Pisces 5° (February 23)

This is today and I’m going to spend just about twelve minutes putting down some thoughts and then I shall be moving on. Meanwhile I’m being easy on myself, I have to be. There is no point in stressing this life. And so what that twelve minutes turned into forty. I’m easily distracted. I know that. Tell me something I don’t. I just realized we don’t have (ever have had?) any Gemini clients. She is the least introspective. She doesn’t want to delve. She is a surface dweller. Keeping things light. Anyway, that is the plan. And I will do my best to get some more pages under my belt today and definitely start moving the needle. I know that soon there will be some kind of news in regard to this current living situation, and that a deal will be brokered. Conversations started and unfinished. I think the only way to be is magic. I am going to get into that head today. Some days are easier than others. I do lack will and that is something I need to cultivate. It is rather all or nothing. The bad news is time flies—the good news is you’re the pilot, said Michael Altshuler who is pretty much a nobody quack. I am ready to move into the thought space. I am ready to face the challenges put in front of me. We have an important client today which should prove interesting. I don’t know about Woody or Mia, but I am certain that Ronan is not biologically related to Woody Allen who paid child support. Woody could not produce a kid as cute as him, no way, no how. And when you put pic of Ronan next to pic of old blue eyes, there is absolutely no question.

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 1636-1640. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.

So a wild night which I missed. After going upstairs to try to sleep sitting up because I was still so ill, S. had quite an experience. She was asleep and heard banging and loud shouting and screaming, a man’s and woman’s voice respectively. There was a party at the house across the street where a bunch of Jamaicains live—they work at Wicked Oyster whose owner owns the house. I’ll tell you what happened first then what I found out upon waking from S. The man (who was naked) was banging on the door saying I’m going in while his “girlfriend” was screaming for him not to. S. called 911. The dispatcher asked, “is he naked?” which S. thought odd of course, so they had already had a clue about this man and what was going on. Anyway, she grabbed a knife from the kitchen and hid behind the chimney. There wasn’t even time for her to come upstairs to wake me. Meanwhile I did wake up for a second seeing cop car lights outside; and I did hear voices but I thought it was the TV. Anyway it was about a minute or maybe two between calling 911 and the cops arriving. S. did try to peer at the window. The man was indeed naked, he had left his underwear, in fact, on our door step and he completely banged in the entire screen door. If there hadn’t been a deadbolt on that door (which was by S.’s insistence) he would have been able to get in for sure.

Backing up, we had gone for more of a drive yesterday, along scenic route 6A, which felt so very much like when we first moved here twenty one years ago. That’s what I was saying, picking up the thread now. I’m about to digress, though, in any case. I realize I cannot do this business without the support of other people. I need them so very much it is clear. And now I am understanding (and we will in the end keep ou plan to speak to our designers) just how right it was that we made the decision we did to move forward with certain folks in place. It is going to be quite the ride. I am thinking perhaps Trip should have his own company division. That he should be the PR at Wheel for real. That might make everything a little clearer. He could have a have a bunch of related clients. I remind myself that I am going to ask M.T. about the relationship book and what percentage of it can be used in a subsequent book. I honestly feel like diving directly into that for some reason. I can’t exactly explain why. The truth is that I should be deconstructing the Sextrology chapters as I have begun with one of the chapters; and be putting little packages together in preparation for what should be a next deal. And I will do I think once I find out it’s happening. Meanwhile, I’m on my own in the creation of schedules in any case. It looks like we won’t get to a shared conversation on the subject for a couple of weeks. So I’m just going to do me, if you will. Anyway we arrived back to the house in time to unpack and have des verres de vin and delicious cheese and crackers and watch a great doc about Laurel Canyon. And then I made pumpkin ravioli in a sage butter and someone had very little and someone couldn’t stop eating them. Jump cut to me having terrible indigestion—called “inties” around these pahts—and I felt really ill and cranky and went upstairs and slept in the room right above the commotion and yet I heard nothing which is terribly hard to believe, really.

