Aquarius 0° (January 20)


I didn’t binge-watch Grace and Frankie, that didn’t happen. It wasn’t my whole day. That’s ridiculous. (I really wasn’t even very good but anytime either or both of the stars are on screen they make even the crappy script somehow magical). Anyway it’s fun to stretch out into a day and it’s good for the creative juices and goals. I have been watching a lot of royal themed shows for which I am an absolute sucker. I don’t have a proletariat soul I’ve learned. Anyway, I really want to keep my ideas flowing here today and “aim for four hours” each time I sit down to write. (I watched the Colette film and really loved it.) I need to get out of the house more for sure, in any case; taking some drives when I can in the old cream Mercedes that otherwise just goes to the dump in winter. But sooner than soon we will be walking in the beach on our daily constitutionals and everything will feel as it once did around here.

One of my goals for the coming weeks is to actually slot items on my to-do list into actual days on my calendar. Funnily enough my calendar has just stopped synching. I think it’s a result of not having the Cloud thing happening. I actually hate the whole concept of the Cloud. I feel like I’m spending money for people to steal from me, whether it’s Facebook or whatever other seeming involuntary system I’m locked into. It’s so gross and scary and dehumanizing—I miss the anonymity of a less technically advanced society. All of this only trips to the growing sense of inauthenticity that experience has slowly and insidiously taken on. But no matter. I am undaunted. I am just going to go down the list and start knocking things off of it. I am fortunate to have afforded myself the luxury of working on what I want to next, getting projects out there and spinning.

Taking a bit of a break, these next two weeks, on any ingestible that transmutes to sugar—it’s something I’ve been meaning to do these last twenty days, something of a soft resolution. This can be a very productive time of year for the body and for jumpstarting healthful and, almost more importantly, meditative practices (tho ere the twine shall meet). I found time for such things in my youth, even as I had to go to an evening job at the end of most days. It is possible, I’m confident, to get back into that kind of a head again. Saturdays shall be my major reading day. Thursday is design day, it seems. Friday will always be a good day to shop and clean and all that jazz—a good day to take myself to lunch as well. Four hours of “ridding” on Sundays also leaves room for reading and the minimal of writing, which is what I’m going to be doing this year in any case. I think Mondays will be my hard and fast, shall we say, nugget days, working on anything to do with books and the like. I don’t need to start that process, really, until March for next year; and I won’t do any other major writing until I get a hefty advance. And, when I do, I shall only write at four hour intervals, mostly, in the morning.

On the subject of the Zodiac, it does seem to me to have an inherent logic. There are so many different ways, of course, to slice and dice it. A crime novelist I know says may be using an astrological theme in an upcoming book. I actually forget I was told this, basically, until now. I may have blocked it out. Anyway there is one book that may be referenced in so doing—one which I myself haven’t read but wouldn’t mind doing.

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