Aries 21° (April 10)

Sunday. I will get pizza for dinner and talk to Eddy.

Sign + Significance goes beyond surveying the astrological wisdom and energy encoded in the given sign to provide fresh insight into the individual’s perception and motivations. Here, I explain how the sign’s unique cosmic energy can be harnessed for personal empowerment. I will delve into the sign’s symbology and the archetypes on which the individual draws, isolating the sign’s set of superpowers and illuminating their particular path for development, their own hero’s journey, if you will. As my work with private clients has proven, deeper understanding and acceptance of our astrological natures can inspire significant energetic shifts, and be a catalyst for profound transformation.

Sense + Psyche explores the mind-body connection particular to each sign and how one psychologically and emotionally processes experiences—and how he or she can affect positive outcomes and avoid signature pitfalls. The unique cosmic energies of the signs do manifest physically, determining body type as well as signature behavior. My empiric knowledge on this score can strike readers as startlingly accurate, while tickling their funny bones in the process. For reasons no astrologer can explain, both nature and nurture seem to be determined by our signs. And here I address the typical circumstantial and behavioral patterns of the individual to unlock life-lessons needing to be learned.

Sexuality + Spirit investigates the most sublime paradox of our human nature, the link between our sexual identity and our spiritual development; how our deepest desires—libidinous ones included—share more than an etymological link to the achievement of our destinies. We are all here for a purpose, and just as I illustrated in Sextrologyhow our sign can determine our sexual natures, we will draw out that knowledge in Nextrology, activating it as a tool of self-awareness and actualization. The two main reasons clients solicit my council is to help them find  romantic/sexual/relationship fulfillment, and to acheive their full creative potential and purpose. I have determined that these two ends go hand in hand and are achieved by the same means. Each of the signs has their own brand of spirit, just as they have clearly identifiable sexual natures.  I show readers how one informs the other, and guide them in actively participating in the process of self-realization on this score.

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