As mentioned the notion of “depth” is endemic to the Scorpion experience. Today, at Scorpio 11° we encounter A Drowning Man Is Being Rescued. In the previous image we found Fellowship. Now that group body has come together to save an individual who, literally or figuratively, had plunged into such depths that would be his undoing. That is the risk of looking too deep, even, into our own subconscious. We might find things there that were buried for good reason. We might also, due to our own chemistry (also part of the Scorpion “unseen” level of existence), we might be imbalanced or prone to addiction which plunge us into places where we feel as if we are drowning. As well, I think, if we haven’t found the aforementioned fellowship, feeling very much alone, we can plunge into loneliness and despair. I think that’s the main energy I feel from this symbol. That and the depth of concern from other individuals—the help—that is available to us when we feel we are drowning on some level. That can take the simple form of feeling out of our death, in a sink or swim situation. I think the upshot is that we must signal our need for help in such instances. And we must take the help we asked for.

I think this image is all about second chances. It’s possible, too, that the others put themselves at risk to help the one who is drowning. Why do people risk their lives to save others, even, perfect strangers? Good question, right? I think whatever that mysterious, inexplicable thing is comes from that Scorpion-ruled place of deeply rooted human interconnectedness. It strikes me too that this drowning man might indeed be part of the Fellowship and is overrelying on the unconditional nature of this bond and is letting himself go; or perhaps it is a cry for help designed to test the love of others, putting others at risk. I do find that this also can be part of the Scorpio person experience. They make very strong bonds whilst having very strong opinions, which they can experience as facts, and they certainly challenge and test other people emotionally, as a general rule. Those who veer or venture off psychologically or emotionally do often put others in a situation where they, too, are out of their depth. But, on the whole, this image is a postive one steeped in human interconnectedness.

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