Golly I hope my mood has improved since the last post. I really have to say I didn’t expect to feel so fatigured by this process so close to the end—I would have thought myself giddy at the prospect of having eleven months of daily blagues behind me, but frankly I feel a little pissed off. It’s me I know. And maybe it’s a good thing. Perhaps I’m ready to just start talking to you people without having to hang my hat, daily, on these Sabian Symbols. Meanwhile today’s symbol is: A Church Bazaar. And it figures because (in case you haven’t noticed) we’ve been dealing with “commerce” between people these last several days and a church bazaar is yet an other social setting, however there is a backdrop is spiritual, just when I need it most!

There is nothing more usual than a gathering in some church basement—think of how many times in any given week in America alone (and especially) this sort of thing goes down. And yet, it is contextualized within a spiritual framework, such that this banal confluence of individuals has a transcendent aim at its core. The banal meets the beatific. And, as we are in this final sign of Pisces with it’s opposite facing Fish always pointing out the paradoxical nature of all elements of existence, this symbol points to a particular one. What does organized religion do if not replicate, in earthly congregation, what is perceived to be some heaven where we will all stroll around in white robes earning our wings. Church community bleeds beyond the walls of some spired structure and we mightn’t know how much that bond creates a whole in our society if not a sense of holiness. Dane Rudhyar says that organized religion “justifies human behavior by blessing it with a divine Revelation of what is good and valuable.” Fittingly this oracle would be ruled by the sign of revelation, Aquarius, in a twelve-fold sequence.

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