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Capricorn Woman Redux

Leo 7° (July 27)


sex and sexuality Divine she isn’t kind of woman to opt for quick roll in the hay must at least some measure of familiarity with a man Even If she were upped for rare impromptu interlude with a stranger on a train she would have had to experience an immediate intellectual Indian spiritual connection such that the whole affair smacked in kissmint not just some sorted exchange. Brain is the organ about which she is a size Queen typically guys who wear glasses she makes passes. Signs of intelligent life real or American imagined peak curiosity. Should he turn out to be Rhodes scholar then so much the better. Certain vanity in her selection of a man believes that she herself appeals to a thinking man far more than a guy with a football for head period from youth she has been gun shy of macho guys suffered slings and arrows during ugly or duckling days found solace and brainy artsy crowd among geeks in whom she inspired crushes. She hopes to the spotty bespeckled boys managed mature into smart looking artsy types. And so for the brooding would be Arthur Miller’s JD salinger’s or Sam shepard’s of the world she generally carries a torch long lean lanky colossal cerebrum’s. Fascinated by guys with apparent genius potential willingness to realize it choosing to marry rarely thinks in terms of one man will provide. Stalwart Saturn ruled magician learns to furnace herself with necessary material grounding looking older than her years will have started securing paid work often disguising her age before her teen years socking away money anticipated for a living independently far from home. Firm believer in human right human responsibility to soar whatever Heights that can be achieved through dedication To ones artistic or scholarly columns the necessities of life money are thus used as a means to achieve that end.

Relationships like everything she undertakes shows of active faith goes on instinct sussing out kind of latent prodigiousness a man might have overtime give rise to extraordinary life she is beyond mundane into which category she even lumps such luxuries might make other women drool expensive cars elegant restaurants precious jewels all such stereotypic shows of wealth can seem wastefully extravagant to her period she prefers to invest in items that enrich life in more meaningful ways still her expressions of a man are lofty or she may confuse creativity with craziness talent Premier talk . Often early partners notoriously few and far between simply cannot live up to hope she keeps on them indeed always an element of pressure to being her partner she’s the projected embodiment of his own potential if not elusive greatness flipside his ability to live up to such exalted aims however must be said she is often guilty of more than a little projection or even hypocrisy . She is tough lover who urges a man to take on tremendous challenges but she might not admit to her own towering hopes and dreams this dynamic explains why she can be a late bloomer eventually apply same expectations to herself once or partner no longer requires or desires her two tillage . Hard lesson for her to learn As she’s been programmed to play caretaker period of course there are those who look for mothering and those who see it as smothering . Ironically the former scenario ends badly while the late latter might provide her the right kick in the pants to keep the focus squarely on herself. Her best match is a man who is able to achieve all she foresees but on his own. She doesn’t appeal to the good time charlies . She is a solemn lady looks at life relationships as requiring hard work. Considered something of a moral giant such mere mortals feel lacking in her presence. Saturn ruled creature one long state of recovery we say this about cancer she is typically plagued by compulsions more food than drink or certain addiction to spending which is forever atoning for with monkish ways

456 demons arise notorious for exercising them healing faster than most however she expects those in her life to do likewise here new year falls during Capricorn as sign is about saturnian resolutions. Exudes austerity even pared down modest appearance you might say she puts the nun in renunciation. A man can feel daunted by this bastion of goodness looking up to her is natural living up to her is another thing. She is one only Cardinal earth exhibiting a look of Everest she is the epitome of an uphill battle would be partners feel challenged in the extreme she’s like a private club that discourages the rabble crossing a chilly threshold hoping someone self important will ring the Bell

Once she finds a man she wants she keeps eyes on prize securing supple subtle ways to make him do pursuing . No matter how sought after a man is she will always somehow turn the tables making herself the more enviable catch. Approaches relationships as she does all else she’s in it for the long haul able to focus attention on solid objectives not entertaining anything extraneous . With her high standards she stops for dalliances with men she meets on route to securing so successful match . Often since childhood she’s had this vision. Little wonder she makes long awaited love connection She is eager to see it stick. Not unusual for her to marry her first boyfriend. Doing so at a relatively tender age fueled by feeling she is more mature and ready her then most. Embodiment of preservar she isolates which she perceives to be a good man and meditates read prays  apon it putting belief fully in him building him up. Concept of prayer quintessentially Capricorn Signifies Cardinal movement in the form of active faith. The sort that moves mountains. She puts spiritual stock in those she loves becomes rock and anchor. But seeing only good she may also too easily underestimate negative qualities. She isn’t so much forgiving as she is oblivious to human frailty continually wiping out her own weakness often having little patience for people who are troubled or otherwise treading a slippery slope .


457 her hollyer than thou attitude manifests in the spousal of particular faith system she’s generally saved from organized religion By her pragmatism which dictates she remained on the material plane. She avoids negative influences perceives as being susceptible to them. Predisposed to saturnian sentiments sudden crushing feelings of gloom impending doom tragedy goat song and so she strives consciously daily to transcend the myer in which might otherwise wallow . Rallying spiritual forces often reads it’s arrogance that she is high on herself but she must keep above the status quo a lofty metaphoric place to which she was born to stave off falling into depression She experienced in childhood . Men who represent run of the mill lifestyle are not for her she sees these as flat liners that threatened to make her feel dead inside. In partnership she seeks the sublime thus drawn to vivid extraordinary eccentric erratic types with whom life won’t be boring. Ironically usually the one imposing relationship ground rules regulations the goddess raya brought commandments to the people in the same way as Moses did she mirrors this need to impose restrictions highly intellectual extraordinary talented type entrepreneurs scholars philosophers actors playwrights producers and like to whom she is drawn. Still laying down the law is really preventative measure employed by Capricorn to avert domestic conflict period such disturbances smack of 2nd rate mediocrity and she simply won’t have it. She’s in search of uncommon love experience also explains why the most mindful traditional character is famous for taking up with unconventional mates there’s so seemingly unlike herself and intense men Who at first seemed so cool and unusual may soon become cruel and unusual she learns that living with the guy that goes too much against certain societal grain Is tantamount to gluttony for punishment only repeating a childhood pattern she desperately sought to escape

there may be an element of opportunism in her choice of mate she may exploit his talent making his management her career otherwise she could copy his creative lifestyle hoping to become well known as the couple who it is more accurate to say that she educates herself via relationships. She rarely does so with older wiser mentor instead she subconsciously seeks out someone her age or slightly younger.

458 body rule bones skeleton Skin knees knee trouble skin disorders excess worry suppression of emotions Gallbladder spleen

The tradeoff is she performs a parental role at the same time learns how to play something she never really had the chance to do for this reason her partner must be a playmate. Through recreation and disport She begins to access creativity for which she’s been stuck . Free form part of herself that fishy tale becomes her ultimate resource to draw upon. Stifled untapped talent threatened to pull her down depression eventually becomes most valuable asset sustenance she comes to live on keeps her young seemingly for eons . So the story goes she sometimes surpasses her playmate having that much more determination and pent up intent to inventiveness screaming to be expressed . She switches roles with partner whereby he must learn to become the rock which she might rely on And once discouraged dour duckling does indeed develop into wonderful wise wacky Swan

Meanwhile creative genius cap generally goes for are drawn to her as well since at first glance she will not seem to be a competitor. She is supportive energy never want to suggest he keep his day job. Her notorious shows of faith are contagious and a mate will find himself being paid for talents he wants only obstruct expressed in obscurity. She is devoted the loyal deeply loving perhaps a little perhaps expecting too little in return. She is one of the most emotionally low maintenance people strong and independent often Offers little in the way of head trips rarely indulging girlish role-play might require excess attention or gifts. She seems rather businesslike less frivolous than most men. She isn’t comfortable being cuddled and cooed it’s not something she never knew as a child. Lingering lack of confidence in femininity further prohibits it. She’s been discouraged room in the bracing her sexual self as an adolescent no real handle on the concept of feminine Wiles. Flirting is not her Forte. She is essentially honest too much so to engage in frothy phony behavior often not dating until their 20s sometimes taking this long to lose virginity. Could explain why so many capricorns date younger men sometimes one considerably so especially later in life. She wants to get a taste of sexuality peeking boys if only see what she had been missing. Unmarried Capricorn there are many of them taking up exclusively with callow fellows as they provide pleasure but allow her to maintain psychological control as well as solitary lifestyle in general she is less intimidated by younger men giving rise to sexual teacher fantasies particularly to the academic Capricorn besides she just likes all that locked in freshness the odd college freshmen have to offer

In contrast to sad woman the most obvious flirt Capricorn is wary of overt public displays even when in a relationship keeping private life private. Not looking for intrigue from a bond but a solid working arrangement that serves as a backdrop for all she seeks to accomplish as an individual. Her relationships of but sizzling sort and sex is rarely the main motivation for forming a partner in the first place. She’s fairly conservative when it comes to erotic regiment viewing intimacy that sex provides as the source of safety and comfort more than an acrobatic workout or psychological journey. For her sex is something of a big deal came to it relatively late freeing her libido often requires much coaxing as it took to tap or creative spirit sex literal act of creation an artistic expression are locked if not blocked into the same place in cap capricorn’s emotional cloakroom. Patience on the part for lover it will be ultimate virtue Needless to say sex appeal is anything but superficial it takes a certain kind of man to withstand but necessarily slow freeing of her carnal appetite there’s simply no rushing her lust she is intent on getting the pace and must sense no agenda in bed .

Isn’t specifically marriage minded the whole idea of being legally bound seems specious to her a notion that conflicts with inner philosophy : that we are all essentially alone born alone die alone and should come to legal entanglements she just as soon be left alone. The loss of control that mirrored signals frightens her particularly when she is involved with an erratic genius she doesn’t much fancy the notion of being left holding the bag. Sexually she doesn’t adhere to a belief in wifely duties barely being one who switch on autopilot just because her mate expects above her period there is no coercing or even cajoling her into doing anything especially in the bedroom. All the guys to do is applied even the slightest pressure hands on her head for instance and all bets are off. For that reason animal sex seems to be a known out the act smacks of feminine’s mission where doing it doggy might just satisfy that same Virgin her man while hitting all the right spots for her as well not to mention allowing for free clitoral manipulation she is not experimental by nature preferring to stick to a routine even in the same order so she knows what to look forward to no where do we see her need for control as fiercely as in the bedroom to her credit she doesn’t require a lot of bells and whistles to make sense special rather prefers to achieve certain greatness by sticking to her usual path

For 60 sex not jaded affair for her and though cliche each time does feel like the first time period another reason why she likes bedding younger guys she she shares the sense of newness that is naturally felt by them still wet behind the ears. When with an older partner and unjaded exuberance must still be Aquino she finds anticipation very exciting if not more so than the nitty gritty of the act itself and the man who needs ever increasing stimuli will not be long for her world. She will always be as wide eyed as a schoolgirl forming crushes on men If not those barely out of boyhood letting her mind wander through all the romantic intriguing possibilities that could serendipitously occur

Wildest thing about her is love of fantasy specially covert activity . She invents dream lovers in waking hours fantasizing during masturbatory moments over the landscape of the mechanic FedEx guy. As porny as it sounds she enjoys interaction with men in service industries whose job it is to be polite while doing her bidding. Offers a worker Cup of coffee or enter into a jovial chat could be considered out of character by those who know her as he discerning somewhat terse individual. But caught unawares she would surprise her closest intimates. She has a real dream lover as well that is a figure who regularly factors into her nightly reveries with whom she shares recurring sexual theme often climaxing in actuality which can Give the flesh and blood mate lying next to or something of a jolt what she experiences in her subconscious is love making with an insatiable and indefatigable sort mirroring what she truly desires in waking life. She may be rigid but she’s anything but frigid . Because sexual requirements don’t talk for list in a loving partnership it can be hit or miss for her and mookie Department. Eventually as with everything she will realize the importance of this aspect in her life and if her man isn’t cutting the mustard she may look elsewhere. Enter the tier list 20 something guy as well as her need to be free of marriage contract she may seen a conflict between satisfying sexual needs elsewhere while still devoting emotional self to primary relationship. When it comes to love her heart is forever racing in the right place but other parts of her aren’t being used to full capacity . She might fill that particular hole with another more willing unable to help. Her attitude is sophisticated sex is an isolated experience something she simply wants done and done right it might matter a little but she is in love with one man who falls short of pleasing her while she employs a lover who will take her just such sexual Heights as can be had by straight up intercourse .

