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New Musings on the Taurus Man

Gemini 29° (June 20)

Taurus Man

Taurus man is the most evocative of creatures. He is a master of self-cultivation. Like a gardner he designs his persona to appeal to those whose attention he most wishes to capture, presenting himself as an anti-hero of sorts, seemingly subtle and insinuating and self-reverential—even if in the form of self-deprecation. He is rather unstraightfoward in the way he puts himself out there. That is to say he can be oblique, usually asking a series of questions (to which he already knows the answers you’ll give him) designed to illustrate his agenda while you’re the one who seems to have asserted it. He obscures his desires and motivations while diligently exacting them.

In keeping with his symbol Bull, the object (you) has to incite the Taurus’ charge (that agenda). Funny that Taurus is associated with responsibility because Taurus man doesn’t seem to take much of it—however, in the literal sense of the word, he is always responding to people’s reactions to him, and forever making tweaks to his approach so to maximize his appeal. You might say he is synonomous with his wants. And his process in achieving them is one of selective people-pleasing, all the while expressing (or feigning?) a certain guilelessness. The garden being the metaphorical landscape of this fixed-earth sign, his innocent self-cultivation gives way to pointed temptation as he promises others some form or other of favor or delight. But he always takes for what he gives. It’s All About (St)eve, a fact of which most people will be blissfully unaware, just how the little Bully intends it.

Taurus man is endlessly self-reflective, his seeming insouciance belying a carefully crafted persona. The French have the term decontracté which is a sort of negligent chic, in both style and demeanor. Taurus is an expert in this arena, never wanting to appear contrived in any way—when, truth be told, he can be the most self-art-directed of men, down to his paper-thin jeans, perfect stubble and well-rehearsed conversation. He does all he can to look, and make it all seem, natural. He learns early to take stock of skills and talents and to target the precious few that provide him admiration and assistance, even if in the vaguest form of praise. More than most he seeks to be considered an artist at whatever he does.

His main goal is ease, so he might settle for a comfortable success or tiny slice of renown, forgoing a surplus of hard work or sacrifice that might score higher achievement. He is however all for being swept up toward goals by endless assists and favors provided by his ever exanding immediate fan base. Taurus has a way of ingratiating himself into many lives, and often in a way that invites others to take care of him, on some level. Thus he evokes a certain patronage and sometimes stirring some sexual element into the mix. Taurus draws on the archetype of such male flower gods as Adonis, Hyacinth and Narcissisus, the cartoon version being Ferdinand the Bull and his roses. He is better than most people at sustaining a lifestyle that can be characterizes and stopping to smell those posies, that is to say, living in the present.

What Taurus can’t afford in his life are who might see through his more sychophantic ways and thus threaten to out him as an opportunist. This slice of the population is typically comprised of former friends he collected who helped him along the way but found themselves to be stepping stones. Those who continue to serve a purpose to the Taurus, however, will find his friendship addicting, because they are heaped with praise and attention in return, rewarded in kind for their patronage.

Taurus man is a notorious name-dropper, forever seeking to rise by version of his associations. Money is a major motivator to this man of careful action; and even those who pretend to be in love with certain poverty, or to champion the downtrodden, would be the first to cash in if he could…and he often does.

Astrology 101 is always talking about the Taurus appetite and how people born under the sign can overindulge in substances, food and drugs among them. It’s not quite true. Taurus man is more inclined to let you think he has a problem because it elicits more help from others, at the same time endowing him with a romantic, tragic brand of cool reserved for legendary hedonists who become iconic cultural figures. He is more, again, carefully cultivated and controlled a dabbler than he’d have others believe; if anything he is prone to be a pusher of such delights as might border on dangerous, a literal manifestation of the temptation energy associated with his sign. To psychoanalyze this tendency, one might infer that he seeks to derail others as a way of knocking out the competition; because it’s usually those he supposedly admires most that he, if only subconsciously, seeks to undermine. It’s not so much malicious as it is myopic, maybe. And ….


