Please Release Me

Forgive my not posting this yesterday. We were rear-ended on the highway. We were standing still in traffic, the last car to have stopped in our lane. And a young woman plowed into us. She had her iphone on her lap when i went to her car. There is no explanation for careening into stopped cars on a highway other than not looking at the road and presumably looking at your phone. The oracle associated with the day at 28° Gemini is: Through Bankruptcy, Society Gives To An Overburdened Individual The Opportunity to Begin Again. This is meant to signal a release from unbearable pressures, freeing one for new tasks. I’m going to relate this metaphorically to what happened to us yesterday, our car being totaled while we basically walked away with some contusions and sore bodies: I choose to look at yesterday as a second chance, a new lease on life, and of course, a new lease on a car.

I was planning to go see an art opening that included some people I like but curated by someone who used to be a friend but has, over the past couple of years, been a source of ill treatment. The first thing I thought after the accident was fuck that. I’m not going anywhere near people who don’t treat me like gold. I recalled being “past life regressed” when I was in my twenties whereby I remembered a life spent very well, where I was this individual who had many comforts, friends and respect, but also experienced a great deal of loss, through it all retaining utmost dignity. I quit my job waiting tables the next day, in real time, as a result of feeling what it felt like to have more a sense of self worth than I did up until then. After yesterday’s smash-up I feel similarly. I will only put myself in situations and in company where I am celebrated at the level I deserve to be. Otherwise I am bankrupt, in a sense, and spiritually so. Bad things happen. But we need never be victims. And if a bad thing happening can eradicate us of any existing victimhood then thank the stars for small blessings.

The sign of Cancer rules this oracle in a twelve-fold sequence and it is about release. Everyone knows Cancer is all about emotions. It is the cardinal-water sign, the flood, the purge to wipe all our cars away. Financially, declaring bankruptcy is how one is purged of debts. I can only hope, that if yesterday’s incident was karmic in any way, that I’m purged of any cosmic debts owed. Because I’d like to have that be the worst thing to happen to me for quite some time. Touch wood.


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  1. So glad you are safe!!

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