Taurus 29° (May 20)

I am still in a blackout, that is to say that the original entries, here, got lost or I never wrote anything to begin with. And will be if not many moons than a couple before I start writing in real time what actually happened on this day besides what I ate: Yoghurt Berries then Calamari, Linguine Bolognese.

And I can take it one better: If women of the sign draw most on flightless birds, the Virgo man inversely draws on that of flying mammals, namely, bats. Talk about finding a niche, the bat is the only non-bird animal to truly fly. As I’ve divined, and stated in previous books, Batman is a modern day Virgo archetype that fits him to a tee and provides him practicable examples in the development of his character. I will elaborate on this theme as the narrative unfolds:             For starters, I have long mused that Virgo performs infamous disappearance acts, dropping out of touch with friends and family, sometimes for years, or permanently. As personally as one is prone to take this, it is always about him and not about you. (As loath as you are to hear this, Virgo, you know it’s true.) Virgo man doesn’t really, fully want to be known because he doesn’t feel it is truly possible to be. He believes the human condition is hinged on solitude, being born alone and dying alone, and, on some level, that the in between time shouldn’t be any different. One doesn’t think of the proverbial critic, like DeWitt, having many friends. In the Tarot, the Hermit card is associated with Virgo,. The critic, like the hermit, literally works behind the scenes. And in astrology, the sign of Virgo rules the sixth astrological house of habits, work, duty, behavior and the daily experience. If we deepen the routine of quotidian existence it becomes ritual; and life therefore becomes in itself a devotion. Virgo’s mottos are I work and I serve. To the Virgo mind: You are what you do. And a worthwhile life should be a dedicated life; and others, by and large, can be a distraction from whatever form of consecration Virgo’s life takes on. He is designed to be fully functioning human whose prime goal is to contribute to the common good, the paradox being that he often does this best by solitary means. In Sextrology I titled Virgo man’s chapter The Vehicle as he is designed to be a catalyst, that unseen puppet master pulling the strings, and to take it up a notch, even something of a vigilante. Cue that bat signal, Bruce Wayne’s secret identity as the caped crusader is hinged on “alchemically” transmuting his personal trauma and loss, having witnessed his parents being murdered by a random criminal (upon exiting a theater I might add) into fighting crime universally. His fear too is transmuted as the young Bruce Wayne was pathologically afraid of bats, which in adulthood become emblematic of his superheroism. Likewise Virgo man’s signature doubting, his skepticism, and his corresponding feelings of disappointment or deficit, are sources of fuel for creating a better life for himself. 

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