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Go Fish

It really does boggle the mind sometimes how seamlessly these symbols fall in line with the twelve-fold sequence of the Zodiac. Yesterday we mused upon the Taurus-ruled image of the Garden’s favorite inhabitants, the bunnies, Taurus (fixed-earth) being akin to blissful Edenic existence; and today we turn to an oracle that would be ruled by Gemini, at Cancer 9°, that of A Small, Naked Girl Bends Over A Pond Trying To Catch A Fish the keynote of which is “the first naïve quest for knowledge and for an ever-elusive understanding of life”, the exact aim of Eve and Adam that saw them expelled from said Garden. Gemini’s motto is “I think,” and it is the a curious and provocative sign. The girl in the image is naked because she is still in her Edenic state, on the brink, perhaps of a fall of the personal kind, if not wholesale, from grace. And yet reach out she does to catch the fish which symbolizes the comprehension of life which is a rather slippery affair. The pond represents the pool of said comprehension which is as yet small and contained.

We can ask ourselves what the value is in reaching out in this matter, in our small ways, into the unfathomable. The key here is the mind of the girl which is fresh and unjaded. We must all rid ourselves of preconceived notions to have a pure experience in any form of mind expansion or acquisition of knowledge. What new thing will you allow yourself to learn today with this kind of unfiltered interest? Full understanding might paradoxically require ridding ourselves of past knowledge that leads to expectations. We should be fresh, at all times, to any new opportunity for wisdom or understanding. And I don’t just see knowledge as coming from an external source. I see the pond as a realm of inner knowledge into which we might reach to catch hold of some inner truth. Indeed all that we need to learn from our outside experience might very well be found within us.
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What’s Up Doc?

Nothing would have prepared me for today’s oracle at Cancer 8°: A Group Of Rabbits Dressed In Human Clothes Walk As If On Parade. I love the idea of this, don’t get me wrong. The surreality suits my head today. And of course the interpretation is “the tendency in all forms of life to imitate higher forms as a stimulus to growth.” I think people with pets will agree that their furry friends do seem at times as if they are striving to emulate their owners. And last evening on PBS there was a show about Crested Black Macaques entitled “The Funkiest Monkeys” thematically hooked on how similar they are to we humans (so people should stop killing and eating, yes eating, them). But where does that leave us. I have ideas.

Let’s pick up where we left off with our hippy lord and savior Jesus Christ. He and others like Buddha and the saints and any enlightened being are human incarnations for us to emulate. But we can find examples closer in reach: People in our own lives who express themselves as naturual exemplars. I for one happen to be married to such a person. But there are others with whom we come in contact, intimately or casually, that embody being further up the metaphorical food chain. We, as seekers, sometimes actively, well, seek out, such individuals—I find this can be problematic and lead to landing an imperfect guru—while, as seeker, I think it best to be actively open to allowing such an individual to manifest in ones life. Ye olde “when the student is ready the teacher will appear” adage. And of course, we might all play the role of enlightened being to anyone else at any time. It comes down to ego, typically. Being too attached to that tiny word with the swelled sense of self-importance is a recipe for finding oneself at the low-end of said metaphoric human food chain.

This symbol, set in the sign of Cancer, would be ruled by Taurus in a twelve-fold sequence. And I think of Taurus as the guardian, warden energy of the Zodiac, particularly in regard to our earthly existence as it is one and the same with the heavenly. Taurus (fixed-earth) is the Garden. It’s Eden. And it is suffused with the energy of innocence and, yes, ignorance as it is tantamount to bliss. (The following sign of Gemini signifies the Fall from this state of being via “consciousness”, characterized as duality—right v. wrong, naked v. clothed, good v. evil, mortal v. immortal—Gemini’s motto is “I think”.) Still ,Taurus’ own polarity is hinged on being blissed out v. oblivious to the reality of suffering. Taurus, with it’s motto “I have”, is about appreciating what positive attributes are in our possession that would make one’s garden grow, Mary. In that garden, we are meant to be fruitful and multiply, remember.

Rabbits are symbols of abundance, comfort, vulnerability, fertility, sentiment, desire and procreation which reads like a laundry list of Taurus attributes as well. No other animal feels the acute effects of Mother Earth’s cycles, especially the advent of Spring (the return of the Earth to its garden state) when these critters are “madder than a March hare” in their exuberance and excitement, which includes the libidinous form. They are surely prolific, perhaps knowing somewhere that, due to their great vulnerability and their peaceful, blissed out natures, they are prey for so many other animals upwards on the actual food chain. Be fruitful and multiply because most of you are going to be picked off. But in this oracle they aren’t poised to run and hide in their warrens, they are on parade which is adorable, yes, but also suggests a certain solidarity in numbers. Now, it was pride weekend in New York and in many places around the globe this weekend, extra fueled by signs of human evolution via the passing of the Marriage Equality Act here in these United States.

