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A Year On

Taurus 0° (April 20)

I am getting some identity established and don’t it feel good. I am now that much more established as a business entity which I find fantastic. I will visit the storage and the new cottage which has been cleaned and does look that much better I must say. My goal is to wave as much of a wand over it as I possibly can. I have paint chips to show and I will make a list of things that hopefully will be tackled to make my summer cottage something special. Anyway I am moving things through as best I can do. Despite the plea for anonymity in working where I am, it turns out that it isn’t at all anonymous—I have seen about fifty people I know there so far. They mostly seem surprised to see me which is certainly understandable. Some people have “sorry” expressions on their faces which I find funny. Others act as if there is no glitch, like I’ve worked there the whole time. It’s actually kind of entertaining.

The generally most self-serving and least self-aware, Aries man is Id personified; pure, primal impulse, thus in conflict with both his own, and the cultural, superego. Being himself and “knowing thyself” are opposed in his personality—he is thus challenged to divine a powerline in this polarization. One might say he is “called” to do so; at least wording it that way would greatly appeal to his human condition. In what often strikes others as delusion, Aries man tends to feel that he is on a special mission in life, the gods’ gift to humanity, in one way or other. So speeding his trip along a desired life path, it’s best to present his predicaments to him in this context, to make prescriptions accordingly. As the first sign, Aries rules birth (through age seven) and every kind of new beginnings. Aries man personifies the notion of birthright, his planet Mars ruling the blood and muscle—the Ram man conflates desired aims and goals with their accomplishment being “in his blood;” and, like an eternally new born babe, life is foremost a fight for pure, sole survival, if not a potentially bloody affair. The two colors governed by the sign are white and red, like the two types of blood cells, a dual nod to that pure, good-guy hero who always finishes first, and a tendency to “see red” and ram his singular agenda onto a larger one, the casualties of doing so be damned. Another dichotomy: When you’re a lone ranger in life by nature, it is most challenging to understand when you are alienating others. Some chapter synopsis:

Just as Aries man is spiritually designed for direct connections on that score in the cultivation of upper-case Self, he likewise benefits most from, for lack of a better term, a Zen approach to life. Without going against his nature to attack experience, achieving quests and conquests, making indelible marks, I prescribe cultivating detachment, treading as lightly as he can—in umbrella terms, this characterizes the whole of his life pursuit. In relationships, especially, Aries man is most challenged not to objectify a partner, in any number of ways, perceiving all others as near actual props in Aries’ production and presentation of self, which he often doesn’t realize strikes the rest of us as performative. He thus must learn to operate his own off-switch, to allow himself to discover the sweet spot between a laudable impetus to prove himself and a rash, overbearing inability to employ restraint, for love or money, to avoid riding roughshod over others, too often laying waste to golden opportunities on offer. Aries’ particular path of being requires considering himself to be enough as is, every step of the way. Being less hard on himself translates to treating others, significant ones specifically, in kind….

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Aries 29° (April 19)

Last night went pretty well except I accidentally took home a piece of technical equipment. I wrote to S. today about book chapters and also client outreach. We shall see. I’m continuing the outreach as best I can, in earnest. I had a ridiculous text from Amy and decided to block her and totally end all forms of communication. Done and dusted. Made a bunch of food to last the next few days and catching up on banking and so forth. I am repeating yesterday’s menu to the letter meanwhile as I hate wasting ingredients in the fridge. I’ve barely eaten these past few days and hoping it will start to show somehow. I still have twenty lbs to go and would be happy to do it very slow now. I had a weird forwarded letter from S. in mailbox asking me to deal with a lawyer thing from two years ago. Why she can’t just cope herself is beyond me, especially as it was addressed to her, but whatever. I have to synopsize chapters and it’s proving really difficult.

