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Horrible time in court with S. Her lawyer is the most evil person on the planet. He tells the court that my wife’s “girlfriend” is playing savior. I am done. I no longer have the will to fight or even to live to be honest. I will make shepherd’s pie with ground turkey.Anyway I’m going to push this thing forward as best as I can I might need a magnifying glass for this portion After decades working in fashion publishing theater entertainment we ran with more than one in crowd all our experience would come to bear. When it came to the fashion crowd I always said they would be our audience one day. In our experience the subject of conversation to all the most interesting dinner parties turned to either sex or astrology or preferably both. Our plan for marketing was to embody a chic image to dust or brush the granola off the subject matter something weissbach understood unfortunately his imprint was dissolved he knew who we were and his own brand was pretty glamorous as well the idea was always to shoot high to be aspirational and let the interest trickle down we ended up at Harper resource where it would prove an uphill battle to convince editors and publishers who didn’t know us that over the years we have been at every imprint it seems anyway though we might have made it look easier our plan was meticulous those who endeavoured sorry those who endorsed our book included famed window dresser SD we launched the book Paris at Colette Princess Caroline barney’s New York Parker Posey are events virtual who’s who scars guard gillenhall all the fashion bastions around the world credit where credits due Stella as organizer London front page Daily Telegraph cosmic clinic concept with the book selling it to 16 foreign markets just as we were being covered by top magazines we are also being asked to write for them launch of astral cast 2005 back to our performance roots partner in crime having also been a child actor and singer the whole Chelsea Handler thing third party being our most sorry third prong being our private clientele confidentiality confidentiality we don’t reveal who the clients are when to insert list of quotes and in truth she was my constant use the love of my life besides draft what’s here town hall dispensary and that’s it really 

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