There was a time here when, and it still exists in places today, where, walking in a gay pride parade would make one as vulnerable as a bunny in a street lined with wolves and coyotes. And so a parade of bunnies suggest that evolution is embodied not only by the participants in the parade but in the spectators on the sidelines. When the lion sleeps with the lamb. Isn’t that the very emblem of returning to the Garden? I think of Blanche Dubois saying to her sister Stella: “Don’t hang back with the brutes.” Meaning: Evolve, sister! Evolve! So mote it be.

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But A Dream

Just one week ago Stella and I were preparing to perform our show at Joe’s Pub on the Solstice which was a tribute to the Moon and we referenced A Midsummer Night’s Dream and even performed a bit of it for a sketch with Patrick Johnson and Phoebe Legere (Moon Light) playing Puck and Fairy who meet in a wood near Athens. The pair of celestial clowns Shakespeare sends in is followed by another, Titania and Oberon, monarchs of the nature spirit realm. “Ill met by moonlight proud Titania,” is the fairy king’s first line to his estranged queen. The intersecting plots of fairies and humans speak to the vapor thin veil between the worlds, perhaps particularly, at this time of the year. In Summer, beginning with the sign of Cancer on a moonlit summer night, there is no better time to imagine the world alive with nature spirits; it’s actually hard to imagine it isn’t. And, as last week was was a hazy transition from shock to post trauma, performing seems but a dream. Then again, there are those who suggest that the whole of life is but one too.

I do believe in fairies. It’s one of the things I can’t not do. Then again I’m wont to see the animate in everything, inferring spirit and personality in a chair or china cup. The notion that the Sabian Symbol for the day marks a fresh start, through the Zodiac, in a twelve-fold sequence is fitting. Aries presides over today’s oracle at 7° Cancer, Two Nature Spirits Dancing Under Moonlight, “the play of invisible forces in all manifestations of life.” And though Aries and the first astrological house rule the body, it is more accurate to say that the sign rules physical embodiment, for it is the sole cardinal-fire sign of the Zodiac, fire signifying spirit and cardinal meaning premier, primal and initiatory. Thus Aries is akin to a spark of life, the animating force. Aries people personify that sparky energy. Cancer people feel it most accutely. And so their magical superpower lies in their gut intincts and intuition. And their ruler Moon is the amplifyer of all things mystic, astral and etheric.114124005_2__high_r_406676c

Are there occult forces at work behind all vital processes? Who’s to say. I have felt quite strongly at times that there are; and other times the notion eludes me. But the fairy world is an elusive one; their stories are often thematically hinged on that concept. You may slip into fairy land quite accidentally, but you might not get back to Wonderland or Narnia or Oz or Brigadoon or wherever Darby O’Gill saw those little people. Now let’s look at all of this as a metaphor for Creative Imagination. The trick and the goal is always to marry our dreams and our ideals with everyday reality, to live the dream: To understand that what you wish for is animated by the spark of the wish itself and what fans it into fire is belief, in yourself and in the dream. One positive result of having gone down a bit of a rabbit hole this past week is that I emerged with a newly improved dream. And I do believe in fairies because it’s my own nature to personify spirit(s), to assign personality. It’s a Libra thing, trust me.

It’s also why I can talk about the natural spirit energy that animates each of the astrological signs through the personification of archetypes, which is a life long passion and a never ending story of discovery. Elves and fairies are akin to the lesser gods of our mythology and they do embody field and stream and orchard and river and hilltop and wood and meadow and tree and flower just as more chief deities work their archetypal energy through we humans. We are not just people but personifications of energy. I try to hit this fact home in every show I ever perform and it tends to go over people’s heads or overloads them somewhat. I suppose it’s not typical cabaret fare. But the fact is that believing in fairies and spirits, allowing oneself to sense, feel or even see them as some have is tantamount to exercising your imagination rather vigorously. So if nothing else believing in fairies is good for your creative health. Imaging is just dreaming while awake.

