Gemini 24° (June 14)


This has always been one of the darkest days of the year for me. I have one sibling (that I know of) born this day and she is probably the worst person you will ever meet. I haven’t had to see her since about 2005, gratefully; and despite what you might be thinking, trust me: there is no going back. As it turns out the mango in chief is also born this day. Flag day. Don’t get me started on the anthem and taking a knee. I’d like to take a baseball bat to that fucker. I cannot wait for the tide to turn and for the return to normalcy. We must vote this creature out; and we must know that our voting process isn’t rigged in the process.

These kids, these girls, toddlers, disappearing at the border: they are being sold into sex slavery, aren’t they? I know it seems sick to say so. But it’s sicker to believe that these pigs are not doing this for the very purpose of human sex trafficking, children sex trafficking. That’s what’s happening here. And the sickos doing it rely on the fact that we non-sickos would think it too sicko to be true. It isn’t.

Anyway here is a letter I am sending today to Mass MoCA

Hope this finds you well. 

 We have received a NEFA tour-planning to do just that for a New England based artist. Though most of the artists we present at Afterglow Festival in Provincetown and at A.R.T./Oberon hail from New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia and other cities, we always champion New England performers in the mix as well.

 We premiered a piece by Brian King & What Time Is It, Mr Fox? (his band) called Gravitational Fool, which is a beautiful musical-narrative journey through the notion of “the Fool” in art and literature and the Tarot and how that characterization has related specifically to the role of the gay male in life and art. It’s about so much more than that—and it is a folksy pageant along the way, with beautiful original music and so forth….

 So we would love to discuss being able to present the piece next year sometime at Mass MoCA. This small grant we now have is just for the planning. We will receive a little grant money, too, for the actually tour, which is designed to supplement any income that might be generated from the tour itself and help with expenses and incidentals.

 I produced Gravitational Fool last summer also at A.R.T/Oberon and Nancy Bauer from SMFA came and I enclose her words (below) about the piece. MFA will likely be on the tour we design as well as other colleges, universities, museums and arts centers (along with theaters) where some ancillary daytime lecture or workshop might appeal to the venue, too.

 THE LARGER PICTURE for Afterglow in this is: We have wanted to set up tours through New England for ALL our artists, ultimately, not just the New England-based ones. So we are also “using” this small grant to get the conversation started with venues for which we could create series, like our “Afterglow at Oberon” (formerly Glowberon) series at A.R.T. now entering its 4th year (Afterglow in Ptown celebrates year 8 this year).

My wild vision is to create a sort of neo-vaudeville circuit for the progressive performers we produce in Ptown and Cambridge, and continue to bottle what we do in those places for other venues spread throughout New England, such that, at any given time, our fairly large roster of artists are always performing somewhere, moving around. Only one of which would be the grant recipient from NEFA year on year. Our mission is to cultivate audiences for our important, talented artists and their hosting venues, throughout the region, thus providing venues with “cutting edge” performance that would be a feather in their cap, while being an agent for artists to make more a living doing what they do, living off their art.

 Let me know if this appeals. The grant gives me gas money! So I can travel to you to chat in person some time.

There really are just so many hours in each day. And sometimes the thoughts on my mind have to be expressed. So why not double duty and put them into the Blague. Especially as I’m (once again) in catch-up mode. I won’t be for long—I can promise you that.


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