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The Wind Beneath

An Aviator Pursues His Journey, Flying Through Ground-Obscuring Clouds is the symbol at 10° Pisces (wow only 20 more of these to go I can scarcely believe it). Today we are entertaining man’s ability to develop powers and skills whicy by transcending natural limitations allow him to operate in mental-spiritual realms. That’s a mouth full. Of course flight always signifies some kind of transcendence and spiritual move. But, more literally, we are looking at our ability to enter other realms we weren’t “born” to inhabit, not having wings of our own. That evolved being (the girl with the bugle) who has harnassed his energy (the jockey) now soars as the aviator, no longer even seeing his native “land”. I’m struggling to say anything beyond this very obvious interpretation. Let’s see…

The symbol would be ruled by Cancer in a twelve-fold sequence and the losing sight of land on a journey does speak to that sign’s energy of deliverance. The one who has evolved through mutation is one who will spiritually ascend and achieve certain mastery. The mutation may occur by way of revelation (let’s hope not by radiation). There is nothing that you see around you that didn’t originate in someone’s imagination. Pisces is that pure imaginative state wherein everything is in a state of becoming. The aviator flies via the collective imagination of those who went before. One can be born an aviator into a world of flight. I hope that makes sense. Put it this way: Have you not been weirded out by seeing tiny children, like two-year olds, working a computer? It’s as if they were born with the knowledge created by the machinery that emerged from the imaginations of those who went before. We can soar because others have given us the wings.

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That’s Horseracing

A Jockey Spurs His Horse, Intent On Out-Distancing His Rivals is the Sabian Symbol at Pisces 9°. It is about the mobilization of our energy and the skill in the drive for success in any social performance affected by the spirit of competition. Basically it’s about the rat race and the emphasis on mondern society on individual performance and the desire to win. This is ruled by Gemini in a twelve-fold sequence and, maybe I just don’t want to think that hard, but the only correlation that comes to mind is that Gemini guys do tend to be comparatively tiny. And they also like to be winners. The horse symobolizes the feverish release of energy controlled by techinical skill and long practice. Apparently, when this symbol is featured in a person’s chart it points to a need to spur one’s total self toward the speedy attinament of a goal. Ah, okay: Speed. This is a Gemini attribute to, that sign being ruled by quicksilver Mercury named for the fleet messenger god of immediacy, both in time and space. He traveled so fast he was nearly ubiquitous. He was also tiny, locked in perpetual adolescence with the cunning, prankster mind to match. Mercury is also the nimble god of the skillful and dexterous and adroit for whom excess weight is anathema. Likewise when we seek out a goal we must let go of all unnecessary baggage that might prevent us from its achievement. We must be completely geared to said goal. And, okay, here’s another clue to the Gemini rulership: Dane Rudhyar, scholar of these Sabian symbols, tags the keynote for this oracle as: Self-Quickening.

I don’t know about you but this is the exact energy I needed to be presented with today. On the shadow side, that orange OompaLoompa Donald Trump is a Gemini who is outstripping his own rivals. He is, after all, a skilled artist of the deal hell-bent on a single goal. We cannot let that douchebag win by the way.

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Come Blow Your Horn

Some symbols flood me with thoughts. A Girl Blowing A Bugle, at Pisces 8°, is one of those that do. After the emphasis via yesterday’s symbol on trusting to one’s inner guidance system, letting the external world be a landscape of illusory mist surround the cross we (all) bear. Today we see that inner voice sounding off voicing the inner calling—Taurus rules the voice and this symbol in a would-be twelve-fold sequence. Taurus is the premier feminine sign in the zodiac, ruled by Venus/Aphrodite, originally the great sea goddess, also called Mari, associated with the sign of Pisces, as is the biblical Mary whose della robbia blue gown fringed in white is the sea fringed in foam. It is right that the inner voice is feminized, as the girl symbolizes the more biological and psychic elements in our human experience. We could read it as the anima, the soul, calling out to us to break through the illusory boundaries of our outer world and perspective, to heed the urgent trumpeting of that divinity within us seeking direct connection to the collective spirit of the universe.

At the same time, Pisces, the sign that most expresses paradox, the true reality, in its opposite facing fish, is forever hinged on the notion of the divine and the delusional, messiah or mad-wo/man, savior or siren. There would be some who might think that any association of the female with divinity or spirituality would indeed be a siren’s call drawing us to our spiritual death. But we modern mystics and workaday witches know better. And we understand that this oracle is a call to participation in the service of the race, as an evolution crossroads (Dane Rudyar says “crisis” but I think that’s misleading) approaches. We are trumpeting the fact that with each incubation (womb/tomb of Pisces) we emerge from the primoridial soup that much more evolved than the last generation. That is if you’re not a Republican who visably devolves each time you turn on the television. This call of the feminine can read as a battle cry against an oppressive patriarchy, a call home to source that is feminine in our existence.