461 Still she’s not big believer in unbridled passion as it seems precarious of place to go after all the most concerned with taking Saturn ruled responsibility for her own rapture. She may try to restrain her partners more ebullient expressions indeed if any woman were to emit the librarians cautioning shhhhh during sex its her. Very practical application for her reasoning that is best to contain herself even during such she finds and so doing further building up of her own excitement chances are given Or slow climbing nature she orgasms at a higher level than most perpetually staving off the temptation to pop her Cork until such time at it as it is impossible to stop. Talk about your transformative experiences. By suppressing her pleasure she seeks to enhance the purity of the experience . For this ability to she thanks her lucky stars she’s a woman as all too often she witnesses a man’s inability to pace himself and prolong the ecstasy of the sexual act. Hastiness as what she most dislikes in people whether it’s rushing into friendships or to conclusions and she just judges men most guilty of this

She tends to have more respect for women than men generally she may really better to the opposite sex but when she happens upon a woman who trance sends hackneyed societal role play whether as a heroine musician politician author artists or someone in her own life she is completely in awe . She’s often pleasantly surprised to find that so many strong females she emulates those who take their place and otherwise exclusively male world are born under her sign. Ava Gardner marlena Dietrich Bert marrisa Simone de beauvoir Janis Joplin zora Neale hurston Clara Barton evil adelen Patti Smith Diane fossey are all such goats Who strike that particular chord in Capricorn and it is for such strong women that she invariably forms a crush however when it comes to actual lesbian experiences she tends to be attracted to pretty young girls just as she is pretty young boys she hopes might regard her in the same exalted fashion. She lives in a fairly black-and-white world and finds few bisexuals among her order. She is inherently too decisive to fence it in any respect and though straight Capricorn can have female crushes the gay coat might fancy the occasional man as well but she doesn’t let herself frolic in the Gray area blurring is anathema to this border conscious lady .

462 rarely casts herself in Bush role nonetheless one wearing pants same sex relationship living even more for herself than straight counterpart embraces solitude keeping herself elevated ever so out of reach from a lover in gay bonds she plays teacher to the hilt demanding attention obedience in equal measure . At same time encourages lover to be her own woman to strike out solo except when it comes to affairs. Cap regardless of sexual preference is hard pressed to sit down and analyze inner workings or partnership. She shows love rather than professors it and she requires a lover who was self sufficient confident enough to forgo such indulgences. In a brilliant stroke of narcissism she is often attracted to younger more exotic foreign versions of herself. Even straight goat’s fantasies about these types of women Who catch our eye mirror images who might have enjoyed it more cultured upbringing than she. Call it jealousy projection transference whatever but this feeling of longing for life cap never lead is often what draws are takalo clones who she feels benefited in ways she never did. They both intimidate and turn her on and by taking up with such a woman she gains sense of recapturing a part of herself the careworn humble raya embracing her youthful more imperious Hera aspect as embodiment in a lover and short there’s no use telling the gay cap to go **** herself she’s way ahead of you their

despite mixture of love and envy she feels for such sultry beauties she will still need to be the one cater to in bed she yearns to be pleased soothingly and deliberately wanting a lover to take her time particularly in oral practices. She lies back on the jury it’s in sensation. She doesn’t go in for rough stuff or urgent expressions. Almost be continual relaxed flow. Sexy lingerie gets juices flowing and she and a lover. Prolonged tactile stimulation running fingers over lightly body lingering in the right places lover does likewise . Dill doe’s deer occur but generally employed by her mate slowly and at the appointed time in combination with other means tord capricorns arousal. She is isn’t inclined to return the favor just as she isn’t big on Delivering oral willing to comply when asked with otherwise not jumping at the chance. Should rather somebody else did it indeed cap won’t tolerate her girlfriend going to bed behind her back for sex inside the relationship she was happier than most mixing a third particularly someone who can please her lover the way her lover pleases her . Watching in any case is a big turn on for cap but she particularly enjoys the sensation holding hugging and kissing her partner of all the third party is providing most of the entertainment as a twosome she and her lover are rather high on themselves feeling they are the envy of the entire lesbian population. Goat quotes over such prima pussey status whether whether it is real or imagined. Sometimes she can’t help but literally rub other women’s noses in it.

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 621-625. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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Capricorn Woman Revisited

Leo 6° (July 26)

Class act most self composed least shadowy lady in Zodiac understated really elegant

largely unimpressed by externals such as fame high finances family pedigree

Self respect of prime importance unswayed by others opinion of her

Focus on cultivating quality of life distinguished by moral courage quest for spiritual knowledge

reputation paramount to her determined to be valued as a person of substance

life is a long hard Rd requires pacing and careful negotiation

no frivolous risk taking lives in infamy for being purposeful and premeditated

Circumspection is key to her success never ventures what she’s unsure to gain

Deliberately takes signature baby steps toward success avoiding shortcuts

that would bring about meteoric rise in either professional or personal pursuits

Believes nothing worth achieving comes easily not without other shoe dropping

Takes a similar attitude to 11 sex rarely if ever rushing into relationships let’s bonds blossom

drawn to men with creative intelligence and strong inner life compelling 2 his need for meaningful long haul relationship

she is the consummate significant other with a look that says she won’t be trifled with

same sex relationships are less loaded notoriously attracted to younger women easily maintains a casual but erotically charged bond

446 principle of containment structure means of conservation just as reservoir of water restricted entry keeps resource pure guarding against waste Capricorn shifts focus from quantity to quality horn of plenty container bounty Capricorn woman’s reserve and conservatism ensure she will be in time meet with her own bountiful lot in life


Capricorn ruled by Saturn represents astrological principle containment concepts of reserve resource recuperation ideals that have particular meaning when discussing Capricorn woman that really means goat form the mythical horn of plenty she code amalthea the goddess raya in her animal form nourished babiesrus for son rescuing from clutches of husband chromous roaming Saturn. Kronos devoured all his children Ward off prophecy would be overthrown by offspring duped into swallowing a stone in swaddling clothes that the goddess raich disguised is a child raya is an anagram prone aspect of Queen goddess Hera was originally called Ray Acronis or herself possessing powers as are now attributed to her consort who survives to this day as old father time raya as from myth suggests is a preservar goddess and Capricorn woman comes to personify this archetype all her stodgy methodical glory. Like raya anticipating Zeus is maturity the goat girl bites hurt I’m waiting for the right Rome moment to launch her secret grand plans. Raise smuggling away of Zeus on the surface signifies Capricorn woman’s need to safeguard an Moreover sustain the creative life she’s been given she perceives what certain Native American tribes referred to as the long body of her life living not just in the now but for the future and all time ironically however because she considers the whole of her life in every little thing she does pacing herself appropriately she probably lives more consciously in the present than any other individual in the Zodiac

saturn’s energy it’s like a correction that which occurs after a wild rise in the stock market and indeed she embodies the sense of recovery and re pooling of resources in her we find one who is unwilling to squander time and energy she is not restrictive in personality for restriction sake but rather as the horn of plenty Incarnate she contained such pouches does she perceived very birthright intelligence health overall ability to contribute to betterment of the world wanted to preserve personal resources. Like Ray a Catwoman often has last laugh in the same sense that the tortoise has it over the her period while many people press to achieve external trappings of success ill prepared for the lumps existence dolls out cap has the wherewithal to meet challenges face on tackling them before continuing forward life contestant left standing when others have faltered period time is on her side hindsight being 2020 she is the proverbial sleeper one who eventually rises to importance after a long period of obscurity


page 447 planet symbol nearly inverse of Jupiter of Saturn portrays material earthly concerned weighing on the evolving spirit restriction order of the day and struggle is pressured RISD means or path to perfection structure is paramount along with patience and discipline also … Sign quadrant… 3rd sorry 4th quadrant concerns relationship with the eternal Capricorn woman is focused on meaningful existence by actions in life she wants to do the best she can with what she has her motto is I use treating her physical body as a container of soulful energy

by example she teaches ultimate virtue of 10th last attribute of patients that rushing through life makes 1 old before once time . Want for more more more instinctively understands only creates more want. Whereas in needing less less quickly Capricorn preserves the reservoir of plenty she feels she already contains. She saves her energy and it shows she looks well preserved are into Golden years indeed she seems to get younger as she grows older as if she were living backward. Capricorn is the only Cardinal sign earth sign Cardinal signifying initiative essential earth element representing substance. Ultimate symbol of the Cardinal earth combination is a mountain rocky firmament the very emblem of eternity Prudential reservation natural container of River valleys lakes where water is protected impure aptly Capricorn symbol is not simply the mountain climbing goat but cico assigns Cliff traditionally being read two ways as the haunted animal with fishtail or mountain with Lake since Capricorn is feminine negative polarity sign female native embodies quality element combination . She is there for like a mountain looming solitairy figure cannot help it appear iconic to those she encounters. Ancient cultures associated mountains with the great mother goddesses from whom all gods are born the significance of the goat’s Reyes totem for instance is all giving animal providing nurturing meat and milk and clothing. The original Aegis was a goat skin from which the modern definition of preservation stems. Indeed the whole Aegean civilization was based on the goat the form of which ancient culture gods took. Capricorn woman personifies this fundamental energy living breathing representation of great great great grandmother goddess sign is associated with 63 to 70 age group manifests goat lady in myriad ways

Like capman but less obvious superficial ways kappelman is something of a throwback to the past old-fashioned in values hobbies interests and like a little old lady meticulous and exacting in daily habits. A self styled loner easily becomes cranking a crowd of more than a few others. Even when in relationship she carves out salatori lifestyle sequestering yourself from a mate for most of any given day. Age group associated with their sign is also evidenced in signature pared down mode of existence. A neatnik minimalist of the 1st order she eshews the accumulation of stuff she may even embody that elderly spirit of taking up one’s begging bowl And renouncing much in the way of material goods

448 signed Cliff C code symbolizes worldly ambition earthly goat fueled by spiritual resource fishy bit it is a totem of goddess Ray a great mother of land and sea separated nature into solid ambrosia and liquid nectar she nourished divinity with these foods of the gods just as Capricorn It is often seen as a source of spiritual sustenance to the insurance goats were symbol of atonement for sins

spiritual communion often As much a part of life as it is for the aged whose thoughts become naturally more focused on the effort after. Death could become her constant preoccupation but being acutely aware of mortality is what helps her to appreciate being alive. As the zodiacs soaring help we see in her personal image all the mountain Represents atop these mounds where one is meant to commune with God indeed as in case of Mount Olympus Mount Sinai any number of hilltop dwellings were immortal deities reside where Moses received Saturn esque tablets of restrictive shalt nots from whence Jesus delivered sermon spiritual understanding concept life as a gift isn’t lost on her is only had at the acne where our earthly about meets the Sky. Our Capricorn mountain Mama is thus in a perpetual summit meeting with lofty powers that be lends new meaning to capricorns rule over 10th house people in high places

Capricorn motto I use suggest status achievement need to establish oneself through honorable means rising to the occasion usefulness responsibility hard work self discipline . No one ever to rely on luck cap woman instead steeped in faith active faith something it manifests in our life in a number of ways first she typically adheres to a belief in a benevolent spiritual power that sustains him through her life’s ups and downs keeping her more levelheaded and most when encountering either extreme hardship or boon. Physically acts as much has any layperson might like one leading a religious life rating herself with excess particularly glut of ego and naturally seeks to conserve soulful aspect of herself . She uses her life to gain spiritual strength a living Living testament to adage what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. She avoids shortcuts easy ways happily working her fingers to Capricorn ruled bones to get what she wants out of life not just resulting fruits of such labor but the spiritual awareness and conditioning that come with the process . She builds a metaphorical muscle for survival that most people simply never developed. Water is symbolic for feelings intuition Loving contents of the soul watery aspect of the science totem represents reservoir of ever purifying emotional well-being age old spiritual wisdom that is being conserved by taking a slower pace toward achieving life’s goals nonetheless providing more lasting sustenance for survival zodiacs Sherpa , she has more than her fair share of emotional baggage if not outright pain and hurt which she totes around.

