Pisces 25° (March 16)

On the lunch menu is leftover chicken with rutabaga and gravy. I will have a rather late-night meal of turkey bacon + potato hash with fried eggs. Cooking and sleeping and writing: In nutsy-boltsy terms of personal development, the text of this book works on a number of levels. The main text itself digs more deeply and widely into character analyses of the signs than our published work has ever done in the past, and the language is more motivational in spirit and inspirational in tone, addressing the reader more directly, while hopefully still retaining what we believe to be our seriously fun, sometimes funny, style. We go further with our signature smarty-pants references, exploring ancient and modern archetype and astrological reasoning, focusing on the upshots of these emerging insights, not just their philosophical meanings but their practicable impetuses and suggested moves you can make. Secondly, on that note, the chapters include prescriptive text boxes that outline a wee bit of homework you can do, action items to undertake, a little practical magic you can perform, designed to help the desired alchemy of personal transformation take hold. And thirdly, the margins of each chapter are sprinkled with empowering sidebars that we intend to work as written talismans that you can take on board and further explore for yourself, little bits of totemic guidance and wisdom that can keep you aligned with your particular astrological powers, as you journey toward increased self-realization via the stars. 

As mentioned earlier, you might choose to enjoy and engage in this book from cover to cover, gaining fuller insight into your astrological self than the one chapter dedicated to your particular sign. Like other books on the market that actually require you to have your own natal chart in hand in order to process the information the author is providing, Nextrologyprovides you a wealth of knowledge and guidance, if you have your chart handy. There are a couple of ways you can approach this. First, you could take the basic information regarding what signs rule which astrological houses in your chart. For instance, if Virgo rules your fourth house, you can apply the Virgo chapter(s) and their archetypes to the aspects of your life that fall under the pie-slice of fourth house rule. Or you can take the planetary approach and determine which planets, which also rule aspects of your life and self, fall into which signs and thus apply the contents of those chapter(s) to the realms of those planetary rulers. (There is an at-a-glance glossary provided at the back of the book to help guide you in this, while there are countless books out there that focus solely on the signs’ relationship to the planets and the astrological houses, which you may readily reference.) 

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