We learned the next morning his name was McCloud and he was apparently on edibles and alcohol and it was actually the folks in the house he lived with who first called the police and that’s why they arrived so quickly they were on their way anyway. And it explains why the first question the dispatcher asked S. was: “is he naked?”. We had appointments we couldn’t move so it was already a full day and the detective was to be coming over in the afternoon for a chat. Some notes we put down into words: Not really someone knocking but threatening to come in with force involved. Girlfriend, whom we learned was strangled and dragged and was missing chunks of hair as a result (I kid you not)  was shouting “No, no don’t” trying to fend him off protecting herself or trying to prevent him from breaking down the door or both. He was in a heightened state of rage. “I’m going in!” Full volume. Loudest voice, S. says, she ever heard in her life. Learned from the landord that A.J. was fellow who phoned the police. There was a domestic incident first apparently he threw up and she was trying to clean him and put him under shower and he freaked out. They were both naked. He was charged with strangulation, disorderly conduct, some other assualty type charge and malicious destruction of property. His landlord and employer K. said he was band news and couldn’t wait to not see him again; he and others were apparently leaving in three days and K. couldn’t wait to see him gone. He also said we should press (as many) charges (as we could). The parenthetical bit was intensely implied.

We are meant to fill out a victim report and I will put that on the to-do list.

Today was weird and kind of fun but basically I didn’t sleep the night before at all (again) so I got as much done as I could in the morning. I touched base with Bryan which was cool. And just did the minimum I ate pumpkin seeds with Braggs as my only lunch and then took a nap and slept through what was meant to be four-way chat with D+N. I binged on a bit of Atypical. I did manage to put together a wee dinner of soup and some leftovers which was pretty yummy and there was a sip of wine each. S. is catching up on one of my binges and in the night I started Carnival Row which I just might be able to get into. The news seems better but then it gets worse. I once again feel like Margaery Tyrell just before the whole place blows, and this is not a great thing to feel. I really needed to get some ya yas out and I hope I did. Because I have to immediately pivot and start getting all the larger picture elements in place, which means there can’t be much playing around at present. I did look at the work D+N did and I have to say: I am quite impressed overall. I like the maker’s mark element, especially when paired with more modern, classic sans seraf logo, but I think the AC would have to be less hammered out, less moyen age, and slightly more sleek and deco meets 70s decay? We also liked the future-y one but would want to shy away from that Moonraker, Jaqueline Susanne kind of look?

In the 70s anything deco one would encounter would likely now be in decay, and that was the best way to experience deco. I think that sort of thing could work. We have to drive through Orleans anyway. So it can wait. I just want these alerts to stop. Trying to figure that out.Also when it comes to Venice I don’t want to go with C + H actually. I just want to be alone there. Don’t want anyone else to color the trip.There is something called the Thello night train from Paris to Venice so, (thought it wasn’t what I was saying, because I was thinking we’d fly round trip to Geneva or Lausanne or wherever to meet C+H but as I say I thought that through and don’t want to be with them on this trip), we could indeed go to Paris early and ask D + N or Susie even to keep our larger bags for a few days (and maybe stay in some hotel in Paris we’ve been wanting to check out) then take a night train to Venice (10 hours) and spring for our own cabin (which would be part of the romance of the thing) and so forth…I think the Thello is something of a scam in the end.

We could also travel by day and break the trip up as Milan is on the way to Venice. I think it would be smart/fun etc to do the traveling in January and then return to Paris and stay put. In March we can go for overnight trips to Brittany or some such but mainly not waste the grace of the Paris apt. I’m just free-styling I’m not sure of any of it to be honest there is so much to do and I feel a bit put off by the fact that I’m the one being delegated to. I have to figure out my own path through all of this. I’m scattered today. I don’t want to feel like this. There should be a solid, streamlined, plan that we are following and I don’t know if we are achieving that right now. I believe much is going to come down to what gets prioritized. Part of me feels I should just call it a day already and it’s still first thing in the morning. That can’t be right. (I took a little breather and I’m back) Feeling like I turned this around and I’m getting my tiny brain around a few things. I sat and wrote out all I have to do in the next two months and it makes my head spin to even think about it; but hey, it will all come right. I am going on a little bit of an ascetic trip, just for fun. I want to be my best self for all that is about to bubble up; and if I just assign myself one major task per day I think that will make a very big difference.

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