449 element in quality best described as a mountain symbol of preservation she strives for self sustainment and edification of her spirit as a valuable natural resource … Also… Polarity like a mountain herself tower of self preservation rather insurmountable character people drawn to her like Moses to the mountain as a dispenser of revelatory  rules to live by


she finds a way to use her suffering as a springboard for any number of positive employments creative inspiration to spiritual enlightenment. Nothing lost on her She is not for turning what others might see as drudgery into dedicated practice period she is not always a bundle of sunshine others may find her somewhat dour but in a sense the whole of her life is one long dark night of the soul and makes her deep and it nurtures in her spirit of compassion

4th quadrant spiritual something of a crusader who often eventually puts the whole of her being into spiritual pursuits . Naturally aesthetic poster child for principles of correction and atonement striving for strong mind body connection as well as endeavoring to form perfect union with the central energies of the universe. Very least a gnostic gnome decidedly grounded earth dweller with an innate knowledge of spiritual workings. Joan of Arc terese de lisieuxIn the former character we see embodied active physical card anality on spiritual level and ladder little flower we see example of redemption via growing younger along the specific be like little children theme intentional recuperation of purity and innocence in both thought indeed. Cap woman takes sense of saintliness she doesn’t singhofen or easily she is solid as the Rock of Ages for better for worse gives impression she is a safety zone iLife preservar a role she might have found herself cast into early in life

cat girl typically born strict household time when parents are experiencing growing pains and marriage period older child birth order heaped with responsibilities Rob her over lacks childhood goat girl saddled sort of scullery work kept down self absorbed parents who count on her to offer emotional rearing usually younger children. Her mother is incapable of bonding with Capricorn or even showing her slightest affection caps father is often Unemotional detached the verbally opinionated character with whom achieving closeness is difficult. Capital relate more readily to father often sharing intellectual connectedness. She may find self-destructive ways to scream for attention eating disorders other manifestations of acute perfection might come into play.

4 50 #10 number of eternity the apex of all that comes before the start of a new set of order reducing to one most ancient number schemes built on system 1000 thousand portrays men’s relationship 10 fingers 10 commandments … sign age Association Age of wisdom it is said she is born old gets younger as she ages life embodies the serious minded of a society elder cautious instructive sometimes restrictive and admonishing reserved conservative strictest sense of the word pacing herself and whatever pursuit she undertakes

Certain chaos in household origin difficult to secure sense of privacy she is lost if not forgotten in the shuffle of daily confusion. She is extremely sensitive and emotional scars form make her hard and guarded somewhat defensive. Undoing of this dynamic that can be seen as our signature growing down as she grows up. The further she climbs in her personal or professional ambitions the morchel need to jettison the baggage that threatens to weigh her down. Good news is she generally does. Her life is primarily about lightening her load. She rarely is a materialist that astrologers make her out to be. Even monkish see goats have weakness for shopping at designer boutiques quality is her credo material wealth rarely an end in itself achieves peaceful carefree lifestyle she lacked as a kid drop $500 on shoes but they’ll be one of the few precious perishing owns. Careful with her belongings again about I use

bookish type made to feel she shouldn’t or couldn’t rely on looks. Ugly duckling story come to life proverbial late bloomer often not getting her first period or filling out of bra until well into her teens . She blossoms overnight into womanhood ill equipped to handle what she perceives as negative attention For her more eye catching attributes begins to play them down above all she wants to be respected for her mind adopts a studious persona winning notice and securing emotional survival. The world of ideas philosophy indeed liberal and Fine Arts are endlessly fascinating. She slips easily out of more progressive intellectual Advanced Placement later graduate level courses . Having raised in a sexually repressed home dating may be a distinct no no she often disarmingly aware of natural appeal she possesses somewhat at a loss to fully expressed erotic urges as they arise

451 psychology spots and 80 is an issue Mrs opportunities due to over caution might stop stifle her creativity being too pragmatic might repress sexuality often pathological need for control structure might see her falling into obsessive compulsive behavior or eating disorders

Body and soul

most untouchable little suggests interest in inviting the attention or affections of others opposite sex. Conservative rule of Saturn determines she focused on self cultivation of private inner resources rather than outward concerned for her solicitation of others. Not showy. Earthy elegant creature whose prime concern Is our own contentment achieved through ever increasing proliferation of self esteem. Not wishing to be approached by anyone on what she might deem superficial level. Her advances are generally lumped into this category she may downplay or sometimes extraordinary good loves wearing understated even Decidedly unsexy clothing dark shadowy Hughes black not only being her favorite color but one associated with the sign intent on remaining inconspicuous. For her generally pulled back large dark almond shaped eyes often hidden behind studious specced spectacles ovoid papers prone to myopia something emphatically Marian the librarian. Depictions in film and literature such goody 2 shoes characters seem to be just waiting if not itching to loosen specs and Bon Let her hair down. Chooses to realize full sexual potential slowly

Blossoming in her own good time rather than making some sort of splash end up attracting flash of the pan experiences she doesn’t relish the idea of being hit on and serve stays away from social fray sometimes going 4 in an attempt to appear off limits as to defeminize her appearance women Trust’s men Diane Keaton Maureen Dowd had expressed Sissy spacek Marlene Dietrich Annie Lennox Diane Sawyer Joan of Arc Marianne faithful bevy of last year beauties chose to Butch Butch it up we would add to this list I think anyway Mary Tyler Moore pants Capri trousers she is a serious sort no mere Dolly will be toyed with she cultivates a no nonsense severe character that will keep feeble flirts in flatterers at Bay invented standoffishness default demeanor to keep people from getting too close where is cat man fancies himself a VIP member of some club she is in an exclusive League of her own

452 archetype myth grandmother mother of the gods ajian means of the goat a nod to the Titan Queen of the gods Ray animal totem caldrea kronos from her we get Crone she is preservation goddess symbol of divine sustenance who seeks to have wisdom carried on for generations in her goat form amalthea she fed Zeus from for Capricorn The horns of plenty she separated the land from the waters and was the mountain mother from whose Milky snowcaps come the flowing rivers Ray a means to stream or flow it also means ease

she is typically not accepting new applications for friends close to his family tiny coterie of loved ones experience her highly selective offerings of affection she is epitome of self containment embodiment of her preservar archetype first and foremost she is concerned with her own survival financial and spiritual

in a room she camps out on the periphery digging into a comfortable corner vantage point from which to people watch she carefully avoids Press of crowd. When verge dapon Even in a harmless manner her reflex is to recoil literally pulling in her Noble chin Leaning backward approaching luges position. Sets her face in blank expression Only quick monosyllabic response refusing to make eye contact in hopes of nipping unnecessary interaction in the Bud especially suspicious of compliments though secretly thrilled by them wary they are precursor to come on. Faced with small talk turns on her heal hasty retreat with economic polite excuse. A tough nut to crack she appears the part . Typically tall aristocratic upright imposture moral conviction can’t help but admit a haughty air head held high long slender neck looks down her prominent nose exotic eyes ever watchful defensive darting perfectly about browse arch suspiciously sprinkling under suspiciously watch full defensive darting eyes crinkly under a vast Dome shaped forehead distinguished by high hairline stern signature sweptback hairstyles. Possesses strong cheekbones which can go unnoticed as her cheeks themselves are robust never sunk in her jaw bold chin Strong pointed upward her nose is generally meaty never needle like boasts substantial soup strainer lips full sensuously drawn absentmindedly perstorp upper in a pout. Signaling disdain? Perhaps a nod to her Association with enduring hardship often manifests evidence of signs recooperation actual scars on her face reminder of having been dealt a bit of a brunt emotional or otherwise

Bible literature draws on israelite goddess jayell as she goat synonymous with Deborah the Queen bee and the Grecian raya who in goat form poured out nectar and ambrosia. Caps grandmother typified by Sarah meaning Queen or thrown matriarchal wisewoman of Abrahams tribe. Prone figure entered fairy tales as Mother Goose Capricorn Ian Black coat and hat fairy godmother spencers faerie queene shakespears titania who steals away a young Prince just as raya whisked off Prince Zeus

one way to penetrate her defense is launch into conversation that reveals intelligence most of all insight entertained by her own astute running commentary willing tobat around others perceptions thereby see a sudden shift in her countenance as caution turns to capricious concentration Screwing up Brown narrowing eyes she’ll nod and clocked her tongue in acknowledgement should social criticism enter of the discourse. She is keen observer attentive student of life cherish is that quality in others. In youth much to eye rolling derision Appears she was that girl sat in front center class pencils sharpened hanging up teachers words. As she matures certain studiousness continues to define her period may conflict with whatever inherit creative impulses she possesses those that big free formed expression. Seriousness structure scholarly nisour fused together into solid mountain Determination Defines her essential struggle how and when to let signature reserve slip allow for spontaneous spontaneity and serendipity when it comes to potential sexcapade how to move from haughtiness to naughtiness transition that is particularly difficult for her

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 616-620. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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Capricorn Man Redux

Leo 5° (July 25)

Notoriously attracted to older girls in his youth even when having numerous years on him car surprised and challenged by his adult nature Tom and careworn still in his teens often does dupe a woman believing he’s older ironically he seeks certain form of caretaking from a woman Typical cap guy requires no guidance or nurturing he is comfortable and collected confident in his ability to achieve lifelong ambitions on his own . Though he may be loath to admit it what he wants is someone to pick up brother look after him rarely attracted to domineering women drawn instead to shy or retiring types if not wallflowers or would be spencers who otherwise would wither on the Vine those who feels he’ll find protection undivided devotion outright so servility sometimes goes for used goods broken in girls with track record seem more real to him than self professed debutante put keep bright and shiny demeanor find suspect in fact is either attracted to absolute innocence which can be a sketchy scenario in extreme cases or women who make no bones about having been around the block

generally popular in grade school Capricorn scenario typically he sees his social status slip early in life such that by the time he hits high school already something of a has been Like hapless Holden teenage Capricorn often labeled odd by peers who fail to understand his complexity and innate sense of dejection to boot he is so blase tord current trends that he seems out of step with peers and invites ridicule on that score as he does for reaching puberty early sticking out like a sore hairy thumb .

431 Bible scapegoat day of atonement young kippur azazel was the same as ball God the goatlord Greek pan atonement Capricorn theme 6 to limit restricted repent. Most vivid character Moses mountain climber returns with list of 10 restrictions and a new snowy hairdo Holden Caulfield despite young age already Gray two feels the world in need of repentance for phony excess catcher in the Rye hoped to save others from a fall in ability to do so is the downfall of challengers savior culprit see more glass capricorns play the role of scapegoat in their families taking on undoable emotional pressures


not caring much what other boys think nonetheless cuts into the quick to be made fun of by girls especially popular ones setting the tone for everyone else. The 10th house determines how the world sees and evaluates you , so judgments are felt that much more acutely by cap in truth negative attention actually a misguidance of sexual feelings he stared is stirs up in the opposite sex . Though girls might play hormonal catch up and soon throw themselves at him Capricorn damage will already be done. All this meant to be henceforth the goat even when with heaps of flattery will take such sycophancy In crowd saved from being swayed by his own vanity or pride . Meanwhile he goes for the love is 2 girls with Janis Ian soundtrack running in their heads who relate to his nonconformists misfit appeal seek to share in his dissident view of existence. Faster than you can say you and me against the world he becomes romantically linked with nebbishy nymps just as himself as he is developing into something of a suave sophisticated . Definitely to his credit he’s not a Locust leaving importance placed on outward appearances to his predecessor Sagittarius instead he focuses on what PD person harbors on the inside though often to a fault. Might be argued that being such a downcast sort he sent tends to shoot low are result of feeling deeply rejected by the more physically gorgeous girls he truly fancies like pan failing just score with all the nipsey chases . Then again when Speaking of capman there is an upside and a downside to every issue

when it comes to sex or relationships or any goal really he simply cannot cope with competition. This makes him unique character as whatever successes he achieves are accomplished in so signature manner that he stands in a category all his own otherwise he’s never in the running. Here we see the quintessentially Capricorn male motives for operating the world he starts out on top typically entering an arena of human awareness weather on an intimate or global level at the top of the heap. Think of salinger’s glass children at the height of fame in tendresse used youth with nowhere to go but down Life being one long anticlimactic tick denoument this is the cap male experience if he lands a new job will be ushered in as some sort of wonder kin Whose elevated position is precarious in popular culture he doesn’t merely tap into a particular slice of the site Geist he personifies the pick in the pinnacle of that genre capping it off . There was rock and roll then there was Elvis there was boxing then Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali there was Hollywood leading men than Cary Grant The American novelist then JD Salinger the list goes on and on Indeed the zenith brand of Capricorn greatness is near impossible to sustain

