Gemini 4° (May 24)

I am still in a blackout, that is to say that the original entries, here, got lost or I never wrote anything to begin with. And will be if not many moons than a couple before I start writing in real time what actually happened on this day besides what I ate.Clams and Burger (Fish n Chips) from Mac’s

It is important for Virgo to accentuate the positives of his tendency to keep to himself, to hold himself apart, to lead an extremely private life, and even to be healthfully isolationist, not becoming unduly wrapped up in others’ needs or to lose himself in social shuffles.  The trick is not to alienate and self-obsess, in extreme cases to the point of tinkering with himself. [Maybe say Tinker somewhere earlier on] Virgo man is the most potentially phobic and hypochondriacal of characters and he can mess with his physical body through extreme diets and cures, behavioral habits being endemic to Virgo’s sixth astrological house, as well as cosmetic procedures. This is the sign of Michael Jackson, Gene Simmons, Karl Lagerfeld, Mickey Rourke, Eddie Fisher, Keanu Reeves, though apparently not, Matt Rife, are Virgo men who’ve all gone under the knife. It seems in some cases a very extreme backlash to being a mensch, the proverbial regular guy and inheritor of that Everyman archetype that defines the super-powerful appeal of the likes of Bill Murray, Bob Newhart, Adam Sandler, Rupert Grint, Ben Savage, Jack Black, Martin Freeman, Chris Tucker, even more regular-joe Batmen Adam West and Michael Keaton, and arguably, at least prototypically, Charlie Brown of Peanuts fame. 

            The first thing I tell a private client who comes to see me for an individual consultation is that the Sun placement of in their charts really signifies the hero’s journey, that it is the you whom you’re becoming. The Sun symbol is one of completion, a full circle surrounding a central dot, which signifies the individual being centered within a perfect sphere of experience of their own making, suggesting a sense fulfillment and wholeness. And whether or not you believe in the notion that people (re)incarnate as a particular sign to experience and work through energies and influences and life lessons endemic to your sig—for the metaphysical purpose of more soul-level evolution—you might concede that, if you’re born with Sun in Virgo, then your ideas surrounding what constitutes said wholeness, fulfillment, completion, even success, would be described in Virgo terms. That is to say that your hero’s journey, Virgo, should be something of a niche existence, being your own boss, left to your own devices, remotely contributing to humanity without having to necessarily shake hands or rub elbows. A life of your own invention. Don’t necessarily want to feel any responsibility toward others unless it is of your own design and on your own clock. ….treading lightly, observing and letting experience and perceptions flow in and out, not becoming too attached to anything???

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