Aries 9° (March 29)

Desperate for haircut. Also have to go to the storage space to get a clearer vision of what’s what. That last bit won’t happen. I visit Brad and the bank and try to get my dent pulled to no avail. Mushroom-onion pizza from Red Barn. I will be so full it’s beyond. I bolt back in time to speak to S. which goes really badly. I cannot win and I have to realize that this cutting off communication is going to continue happening. It just comes at such a bad time as I prepare to go to Boston this week. These bouts of embargo are really wearing on me hard and they plunge me into deep darkness and despair. 

I was born William Leone in Jersey City, which I now think lends me street cred, and I grew up in the suburb of Wyckoff, NJ. I graduated from Boston University with a double BA in French and English, with a Certificat des Langues et Lettres from L’Université de Grenoble, France, where I spent my junior year and first met my longtime partner with whom I shared a serious interest in astrology. I moved to Paris to join the staff of Passion magazine, then to New York City, where I worked as an assistant editor at Avenue, co-editor of DV8, and managing editor of The New York Social Calendarmagazines, collectively working with many top and up-and-coming journalists of the time. 

Simultaneously, I studied acting with Uta Hagen and was a member of both the Renegade Theater Company in Hoboken and Synchronicity Space in SoHo. I acted in a string of plays, including two on Broadway with the National Actors Theater, one in which I had no lines and one where I had a single one. I also appeared briefly in Ang Lee’s first film, Pushing Hands. Going where the love and, at least, some money was, I focused back on writing for publications, although it would ironically be my career as an astrologer which would see a repeated return to the stage and far fewer appearances on the small screen.

 Meanwhile, I contributed mainly fashion, entertainment and celebrity features to such newspapers as The New York Times (“Styles” section), The New York ObserverThe Boston Globe (Arts section) the South China Morning Post, and magazines like InStyle, YM, Cosmopolitan, Paper, Stop, Detour, as contributing editor, and, ultimately, as executive editor at Wallpaper* in London where I spent the early aughts.

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