432 the cicotte knows when it’s time to slide back into obscurity self imposed or not and his time was always on his side regroup before navigating his best big next ascent this same peaks and valleys pattern the archetypal legacy of the fallen God cronus Saturn Applied to capital one’s personal relationships as well. In new bonds he is seen as the ultimate catch particularly to friends and family of his new mate people flock and defer to him he is the front man showing his partner the town painting it red he is everybody’s favorite and can do no wrong but as soon as he falls from grace typically because he rears his very human emotional head and those who saw miss the most happy fella suddenly have a hard time accepting him as a melancholy baby this is another reason why he often goes for shrinking violets guttersnipes or Mail order brides as romantic partners so he can experience any such personal falls as he knows he’s want two and not have to face derisive tisk tisk ING by people who think are better than him or he thinks they are. Ironically he’s famously jaded by limelight seekers he himself likes to feel like a star at least in whatever ragtag circle you might amass he’s like some deposed czar still doing his Golden age royalty routine for courtiers kumbar keeps he’s the cats meow the Turner star on an aluminum Christmas tree the masculine equivalent of mamre Nora Desmond the very Saturn ask PS to resistance In other words the very limit. His challenge is to shoot as high as he might in love not settling for second best scenarios and yet still secure that same kind of laissez-faire lifestyle with a righteous babe with brains nebadon a spirit expectations as he would be guaranteed to share with some compliant child broad mahar insists from premise tan

Philadelphia story the fallen man CK Dexter haven Seek the right haven Dexter meaning the opposite of sinister is on the lookout for a haven the source as the name suggests of safety and sanctity his modist in a nutshell human his seago totem half land animal half fish says he’s he piece nuggest nestled into some harbor but safety can be a trap breeding complacency in him who unfortunately looks at relationships as a source of convenience 1st and love second. He is the most likely to dis believe in love altogether often in his jaded sophistication throwing that baby out with the bathwater of what he considers to be funny social contrivances. Typically subconscious excuse. Our melancholic pan Wants in adulthood to avoid the feelings of heartbreak he experienced in his youth he doesn’t want to work so hard to make compromises or make compromises to his set ways. Like CK Dexter haven Having made it go at love with a woman he truly adores the monumentally virtuous traci Lord he can only experience a signature fall a woman’s best principled qualities bring out his most decadent behavior almost in defiance. It’s a Capricorn guy thing to push the envelope on sophistication all the more when faced with condescending paragons of uprightness there’s something about moral rectitude he simply tempted to shove up societies rectum. And so CK and tracy’s marriage goes on the rocks the couple sailboat the true love goes into dry dock and they divorce of course once CK eases up on his decadent confections and miss Lord comes down off her high horse they reunite this is the exact on dynamic that cat man must navigate if he is to get a sense of his capacity for true love still it can’t be overstated how often this guy will miss that boat altogether if he only realized when considering taking the plunge into marriage said that he would save himself so much more emotional anguish facing up to his love of bright and challenging women with an agenda and expectations yes even of him then he would looking for a safe easy convenient arrangement . They are usually anything but still it’s as if this melancholic baby would rather feel sorry for himself and live a life of emotional unrest in mediocrity then budge one iota or make the slightest concession to be with the kind of woman that really gets his heart pumping unfortunately most often that sensation only reminds him that he has something fragile which might too easily break. Speaking about his heartbreak it’s like JD Salinger being dumped by oona O’Neill

a great many capricorns subscribe to the anticipated belief that women are on the planet to procreate and otherwise do immense bidding. It’s where the tradition of saturn’s rule over the 10th house can negatively manifest generally what goes along with this sort of personality is a strict adherence to organized religion . When it comes to spiritual beliefs cap can be rigid steeped in dogma if not clouded in incense Mel Gibson . Let’s just say he might take biblical Moses going to the mountain aspect of a sign a little too literally for this kind of cat love may even Plus to do with marriage than it usually does this emotionally enervated fellow I don’t know if we get into the Richard Nixon and Phil Spector stuff but we should let’s just say he might take the biblical go to the mountain aspect a little too literally for this kind of cap love may have less to do with marriage than it usually does I already said this a devout stance takes the place of a decadent one And he may be hiding his underlying call to degradation in a God fearing lifestyle of which marriage might just be part and parcel it may be due to the repressed prurient desires that he makes such a point of living Catholic that is widely accepted existence regardless of his religion or even if he subscribes to one at all . Whatever his routine the metaphorically mountain roaming goat relationships are no mere walk in the park nor are they for his mate

434 signature martini swilling Capricorn city slicker free falling through life lookup on relationships as safe places to land preeminent serial marrying man of the Zodiac do time and time again However when he finds a compliant spouse will conform to the structure rebond team tailor makes to suit his needs he is loath to leave it . And because he can almost pathologically pragmatic in search for safe bet he may think nothing of marrying for money. The boys gotta eat after all and if properly financed he’ll happily trade in his thrift store threads for brand spanking new ones provided of course they came from an old world establishment on Savile Row . Auto deduct of the 1st order he spends his youth cultivating his mind with intellectual religious philosophical study hones his knowledge of social grace period in this respect he fancies himself a catch worthy of impairing priceless sorry imparting priceless knowledge to a partner sometimes in return for pocket money. Shy dowdy devotional errors could easily become his most compatible mate. Sees a certain practicality in marrying well some form of affection for his cagey sort of love your product by product then all the better period Meanwhile signature dashing looks and impeccable charm guarantee a secure spot spot in his partner’s heart his eternel detachment typically impossible to broach. Already made relationship appeals to him for the same reason that makes those sudden gigantic career moves or creative successes it is his nature like that of his archetype to start at the top and slowly find his comfort level in situations and so when he spots that safe haven of a woman He pours on the charm and puts all his energy into sweeping her off her feet such that before she realizes it she’s managing a household and affairs for two while he slips further into the retirement that this world this that is the whole of his life he finds to that the more emotional weight and pain A woman Already carries the more likely she will be to put up with his wait that is

our snappily attired scapegoat is metaphysically burdened it doesn’t prevent him from dumping it all into his partnership in part that is the purpose entering into a marriage with him is akin to having an elderly grand father come to stay for good and not just in terms of the wardrobe in his bonds he hopes to reap the benefit of being attended to while being afforded the freedom and respect due to a worldly wise elder this dynamic gives rise to rather negative interpretation of the signs model I use. The sign of Capricorn is associated with principle of elevated status

435 which we see he perceives as his birthright. Like aattracting like the goat is drawn to rich and powerful both in professional dealings and search for a mate. Despite having grown up on the wrong side of the tracks say he is dexterous at fitting into lofty socially arcadian millia. The main line magnets and mavens of the world take an immediate shine to him as he is walking talking Historical Society and more importantly find him a perfect match for their more old maid ish daughters . Love aside the goat is equally unmoved by sexual stirrings which are rarely a detriment factor in choice of partner ironic since few men experienced the lofty levels of libidinous urges to which he is party. Erotic desires may be somewhat of an annoyance to him an indecorous distraction he subconsciously seeks to subdue if not submerge in more socially civilized pleasures like champagne caviar or collecting so provides

Even when courting, a woman may have difficulty sussing out whether he is sexually interested or not . Many dates may transpire before he makes a move. Sit still satyriasis defined as uncontrollable sexual desire in men Is it named after this goatish archetype for nothing but the more he feels it the more he seeks to restrict its libidinous hold on him the psychological pressure let alone the physical strain continually building and building to bursting. Everything it would seem turns him on And his more of the sivia sensations those that call into question is sexual identity torment him to no end. Especially in youth with Saturn influence weighing so heavily every sexual steering feels loaded here he’s like hamlet synonymous with harbor or haven , and eternally tragic figure the word tragedy itself comes from the Greek word track idea meaning goat song and let’s face it there’s no easy way of saying this the skull gazing Hamlets of world to simply lighten up

as time goes on The irony becomes more acute ASCAP increasingly withholds from having sex just as his more prurient tendencies begin to surface the repression of that mighty healthy libido is what ultimately begins to twist in more perverted directions . When young his stirrings and fantasies further preclude him from seeking relationship with the fresh faced Virgin his own age rather he welcomes an experienced if not well warm woman whom he feels wouldn’t be shocked by his router erotic ruminations. When finally sending it to marriage say with a safe and notoriously straightlaced mate he will need to make other arrangements for his ribald longings. Just as 10th house rules interests outside the home which manifest in his deferring the day-to-day details of existence to his meet cwm made so to mighty find released for his more shocking sexual urges from a third party almost out of courtesy far from home base if only as not to trouble his partner

436 body rulership bones skeleton As a whole as well as the skin and knees any trouble tickle your skin disorders due to excess worry a suppression of emotions ruling Saturn is also associated with Gallbladder and spleen

Perfect solution Would be to form lasting partnership with women Equally suited to mothering plentiful offspring big daddy is want to bear as she is open and eager to engage in all dirty behaviors he wouldn’t typically dream of introducing to his mate. This is the Zodiac strategy deons fatal relationship flaw in hiding large chunks of himself from a significant other he finds himself stuck for life with a safety type he can only return after enacting such desires elsewhere. What hamlet or haven needs to know is that the safe harbor scenario is a two way St . The Paragon of virtue that is his wife and mother to his kids can and indeed should be someone who is just as many sleazy inclinations as he does so that together they might explore their nastiest notions keeping each others decadent secrets securely sequestered in the bosom of their bond. In his quest to negotiate a serviceable but dispassionate relationship he only increases the manufacture of repressed sexual baggage but in admitting his base or body or inclinations and indulging them with like minded may true affection may be allowed to bubble up from the beautiful quagmire of their mutual lust

sophistication Means lack of simplicity the complicated cap the zodiacs premiere sophisticate it’s more than one nail on the head his fantasies and behavior are typically no straightforward affair rather layered with deviations fetishes more than his share of hang ups. His brand of sex salacious often depraved more depressed than people might begin to imagine. Taking on the role of aristocratic master suddenly you’re in full costume and makeup while woman plays perfect ***** or scullery maid . Perhaps his proclivity for debasement and degradation might manifest and simple desire for naughty no no sex such as ainol penetration his personal favorite or even Oral variations on the theme. Like cancer man his opposite he also has a fetish for women dressed as nubiles the whole pigtail and Shorty pajama thing one is struck again by the relationships in Salinger stories of grown men and young girls for Esme with love and squalor sums up jumbled sentiment cap feels it is more perient leanings see more glass might have been the very cause for a suicide one has to wonder what plant 10 shaped pawson Seymour was pointing out to that little girl in the perfect day for bananafish such penal violations aside he might go in for a bit of role play where his partner must do all he says he might even get off on paying for the right to have his mandate carried out .

437 as it is his most continued love making practices follow up do me theme where by his woman must take on the responsibility for driving the action climbing on for ride while he kicks back in leisure mode. Or she will do stuff to him experiences an extra wave of excitement when certain Axe pose a challenge take some practice if not some stomaching to get the job done . Patients however is his most striking virtue and to the delight or chagrin of a partner he’s never in a rush. Often that which turns him on most are things may have been shared in his youth with more seasoned older women That he’s attracted at a tender age. Past experiences traumatic or erotic make a heavy impact on him and he will want to repeat the pleasure or book behaviors of a bygone era sometimes ritualistically attacks of this ilk that he most fears broaching with more prudish mates. But even he’d have to admit that what gets his goat most is the idea of corrupting a puritanical priestess just as CK Dexter haven wants to topple his ladylove and tap her smother yourself.