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New Musings on the Aries Woman

Gemini 28° (June 19)

Aries Woman

Aries is, in a word, spirited. In our book Sextrology the Aries woman chapter is called The Original and it does indeed seem her natural birthright to stand out from the rest of the flock, to be unique, if not decidedly so; but the title also refers to something more primal; that the Aries woman embodies femalehood in its purest sense, untinged by the societal dictates or expectations of women, all of which Aries considers to be artifice, compounded over the millennia. She is someone about whom one says she broke the mold. And she is the most naturally feminist of female, cosmically programmed, on can argue, to take an objective view of life, making of it what she will. A strong defense is her superpower and she is forever on-guard, armored, against any people, place or thing that calls for her submission or deference to some patriarchy, especiallly.

Aries is the premier strategist of the Zodiac, endowed with the power to think many moves ahead of others in any situation. She is a master planner and architect of a life lived “at the top”—of whatever field or experience she enters into—planning her work and working her plan until she secures herself a lofty enough position—professionally, socially, artistically—where she will not be put down or subject to censure. She does not take criticism constructively. And, like her Aries brother, she wants freedom in autonomy, had either in solo pursuits or as one in charge with total carte blanche. She is cool, even aloof, on the outside, but internally her mind and spirit burn with ambition, mostly of the goodly kind. That superpower of hers makes Aries a notoriously great defender, particularly, of those whom, or that which, cannot defend themselves—be it women, minorities, children, animals, natural resources or the environment.

We have always found much treasure in the typecasting of actors of the various signs, as they often get pigeon holed by virtue of the archetypes and attributes associated with them. Aries women play unapologetic and unabashed. Their characters can be at war with the world and the men what made it. Though she holds herself apart, she is objectifying of that which she wants, which she wants when she want it. What she fancies should be hers by rights, and she sees no irony in that perspective. Aries is highly selective, after all, and thus singular in her ambitions and would-be conquests. She can be most selfish for love, if not in it. To connect the aliterative dots she is alert, attentive, aware, audacious, avid and avaricious. She assimilates and seeks to do so, most simply. She is exacting and employs an economy of moves, suffering no fools. She isn’t by nature sentimental, and she jettison people, places and things from her life, without regret. When she goes, she’s gone, to coin a phrase.

Like the male Ram, Aries woman also draws on the archetype of the warrior, albeit in female form. The prudent goddess of war and diplomacy, Athena, is her classical archetype. Like her, Aries woman’s steely exterior—never warm and fuzzy—belies a natural compassion not only as a defender of those in need, but on seeks to lift others up. In this we see true purpose of her pursuit of lofty positions: they are a necessity for benefitting those on whom she aims to bestow her patronage. She likes to feel important in this way, to make a positive impact and an obvious difference in the word, to be that proverbial one in a million. Athena gave the olive tree to her namesake Athens, a source of food (survival) and oil (fuel, or metaphorically speaking, enlightenment). War deities were always originally shepherd gods (which is why the first sign of the Zodiac, associated with the origin of life, is that of a sheep) agrarian staffs turning to spears as the world populated and peoples clashed. And we see that original nature in the Aries woman who is uniquely qualified to lead some flock or another, defending them against the wolves of the world. But that takes a fierceness all its own

Which is why, on the flipside, Aries woman is acutely attuned to others’ weaknesses and vulnerabilities and will readily point them out or exploit them in the pursuit of her goals. She is crafty and cunning and won’t hesitate to hold things over other people’s heads, or work them into a corner, if it suits her goodly purposes. Aries is reactionary in the extreme, and yet one might scarcely know it, she is that good at keeping her cards close to her vest. But she will play them, never fear, at the self-appointed time, and she is determined to win. Unfortunately, it can be at any cost, which is her fatal flaw. Perhaps because she is, by nature, rather righteous, she always has to be right, loath to ever admit she’s wrong. This can cause a lot of casualties—broken bonds and bridges—along the way. In signature steely style she might pretend to the bitter end that she couldn’t care less about it; but the truth is she bears the pain of regret deeply. Funny that a large part of the Aries woman’s personal evolution and enlightenment could be hastened by a few heart-felt apologies; they are, as a rule, not forthcoming.


