A Parade Of Army Officers In Full Dress is the randomly divined Sabian Symbol at Pisces 6°, carrying the connotation of the dedication of human beings to the service of their community, and the assurance that it will be emotionally sustained by the people at large. Surrender and sacrifice are endemic to the Pisces experience (so is fancy dress!) and in this oracle, which is also ruled by the sign of the Fish in a twelve-fold sequence, we not only see this element of sacrifice in the parade of officers but their full regalia will have roused emotions and those same patriotic feelings of surrender to something larger. The officers, of course, have dedicated their lives—they are not new foot soliders—and have lived without such comforts as their devotion has secured for others. What these officer gain in return is support of the masses—probably not a difficult sentiment to rally; the full dress of the officers suggests a long history of a particular culture and a pride in that posterity. The support is automatically triggered by this display. All involved are locked into a shared responsiblity to act according to custom. There is utter solidarity in this image and no second guessing. Total devotion to a cause, even revolutionary action, has deepened into traditional display that, though tried and true over time, still might carry the same spirit as the original revolutionary acts that led to this (any) nation’s freedom. This could not have the same effect without epaulettes and shiny leather boots and ribbons and badges and other fanciful flair that is meant to evoke and move group spirit. I’d be curious to know if individuals with this degree highlighted in their chart were especially patriotic or given to sacrificial service. Time, as with everything, will tell.

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