10th house rule of restraint is notoriously titillated by prim repressed women with priggish trappings nurses secretaries librarians teachers clerks tellers topped the list of those he would most like to drag down into the depths of blissful degradation. Is masturbatory images often focus on female goody goody’s gone bad. The person who said men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses had no insight into his sexual psychology. Perhaps it’s a matter of sensing or imagining frustration subjugation in such characters akin to his own. Though aroused by the idea of a woman becoming ensnared in her own desires his actual activities usually stop short of any form of S&M a bit of bondage perhaps but he’s really not one for whips and chains. He has a lady child chatterley’s lover erotic vision intrigued by the idea of social restraint being ripped apart at the course it’s by rustic desire. He just as soon sit cross legged in a comfortable chair of course and watch some brutish Gardner have at it with a prim chased lady or some other such dignified meets dirty scenario. Terribly sophisticated after all for men to allow his female partner to cavort with other men Of course that’s just a fancy way of saying it gets off on watching women being screwed by another guy. It tops his fantasy list far more than the prospect of witnessing or mix it up with another sexy minx . Unlike Virgo man it isn’t a matter of getting off on being cuckholded rather it is the females degradation that imparts the thrill here and so in his fantasy the more beastial and rough it character having at his woman the better of course the whole concept of playing with other couples is one of those infamous urges usually hides from his mate what the French call l’exchangisme could become a habit for our Randy cap the width of secret society that surrounds such a world is right up his CD sorted alley

sexual feelings for other men or something most males experience loaded and waiting as these sensations are for him it is difficult to determine what might be a passing fancy and what constitute latent interest as an adolescent he like many will participate in ****** ***** but will red light any such activity less it develop into more involved contact. The irony is he makes such a big deal of these feelings and behaviors dwelling on them endlessly while denying themselves further involvement which he labels wrong that the issue never quite gets resolved any carries on in life with a huge question mark in the back of his mind . Straight capricorns forced themselves to outgrow such behavior and gay goats may remain fairly repressed as well either way cat man is sensible on the subject being the sensitive soul he is and remained sympathetic to gay individuals many of whom make up the bulk of his closest friends. Meanwhile our fishy cicotte has a sexually ishyness about him. The inherent satyriasis…This causes him to eroticize experience and sexualize most people predisposing him to attracting those of his own gender whereas expensive neighbor sagg is forthright about such feelings willing to try anything at least once cap is so essentially emotionally restrained a stickler for what is right and traditional that even having homosexual urges can set off bouts of intense psychological pandemonium. But like a shabby chic cardigan he wears his inherent confusion as part of a sophisticated carriage or one that signals to others that he is unshockable and that there’s most likely nothing sexually hasn’t tried if only in his fertile fantasy. Needless to say his sexual character keeps people guessing often literally his often he literally is as the bisexual goat playing it straight with the wife and family while keeping a boy or two on the side

When clear is loath to be categorized eschewing labels even lifting up is dress should give it a give it to a bent over buddy you heard us though he may have a string of boyfriends one or more everlasting relationships he’s Rarely want to settle down into have domestic roll with inmate . Gay goat bundle of contradictions notorious top man In drag so he might work in an erudite artsy field surrounded by other well dressed guppies with an eye on going places generally not in this pool where our fishtailing goat gets his jollies indeed these completely guileless attracted to guileless country boys rugged rednecks straight acting bubbas with down home charm and manners and often a girl waiting back at the ranch those who helps to flip over faster than you can say corn hole. Something about wholesome straight laced character gripping his ankle tops the caps must see list particularly when he can be the first to lay claim to Virgin territory. Reminded of Capricorn am Foresters Maurice swab urbane city slicker with same sex longings like many goods in real life undergoes a form of psychotherapy to rid himself of impulse thoughts only to eventually find bliss or erotic self realization in the arms of a rustic gamekeeper scudder . Nothing unfettered the brow of the gay cap guy more than a jaunty romp in the hay with an uncomplicated rustic if you were to pick his favorite village people persona he choose the cowboy he is quite fetishistic about that feeling a surge of excitement even by paraphernalia such as boots chaps and 10 gallon hats there seems to be something safe about bonding with the sexy of ranchhand who embodies a groundedness that puts the goat on solid sexual footing . Being lofty enough in his own right he feels he can truly land when making whoopee with such a man .

With these lovable lugs he admires he plays auntie mame to the hilt opening lovers eyes to all the delights the Metropolitan world has to offer remains just as willing to be whisked back to the farm to fraternize with partners family like the mythic cicotte culture deities who brought civilizations to pastoral innocents at rocky Arcadia he enjoys being an anomaly happy to feed the chickens milk the cow or mechanics forever being strong suit re customize a tractor engine dressed in a Gucci fan Let’s just say he could put the boy in flamboyant his gloriously inappropriate and people love him for it especially his lover who benefits from all this nasty pleasure he’s prone to impart . He is hands down the zodiacs assmann much of the bedtime shenanigans center around that certain spot he is deliberate often ridiculously drawn out in his concentration there hoping to extract as much pleasure responses you can by stimulating it any which way penetration is never parade or seemingly about him rather it is meant to transform his manly made into a pleading pussyboy of the 1st order something others might never assume. He knows that to look at them post with us inspect that he is that his typically hapless hunk of a mate was the picture and he was the catcher and it thrills him to no end knowing it’s the opposite that he usually true . Like his straight counterpart gay go takes leisurely approach to love making consider it and playing with this lover as he is arranging Flowers or installing a new carburetor when it comes time to return the favor his lover two must be prepared to pace himself generally a challenge when it comes to oral sex given caps hefty size and gradual buildup to orgasm patients will be particularly important in a lover’s expectations of pure shows of affection it could take a lifetime to hear the cap say those three little words if he ever utters them at all



The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 611-615. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

Typos happen. I don’t have a proofreader. And I like to just write, post and go!
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Capricorn Man Revisited

Leo 4° (July 24)

Consummate sophisticate anachronism anomaly existing in modern world eschews all things new or mainstream

Like deposed royal, grand and stately, perpetually jaded, wistful, dejected in outlook.

Nothing much impresses or excites him—protocol to remain unruffled and aloof

Embodies ultimate sense of relaxation is his ongoing raison d’etre

Ironic amalgam of highbrow and lowbrow, self-taught epicurean and prankish wag

An unadulterated sybarite who pursues pleasure and laughs foremost in life

Still true mensch who isn’t afraid of hard work

For him life is a banquet and he’s the first at buffet table

Never feels need to struggle or strive feels this only leads to strife

In love drawn to woman with old guard values, if not old-money investments

Wants traditional lifestyle he as front man supporting and providing stable life

He is a relic in relationships perfect mate lady-wife with conventional values who won’t question his autonomy

Gay bonds drwn to guileless pastoral farmboys and cowpokes introduces to dandy disenchanted ways.


Principle conservation Experience qualitative fines gluttonous gaudy parvenus odious he is leader of the astrological old guard determined to sustain but a sanctioned to its prior true cultural in Petri dish cap to block certain influences so that civilization soul might flourish considers a dose of self denial nourishment for his own spirit

Saturn soul ruler Capricorn Principle of restriction containment sharp contrast to Sagittarius Jupiter expansion growth. Saturn Mythical father of Zeus overthrow him elder Titan World the mythical Golden age two gods perfectly represent difference between Sajjan capman the former scion archetype arrive is Zeus on his way up the ladder fallen archetype superannuated ousted grandpa Thomas way out capman associated with retiring age 623 to 70 personifies lame duck energy all his life on the positive side he is saturnian Living the good life having done his time in the rat race and out with a sense of peaceful happiness and prosperity on the other he is a saturnine wistful melancholy gloomy overly cautious if not sluggish must be noted that his animal totem is not pure goat but see goat pointing to the contradiction of capriciously determined spirit that is nonetheless dragged down by fishy feelings emotional floundering. The eternal retiree cap is forever open to spontaneous plant or sudden whims focus less on ambition Then other men Weather career or personal life 10th astrological house associated with social and financial status age old misconception that are fish telling mountain goat his a climber this is rarely true like his archetype kronos cat looks upon status or something it was born with indeed he sees it as every person to inherit earth right but he’s over that Hill metaphorically speaking what he embodies is the other shoe dropping on power and status he is the personification of grace full decline notorious dissident and backslider be fitting see got slippery sluggish town Takes his own greatness and achievements with a grain of salt even the most famous capman seems to constantly fall into some form of declivity if not woeful degradation after scaling the Heights of whatever mountain sought to ascend falling from grace capman proves by example part and parcel of attaining such Heights as others might only dream of knowing that elusive glorious glimpse but never truly grasped of course the more notable caps of the world slipped back into their proverbial arm chair perspectives of existence or hush hush decadent behavior so quietly into merely about the rest of the planet hardly notices their periodic retreats into downtime whether it be joy and protection of family or the haze of hedonism or wallowing melancholy A all cap now possibilities

423 planet symbol the inverse of Jupiter Saturn sigil portrays material earthly concerns the cross of matter weighing on the evolving spirit divine curved or semi circle restriction is the order of the day struggle works as a pressurized means or path to perfection structure is paramount along with patience and discipline

no matter how famous he might be for whatever his profession He takes heavy hiatuses between more heady achievements like the female Scorpio Phoenix he is something of a comeback kid. This propensity perpetuates infamous picky choosy persona one who holds out for quality over quantity experience professionally socially romantically.

Another misconception Is that Saturn makes goat people closed and restrictive as compared with expensive and accepting Jupiter world people though this assumption may be true on the surface it must be remembered that the wheel of the Zodiac his ever evolving as it spirals ad infinitum through the signs Capricorn thus embraces expensive sagittarian energy containing it to keep it pure like a mountain Lake or reservoir . Saturn isn’t arbitrarily limiting in response to Jupiter simply to put a damper on existence instead Saturn ensures the recognition of knowing when enough is enough . Saturn sovereignty over the sign signals preservation not prohibition The word Capricorn means goat horn it is the mythical cornucopia which post this she coat amalthea’s ambrosia spouting horn that fed Zeus in infancy the horn of plenty perfectly symbolize this Capricorn experience as the containment and preservation of abundance not the restriction of it. Without such a Holder as the horn represents bounty becomes access to flood waste and thus pollution So link to the Capricorn motto being hi use that is to say I don’t waste pollution So how does all this symbolism relate to him in real life the answer is many ways


capricorns of both sexes the concern with self preservation Especially on the spiritual level ambrosia they seek to keep pure representing their own immortality mirror mortals were granted everlasting life with just one swallow of the food of the gods Capricorn is the first sign of the final fourth quadrant which is metaphorically concerned with the spiritual level of existence all the signs that kickoff quadrant Capricorn is a Cardinal sign distinguished as initiatory essential energy the only Cardinal earth sign in the Zodiac so it can be thus described as portraying the key essential substance of matter earth akin to saturnian structure which preserves the purity of the universe is inherent abundance

424 quadrant concerns soul relationship with divine or eternal religion may or not have had anything to do with it but Capricorn approaches life from perspective of atonement at one mint cautious not to add to the glut of the world his motto I used carries the subtext what I already have … also… sign glyphs ego symbol of ancient culture gods that brought eight age old knowledge to mankind enriching their lives the fishy bit signifies primordial instincts an understanding of natural law while the goat suggests methodical application of knowledge


implications of the signs Cardinal earth status are manifold for one sign rules the skin and bones of the body the essential structure minus the meat and fat of the physical self like the cornucopia holding the pure nectar of the gods cap views his body as a container not a temple capricorns particularly females seem to embody this understanding in their infamous love of meditative exercise and moderation in food and drink a theme in his life too but one that sees him going to extremes I use in the Capricorn mantra which in the best light refers to ability to utilized the self as an implement for spiritual growth for this reason many Capricorn Men Become yogis other such soulful disciplines on the other hand this motto be more colloquial implication applied to the reliance on substances often endemic to the Capricorn man. The quintessential image of Colonel earth is amount and symbol of importance preservation eternity fitting to kronos Saturn is also referred to his father time as his namesake planet signifies discipline patience and other such principles as preservation and present perseverance which indeed do require time of course the concept of eternity and immortality having time forever on one side a sense he experiences but cutely

Life for him would appear to be 1 long stint in the Country Club enjoys a distinct somewhat faded VIP status standing . But he is no entitled glory seeker or briskly member of the club oh contraire he is rarely rude or Snooty his truest buddies are often those and so called subservient position to make his life that much more picnic waiters bartenders doormen caddies mechanics heads of state he is a stickler for fairness attempts to be as gracious to his boss as he is to his bookie in truth as an employee he embodies his signs honorarium status inspiring awe fear and respect in a professional setting even from those who are his superiors. He simply defies pecking orders or chains of command he might be a purposeful underachiever taking our jobs he could do and asleep those that afford in time and all important ease for he is more concerned with being rich in spirit then with financially rolling in it that said his notoriously bad with money is the devil may care attitude toward such banalities as bills for rent . If he wants to fly to Rio he does if he wants to buy a Jaguar he will of course he will have found the most inexpensive flight and lodging and some ancient hotel in a delicious state of decay and the wheels he purchases might be 20 years old and questionably sound like some geezer he feels they don’t make him like this anymore the motto I use could easily carry the subtext it down to the bone the essential part of the body being under the science rule if when his tastes in winds do exceed credit limit he will apply for another credit card life is too short to worry or deprive oneself with pleasure besides there is always personal bankruptcy to wipe the slate clean