Born under the sole cardinal-fire sign, Aries man embodies the “big bang” energy of this sign—initiatory, directive, combustive—ruled by planet Mars, the masculine principle in astrology. Aries man’s default perspective is objective(objectifying), self-motivated, singular and purposeful. The horned Ram symbol, and that of phallic, “spear-toting” Mars, speak to Aries’ pointed, headstrong personality, being on the attack in life. His is an unbridled energy that requires harnessing and circumspection, not his natural strong suit. Aries man embodies the raw warrior who must hone his energy into that of the hero, knight in shining armor. His archetype set includes the biblical Adam, the classic Mars/Ares war god along with the questing Jason, Lancelot, Superman, Iron Man/Tony Stark, all of which provide parables for Aries man’s life path, principles, penchants, peccadillos, perks and pitfalls. It is Aries’ birthright to be a true champion and to synch his self-serving energy with that of the greater good, winning the right to wear his proverbial white hat. His is the purest “hero’s journey” of all the signs, and for him it is an all-or-nothing pursuit. The paradox of his experience is that, for all his natural outward directed energy designed to attack external goals, he must trailblaze introspective inroads toward understanding his impetus and motivations, which, of all the signs, is no easy feat. He has a near pathological inability to take things, on all levels, in every way. 

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Aries 28° (April 18)

It is in some way pathetic that I spent my day off at work but I’m glad I did in the end. I managed to get some additional questions asked; and also it kept me from feeling too lonely. I am forming this weird habit of waking at four, trying to knock myself back out for a couple of hours, and then falling back and sleeping for two or three more. It’s not healthy, I know; but it is apparently what I need right now. The Amy situation is spinning out of control. Wow, was that ever a mistake. I also get admonishing emails about money from someone whose guidance I sought before the fact. Man, I gotta tell you, I come to the understanding that I am way more functional than I thought in comparison. And all the things I didn’t have to do for myself, those which were blown up to gigantic proportion, actually take about five minutes a day, in a flow, to accomplish. I am accused of lying about one thing; now I realize others lie about everything all the time. There is a feeling emerging that entails liking how I do things. I always have but it was never truy appreciated. I am efficiency incarnate as well as being a creative driver. I’m also cook and cleaner and errand boy and administrator and bookkeeper and charity worker and fucking mensch. I am not like others. I do not need to surround myself with rich people so to pretend I am one. I’m not. And never was. That is not a lesson, unlike others, I need to learn. I have put in the work and outsourced the perks. Agents and such prefer the other person even though I am the generator of the work being represented. I rub people the wrong way. That should be the first line of anything I say on stage. I’m just one of those people. Oh well. Training is over and I’m now on my own on the work front and the gods are playing jokes on me, likely for a reason. There are even computer glitches that cause problems with me and the ones behind the line. Three decades ago it would have sent me into a tizzy, but I’m really too old to give a shit. If someone wants to look at me even the slightest bit sideways, I will be out the door. I need for nothing from “nobody.” The owner was right: it is a dysfunctional family, but for the most part people are really very nice indeed. There was a bit of a sign and J.C. and Kev were there tonight and it turns our Kev owns a place where I’ll be “summering.” Ha! That’s a laugh. Anyway nice to know there will be someone on the property. Soon the fish and produce market will be open. I will go to the beach. There are glimmers. Still I have to move again in less than two-week’s time, I am dealing with the adjustment to this new yob, I have a smashed in car from a hit and run in a parking lot (thanks), I am moving house (again) all while simultaneously trying to find closure of the colossal type (cue Sinead O’Connor’s Last Day of our Acquaintance).  It’s a lot. Managed to make it through the entire day on a grilled cheese sandwich and cup of escarole soup. 

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Red Sauce

Aries 27° (April 17)

Easter and I thought it would be okay. It isn’t. Didn’t sleep at all last night and just spent the entire day crying my eyes out. Why should a day like Easter even matter to me—it’s weird. In earliest childhood, having to wear outfits like velvet green short pants and matching jacket with scratchy green knee socks and awfully tight shoes, the holiday was spent at Auntie Margie’s in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. Driving from Jersey City to Lyndhurst was like the opening credits of The Soprano’s. I decide to spend Easter watching the show from the beginning. And it’s even more triggering, to pun intended (Guns, trigger, get it? Never mind.). The entire landscape of that show, from the pork store to the ubiquitous cemeteries were a constant in my youth. On top of which the casting director, for whom I worked for a spell, and many of my fellow acting friends who went on to the success I never experienced, populated that show. Michael, Aida, Drea, Ventimiglia and a slew of others. I always felt I had the rights to be part of that show but whatever it wasn’t my fate. And I wasn’t going to play a tough guy any time soon despite my pretty amazing Brando impersonation. I’m home alone thinking about my youth with its many family members all of whom are now gone. I am totally alone and feel it most even on a holiday for which I have zero surface affinity. Maybe Jesus exists somewhere deeper inside me but, speak about “why have you forsaken me?” the theme is near ridiculous today. So screw it. I have this weird new marinara soaked family supposedly so I throw on “Sunday clothes” and head to the scene of my recent criminal punishment. I have pappardelle with lamb ragu and a glass of something, I should remember. Anyway at least now I feel as if I did something Eastery.