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Give Me A B

Cancer 6° is ruled by Pisces in a twelve-fold sequence. The oracle is Game Birds Feathering Their Nests and it’s about an instinctual dedication of self to new forms of life. Pisces is the womb-tomb the opposite facing fish pointing to that proverbial two-way street, life-death, creation-destruction, cyclical not linear, like all things under cosmic rule. I am not a parent in the literal sense nor do I have any desire to be. For me, any new life form would be a reincarnation of self, not in the sense of past and future lives (although I have recently reaffirmed my belief in this) but in terms of reinvention in this lifetime. I have emerged from recent difficulties and mishaps with a new vision of self which was almost exactly like my prior vision only with more flair and no half measures. As well, though I believed I had mastered the notion that “what other people think about you is none of your business” recent events have hit home that thought-form to such an extent that it seems to live in my bones. To be great is to be misunderstood. And I suppose there is nothing like a brush with death to make one realize what’s important in life and what isn’t. I am thus dedicated to bringing up the baby who resides inside of me. A new wave of life is cresting within and I know that I shall give new life to others by giving to myself. Yesterday was such a miraculous day with the Supreme Court deciding in favor of marriage equality—a miracle because of those who dedicated their lives and perhaps didn’t live to see this happening. But it starts with the personal and then moves to the universal. What is worth giving life to, of benefit to the many, starts with doing right by oneself. We joke about how the LGBTQ community might still continue to add letters to that marquee, whilst the B will still remain silent. I’ve been a fairly loud voice for the B over the years or have tried to be, though there isn’t as much support out there from either the gay or straight communities. In terms of gender equality, we more readily understand fluidity and that we can’t strictly always strictly label people, male or female; likewise, in regard to sexuality, not all of us fall into strictly gay or straight camps. And gender does come into play here too because, we as a society don’t seem to much care if a woman is bisexual, in fact it seems to add to her mystique; yet bisexual men have always gotten a terrible rap when in fact the world is probably, ironically, overpopluted with them…us.

I believe, and say so in our writing and to the press, that transgenderism is part and parcel of our present evolution and I believe it’s the same with bi or pansexuality. The notion that people can’t be attracted to both sexes has always seemed ridiculous to me. Of course it’s my experience so it would. It’s a sad paradox that the most ardent proponents of gay rights often seem to be the biggest detractors of bisexuality. In a movement toward living label free, why are folks so hung up on this? Because it’s not their experience? Well, being gay wasn’t straight society’s experience these past centuries which added up to persecution of gay people. If you’re gay and “don’t believe in bisexuality” then you’re just as much an oppressor as any straight who found your gayness to be a lie or a disease. You should mount a campaign, then, to have the B removed from the marquee. So long as you don’t, however, you must commit to acknowledging the existence of B people. But bisexuals and pansexuals are partly to blame for where they find themselves. Because they are attracted to both sexes it has been less a struggle for them to polarize in a straight direction and to, in a sense, “pass”. It wasn’t wholly displeasurable nor did it seem utter self-denial to do so, but of course it is. So long as bisexuals and pansexuals are casual about their existence, one can’t fully expect the world to take them seriously. Living in the gray area of the spectrum, in half-light, is a half-life.

The womb-tomb is where evolution happens. If we are evolving as a species then evolution happens on the whole with each subsequent birth of a generation. I think the Pisces fish, synonomous with the Jesus fish, points to the notion of a “new wo/man”, an enlightened and evolved being, a superhuman powered by love and transcendence and compassion as we see embodied in a Christ figure. I also think Jesus was a bisexual hippy who loved Mary Magdalene and “the beloved disciple” John the Evangelist. It was a total whatever situation and I think we can’t divorce the fluidity (opposite facing fish, floating in and floating out) of gender and sexuality from the characterization of an enlightened, evolved being. I don’t think you get to be Jesus if you’re a polarized personality. I understand how radicalized the gay community has had to be in order to fight the oppression of what has been a radically straight and homophobic society. Going to extremes has been an absolute necessity. Still, the original goal is acceptance and compassion, sweeping and ubiquitous. And it just might be time for the silent B people to come out of their cupboards and perhaps even take the lead, along with transgender individuals, in helping the larger LGBTQetc. crowd get beyond any existing dualities.


