Today we seek a new form of consciousness. The image for Gemini 27° is A Gypsy Emerging From The Forest Wherein Her Tribe Is Encamped. She wants out. As we all often do. Not of any place necessarily, but rather out of our own mind space. Yesterday we got essentialized, nature providing a door way to what lies beneath (it all); still it was a subjective experience, it happened to us. Today we are objectively seeking a new life. We want a new experience, even, of the same circumstance. Taurus ruled yesterday’s image; and I’ve always associated Taurus with a certain tribal quality, living close to nature, while Gemini, duality, brings us to the crossroads, the agora, the market place in real time (ruled by Mercury named for the god of the crossroads and merchants); we are emerging from a sort of tribal bliss and ignorance into one of interaction with the world.

At it’s core, this is about leaving behind a more earth-bound existence and seeking, as Dane Rudhyar puts it “the realm of mind and complex, tense interpersonal relationships.” So Gemini. We are moving from the instinctual to the conscious, the wild to the tame. This morning I was perusing a website dedicated to the Dinka of Southern Sudan and thought all the women looked like models and, sure enough, some have become them. It made my stomach sink a bit to think they lost their tribal connections and yet they looked quite happy living in the so-called civilized world. Any one of us who grew up in the wilds of suburbia know what the cities of the world offered us as they beckoned. I moved to Paris which remains my spiritual home and then to New York, where I lived for twenty years, feeling mostly alienated I will admit, though I lived there during one of its better phases. And it was indeed the agora where I was able to sell my wares, and still do.

Just Chills You Ever So Slightly

Just Chills You
Ever So Slightly

I’ve been city shopping for sometime, now. There are pros and cons to living in any one of them. I suppose I do think in terms of how a city will make me feel, but also how it might make me think, what untapped realms of my mind might be opened. I suppose we are, all of us gypsies, and the people I know who do best in cities, particularly in New York, have recreated a sort of tribal existence therein which seems as wroughtly knit and insular as any gypsy camp or Dinka community. The comfortability of being part of the tribe, especially if one has the role of chief or witch doctor, is very difficult to transcend. In the modern urban examples I can cite, they always seem self-serving in their provision of validation and worship inside the bubble.

Belonging is a Venus-powered Taurean need. Wheeling and dealing “on the streets” making a way for oneself is a Mercury-fueled Geminian experience. They both appeal and they both limit. In the former energy field, individualist thinking isn’t so much a requirement as is knowing how to appeal and gain favor—to please, a Venus infinitive if there ever was one. In the Gemini model, a certain scrappiness is required, being clever and living by ones wits, perhaps even selling the skills that were absorbed while living within the tribal or family culture of origin; in a sense taking to market the essentials of self that one has glimpsed if not fully cultivated. When we strike out on our own in the proverbial big city we put ourselves in the care of that trickster god Mercury who lords over all manner of street people like us, including displaced gypsies, tramps and thieves.

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