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Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

Aries 26° (April 16)

Tried to sleep most of the day and succeeded quite nicely. I had brought home a meal last evening which I didn’t eat so I had a giant lunch of salmon, asparagus and mashed potatoes, and then back for another giant nap, before heading “back to Jamaica.” I am informed that after today I’m on my own and I start on Monday. I’m a bit freaked out because it is a lot to handle quite frankly. I think I’m doing a good job. I feel as if I am. At the same time I really don’t care. The point is I am doing what is necessary to stave off any more hemorrhaging. I can’t believe I spelled that correctly. I only have two weeks in this place which is hard to believe. I truly hope I can come back next year. If not I will find a way to spend the winter in Europe maybe. There are other places here to be, probably, but it is proving to be not that much worth it. I’m bringing home some lamb lollipops which are very tasty indeed. Also a Caesar, which I won’t eat until tomorrow. The process of getting into the new place early isn’t materializing as promised but what can you do. Tomorrow will be the last major holiday of the calendar year where I have had to cope with. I feel weirdly guilty that I didn’t get song stuff back to Kip, but you never know, it may happen. I reached out to crazy Amy after all these years and I did get a response but it was so immediately loaded and victimy and hostile that I had to immediately pull back. I learn from social media that so many more people have taken sides than I suspected. Hey, it is what it is. And I am who I am and I am so not going to feel bad about that. I don’t expect to hear back from anyone named Ken anytime soon. I have reached out to D.M. but that seems to be at a kind of dead end still too. I am so sick of being blamed for stuff you’ve no idea. Anyway, this is the point of doing this job I think. It feels like penance on every level.

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Training Day

Aries 25° (April 15)

Talk about eating humble pie, good lord. Anyway, I’m doing it. The clothes I bought don’t really fit so that was a waste. On an up note I am proud of myself for all my follow through. I am having Escarole Soup only before heading to the yob. Culture shock on top of it all. I feel really debased. There was no reason for this. None at all. The level of ruination is beyond the pale. And there is no way to even express that because it results in complete communication breakdown, which is the constant state of affairs in any case. I am trying to get to a place where, well, ultimately all is friendly; but the fact is I know realize that I will have to go through my own spate of anger and embargo. After all these years to be left like this with near zero resource after all I’ve contributed, slapping two names on every project for the last twenty years. Well, that was dumb. I should have looked out for number one and I didn’t do that. Well, I’m ready to make a change. I sent proposal to the radio station. I sent proposal to Provincetown arts. I’ve done all I can do. Had a nice long post-work talk with E. L. into the week hours whichh was really quite nice. We are both going through struggles. 

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Into Every Life It Must Fall

Aries 24° (April 13-14)

I didn’t leave the house Wednesday. I did binge watch all of Winning Time, up to the present. It’s a pretty great show. Danny B. is in it and does a good job. Made a salad of cucumber, feta and tomato, with herbs; otherwise just ate hummus and crackers. I am a bit nervous about the job situation but I’m just going to keep forging ahead. That’s what coffee is for in any case. The big inhale before the plunge. I will head to Hyannis on Thursday and do some shopping on that score and pick up dry cleaning and take myself to lunch in Eastham—crab cakes and Caesar, which weren’t all that great. I will see Raina which is nice. It’s been ages. 