I think one of the gists of this book is going to be how to embrace all the ways that you are you but also how to keep it in check the downsides so as we surveyed these personalities will be making a list of good stuff in this bad stuff and having fun with the good stuff and urging them to be that much more that way well then working on their pitfalls OK


425 element quality Cardinal earth combo best described as a mountain symbol of preservation Running theme for the restrictive sometimes elitist a Capricorn The air is rarified up there


life metaphorically speaking is mountainous for him like the capricious but gloomy goat God pan Frolicking his native Arcadia a hilly region of Greece literally meaning place of arcs his life is a bumpy terrain defined by Upson downs just as pan name means all pointing to the abundance of life for better or worse is a whimsical character half the time suffering from depression And namesake panic attacks Capricorn finds existence of 5050 affair he is a brooding Bon vivante believing in his brand of dandyism if only by default. Since life can be looked at as half full or empty he does typically choose to air on the Sunnyside of only just human imperfection to him is something to embrace not ignore and certainly not root out. It’s often something to celebrate he knows and shows us that by falling the individual becomes enriched just as societies begin to thrive culturally when in a state of decline the word culture itself means a richening of social experience just as it denotes a fermentation moldering or decay like cultured growth in a Petri dish life for cap is that Petri dish he is like cronus the fallen Refugee from a distant Golden age sort of male County Maine having learned his life lessons of the proverbial school of Hard Knocks he is the ultimate survivor who remains throughout his life transcendentally insouciant character despite or indeed do too past struggles

as a boy doesn’t experience much of a childhood father often distant or more so debilitated figure leaving him to shoulder far more burdens around the house then His peers . In some cases he plays surrogate husband to mother siding with her emotionally much the way chronos conspired with his mother Gaia in the overthrow of his out their father Uranus . Even when caps father is in the picture he’s rather remote and he learns if only from fathers failing to show up for Little League games and so forth that supposed moments of glory can’t help but feel hollow. He gleans early what it takes many of us a lifetime to appreciate: that all worldly eminence is ephemeral subject to father time period indeed capricorns of both sexes they are exceedingly worldly wise if not jaded children for whom life is never black and white good or bad but one huge grey area that rarely provides with a reason to jump for joy in extreme cases the intense Capricorn child sees through the veil of rosy appearances all too clearly and finds himself stuck in the harsh realization of somesara that life circumstances all but illusion and suffering the nature of samsara is simply par for the course

426 polarity where cap woman is likened to a mountain of self preservation capman seeks to safeguard culture by instituting restrictions in upholding traditions this he feels enriches the soul of humanity

carrying more burden literally without size number of chores and figuratively in emotional weightiness saturn’s heavy influence the cap boy becomes the child on her most baggage is heat to axe biblical he is the proverbial scapegoat sort of savior especially for his siblings who or thus more able to live think dream freely . He is mature beyond years and urbane in character transcending small-town attitudes to which he is typically born Rural life leaves little impression on pressure printer naturally polished sentiant Capricorn boy JD salinger’s Holden Caulfield is the model even autobiographical portrayal of the goat boy why’s Gray haired beyond his years pathologically aware of samsara sickened by Moe janati finding phoniness fatuous taking on the burden of societal sin just as it becomes a sacrificial victim of everyone else is personal vices he is in effect left holding the bag just as he wants to catch indeed save other innocents as they too fall incidentally call CAUL is defined as protrusion or a cap a field of which would recall that same hilly Arcadia where hours sometimes blue be pan lives or fears to tread a metaphor a place where violes might easily fall and a savior scapegoat could do some catching of these unwitting souls

like Holden Along with salinger’s other male characters glass family Capricorn man lives like a refugee from indeed of the past it is so fitting that residing in a mountain region in New Hampshire the reclusive Salinger was found in Arcadia of his own Safe haven removed not only from the many modern conveniences but Coney misses of the world sanctuary meaning both a retreat as well as a shrine carries just the sort of double meaning that the goat guy seeks in life the mountain again perfect symbol of caps cardonal earth status while often literally being the kind of landscape where he’ll find refuge from the grand illusions of the world. Meeting place between heaven and earth cultures over been considered almost wholly environment the ultimate sanctum from mount olympus to mount sinai and beyond the pinnacle of material experience be the status associated with 10,000 it figuratively portrays a physical means to a spiritual end. As such Capricorn employees corporeal experience of life and any materialism as might come his way as a vehicle for elevating his elong . Easier said than done for he isn’t automatically some Moses who hurt his hair goes white in a flash meeting God still he might be on his way to such communion figuratively speaking like holdin prematurely Gray a symbol of his sophistication as it is would be spiritual enlightenment. The mountain Rd is tough an uphill battle at least half the time but one worth tackling transcending the material via material however the Capricorn steklar dissident backslider takes his sweet time on his bumpy journey called life call ternately reaching great Heights in experiencing personal falls seeking safe haven from his roller coaster existence arms metaphorically outstretched in aiding others to do likewise

427 sign number 10 the zenith number 10 is the culmination of all that comes before at the start of the new set of order mostly number schemes are built on system of 10 hundreds thousands etc this represents men’s relationship to natural perfection as humans have 10 fingers for counting there are 10 commandments or Saturn ruled prohibitions

body and soul

Capricorn man is by far most affected Mail. Shouldn’t sound like a slight. Capricorn puts on such delightful airs beginning so young that by the time he hits his 20s his infamous poses have become so utterly woven into a psyche that what would be perceived as pretensions in anybody else surfaces in him as organic second nature. Perhaps a manifestation of the age group 63 to 70 associated with the sign his old-fashioned eccentricity is often uncannily representative in his signature style address classic leisurely looks akin to what his grand father would have supported some 50 years ago. Indeed given The 10th House of tradition if anyone is going to show up anywhere wearing Plaid trousers apart again an old Ascot hits cat. Even in youth his entire suggest had just slipped into retirement feel close himself in Distinct identity of one who has earned the right to just kick back and relax. He oozes indifference as if from every pore of a strong yet willowy physique itself prone if not supine as he drapes himself across furniture Orleans his body along entire length of a wall both in physical demeanor an in discourse he communicates that he lives almost ridiculously at times in the moment and in every sense of the word one witnesses his inherent propensity to dwell particularly on the past

the world as he says it is in decay evidenced not only by his style addressed in manner but in his love for gilded relics of far gone arrows vintage cars ancient cities venerable social venues old world manners and charming people . Appan entering any social setting easily spotted as the longest coolest drink of debonair water you ever did see even when he’s not terrifically tall he would appear so having perfect proportions for being the victorious close horse that he is dressed to the nines but oh so coolly casually TM Gray slate charcoal silver capital nonetheless support some form or flourish Ahmad ish mop top haircut pastel tie notable absence of socks elegant antique watch signature signet pinky Rang or real dead giveaway that Ascot

428 sign age of retirement. Marked by pulling back an antidote to living large in earlier years the time of getting back to bare bones capman in bodies spirit of denoument, attending to his goals with unparalleled relax edness one of his most charming qualities .

With martini Manhattan Or old fashioned in hand this larger than life fellow is hard to miss the party speaking in a smarmy stage whispered voice often with perfect Shakespearean pronunciation might seem some sort of a put on But now: he is no victim of pretense sycophant herky sassy corporate yes man . He simply does not seek to impress particularly in professional dealings . He lives life as it were a long languid cruise to his namesake Isle of Capri. Never in his demeanor human slightly anxious or harried and weather his bankroll is bigger small he’s cavalier about spending feeling by virtue of his saturnian placement that he has nothing to lose

Suffice to say he is more than happy to social direct hold court on some cliquey scale even in the midst of a massive gathering . Sipping his lissome self into a lounging corner he stretches out luxuriating an infant infamously sardonic sermons and bottom line letni is on everything cultural under the sun Provided happened 20 years ago . It’s pretty safe bet that cap won’t be discussing current events the gist of his tales typically centering on some auntie mame me an event that occurred many years ago the moral of the story is always along some wistful theme with conversational coda akin to those were the days he will have you know he’s seen it all but he doesn’t know new stuff he’ll fade quickly gearing discourse toward more familiar old territory. Heaven forbid dialogue should lack to the zodiacs stickler that would amount to a loss of cultural obligation and pulley test . Cap is on hand to make the rest of us feel gorgeously woven into a single social fabric This is why the blatant parvenus of the planet really get his back up by example he teaches us that people shouldn’t have to work so hard climbing changing things or otherwise proving themselves in life. He personifies a feeling of falling comfortably in an accepting the way things are even In a downturn Somewhat of a fringe dweller particularly when left to his own devices he is also vividly gregarious when in the company of others of course he has his favorite Haunts well worn watering holes more farce restaurants where invite rotating cast of friends and acquaintances preferring to be on home turf catered to by familiar faces who make just enough but not too much fuss over him

429 psychology melancholia can be dark black cloud seems almost in love with suffering disinclined to make positive changes when opportunity knocks . He can be elitist closed to new people and ideas . He tends to dwell on the past and it’s almost pathologically behind the times period infamous know-it-all and fearful of competition

Perfect match to those places he frequents he embodies classic appeal looks recalling matinee idols of yore distinguished for being dashing swell again Jent one with offbeat screwball sensibility if not evidente in public persona manifests in less than pristine private life Cary Grant Danny Kaye Anthony Hopkins Mel Gibson tailed Ted Danson Elvis Presley Andy Kaufman Jim Carrey Jared Leto Jude Law Denzel Washington Ricky Martin David Bowie Rod Stewart some of the typically cleft chinned psychologically complex characters of the sign . Known for exhibiting flair and sophistication he seems a throwback his life physique suggests he’s never been anywhere near modern exercise machines. Naturally fit body kept trim by a sports and time tested means such as running swimming afternoons on the treadmill or tennis court. Taller and leaner typically than most men stature may be somewhat stooped spine curving nearest square but fine shoulders in a perpetual shrug of resignation. He does let out goodly number of audible sighs in the course of conversation Like someone resigned Italy giving up on the hurry scurry world choosing to let this chips fall where they may though he’s an acquiescent character who is also quite an imposing one nonchalance lending him a confidence and strong comfortable presence . Physical reflection of such a sanguine spirit this sardonic sophisticate as a weighty immovable stature framed by sturdy bones not to mention fairly hefty bohners as well in fact all capricorns extremities including his hands and feet are of the long thick and heavily vein variety 21

he is beguiling combination of boyish beauty and almost careworn craggy crustiness his skin may be a soft and moist as baby his forehead may become deeply lined early in life his mug creased with deep nasal folds his face often beauty marked by moles subject sharp dentaries double wide set generally darker oblong eyes French with lustrous long lashes nose somewhat flattened wide meeting mouth rose dip Dewey like an infants his teeth weaken Milky caps often have large caps and as if branded by the cloven hoof of some mythical goat God he usually bears the infamous cleft in his chin One title of the goat garpan was God of the cleft like pantu Capricorn man may have a hairy body which despite heavy structure still tends toward being bone thin In comparison to elongated torso his legs can look short giving him a low center of gravity and a swivel hipped gate made all the more remarkable by arched lower back and buttocks those legs are slender and also covered with dense coarse hair his ankles make her thick and sturdy be lying that they like is Capricorn ruled joints are prone to injury . Overall his body is spry cinnami seductive those saved from appearing two adolescent bias stiffness in his movement his chest can be somewhat concave negligible Nichols stomach though not always solid often flat fleeced with shock of hair extends to his pubis package tends to be loose and floppy rather fleshy phallus as well as low hanging a signal of inherent sense of calm in males in the animal Kingdom another visible symptom of his Association with the sagging age group of 63 to 70 goes Gray earlier than most snowy temples lens him air of sophistication Often in his 20s. Worldly erudite figure spitz as that he hopes to appeal to those he finds himself attracted to

