Gemini 3° (May 23)

I am still in a blackout, that is to say that the original entries, here, got lost or I never wrote anything to begin with. And will be if not many moons than a couple before I start writing in real time what actually happened on this day besides what I ate. Cheese-Turkey Sandwich for lunch. Half a burger at work for dinner. Going to say this:

The lesser known thing about Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, is that he also is empowered to impose them; that is to say, just as he eradicates impediments to those of good conscience, he impedes those with insidious intent. Virgo is the inheritor of this superpower. And this elephant also never forgets. Should you even slightly slight a Virgo man, you rarely get a second chance to do so, or perhaps ever see him again. 

[Note: Spleen also removes old and damaged cells, Ganesh was made of clay by Parvati. Also go back and note, when mentioning the planet rule that “doubt” is endemic to the sign]

Like Prometheus literally passing the torch, elevating mankind by gifting them with sacred fire stolen from Olympus, we see a similar shift from the fixed-fire sign of the Leo god-kings (and some fierce queens) to Virgo with its everyman assignation, and again, in the biblical line, in the book of Kings giving way to that of the poor, put-upon Job (arguably an aptly named archetype for a sign whose motto is I work). The story of Job, meaning “persecuted,” is a morality tale on the theme of trust (in god’s plan, divine purpose) even in the face of adversity. We speak of being at a moral crossroad, another aspect of Mercury as god thereof. Really, the best Job can do is be a mensch and acknowledge, accept and lick his own wounds, as, in so doing, he is ultimately rewarded. If you recall the first sentence of this chapter, doubt is a central issue for the Virgo man. In new-testament terms, doubting Thomas represents perception and analysis, as he requires hard proof of Jesus’ resurrection, the pudding of which is the acknowledgment and acceptance of the wounds of his crucifixion. Virgo’s own feelings of persecution place him forever at a moral crossroads, as is the title role in anonymous’ Everyman, a morality play with an equal number of characters who personify the vices and virtues. As punishment for Hephaestus siding with his mother Hera against his father, Zeus not only hurled him from Olympus and rendered him lame, but also forced him to make, from clay, mutable-earth, the first woman, Pandora, who, with that tricky box of hers, brought all virtue and vice into the world. The conscience is the crossroad, where we feel divided, in crisis, and thus in need of reconciliation. The name Thomas means “twin” or more accurate cojoined, which points to a joining together our own moral judgements and actions with what we perceive to be universally right, vs. wrong, any persecution for doing so be damned. Dr. Faustus learns too late the price, selling his eternal soul to the devil, for ephemeral power and gain. All things being paradoxical, Virgo man can be one of the most self-serving and least charitable of the signs, which, without careful consideration, can rob him of a truly bountiful life.

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