The feminine is the psychic element, the intuitive power that exists within all of us. And the female archetypes associated with both the sign of Pisces and that of Taurus bear this out, as they both draw on aspects of the triple goddess—the trident of Pisces was originally that, associated with the lily or fleur de lis or shamrock, of the sea goddess, Amphitrite, Aphrodite of the water world. The Fish is an embrionic symbol and the womb/tomb is that of the great goddess mother who, with each generational turn of the wheel, gives birth to a mutant, a being that has evolved along the mutation (of the previous sign of Aquariaus). We are being called to herald our owen evolution and enlightenment. We are the promise of the new age and She is summoning us to our own rebirth.

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Within You And Without You

Now we’re talking. This image could only fall into the sign of Pisces: Illumined By A Shaft Of Light, A Large Cross Lies On Rocks Surrounded By Sea Mist is the Sabian Symbol at 7° Pisces, the sole sign of mutable-water which translates to mist and vapor as will as fog and foam. We touched on this subject in part a few days ago. Those who don’t depend on mass values and traditions but to thine own selves are true will find themselves being crucified in some way shape or form. It’s an inevitable paradox. That which supports them is their own inner fortitude on which a light (from above) will shine. There is direct connection between individual soul spark and the universal soul—what is cut out is the middlemen, or rather they will cut you. As such the individual recognizes himself to be the son or daughter of god. For those acquainted with Aries people, you might not be surprised to learn that that premier sign of the Zodiac rules this image in a twelve-fold sequence.

I know that sounds facetious but the fact is that people of a particular sun sign are the best representatives (personifications) we have of that sign’s energy; and Aries people do indeed embody a sense of entitlement, an unapologetic carte blanche attitude toward life to which they feel free to serve themselves. They can feel special, singled out, ordained, “god’s gift to the world” as a rule. And, to be sure, they tend to embody what might be deemed original purpose more than the rest of us, not so easily put of their essential marks or swayed by the opinions or concerns of others. This is something to be loved and lauded about Aries people and, moreover, that Aries cardinal-fire energy that burns in all of us. Which brings us back to this symbol which says that, even in the midst of external confusion or misunderstanding about you, you must look to your own divine spark.

Dane Rudhyar (an Aries) says this particular oracle is about “Self-Assertion” which couldn’t be more Arian an assignation. It shows us “the supreme worth of a life guided by an inner voice.” It really is an essential paradox because so many of us (Aries people, the least of which) truly do care what others think and say about us; but we must ultimately come to the conclusion that what they think about us really is none of our business. And to be great truly is to be misunderstood. So far it seems to be a lesson we are hitting home here in the sign of Pisces, and why: Because the dissolution energy of this Neptune ruled sign is pointedly directed at the ego; and for what is crucifixion symbolic if not the death of that sticky little wicket that keeps us attached to the swirling minutae of the outer world when the kingdom of god honestly is within.

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Don’t Rain

A Parade Of Army Officers In Full Dress is the randomly divined Sabian Symbol at Pisces 6°, carrying the connotation of the dedication of human beings to the service of their community, and the assurance that it will be emotionally sustained by the people at large. Surrender and sacrifice are endemic to the Pisces experience (so is fancy dress!) and in this oracle, which is also ruled by the sign of the Fish in a twelve-fold sequence, we not only see this element of sacrifice in the parade of officers but their full regalia will have roused emotions and those same patriotic feelings of surrender to something larger. The officers, of course, have dedicated their lives—they are not new foot soliders—and have lived without such comforts as their devotion has secured for others. What these officer gain in return is support of the masses—probably not a difficult sentiment to rally; the full dress of the officers suggests a long history of a particular culture and a pride in that posterity. The support is automatically triggered by this display. All involved are locked into a shared responsiblity to act according to custom. There is utter solidarity in this image and no second guessing. Total devotion to a cause, even revolutionary action, has deepened into traditional display that, though tried and true over time, still might carry the same spirit as the original revolutionary acts that led to this (any) nation’s freedom. This could not have the same effect without epaulettes and shiny leather boots and ribbons and badges and other fanciful flair that is meant to evoke and move group spirit. I’d be curious to know if individuals with this degree highlighted in their chart were especially patriotic or given to sacrificial service. Time, as with everything, will tell.