430 archetype and myth that of the fallen God cronus Saturn that opposed ruling God of the Golden age his festival saturnalia kicked off with phase of atonement replete with goat sacrifices also draws on goat God pana downcast character tragedy means goat song given to bouts of melancholic wailing inspired panic an inhabits Arcadia mountainous region symbolic of life’s being a series of Upson downs something Capricorn understands the satyrs were pants hornigold followers who gave rise to the terms Sagittarius is from uncontrollable sex drive in men not to be confused with being saturna nor glooming cap may exhibit both qualities

Sex and sexuality

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 606-610. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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Sagittarius Woman Redux

Leo 3° (July 23)

408 Bible literature book of Ruth name means friend partner the text outlines ancient marriage laws and customs like those concerning Hera Juno the ride of godiva female Centaur blinding peeping Tom ballad of Thomas the rhymer a retelling of Hera blinding Therese IAS . Tom given same shamanistic vision. Charlots Charlotte brontes Jane Eyre air here here are a woman struggling against societal prejudice ends up with a blinded man The over theme of sad Jane Austen Is courtship and marriage Virginia Woolf some Ginny from the waves is Juno potty diva

sex and sexuality

In business or bedroom for Mo to make others feel empowered simple flattery turn People to putty. Easy on the ego he fixes others with superlatives you are the most fill in the blank. One sign model we think and not to global communication Association of 9th house also translates into quintessential such behavior specially with the man She’s here marked as potential mate: not only agrees with everything he says but makes him feel like a genius genius in the process that she shares his prodigious thought on it every subject that they are cerebral E and spiritually connected . Miss heightened experience acknowledges that she and first day have a lot in common Shared sentiment tantamount to predestine soul mates persona laboratory company one feels compelled to toast at steady intervals class raised eyes glazed over loaded appreciation attracts fair share of Bon vivante if not loafers. Those who don’t see beyond appearance enthusia stick party girl doesn’t help sloucher’s that in her admiring eyes they’ve become so much more . Once she is convinced the guy has obvious problems she will label him a loser steer clear of him in future she may be least likely to give guy slack in the face of faults performable’s 1 area where she’s not forgiving

409 saage life is lived in winners circle assumes the best in everyone no sympathy when proven wrong native of the sign of the Netherlands rings true in most cases abundance consciousness nonetheless precludes her from altruistic understanding of those less fortunate. This insensitivity shows up in small ways dismissive of people in service positions waiters janitors maids shop part whom she regards as beneath her unable to get regal sagg brain around fact these are just jobs not evidence of any quality . More obviously shies away from involvement in charitable causes except to write a check maybe. Can be guilty of let them eat cake take two programs tord optimism to be consistently aware of others pain and suffering doesn’t fit her exalted vision of life. When it comes to choosing mate Jupiter rule comes into play higher bene tific planet brings luck on astral Ed material planes Venus lower Bennett tific charms Libra life search not willing to sacrifice bucks for beautiful mind why should she have to settle she might be able to have it all she believes giving it her all.

She can be unsubtle in approach to man she fancies wearing a sandwich board announcing her interest. Mutable fire puts full spirit itself into action with ion making herself radiant so to blind command. Rearing determines she adopt and ultimately imposing Mo. Having missed much in the way of mother daughter bonding she overcompensates where feminine issues are concerned. Less can be more she fails to realize this. Notoriously overextended in professional service scenarios relying heavily on underlings leaving a mess in her wake so too does she take inflated view of romantic feelings or relationships. Such needs to celebrate even trumpet the most minute milestone in the progression of love bond putting the onus on her lover to commemorate each and every anniversary they share a toast my darling to the first time we saw each other P word that all of us had such gusto for life she teaches by example how to truly commemorate existence

410 camera rolling third eye perspective over intellectualizing emotions telegraphing feelings instead of expressing them . Precious little of life is left unspoken An inherent sense of feeling under some lens developing compulsion to be seen. Rely relay to friends details of a romantic interlude behavior would be annoying if it didn’t come for so guileless a place one can hardly help getting caught up in her honest exuberance . However she needs to get real and connect highfalutin ideas of herself with what she truly feels inside.. She is meant to justify the world of appearances with her visceral experience libra’s apollonian view with Scorpio subterranean perspective. Most sagittarians do mind the gap filling in emotional holes and playing emotional catch up she will trip stumble and fall through a fairly set pattern of experience specifically in love relationships so that’s the good news

being beyond her peers in youth seeking ticket out of childhood experience by college age fairly itching to find guys lifestyle matches what she wishes hers had been like eager to project self into such Amelia one more leg in far flung journey she can’t help it. As shallow as it sounds she latches onto guys who have had more privileged upbringings she convinced us herself that certain guy like a certain careeer is the one to target. She leaves no stone unturned in achieving said love connection. Or jumbo sense of self cannot abide a one sided dynamic where she is the pursuer however. In typical fashion she is objective and subjective both in her approach to a guy she bags or big game boyfriend on the premise that she is just as much a prize as she thinks he is if not more so. Like her male counterpart looks for vulnerability an inmate that might allow her to infiltrate innocence and take the upper hand. Often does Sagittarius connection He made with the money or otherwise entitled character who nonetheless feels disenfranchised from his upbringing so the dynamic of remedy in the relationship becomes a two way St she heals him of emotional lack he might have experience she gaining the sense of advantage she feels due to her period naturally splendid looking she appeals to a guy’s vanity ready to take on the role of trophy wife or girlfriend and run with it. In keeping with her future is now philosophy she tends to marry young eager to assume position of young society maven So that even the lofty career goals approach from place of ease rather than hunger or desperation She there’s nothing else she is the consummate wife Queen who marries well happily accepting all such distinction as it might afford her only to use it as a stepping stone to begin wielding her own mighty powers

411 body rulership files hips buttocks sciatic nerve Jupiter liver coping with her rich lifestyle but imma Tori plant growth common ills include sciatica rheumatism the rule of the limbs ensures that she has some of the best gammes going

With aforementioned mate she finds all the indulgence she missed growing up she will let herself be spoiled by additional luxury her love match offers. If she and partner are true equals power coupledom stands the test of time period however more often the case the element of compromise and taking on a weak but wealthy character might come back to bite her in the butt. Eventually problems shortcomings she may have over lip looked in favor of putting career on fast track begin to wear on true self. Once independent student of life in expecting more from existence fully embodied the opening versatyle spirit that is the mutual mutable fire sign of such at its core. What she must reconnect with in life here’s what was aptly referred to in antiquity as herjuno a woman’s personal spirit God the male equivalent being a genius still used to mean one inspire. It may take the lifetime of soul searching but for her to recognize herself as realities answered to televisions genie again Juno a female who chooses to cast herself as a belly button bearing bimbo though possessing enough personal power to blow any guy out of the water.

Search female paradox in nutshell: despite inherent might cerebral or otherwise she still wants in her heart to be seen as physically desirable beguiling and passive yes master it could be added to her mottos still like Jeannie one thing she cannot abide is being ignored if even slightly. A lack of attention makes sort of highly suspicious or overactive imagination left to assume that the overage of attentiveness she’s not eliciting must be directed to another woman. She is famous for such projections. Often symptom of her own dissatisfaction as envy a Juno trait can be a distraction from her sense of lack . As brutal as she is in assessment of other women With whom she feels rivalry she is typically that much more unhappy in her own personal life reluctant to admit it. In brass tacks those would be power marriages that she often makes prematurely tend to be learning curves on her way to fully understanding what she wants from love . Many sauges will marry at least twice in a lifetime

If anyone to outgrow early relationship into she especially if she sacrificed lust for income. Especially approaching her prime she insists on finding a mate who would access her feminine genius on more primal levels because what young satch initially looks for in a mate is representative of a lifestyle she wants to lead she and first love or husband might become preoccupied with professional issues or other trappings rather than Conjugal exchange. Typically lack of sexual connection Is what leads her to pursue pursue new opportunities she is often less libidinous in her early bonds but all things she ignores in favor of casting her eyes on the future her own sexuality is most vengeful in the manner in which it catches up to her. Being half a working partnership begins to pale in light of wanting nothing less than worship. It is her nature too long for something better complacent mate might one day be shocked to discover she is run off with someone more solvent successful handsome talented. The trick about genies is that they mustn’t be neglected if there to work their mutual fire magic in a man’s life. Inspiring the belief that nothing is impossible to achieve. In fact the only way to steal a fable genie away is to appreciate her more than her existing master and that’s how it works for Sagittarius leaving relationship she rarely does to be on her own she goes to be with another man With more.

Predisposed wanting most in life while young she easily makes connection with an older man never blushing bride she was born to be the Madame the most glaring evidence of her science Association with age group 5663. Most men capable to fulfill her requirement as accomplished are older distinguished gentleman area even in early bond with partners same age the couple acts older while their peers are seeing bands and going to St vendors Sheehan made are going to opera and building a wine cellar. shows of splendor are an aphrodisiac too often materialism becomes the main focus sex and love slowly slip away. Disproportionate focus on goods makes her one of the more spiritually challenged characters. When it comes to soul enrichment she plays catch up on that score 2 . She continues to shoot from the moon rarely blaming luxury for her bonds undoing she is going to want even more than what she had an older man of foreign fellow or both she goes for Nora the nurse unlikely if it goes for southerners whose inherent stoicism she finds intriguing . Hopes to feel that much more desire for being younger comparatively an exotic. One way her far flung sensibility manifests is relocating to distant lands some extravagant cortege like a bejeweled Queen shipped off to bed a King.

413 having landed a Mr. Big who showers for with attention and gifts miss petiver eager to show for gratitude Carrie Bradshaw character his Sagittarius and She is generous and highly enthusia stick lover uses parents disk contentid marriage as God what not to do. Lacking essential grounding in this area sauges relationships Mac of fantasy. Her love life needing to be glittering in glamorous the home she shares with mate ludic personally well appointed her body and her man’s exercised and sun kissed to perfection. Regardless of looks tend to imagine herself as a long lean leggy babe this state of mind is clear example of signs focus on mind over matter. If such is even reasonably attractive or home might be strewn with mirrors photographs of herself highly stylized portraits her lover so endorser that he must be reminded of godiva at every turn


Subtlety is certainly not a strength 4 her often outlandish energy makes fierce public displays of affection. Most such women’s love connections are made in the workplace for others feel it’s taboo the wild Centaur sees no need to stick to decorum should the right suit and tie stroll along. Rarely though will she mingle with an underlay priming the rumor mill with father of her playing Footsie with a superior sexy exec imparts secret thrill. Once in relationship flaunts or feeling stroking and hanging all over her man in mixed company inspiring silent wishes as get a room. She needs visible shows of devotion from lover who she can rap around like Apache shima pashmina shawl as proof that he is likewise wrapped. She loves to sleep with her man all entangled and entwined showering with him way to perform that ever rolling camera toting tendency to demonstrate into the bedroom one has never heard such moaning squealing if outright winning at the top of her lungs from that third party lens she has a fantastic vision in her head of what lovemaking should look like building sex up to cinematic proportions makes liver feel incapable of providing fulfillment indeed it takes a man with a mighty ego an impressive staying power to live up to her loaded sexual longing and not feel deflated despite her enthusia stick eggings on

She is a size Queen Particularly regarding girth her lover better be as thick as his bankroll if he plans to hang around result oriented stickler for having orgasm during each and every interlude if he is reasonably well fengxi is happy to take the Reigns from there. She is self serving in the sack a big believer that one should take responsibility for one’s own pleasure . Nothing turns her on more than herself. Those mirrors. Just as real horses are vain they love to look at themselves in mirrors trotting along so too does she look to see herself in the throes of passion Better man is growling at her feet not that she likes passive man persay but she needs to feel elevated by the experience never put upon or made sickness of herself . Her favorite position is on top riding guy to orgasm enjoys being orally stimulated although it’s not a fixation and she doesn’t much relish reciprocation. Just as in business consummate delegator in the bedroom constantly giving her man gentle heads if not outright directives how to drive her pleasure home. Action is centered below the belt her breasts generally offer little in the way of erogenous excitement.

Control is important with her typically athletic body strong thighs and legs she can sustain Positions longer than most. Whatever laxson limberness she makes up for in stamina enthusiasm only seems to take her so far men remark on how different she is in bed compared with one would have imagined her based on the big buildup of courtship and for that matter of foreplay where she rise and moans and groans. She will experiment in all areas some women wouldn’t think of visiting but when it comes to specifics she’s basically a good girl merely fancies herself someone with exotic tastes. The kinkiest she gets is exploration of exhibition Nezam most such enjoys masturbating for her boyfriend more than she likes to do so alone just as such male elevates his own onanism to new Heights so too does this female make art out of popping her own core creveling inability to blind her lover with graphically elaborate displays of self appreciation being naughty becomes something of a fetish for someone so naturally nice and wholesome .