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New Musings on the Aries Man

Gemini 27° (June 18)

Today we will let one of the Zodiac’s degrees pass by (you’ll see this is the same degree as yesterday) as we are catching up to ourselves astrologically—360° over 365 days means we have to make necessary adjustments at various times over the year. Anyway, the next twenty-four days of Blagues will be dedicated to new thoughts regarding the twenty-four gender signs of the Zodiac, and to their individual purposes and superpowers.

Aries Man

In our book Sextrology, the Aries Man chapter is titled The One. It is a nod to the inherent sense of appointment, being singled out as special, that the Aries possesses; as well as a reference to his innate ability to approach life from his own singular perspective. Aries takes a warrior approach to life, entering into forms of training, if even of his own devising, that will keep him on the straight and narrow, directed toward his goals. He is fiercely competitive, which is why, ironically, he tends to shy away from contests and comparisons. He doesn’t much entertain the aims or even the concerns of others, because for him they might constitute a distraction. Aries is Latin for Ram‚the word arietare means to ram or to butt. As the male personification of this premier astrological energy, Aries embodies initiation and the birthing of new ideas and orders. Mars, whose namesake planet rules the sign. is the Olympian war god who carries a spear—in more ancient mythologies, he was a hunter then herder, carrying a staff, still, like the spear, a phallic symbol. All told, he is a male fertility god, and the virile Aries doesn’t fall far from that tree. Whether it be of a flock, or of a hunt or an army, the archetype is that of a leader. Aries energy is all about initiative if not being on the attack. And to say the Aries man isn’t a follower would be an understatement.

Aries man is on his own trip and it’s near impossible for him to on on others’ He is aggressive in his attempt to get you to engage in what he’s doing, his activities and interests, chief among them: himself, and his goals. The most lone, if not the most lonely guy, their is a natural silence to his existence with which he’s most comfortable, yet with others he can be a bit extra. Not to say all Aries come on strong—many are intensely solitary, even in company. But, either way, he makes a great impact. The Areis male is the most unironically butch, with the fewest androgynes (if any) found in their order. And, whether solo or before an audience, it’s always the Aries man show. He is great at putting it (his ideas, his plans, his creative efforts) out there but it’s difficult for him to take things in. Let’s just say this buster can filibuster, like the fire sign he is, sucking all the air out of a room. He is the most honest of the gender signs, for shiz, and often brutally so. He is the proverbial boss, and he’s good at it, so long as his associates buy wholesale into his vision. Voted most likely to achieve singular goals, Aries man is shot through with adrenalin, just one of many A-words associated with Aries, along with ardour, assertion, aggression, ambition, actualization, achievement—even his biblical and mythological archetypes, Adam and Ares (Roman: Mars) do likewise.

Aries man is the most unapologetic of signs. He embodies the notion that a person must put on his own oxygen mask before helping others do likewise. The unevolved Aries can be excedingly demanding in the assertion of his agenda, given to infantile outbursts when he feels he’s not being heard. At his most evolved, Aries is completely self-sufficient and, when participating with others, will do so detachedly. Somerset Maughm’s Larry Darrell, the protagonist of The Razor’s Edge, is an archetype of the Aries man, the war (god) hero on a soulful, existential journey that sees him renounce the people, places and things to which he’s supposed to be attached. Aries is the embodiment of purpose, the one true one being the full understanding of upper-case Self. Buddha himself was apparently born an Aries. The paradox of being an Aries man is probably the most striking of any individual on the astrological wheel. He is the most physical of men and yet he is the most inclined to realize his purely spiritual nature, separate from others. He is the most objective and objectifying of creatures and yet one who is compelled to look inward, to isolate a sense of pure goodness. He arguable possesses the largest ego of any of us—endowed with an outsized sense of purpose and importance—and yet this will drive him to the most vigilant of men in the pursuit of enlightenment, often through some denial of his physical self, wants and desires. He’s all me, me, me but ultimately in service of some greater good.