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Here Is The Steeple

Golly I hope my mood has improved since the last post. I really have to say I didn’t expect to feel so fatigured by this process so close to the end—I would have thought myself giddy at the prospect of having eleven months of daily blagues behind me, but frankly I feel a little pissed off. It’s me I know. And maybe it’s a good thing. Perhaps I’m ready to just start talking to you people without having to hang my hat, daily, on these Sabian Symbols. Meanwhile today’s symbol is: A Church Bazaar. And it figures because (in case you haven’t noticed) we’ve been dealing with “commerce” between people these last several days and a church bazaar is yet an other social setting, however there is a backdrop is spiritual, just when I need it most!

There is nothing more usual than a gathering in some church basement—think of how many times in any given week in America alone (and especially) this sort of thing goes down. And yet, it is contextualized within a spiritual framework, such that this banal confluence of individuals has a transcendent aim at its core. The banal meets the beatific. And, as we are in this final sign of Pisces with it’s opposite facing Fish always pointing out the paradoxical nature of all elements of existence, this symbol points to a particular one. What does organized religion do if not replicate, in earthly congregation, what is perceived to be some heaven where we will all stroll around in white robes earning our wings. Church community bleeds beyond the walls of some spired structure and we mightn’t know how much that bond creates a whole in our society if not a sense of holiness. Dane Rudhyar says that organized religion “justifies human behavior by blessing it with a divine Revelation of what is good and valuable.” Fittingly this oracle would be ruled by the sign of revelation, Aquarius, in a twelve-fold sequence.

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Something Fishy

Heavy Car Traffic On A Narrow Isthmus Linking Two Seashore Resorts is the Sabian Symbol at 4° Pisces. It is another symbol of commerce and interconnectedness. Ruled by Capricorn in a twelve-fold sequence we see the limits and the restrictions involved here. Traffic is a good thing when it comes to things like your website—thereby it is a symbol of prosperity via commerce, getting yourself or your brand out there. But as it relates to road conditions I don’t think anybody likes that form of traffic. Even excess traffic on the web will crash your site. So there is a balance needing to strike. Many of us have been to actually places described in this image and they can be a real nightmare, such that you’d probably need to stay at one or other of the resorts. There is commerce between the two and connectedness but a natural separation due to the thin channel between them. I’m sure some people like one over the other and vice versa.

I can’t help thinking about the Pisces symbol, the graphic depiction of two curved opposite facing glyphs connected by a central line. The “fish” of the Pisces were originally dolphins, the animal totem of Aphrodite-Mari and Eros who were connected in that form by an umbilical cord, thus the glyph. I don’t know the significance of this Sabian Symbol reminding me of Pisces glyph, and I doubt my three readers much care. I’m weary I must say. I’m weary of this process; as much as it feels like an achievement and has made my writing more juicy overall, it has also drained me. Like going on vacation to one of those resorts. You know you’ll return more fatigued than when you went because you’ll eat all the salty food and drink the booze or what have you; you’ll try to sight see but be caught in said traffic and get aggravated. The best thing you can do is stay put maybe. I have no idea what I’m talking about right now and frankly I don’t want to know. I will try to keep my mood from coloring this post and just shut up for now.


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Three Thirty Three

Today marks Sabian Sybmol 333, which is a sacred number to me. The image is: Petrified Tree Trunks Lie Broken On Desert Sand. It points to recording of achievements inherent in rich cultures. However we never have the full record. Only fragments remain. We have to fill in the rest by way of rational analysis and our imagination. Still, the notion society, with which we’ve been dealing with these past few days, does achieve some sort of immortality. What is achieved can never be fully erased.

I can’t help think of the Akashic records which record not only all that has ever happened but every desire—apparently it takes quite a clairvoyant to distinguish between these two categories. I’m not sure what else I can say about this image. Bummer. I was in the mood to write something sort of long. Oh I know I’ll tell you a quick story.

So when I was writing Sextrology I woke up pretty much every morning at the same time 3:33. It was a bit maddening. I channeled a great many archetypes during the writing of that book and I found that they were “visiting” me and “leading” me in new metaphysical directions. Anyway this went on for months. I then looked up the significance of the number—the three in triplicate—and it is the number of the Muses, who total nine. Well that made sense. A few years later this “story line” made its way into the film called Adaptation, which, if you haven’t seen that, you must. Then six years later I wanted to start my festival that I produce in Provincetown. I wanted the non-profit company to be called 333 but there already was a company that existed; a “building company” with a phone nobody answered. Anyway I tracked them down and asked for their necessary permission to also call my company 333. They consented. It was quite a task in all. Then the first year of the festival, though I comped a great may people, when I totalled up the twelve shows’ attendance in paid ticket sales, an exact number of 333 people attended. True Story.

