Aries 26° (April 16)

Tried to sleep most of the day and succeeded quite nicely. I had brought home a meal last evening which I didn’t eat so I had a giant lunch of salmon, asparagus and mashed potatoes, and then back for another giant nap, before heading “back to Jamaica.” I am informed that after today I’m on my own and I start on Monday. I’m a bit freaked out because it is a lot to handle quite frankly. I think I’m doing a good job. I feel as if I am. At the same time I really don’t care. The point is I am doing what is necessary to stave off any more hemorrhaging. I can’t believe I spelled that correctly. I only have two weeks in this place which is hard to believe. I truly hope I can come back next year. If not I will find a way to spend the winter in Europe maybe. There are other places here to be, probably, but it is proving to be not that much worth it. I’m bringing home some lamb lollipops which are very tasty indeed. Also a Caesar, which I won’t eat until tomorrow. The process of getting into the new place early isn’t materializing as promised but what can you do. Tomorrow will be the last major holiday of the calendar year where I have had to cope with. I feel weirdly guilty that I didn’t get song stuff back to Kip, but you never know, it may happen. I reached out to crazy Amy after all these years and I did get a response but it was so immediately loaded and victimy and hostile that I had to immediately pull back. I learn from social media that so many more people have taken sides than I suspected. Hey, it is what it is. And I am who I am and I am so not going to feel bad about that. I don’t expect to hear back from anyone named Ken anytime soon. I have reached out to D.M. but that seems to be at a kind of dead end still too. I am so sick of being blamed for stuff you’ve no idea. Anyway, this is the point of doing this job I think. It feels like penance on every level.

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