C’est moi, is the song sung by the character Lancelot, another Aries archetype, in the musical Camelot. In it, he extols his own superior virtues, both his extraordinary physical prowess and might as a knight but also his remarkable soul and purest heart and mind, “the envy of every saint.” Such is the hyperbole that Aries man is want to reserve for himself. And yet he didn’t escape his animal, sexual nature in the end, no matter how much he exercised his spiritual muscle.

  • They take everything personally • Not only do they have difficulty seeing others’ perspectives, they exhibit no irony in believing that everyone should be looking at life from theirs. • They are the biggest hostage taker. •They are the most unbeholden living life on their own terms and on their own time. If they find, as they often do, a solo vocation where they needn’t much interface with others—solo artist or business owner, carpenter, graphic designer, anything where they can create and come up with any goods alone. Other notions: Stalker tendencies (if denied what they want), hard workers (bad bosses), strong body odor, bossy bottoms, bluster and bravado, Up for anything not for too long, thumbsucking and having to change their diapers. They adore without being clingy. In charge. Always moving onto the next thing. They have short tempers and are prone to tantrums. “Charismatic mansplainers. Active adventurous, but not in it for the long haul. In it for the “moment” and ultimately good with being in the moment (via meditation, etc).


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The Psychic Store

Gemini 27° (June 17)


Had some oatmeal and fruit and then went to the beach for two hours. I can’t believe it was only that long. I can feel I may have overdone it sun wise. Had lunch outside at Flying Fish. And then just a little soupy sales for dinner.

I’m having a hard time getting materials from one of the Afterglow artists this year and it makes me sad; providing materials is such an easy thing for an artist; and such a necessary thing for a venue (which artists know). It just seems weird and selfish to me.

One of the topics I’d like to tackle today are those psychic storefronts everywhere. You know how in every neighborhood, including the most expensive ones, like say the West Village in Manhattan which I called home for fifteen years, you find not one, not two but several Psychic joints where, if you were to enter, you’d be greeted by a typically older black-haired woman, seeming to what to discourage you from asking anything of her, let alone her services. Well there was a time, during the early Starsky + Cox years, when we first half-jokingly and then seriously but naively imaginaed taking over these establishments and making them chic versions a la Starsky + Cox; but one day at Jackson Square in the West Village we saw a whole bunch of Russian thugs coming out of one of those places and it suddenly dawned on us (rather late, probably—you all likely know this already) that these places were fronts for the Russian mob and probably tiny bits of money laundering. But of course! But maybe more than that.

Some Ptown friends had an apartment on Bank Street in a large building near Bleecker. I always thought the building creepy when I passed it pretty much daily for that fifteen years; but here, friends had a friend, a woman, who had an apartment on the top floor; but she had moved to another city and, because it was really cheap slash something shady was going on she kept it and these friends of hers we knew paid part of the rent and stayed there sometimes and they offered us in on the deal to split the rent even more. We stayed there and nearly died from what was obviously a gas leak (that we couldn’t report because we weren’t supposed to be there) but from next door, through the wall to this dump’s living room, we could hear loud fucking, but never ending loud fucking; women moaning and screaming—no doubt faking it—and low male voices, Russian voices.

The hallways of the building were filthy, the tiled floors strewn, sometimes with broken green beer bottles. There were always Russian thugs outside, on the sidewalk; if not the same exact guys we saw coming from the psychic on Jackson square, then part of the same tribe, shall we say.

Taken all together I feel that Starsky + Cox have a sort of history with the concept of these ubiquitous “psychics”, “readers”, curiously lodged in all the best neighborhoods. My spidey sense tells me that it’s money laundering, it’s prostitution, it’s sex trafficking, it fucking all of it. And the fact that that fronts for this criminality were the very store fronts I once innocently thought about “buying up” to turn into chic Starsky + Cox versions of the same? O. M. G.. They are there for a reason and it’s not a good one.

So I think this is going to be my angle of attack.