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Oh Nuts

At 2° Pisces the Sabian Symbol is: A Squirrel Hiding From Hunters which expresses the individual’s need both to ensure his future subsistence and to protect himself from aggressive social elements. This image is ruled by Scorpio in a twelve-fold sequence, the sign that deals with the unseen, hidden and invisible, not to mention being associated with the advent of autumn and the burying of a cache of nuts in the dying time of year, when all is reverted underground the the Scorpio realm ruled by Pluto, god of that underworld. The poort squirrel; it not only has to hide and store food for winter but it must be on the constant alert for the dangers involved in amassing said food supply. We are the squirrels; and we can likewise never feel completely safe among our fellow men. Yesterday, in the Libran ruled first image of Pisces, we were gathered all together in the light of day, enjoying the commerce and intercourse amongst the people in our society; and as Libra passes to Scorpio, we now deal with the covert and subversive and ulterior motives of said individuals, who might be out to get us, for some surely are; not everyone lives up to Libra’s ideals of fairness, and the Scorpio energy sees through, with extra vision, below the Libran surface of consciousness, to the subconsious motivations of others. We hoped to make fair bargains at yesterday’s market; but surely that setting gave rise to greed, competition and other shadow elements of subverted aggression and subterfuge. Scorpio is all about what lies beneath. And the squirrel will focus on its own self-sufficiency and preparedness while being ultra attuned being undone by predators.

Violence is an ever present danger and there are those who will prey on the openness of a society exploiting its vulnerabilities. Unfortunately we live in a world in the throes of this dynamic. Our Libran-ruled liberties will be eroded as a result of subversive plots of terrorism, to protect the people against them. But that only opens a door for the individual to be all the more robbed of their freedoms by those who (might just be protending to) seek to protect them. The squirrel is like a libertarian, self-sufficient and off the grid, and there might be something to be said for that way of living.

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Of Them All

So let’s see: what is our Sabian Symbol at this premier Pisces degree, hmm. In A Crowded Marketplace Farmers and Middlemen Display A Great Variety Of Products carries the keynote of the process of commingling and interchange which at all levels demonstrates the health of a community. Okay. This symbol would be ruled by Libra in a twelve-fold sequence and, if you’ve been paying attention, you might recall that Libra-ruled symbols almost invariably deal with community or, moreover, society. Just as Pisces, the final twelfth sign, is the culmination of the Zodiac, so too can we interpret the marketplace to be the end result of the farmers work, the reaping of what was sown, and, as a nod to Libra, there would be a great many Scales present in this scene, weighing and measuring as farmers and their middlemen bargain with buyers. What also will be measured are not just the actual goods themselves but the quality of this year’s crop; we will be judging the outcome of a yearly event, weighing all the variables and conditions, comparing it with previous times of harvest and coming together. We might also be judging the social aspect, the quality of the gathering in so far as it reflects the behaviors and attitudes of all gathered there in society. Irregardless we “come together” as Libran John Lennon would demand.

Should this particular degree be highlighted in a person’s chart or transits I would venture to say that it would be a good time for that individual to do some bargaining or trading, to take advantage of some marketplace or social milieu. The Libran mottos, both, “I balance” and “We are” come into play here because striking a bargain is akin to striking a balance; it’s what constitutes a fair deal. Fairness, in all senses of that word, is one word that Libra owns. Ruled by Venus on the astral plane, whose female symbol recalls a hand mirror and, indeed is named “the looking glass of Aphrodite” seems to almost beg the question: Who is the fairest of them all, not in the physical sense (as it does in the other Venus-ruled sign of Taurus), but in the abstract-real sign of Libra with it’s emphasis on beautiful ideas of balance and fairness such as equality or, as the French might have it, liberté, égalité, fraternité and so forth.

We think of commerce and the marketplace to be the realm of Gemini and its god Mercury, from whom we get the world market and merchants. But, in the less literal sign of Libra, we are looking at the broader sense of the word: commerce; that is to say social dealings between people. Libra and the seventh house rule one-one-one relationships and our ability to negotiate them. Let’s face it, all relationships are ongoing bargains. And we are making deals and contracts and pacts all of the time. We are constantly weighing ourselves, our worth, our necessity, or influence against that of others trying to find a harmonious dynamic of give and take. That would only be fair. No lopsided bonds for me, no sir. This better be even Steven or I’m packing up all my dolls and dishes and doing a disappearing act, make no mistake. Peace be with you. And also with you.

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