quite contrary, so how does your aura glow? With silver, clear as a bell. You always see both sides of every argument in your Libran quest for eternal balance. In a state of democracy you get our vote. Hands down, you are indeed the fairest of them all.

September 27

You’re a willful one, emanating a fiery amber aura. You don’t easily take no for answer, which propels you far. You’ve learned to pick your battles. You know it’s better to love than to be loved. With a great capacity for compassion, you can provide for those in need.

September 28 

Like your color vibration, you are true blue. Nobody makes a better friend, and Truth is your ideal. Others may find your honesty brutal, but you’re nothing if not tough-loving. You embody lofty ideals and classic beauty. Intelligence is at the core of your aesthetic.

September 29

Like a Navaho white, your ethereal energy has a hint of sandy grounding. Good thing, since you often deal in bringing stability to your life and to others’. As abstract as Libras are, indulging in vigorous physical activity (wink, wink) helps maintain your equipoise.

September 30

Who are you with that rose-quartz hue? A highly intelligent conceptual thinker, you’re often blessed with a beatific beauty. Nobody’s arm candy, you are on the defense for those who objectify you as ornamental. In love, call the shots or you call it quits.

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