In other news I’m fucking pissed off about Chris Hardwick. Sorry, but there is no fucking way he was abusive. I mean there is but he wasn’t. The ex accusing him I’m sorry but I know her type. I’m serious. I side with women 99 and 99/100% of the time—anybody who knows me knows that—so my emphatic defense of Chris doesn’t come easy. And I concede: I don’t know. But, you know, to see him fired off his show and his name be taken off his brand. Fuck that. I told him: Let me tell you something: Don’t lose heart. The spidey sense says this isn’t a derailment but a redirect. Also people aren’t really buying this one. I see you very clearly rising from whatever ashes this might create. This is more a test of how you deal with it. Don’t succomb to any negative hyphenated words that start with self-. Weather this with grace and ultimately speak your truth. We are with you!


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Gemini 26° (June 16)


In the morning we got our beach sticker. Then we drove to Provincetown where I had to hit hardware store, post office, hotel (where we parked the car), look for some yoga shorts, visit the printer. Got some homemade sea salt from Raina at Baie. Visited Scott Coffy and the Captain’s Daughters. Went to the VSB office. Bought a whole bunch of shorts from Ruthie’s. Saw Tim. Got a case of wine from Perry’s for the Sponsors event. And I can’t think what else before coming home, working a bit, then going to see the rental Nan C. and Brian had down the road. Was cool. Went to Moby Dick’s. Then to Newcombe Hollow—the kids were in rapture.

I was thinking that, if I hit any kind of snag with a venue, I would explain that the reason our series works so well at, say, Oberon is because they really don’t have much bandwidth to put a lot together; while we do, in fact. That we basically take care of the programming and do all the press and so forth. As I’m writing this and glancing at Facebook I see that Mark Cortale, who has been running the Art House, is no longer going to be putting on his acts there. Which means that we too are out of a home? Things do change on a dime like that. Good thing I was already semi-emotionally prepared. I mean wasn’t I just writing yesterday or the day before about radical change coming.

I reached out to say we should put our heads together but got a total thanks-but-no-thanks vibe back, which is really off-putting. Anyway, I’m on my own path and I have my own agenda, speaking of which, I need to get my press in order and start that whole process. I probably won’t have to write a show, but I plan to do it nonetheless. It’s my turn dammit; and honestly if one of these performers bags out on me I’m going to do my show. I might actually do bits of my show, anyway, before the others do. I might ask Drew and MGC, too, if they would mind my putting a little coda on the evening. But then again, even with that, probably not. I’m tired of worry surrounding this operation; but, again, I’m already working in a direction. I needn’t fear something might go pear shaped. I have my own dreams and schemes. In some ways this sort of work is easy, because it’s organizational with taste. It’s curation. Not just of the artists but of all the materials—from writing press releases to fundraising to putting together websites and promotional materials to ticketing to schedule to overseeing all the design. It is a lot. And I’ve loved it. And I might continue to love it or not; we shall see what we shall see.

Right now I’m going to accentuate the positive any which way I can. I need to dial down as I’ve gotten all wriled up again these last few days. I have ten days to get a lot of work and painting and so forth accomplished. I also need to fill the coffers something fierce. The truth is that I’ve been about other people now for a little too long and now wish to spread my wings and yet also do small anonymous things that make me happy, like acting. I will roll out the minutes which are continually in the making over the course of the next several days.

It’s time to be more fearless than I’m being with the consultancy and the writing of books and the publishing of articles, features and in nurturing the event business and otherwise working the magic of the brand. I can already feel the shift in the downstairs workspace and I’m kind of psyched.


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A Serious Argument For Astrology

Gemini 25° (June 15)


I can feel a certain radicalism welling up inside me for reals. In some ways I feel quite free. In others I feel quite the opposite. But I can pinpoint the times in my life where I have made strong singular changes. Mostly these moments occurred in my youth, pre-longterm-relationship (which for me means before the age of nineteen!) but somehow there is more freedom in our relationship now than ever. And I am feeling empowered to embark on something of a solo inner journey.