Personally, this past year, I have had to gravitate away from certain people who were playing the roles of good friends in my life, specifically gay friends, around whom I felt invisible because they sought to ignore and indeed deny my identification as a bisexual. I came out to my parents when I was seventeen years old and despite the fact that my father specifically could be seriously closed-minded and something of a bigot, they totally accepted and understood that this was central to my essential nature. The same holds true in my thirty-plus love relationship with my wife. I can’t divorce any part of myself from the reality of my sexual identification. I’m no spring chicken. So being open an honest about my sexuality to my largely straight male friends all through college and beyond wasn’t the norm for them, but I was never treated like the odd man out or made to feel less than. At times, even, I felt my straight friends applauded me and were intrigued and, who knows, maybe I made it more comfortable for them to accept any gray spectral areas in themselves. Really the only shade came from inside the house of the LGBT(Q) community. And, during the eighties and nineties up to the present, it wasn’t the best time to be perceived as someone who lived anywhere along the spectrum. Extreme times do call for extreme measures, and it’s hard for a person to get their brain around being extremely gray. It wasn’t the bisexual or pansexual who broke through that; it was the transgender individual who did so. But some of us have been living for a long time beyond the binary of sexual identity, mostly invisibly—again due to fault only of our own—while the transgender community has moved past the binary as relates to gender.

I do see evidence of sexual evolution. I believe that a great number of young people don’t feel the need to identify as gay or straight or even bi or pan. They just are. And if they find themselves attracted to members of the opposite or same sex at the same time or at different epocs in their young lives they seem not to judge themselves and therefore invite judgment let alone censure. These are my people. These are people. I like to think that ten or fifteen years ago when I would declare myself bisexual on stage in performance, for instance, that I might have helped them feel that much more at ease. When, in my late teens and twenties, I did the unthinkable and urged (forced?) my straight male friends to hug me hello and goodbye and kissed them on the cheeks that I had something to do with the fact that straight men hug it out all the time now. I think that maybe I have already in my personal history dedicated myself, in some small way, to creating and nurturing new life. I have endured more than my fair share of shade and hate and disdain and sneers and side glances and whispers and all the rest by the other letters in the marquee and it’s only made me stand taller (as much as I can at my height) and look sharper and love more and find increased compassion. I have often wanted to say: you are doing to me exactly what you claim heteroworld has done to you all your life: denying my existence and hating, hating, hating. I can take it but it’s not okay. Just as it’s not okay, I don’t believe, to be a closeted bi or pan person. Especially when sexism comes into it. When it’s Megan Fox or Olivia Wilde it’s okay; but when it’s Billie Joe Armstrong or Michael Chabon or Marlon Brando or Pete Shelley or Leonard Bernstein or Cary Grant or Josh Hutcherson or Pete Townsend it’s not? In an ironic turn of phrase: Bitch, please.

Sociologically, today’s oracle speaks to pioneering efforts dedicated to the building of a new culture. It is all about rebirth. And I dare say it’s about rebranding. These aren’t mere birds, remember, they are game birds; and I will stretch for the intended puns here in that I have a new game face on now, seeing that my own rebirth shall be characterized by a winning resolve; and I’m also game—willing, eager, thrilled—to help to create a brave new world wherein relics of the past with their dinosaur ideologies and twentieth century snark can all gather together and read each other, sharpening their teeth that this new world, not dog-eat-dog, no longer requires. There are no theme weeks or dark rooms in my paradisal vision. Just people doing stuff, adhering to the golden rule while doing it. I am suffused with love for all people. Now let’s feed the hungry, lift the poor, proliferate the arts, depopulate the prisons and educate everyone. That is the new-life dream is it not?

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Round The Bend

I was sort of wondering if there would be a symbol that might in some way characterize what I’ve been going through of late. At A Railroad Crossing, An Automobile Is Wrecked By A Train is the oracle for 5° Cancer. Of course, metaphorically speaking, this is about “the tragic results which are likely to occur when the individual’s will pits itself carelessly against the power of the collective will of society;” this this symbol is far more fitting to the texting girl that slammed into our car even though it was the last in a long line of stopped vehicles that one could see (if she were looking at the road). Her bratty will and entitlement and total lack of compassion for her fellow beings could have had seriously tragic results for us, however it will be she who will clash with the collective as it seeks to protect us by way of righteous laws put in place. Dane Rudhyar speaks of the via negativa, the negative way of the mystic who learns via trials and tribulations. I can only hope that in the aftermath of this accident that this young woman experiences some kind of revelation about the real and karmic effects of selfish actions. For my part, I feel a readjustment of the karmic kind. Something was broken and released. I wish I wasn’t jumping and flinching at every sound or movement I hear while driving or even just walking down the avenue. I’m pretty clear on what I want to prioritize in my life and I have no time nor inclination to suffer fool people or situations.

