Now we’re talking. This image could only fall into the sign of Pisces: Illumined By A Shaft Of Light, A Large Cross Lies On Rocks Surrounded By Sea Mist is the Sabian Symbol at 7° Pisces, the sole sign of mutable-water which translates to mist and vapor as will as fog and foam. We touched on this subject in part a few days ago. Those who don’t depend on mass values and traditions but to thine own selves are true will find themselves being crucified in some way shape or form. It’s an inevitable paradox. That which supports them is their own inner fortitude on which a light (from above) will shine. There is direct connection between individual soul spark and the universal soul—what is cut out is the middlemen, or rather they will cut you. As such the individual recognizes himself to be the son or daughter of god. For those acquainted with Aries people, you might not be surprised to learn that that premier sign of the Zodiac rules this image in a twelve-fold sequence.

I know that sounds facetious but the fact is that people of a particular sun sign are the best representatives (personifications) we have of that sign’s energy; and Aries people do indeed embody a sense of entitlement, an unapologetic carte blanche attitude toward life to which they feel free to serve themselves. They can feel special, singled out, ordained, “god’s gift to the world” as a rule. And, to be sure, they tend to embody what might be deemed original purpose more than the rest of us, not so easily put of their essential marks or swayed by the opinions or concerns of others. This is something to be loved and lauded about Aries people and, moreover, that Aries cardinal-fire energy that burns in all of us. Which brings us back to this symbol which says that, even in the midst of external confusion or misunderstanding about you, you must look to your own divine spark.

Dane Rudhyar (an Aries) says this particular oracle is about “Self-Assertion” which couldn’t be more Arian an assignation. It shows us “the supreme worth of a life guided by an inner voice.” It really is an essential paradox because so many of us (Aries people, the least of which) truly do care what others think and say about us; but we must ultimately come to the conclusion that what they think about us really is none of our business. And to be great truly is to be misunderstood. So far it seems to be a lesson we are hitting home here in the sign of Pisces, and why: Because the dissolution energy of this Neptune ruled sign is pointedly directed at the ego; and for what is crucifixion symbolic if not the death of that sticky little wicket that keeps us attached to the swirling minutae of the outer world when the kingdom of god honestly is within.

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