One of the topics I want to explore in the next few days is: a serious argument for astrology. To get started I think I would say that first we have to look at the Zodiac as we know it. It’s something that has always been there, and we’ve pooh-poohed for some reason without really knowing why. Well, they why of it is the advent of the daily horoscope which is a rather new confection, made popular by the birth of Princess Margaret in 1930. But it’s like a sort of mass hallucination that we are meant to mentally, intellectually pass the Zodiac by without really looking at what it is; which is a sort of mandala, a self-contained circle to express all of experience, and something of a system for self-realization. Or at least for discerning to some degree an order to our lives and to the universe.

The symbology and pictography of the Zodiac link directly to the myths and, most extraordinary, to the myths, first associated with the planets (which are named for the chief gods) and with the sign itself. For instance Aries, the Ram, opens onto the myth of the golden fleece; while we might also explore the myths of the namesake of the sign’s planet ruler, in this case, Mars (Greek: Ares, uncoincidentally) and the full estate and legend of the war god who is an apt archetype for the Aries man, just as Athena (the war goddess) is fitting to the Aries woman. Of course, this just one direction one can take in “reading” the Zodiac—here discussing the relevance of each of the twelve signs to people born under them, what is called humanistic astrology—but one can look through the lens of the Zodiac in numerous other ways—there are in fact eight-four different recognized schools of astrology at last count.


I will read and go on….


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Gemini 24° (June 14)


This has always been one of the darkest days of the year for me. I have one sibling (that I know of) born this day and she is probably the worst person you will ever meet. I haven’t had to see her since about 2005, gratefully; and despite what you might be thinking, trust me: there is no going back. As it turns out the mango in chief is also born this day. Flag day. Don’t get me started on the anthem and taking a knee. I’d like to take a baseball bat to that fucker. I cannot wait for the tide to turn and for the return to normalcy. We must vote this creature out; and we must know that our voting process isn’t rigged in the process.

These kids, these girls, toddlers, disappearing at the border: they are being sold into sex slavery, aren’t they? I know it seems sick to say so. But it’s sicker to believe that these pigs are not doing this for the very purpose of human sex trafficking, children sex trafficking. That’s what’s happening here. And the sickos doing it rely on the fact that we non-sickos would think it too sicko to be true. It isn’t.

Anyway here is a letter I am sending today to Mass MoCA

Hope this finds you well. 

 We have received a NEFA tour-planning to do just that for a New England based artist. Though most of the artists we present at Afterglow Festival in Provincetown and at A.R.T./Oberon hail from New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia and other cities, we always champion New England performers in the mix as well.

 We premiered a piece by Brian King & What Time Is It, Mr Fox? (his band) called Gravitational Fool, which is a beautiful musical-narrative journey through the notion of “the Fool” in art and literature and the Tarot and how that characterization has related specifically to the role of the gay male in life and art. It’s about so much more than that—and it is a folksy pageant along the way, with beautiful original music and so forth….

 So we would love to discuss being able to present the piece next year sometime at Mass MoCA. This small grant we now have is just for the planning. We will receive a little grant money, too, for the actually tour, which is designed to supplement any income that might be generated from the tour itself and help with expenses and incidentals.

 I produced Gravitational Fool last summer also at A.R.T/Oberon and Nancy Bauer from SMFA came and I enclose her words (below) about the piece. MFA will likely be on the tour we design as well as other colleges, universities, museums and arts centers (along with theaters) where some ancillary daytime lecture or workshop might appeal to the venue, too.

 THE LARGER PICTURE for Afterglow in this is: We have wanted to set up tours through New England for ALL our artists, ultimately, not just the New England-based ones. So we are also “using” this small grant to get the conversation started with venues for which we could create series, like our “Afterglow at Oberon” (formerly Glowberon) series at A.R.T. now entering its 4th year (Afterglow in Ptown celebrates year 8 this year).

My wild vision is to create a sort of neo-vaudeville circuit for the progressive performers we produce in Ptown and Cambridge, and continue to bottle what we do in those places for other venues spread throughout New England, such that, at any given time, our fairly large roster of artists are always performing somewhere, moving around. Only one of which would be the grant recipient from NEFA year on year. Our mission is to cultivate audiences for our important, talented artists and their hosting venues, throughout the region, thus providing venues with “cutting edge” performance that would be a feather in their cap, while being an agent for artists to make more a living doing what they do, living off their art.