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Times Two

A Cat Arguing With A Mouse is the Capricorn-ruled oracle for the day at 4° Cancer. Rudhyar says “We are still involved in the results of an act which brought about a radical reorientation of one’s life” and nothing could be closer to the truth. The cat and mouse are the opposite polarities in ourselves battling it out. In my case, trying to rationalize what had characterized the prior week, while having dealt with lawyers and doctors and insurance companies and a car dealership where we went to pick up the exact replica of the car that got totaled. We dropped our Hertz rental off at a location nearby, at an airport at the terminal. The next day, upon waking I will call that Hertz location to get a receipt to submit to my insurance company. A woman will answer and I will begin to explain: “We had been in an accident and rented a car from New Bedford and arranged to drop it off, there, at the Cape, which we did last evening at the Cape Air terminal”—I will then be interrupted by her pointedly and alarmingingly repeating in my ear: “We don’t have your car sir…..we don’t have your keys sir…” I will try to assure her I dropped it off and she will insist they don’t have my car. I shall ask if she is the supervisor; she isn’t. I will ask to speak to the supervisor and here her say (to him) this man wants to talk to the supervisor and the phone being thrown onto a desk. The supervisor will get on the phone and start yelling at me that he has customers and then he will hang up on me before I even speak. Then I will call back and he will pick up the phone and slam it back down again several times. I will call the nice young man at Hertz in New Bedford who rented me the ugly white Mazda mini people carrier and he will look up my rental number to confirm, yes, it was recorded you returned the car exactly when you said you did. He’ll have no explanation as to why this agent and her supervisor are so rude but he’ll apologize on their behalf and then give me the name of their area supervisor. I will call another Hertz nearby that will tell me that the evil Hertz branch, being at the Barnstable Municipal Airport is actually under an other supervisor’s jurisdiction, one located at T.F. Greene Airport in Rhode Island. I will call him and he will be appalled and he will offer me rental vouchers that I will refuse, saying that Hertz has lost me as a customer for all time. He will assure me he’ll get to the bottom of it and I believe him. He’ll call me back and say that he had a talking-to with the agent and her supervisor who didn’t even ask me my name or take my rental number but instead insisted they didn’t have the car I dropped off but they did. The weird thing, according to this bigger boss located in Rhode Island is that someone with my exact same name but a Nantucket address also dropped off a car to the same location I did within ten minutes of my doing so. John from Rhode Island had feared this was a mistake and I was charged twice so he checked and saw separate addresses and information for me and my name-alike. That means that if that crunt and her wuckfad supervisor had asked my name they would have realized that not only had I returned the car but two of me did so. Thank you multiverse. Thank you.

This oracle being about rationalization and self-justification cuts many ways. I felt perfectly justified in calling these horror shows’ superiors after being yelled at, shamed, yelled at again and hung up on repeatedly. I doubt very much though that they were able to justify the fact that they treated me so shabbily, insisting they didn’t have my car, when both of me dropped off our cars at precisely the moment I/we said I/we did. Even in the midst of boring, traumatizing aftermath, synchronicity is on my side.

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On Blitzen

After being rear-ended by some texting twentysomething on the 18th, and spending the morning in the ER in New Bedford, MA; we rented a car from Hertz; the agent even picked us up at the hospital which was amazing and we thought maybe we should return to Cape Cod and start off the next morning but instead we just kept on toward New York and arrived to say at the home of a dear friend. We had our show on Sunday, which is in benefit (as is all we do) for our Afterglow Festival; then on Monday we taped Catie Lazarus’ podcast Employee of the Month, before heading to see Brett Every’s show at the Amber Zone at Sid Gold’s Request Room where Stella performed a song as did Dane Terry, Nath Ann Carrera and Amber Martin herself. All the while, though, I realize we were moving from a state of shock to post-traumatic stress disorder. The Symbol for the day being A Man Bundled In Fur Leads A Shaggy Deer (okay) points to overcoming the “cold” during a trial of endurance. Honestly, I think Stella and I, who always pride ourselves on our resilience, tried to overcome too quickly. Frankly I don’t even remember performing a show on Sunday. Something’s different. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I am the man bundled in fur preparing for a new journey and I’m taking a fuzzy bambi with me to either shear and wear or eat or maybe ride. I’m accutely aware that I’m still being put through something and I can’t just snap out of it. I’m also quite certain that I can’t go back and do things they way I’ve done them. This oracle is ruled by Sagittarius in a twelve-fold sequence, so I’m going to go with concepts of growth, expansion, travel and new philosophies as the takeaway.