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Her Girlfriend

Aries 22° (April 11)

Horrible time in court with S. Her lawyer is the most evil person on the planet. He tells the court that my wife’s “girlfriend” is playing savior. I am done. I no longer have the will to fight or even to live to be honest. I will make shepherd’s pie with ground turkey.Anyway I’m going to push this thing forward as best as I can I might need a magnifying glass for this portion After decades working in fashion publishing theater entertainment we ran with more than one in crowd all our experience would come to bear. When it came to the fashion crowd I always said they would be our audience one day. In our experience the subject of conversation to all the most interesting dinner parties turned to either sex or astrology or preferably both. Our plan for marketing was to embody a chic image to dust or brush the granola off the subject matter something weissbach understood unfortunately his imprint was dissolved he knew who we were and his own brand was pretty glamorous as well the idea was always to shoot high to be aspirational and let the interest trickle down we ended up at Harper resource where it would prove an uphill battle to convince editors and publishers who didn’t know us that over the years we have been at every imprint it seems anyway though we might have made it look easier our plan was meticulous those who endeavoured sorry those who endorsed our book included famed window dresser SD we launched the book Paris at Colette Princess Caroline barney’s New York Parker Posey are events virtual who’s who scars guard gillenhall all the fashion bastions around the world credit where credits due Stella as organizer London front page Daily Telegraph cosmic clinic concept with the book selling it to 16 foreign markets just as we were being covered by top magazines we are also being asked to write for them launch of astral cast 2005 back to our performance roots partner in crime having also been a child actor and singer the whole Chelsea Handler thing third party being our most sorry third prong being our private clientele confidentiality confidentiality we don’t reveal who the clients are when to insert list of quotes and in truth she was my constant use the love of my life besides draft what’s here town hall dispensary and that’s it really 

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Three Part Dissonance

Aries 21° (April 10)

Sunday. I will get pizza for dinner and talk to Eddy.

Sign + Significance goes beyond surveying the astrological wisdom and energy encoded in the given sign to provide fresh insight into the individual’s perception and motivations. Here, I explain how the sign’s unique cosmic energy can be harnessed for personal empowerment. I will delve into the sign’s symbology and the archetypes on which the individual draws, isolating the sign’s set of superpowers and illuminating their particular path for development, their own hero’s journey, if you will. As my work with private clients has proven, deeper understanding and acceptance of our astrological natures can inspire significant energetic shifts, and be a catalyst for profound transformation.

Sense + Psyche explores the mind-body connection particular to each sign and how one psychologically and emotionally processes experiences—and how he or she can affect positive outcomes and avoid signature pitfalls. The unique cosmic energies of the signs do manifest physically, determining body type as well as signature behavior. My empiric knowledge on this score can strike readers as startlingly accurate, while tickling their funny bones in the process. For reasons no astrologer can explain, both nature and nurture seem to be determined by our signs. And here I address the typical circumstantial and behavioral patterns of the individual to unlock life-lessons needing to be learned.

Sexuality + Spirit investigates the most sublime paradox of our human nature, the link between our sexual identity and our spiritual development; how our deepest desires—libidinous ones included—share more than an etymological link to the achievement of our destinies. We are all here for a purpose, and just as I illustrated in Sextrologyhow our sign can determine our sexual natures, we will draw out that knowledge in Nextrology, activating it as a tool of self-awareness and actualization. The two main reasons clients solicit my council is to help them find  romantic/sexual/relationship fulfillment, and to acheive their full creative potential and purpose. I have determined that these two ends go hand in hand and are achieved by the same means. Each of the signs has their own brand of spirit, just as they have clearly identifiable sexual natures.  I show readers how one informs the other, and guide them in actively participating in the process of self-realization on this score.

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Aries 20° (April 9)

I got nothing.

Nextrology provides further in-depth analysis of the twenty-four astrological sex-signs since the publishing of my first book, twenty years ago. The book pinpoints people’s proclivities, potentialities, and would-be pitfalls, prodding them to deploy particular elements of personality in the face of this or that situation, challenge, or opportunity. Nextrologymoves beyond exposition, providing specific instruction to the reader who will get some sense of what it’s like to sit in actual private consultation with me. The book bridges from the occult- or the academic- or the mainstream pop-astrology aisle over to that of personal development. In it’s Introduction, Nextrology will offer information already covered in the “Overview” of this proposal, in addition to reading one’s own chapter, the personal benefit of reading all the others, based on the rulership of the other sign’s over the various astrological houses in the reader’s own chart. The content of the twenty-four chapters is completely unique and specific to each of the signs, while the chapters are all structured the same—each chapter will be comprised of a concise “snapshot” of the individual followed by three main-text sections:

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