 Let me know if this appeals. The grant gives me gas money! So I can travel to you to chat in person some time.

There really are just so many hours in each day. And sometimes the thoughts on my mind have to be expressed. So why not double duty and put them into the Blague. Especially as I’m (once again) in catch-up mode. I won’t be for long—I can promise you that.


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree of the Sabian Symbol may be higher than the one listed here  as the symbols culminate in the next degree. There are 360  degrees spread over 365 days. 

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They’re Coming


Gemini 23° (June 13)


The cedar wax wings returned this morning. I woke up at 5am to continue painting upstairs. I love the cedar wax wings. They are like angels. And their calls are like whistles, shrill but delicate. The painting is daunting but, really, I don’t have a deadline.

Four friends from high school are coming to visit. Dave, whom I’ve been in touch with these past four years, as he lived in Paris and we have been going there consistently; and now he’s in New York, in the East Village, so we’ve got to hang there too. Here is actually a really good guitarist. Then there’s Tony whom I haven’t seen since the 1990s. He played in the band the Niagaras, fronted by Robert Whaley, with whom we seemed to click, not sure why. When I was in the Seagull on Broadway, Ethan Hawke starred. And Ethan was close with Robert’s brother Frank who had also been in the band—Ethan and Frank were in Dead Poets’ Society. So Tony is a serious musician.

Then there is Ken whom I haven’t seen but once in 2006 at a high school reunion, and not, before that, since 1987 I believe, when he lived near his parents in Franklin Lakes. We visited him one afternoon or evening and that was the last time I saw Mike, who is also coming to visit. Mike and I go the furtherest back, having gone to grammar school together in Wyckoff where I moved for the fourth grade. He was always pretty rambunctious and kind of a bully—but in that way boys could be when they maybe found themselves having crushes on other boys or sensing a certain ambuiguity in sexual identity. In any case he left high school (military school?) junior year but returned for senior year. At least that is my recollection. I think he and I probably will have the best connection. Though Ken was my dearest friend of the lot, I think he’s become religious. Or at least his wife has become a reverend; Methodist I think. But he always played guitar.

I’m probably the least talented, muscially, and I hope not the fattest. Ironically, I’m the one who performs places like Joe’s Pub, which is only the case because of the wider resonance of the act—these performing astrologers—not because I have any kind of chops. I like to say that I’m a vocalist, not a singer, and not a very good one at that.

I’m at once looking forward to their visit—Stella will be in Canada—and also kind of dreading it, just being which a bunch of guys I hardly know makes me feel encroached upon; and then there is the bathroom scenario. I can’t even think about it. I plan not to poo for a few days. Anyway they all arrive on Friday, June 29th, Tony in the day, the rest in the evening, and Dave leaves the next morning which (when do we sleep?) is going to feel like hell. I think I will do an experiment and drink very little and be the grown up of the group. Honestly I think it’s the only way to pull this off, sanely.


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Swan Song

Gemini 22° (June 12)


I’m just going to type up all the last bits of paper I’d like to throw away and not even judge the content in the least.

 Must reach out to top stars to Andy Cohen. Don’t look for anything from them. Instead engage more. Eleganza. I had a dream I met Ken Horgan so I have decided to take some tennis lessons from him (only to later learned he’s no longer doing it). Quinn Cox. William Leone. Letter to menas magazines. I just decided on day recently to get back into it. Than Nelsons. I’m into the Fortnight. AF twitter insta. Agreement for Becca. Add Isaac Oliver to Family. Find and cultivate 1. Letter to Venues. @. Make mini acting resume. Make mini writing resume. Brian letter of agreement. One to two artists a day building the site to Two and Getting materials to Jesse Build sponsor website as we go after them. Preservation al Hall, Provincetown Theater Cotiuit Arts Center. Ask Mitch about Sandra. Fenton Barnus. Edsel. Mildred and the Vidas. Gift cards.