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Calling On The Carpet

Playing catch-up: A Man On A Magic Carpet Hovers Over A Large Area of Land is the image at 2° Cancer. We are seeking to expand conciousness by stabiling our point of view. This isn’t magical thinking but rather focusing on one means, not many, via which concsiouness can be raised. We are sticking to a belief system and seeing how high we might fly, insead of entertaining many belief systems. We are thinking higher thoughts. Dane Rudyhar speaks of transending two-dimensionality. I must admit this image isn’t really speaking to me. I recall there already being a magic carpet image. Or else I dreamed that. Focus for me is on repair and recovery from the accident we had last Thursday. I am trying not to let the people with whom I am now forced to deal—insurance agents and such—bother me. But I must say I resent having to spend time and energy into all these logistics. I also don’t understand how it’s possible for the person who caused this accident not to be cited by the police. I suppose lawyers will need to get involved. Trying to rise out of the two demensionality of this situation and transcend on a magic carpet of gratitude for being alive. But still I resent the fact that we have sustained injuries and I’m hoping for some support, not just from the cosmos, but from actual people sitting in cubicles answering my calls.

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On the summer Solstice the Sun rises and sets as far north as it will, and then it’s descent begins, the days becoming shorter. Again, remember the person who divined these symbols didn’t know which day she was choosing. So Cancer 1° On A ShipThe Sailers Lower An Old Flag and Raise A New One is pretty astonishing. We have gone as far as we can go in one direction and now we change tack, operating under a new banner. We are at the most Yang point in the year and now we begin a journey toward increased Yin. The individual will, the ship symbolizing ego consciousness, will now sail toward more collective unconscious. This is ruled by Libra in a twelve-fold sequence and Libra is the hingepin of the zodiac, the seventh sign, thus the turning point on the wheel of twelve signs, beginning the second half the journey around the wheel, just as we now turn to begin the second half, roughly, of the calendar year and certain the second half of “the Sun’s journey.”

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Love A Parade

Last day of Gemini and tomorrow the Solstice when we will apparate at Joe’s Pub for a musical comedic performance about stars and shit. I’m not going to promote it any more. We have done so much press and work on this show and I just read Dane Rudhyar’s description of today’s oracle at 30° Gemini, A Parade Of Bathing Beauties Before Large Beach Crowds: “the show is over.” I thought that was funny and apt. I mean our show is tomorrow but really at this point the show is over. There is no more I can do except rehearse, especially since we’ve lost a couple days with this stupid car accident. And even there we’ve done all we can do. We were squeaky wheels with our insurance agents and now we have supervisors personally handling everything and calling us and treating us with kid gloves. Good. Because everything hurts. One thing about getting on stage though: you don’t feel your pain or your cold or your headache or anything that ails you; it waits for you back in the wings. Would that all life were a stage. I’m ready to chew the scenery I’ll tell you that. But let’s get into this Sabian Symbol a bit more.

By just after noon-thirty tomorrow the show of Spring will have come to a close and we’re holding a pageant of sorts to view if not judge the full pageantry of what beauties the season has produced. And we are gathered on a beach where I plan to spend my summer. That is not a sentence of privilege by the way. I know people assume I have some kind of trust fund or something because I spent all my life summering at the sea; but trust me, no trust fund. It’s just that living in the present in a way I enjoy has always been prioritized and not relegated to later. So here I am, savoring the moment. This Blague does much to keep me present in each day as I explore the energy of each passing one through meditation on these symbols. I work with clients by day helping them to self-actualize and I could be on a stage every night raising spirits through our unique form of Entertaining Enlightenment™. So what do I have on parade myself this day at the close of the Spring season. A lot. I might not be ready for the swimsuit challenge by Provincetown standards but I will put on a speedo with pride, showing off my hairy rolls and man boobs without hesitation, just as I’m ready to make a thousand perfect mistakes in tomorrow night’s show. We are ready to parade before you alll our wares—some vocal creations, some cosmic interpretations, some individual chart reads, some metaphysical musings, some personal stories, some voyages into the multiverse and hopefully spoonfeed those attended some wisdom in a spoonful of sugary wit. Justin Vivian Bond used to say “dare to suck” and honeys those are words to live by. Life is indeed a banquet or a parade or a pageant or whatever suggests full expression, so don’t be a sucker. Unfold fully like the fairy flower that you are. And maybe we’ll see you tomorrow night. I’m not putting any links here. You have Google. And our Haute Astrology horoscopes are also posted. See you tomorrow on the Solstice. I have to get a haircut and some Spanx.

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