 From Lady of the Lake to Lancelot du Lac. Anysaid. Thursday: Growth. Friday: Self Appreciation. Straight White Men. Everyday write a Blague about a place with a photo. Instragram and Tweet from A.F. Write a form ltter to new or college venue.S+ C tweet words about the day. Get on case for new website. What astrology book are we reading?

And that’s the end of that, really. Today is the day I move beyond any sense of catching up in any realm of my existence and feel the wind at my back pushing me forward to do fun and interesting things along the way.

I have the usual artists from whom it’s like pulling teeth to get their information. It’s no longer good enough and I’m going to already research who might be able to replace these horror shows. I’m really sick of my works being undervalued; but it will be my own fault if they continue to be so.

Diane Nelson reached out. She left her job at Warner Bros. a year ago. I didn’t know that. She and her husband Pete and their kids are coming to Truro in a few weeks; so we’ll see them; and also Heather Randall (Tony’s widow) will be coming up because her son is doing some kind of writer’s program, presumably, at the Fine Arts Work Center. A bunch of snobs there I must say.

Provincetown has become super uppity in that regard on the one hand. And yet the cruise shops keep pouring in, dropping thousands of tourists who don’t eat (because they eat for free on the boat) and probably don’t drink much either—they just walk around taking up space. In so many ways it might be time to go to try and carve out a genuine experience somewhere else.

I think we all get attached to what we think we should be doing or to the doing of things we’ve done. And sometimes, even if certain things are going “well” we need to make an abrupt change. I’m feeling that kind of last bow coming on….

To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree of the Sabian Symbol may be higher than the one listed here  as the symbols culminate in the next degree. There are 360  degrees spread over 365 days. 


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Gemini 21° (June 11)

You know, some days I just don’t know where to start. The state of the world is so troubling and what I didn’t know is how much this was going to effect me and people I know. A friend put up a post on Facebook saying how he thought everything was terrible and was it just him. And another friend (who I have to say is one of the world’s most neediest cases who has called me crying for a handout and has asked for help a number of times—to recommend her for affordable housing, to advance her pay when I’ve employed her, on and on) suggested “just travel” as she is currently in Australia doing a concert and, mind you, is only there because she is traveling on another friend’s dime. To which I responded: Reality check: Geographic cures are not the answer. Anthony Bourdain did a lot of traveling. The state of this country (and world) and what is going on politically is effecting all of us with a conscience and we have to find even the smallest ways of being part of the solution. That is the only way to fight the pall of mass depression that is a deliberate result of an oppressive regime. They are serving us hopelessness on purpose as they dismantle everything we love about being who we are. That is fucking depressing. To tell people to “just travel” is ridiculous. And (AM) you should know as well as anybody the feeling of being stuck and without resource and searching for help and answers from friends to get out of the holes we all find ourselves in. We have to help each other and listen to each other and inspire each other to actually fight. People ask why didn’t the Jews fight back during the Holocaust. Um because they were so demoralized and the erosion was slow enough—the boiling frog syndrome—that by the time it was too late it was. You see we as kind people with a conscience can’t conceive of the evil people are capable of; and those who do evil and plan to oppress others rely on the fact that we can’t conceive of doing such a thing. But this manipulative mechanism is no longer accidental or vague. It is a plot, and a well planned out one where individuals who are antithetical to the institutions they are meant to represent are put in place to destroy them. This is not conspiracy theory. This is happening. So, sure, take a trip and dance barefoot threw the grass that appears greener on the other side, but then come back and become part of the solution. And by the way, the price of jet fuel is going up for a reason. Because not everyone gets plane tickets paid for by someone else; and most of us can’t afford to just jump on a flight somewhere; increasingly that is becoming something only few will be able to afford. Fight. That is the antidote to depression. Fight for your life in even the smallest way you can. It isn’t metaphor. It’s real. And trust your instincts. It is more true now than ever that yes “everything IS terrible.” We all must find a way to do something about it. The struggle is real. And helping others can be the most healfully selfish thing you can do!


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree of the Sabian Symbol may be higher than the one listed here  as the symbols culminate in the next degree. There are 360  degrees spread over 365 days. 


Typos happen—I don’t have time or an intern to edit.*
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