415 such shows R her duty to perform if she wants to be considered spectacular As for her foibles she doesn’t believe in false advertising she has endowed herself with greatness projecting Majesty onto her bond with an Imperial mate and she isn’t about to let relationship down with anything less than a bang up job in the bedroom. So once Showtime arrives our zealous centaura lives up to image of herself projected in pre production Enter more reasons for repressed anxiety and her over achiever sneaking suspicion Of questionable self worth. Deep down She has inherently low key attitude toward sex but feels compelled to add a bit of pomp to each kernel circumstance it all looks so much better in her head then When in the midst of a sweaty mess let alone having to strip the sheets reason enough to hire A maid for the most part she is in love with seduction and romance. Even her most intimate acts smack of exhibitionism one specific arena in which she overindulges

Something very 9 1/2 weeks about her Eroticism sanitized version What appeals is temptation of bringing sex life with a man into public view there forever groping and snogging anyway even fine restaurants and prestigious events. Life should be all build up for a long state of over the top four play and of course Our Lady godiva enjoys healthy dose of shock value. The thing is the more she projects sexy vixen persona the more she comes to see herself as such and now to that audit ongoing autoerotic mind trip she’s on. She must see herself as wildly sexy heaven help inmate who gives her indication of the contrary. His slightest peripheral vision is enough to send her into a jealous rage suspecting another woman has caught his eye she is capable of erupting into days of outbursts and re crima nation. Envy is her fatal flaw hypocritically she finds herself in tepid relationship if she does she will flirt wildly and openly with other men often husbands boyfriends of myriad couple friends who make up the bulk of their circle. After all people come in pairs as a married woman especially she has little contact with single females among other attributes Hera is the goddess of marriage and such shares Jane austen’s obsession with that sacred bond couple scenes though generally not swapping persay are often among the fantasies that she entertains. However these imaginings usually begin and end as they should the other man feeling desperate to have her as always she must be the most sought after woman in the story

416 Not known for having number of strictly lesbian natives regardless how she identifies she is naturally powerfully attracted to other strong women. Like other fire signs surrounds herself with a bevy of females in the workplace delegates who will do her bidding. Asbos often Benign leader never plays mind games or abuses her biches the way Leo can. When comes to same sex and she isn’t looking to overpower a woman Like Catching Fire assign cousin In her relationships with men She is drawn to successful self realized leaders who personify elevated social educational financial intellectual status than her own. She falls in love with ladies who are all she would like to be Boston envy entwined in a searing crush that has more there are faint narcissistic overtime period imperious sagg spirit she consumes those traits and taste she most covets in other women openly folding them into her own ever expanding personality in artless ways at times in the manner of a young schoolgirl forming crushes modeling herself on popular Queen bees. Straight or gay she makes a terrific girlfriend caring and generous to a fault physically demonstrative and at ease holding a lover’s hand or armored strolling down the street . Even a card carrying heterosexual lady looks on lesbianism as absolutely natural and normal. As his her nature straight satch may enjoy several friendships that ride a fine line between close and downright intimate. Sexual bonding between she and a buddy maybe another symptom of repressed need for closeness and gender identification stemming perhaps in no small part back to her self absorbed mother . In any case she is erotically charged around other ladies over the top girly girl in her indulgences which lie of course along luxurious lines. She frequents spas and resorts gets massages ghost grooming shopping sprees sense of empowerment as one of two gal pals out on a lark. She needs validation regardless of sexual orientation Of men’s affection she is generally secure but she worries about breeding resentment and jealousy in other women You see there’s always that hint of vanity even in her most modest emotions. She is eager to prove herself capable of female to female affinity if a sudden kiss after an intimate conversation or excess wine happens between she and a close friend happened once it’s happened 1000 times.When she does outright identify as gay appreciation for women becomes that much more apparent starting and youth latches on to teachers bosses other mentors who inspire signature superconscious level such figures may form intense sexual psychological bonds oftentimes lasting longer than a few months months. But here is the rub: strong independent types to whom she is most attractive prefer to remain that way she is a worship full lover ritually preferring up as much pleasure to her partner as possible with equal zeal and reverence in obedience to lovers when she may be experimental in the sack more so than straight counter power remember there’s more there is always a hint of narcissism per foot as part and parcel of being drawn to Pulitzer Prize winners and seeking those etc she sees herself as usually younger version of a lover on whom she seeks to imprint not find the proper tutelage for lofty goals which will be along the same or similar line as her lovers the expensive Archer lady typically wants into whatever world of sophistication A lover inhabits as much if not more than wanting into her pants the most exciting thing for saj is to have both of them are she desires and one who also represents call important element of entrée.

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 601-605. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

Typos happen. I don’t have a proofreader. And I like to just write, post and go!
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Sagittarius Woman Revisited

Leo 2° (July 22)


In life’s rich pageant she is the contestant most likely to walk away with Crown

Radiant regal she presides over experience exhibiting exuding air deservedness directed tord all she desires

The world isn’t abundant place where she can reach out and grab all she envisions

struggle is anathema she keeps her eye on one prize at a time sensing the right opportunity

Then lets her archer’s arrows fly with swift precision Hitting far reaching marks

while remaining removed from the fray of and battling human interaction

Appears perfect leader who has it all brains body beauty ability to amass devotion from others

just as she does coins for her coffers wealth being her personal birthright

vividly glamorous character she does not slip into situations she explodes onto scenes

Despite signature respondents tends to be skittish harboring emotional anxieties low self-esteem

more more more is her motto both in professional and private lives

not one to live on love alone makes a successful match with men As power couple

Drawn to dashing father figures who indulge trademark fairy tale expectations

in same sex bond seeks a serious minded mentor to expose her to world of knowledge and cultural influences

400 principle of expansion exaltation optimism quantitative experience . More is more materially and culturally, exposure is what it’s all about for mutable satch. She imposes feminine nature onto the world objectively expressing diva like supremacy nonetheless stems from her subjective desires along the two way theme of awe and adoration or signed secondary motto we think carries this collective understanding while expressing a fittingly Royal Air

Sign in mind

She lives a life of exultation Being born 2 sign ruled by Jupiter planet astrological principle of expansion optimism growth wealth can’t help but view existence as a state in which the stakes are perpetually high. Even aspects of ordinary life are heightened. She is like a thoroughbred ananthu her foresee sign outstrip all others in a shock take her rightful place in the winners circle basking in glory and adoration. Female under solar system planet largest sad draws on archetype of Juno Supreme Queen goddess capable of reducing her hubby to a henpecked character. Such is quintessential haughty matriarch vehemently proud supercilious who holds herself up as Paragon of perfect womanhood. Pomposity overcompensating for a lack of confidence in her natural femininity the fact remains she exhibits an elevated sense of self that demands to be treated like gold by a man. Believes wholeheartedly in the sanctity of relationships particularly marriage not one to be slighted on that score June’s patronage of women and marriage rings true in Jane Austen Joan didion George Eliot Louisa may alcott actual lives living breathing female Centaur . Personal independence and permanent bonds not mutually exclusive Sagittarius viewpoint to her most sanctified of marriages offer means for expression In terms of material and spiritual wealth .

Mythical bickering Jupiter and Juno represents clash of combining patriarchal system with matriarchal one the sex signs of Sagittarius represent these highest orders in gender power in the universe he is zodiacs Dionysus prefer astrology is high and mighty Hera a sense of omnipotence is not something she needs to be granted just her right however she often ends up in struggles with mate whose ego won’t allow for outsize status she maintains she requires a partner who is at least as powerful as she in modern terms wealthy successful socially elevated celebrated mind body moral conviction So as not to breed slings and arrows of jealousy or resentment object her.

401 planet symbol like sache symbol Cliff illustrates superconsciousness half circle stemming from worldly experience the cross of matter Jupiter is lucky planet such tends to encounter serendipity and fortune and all her loves travels like her Archers arrow radiance proceeds her … also Juno symbol prophetic nature

Don Powell said luxury is living within your means might sound Noble on the surface the off missed point is that luxury to satch can and should be had at any income level it is her one essential. Among other things 9th astrological house life experience beyond the everyday taken together these influences instill again for exhilaration glamour glory in her. Unlike male counterpart she needs external augmentation manifests in a number of ways including desire to be seen as important if not magnificent just as the shamanistic tracias is a perfect symbol for male sex the mythological seer was blinded by hero for deciding against her in a dispute with Zeus parizon blinding force represents the brand of power sad wheels the infamous right of lady godiva goddess diva medieval reenactment of ancient ritual display of the Supreme female goddess at peak of power the time in her Virgin mother Crone cycle when she is at her most majestic her blinding of the peeping time peeping Tom is a brash echoing both the myth. Dazzling radiance prime symptom of goddess power her Juno symbol* on a stick a beacon of lavish female condition The naked dive astride a steed is the picture of a female Centaur . Such is the only mutable fire sign in the Zodiac any number of interpretations the image of lightning changeable fire in the Sky Associated with flashes of sagacity inspiration dreams visions additional attributes of the 9th house like godiva sagg hopes to demonstrate her thoughts and feelings in a dazzling lightning like manner and delible mark on people’s minds expanding their minds with notions means ever growing global influence 9th House of worldview something she seeks to infiltrate

402 sign quadrant importants lies in the ability to reject image of whom she imagines herself to be lives a life of optimism this magnanimous as she is materially acquisitive in contrast to inwardly expensive Mail of the sign

Influence with ideals that are characteristically geared toward empowerment especially women Society is so long dictated that her sex must take a backseat. Immutable sign Meant to fuse ideological influences of Libra and Scorpio object of consciousness subjective subconscious placement of wise sagg superconscious on the wheel it tells us that evolution tord spirituality lies in adopting a third eye perspective that combines these two modes . In cosmic design satch is focused on Communication with universal forces development of higher mind that would connect us on psychological and philosophical level overriding limitations of our waking thoughts. Heavy way of saying the Archeress naturally rises above directs mind beyond limiting external conditions emotional wounds regardless of how traumatic they might be. If anything the more Savage has to overcome the further she pushes away from any damaging influences and toward whatever she envisions as consummate exalted life experience most often her superconscious mind leads the way to personal milja professions where she might tap into global networks of thinkers amass her own worshippers in the world of academics publishing Commerce big business science law religion All pursuits falling under the 9th house

regardless of her chosen field she feels deep need to make an impact and body’s knowledge is power from early on she is model student dedicated to making top grades Juno is goddess of power from early on she is the model student dedicated to top grades serve as ticket out of childhood surroundings . In contrast to Gemini whose domain is the film milyar and familial so just born citizen of the world the whole of her upbringing feels like being waylaid in customs for parents fall into a certain mold. Her mother is domineering character vain pampered her father the Premier Mr nice guy who nonetheless has difficulty meeting wifes constant tremendous demands. Outwardly overbearing mother is a weak character a bandan eater who resents having to pitch in and pull her own weight. Father is devil may care tord responsibilities nothing ever enough for sad just Mama material list of the 1st order blame for her frustration falls on deaf shoulders he is an adventure of sorts often overgrown kid preferring to spend cash he earns on Extreme sports cultural interests hobbying farflung travel big ticket items. Such is often product of broken home when her parents remained married her mother may break out in search of elusive all she’s missed filling her wallet and footing the bill for extravagances herself with earnings from a solo career typically started later in life but exclusively from monetary gain .

403 sign glyph Archer ability to project desires effect change far into the distance human Will stems from mastery of physical plain. Earthly goals are organic offshoots for perception of existence as expansive abundant experience. She hungers for temporal goodies worldly knowledge signs main motto is I understand pointing to her need to approach the world with me then Expertise

mother may hope to have luxe lifestyle rub off on her in hobnobbing with people who inhabit the right side of the tracks. Dad often goes further afield in TM excursions emotionally retreating from life and sacrificing close ties with children Saage being hardest hit by this dynamic in her formative years . She feels torn 2 directions . Like mom she ultimately wants more from life than might be considered enough by comfortable standards still longing for fatherly love glorifies her dad as more exciting adventurer than he is. By same token buys into mothers labeling him underachiever just as she might see his side of the story that her mother was a money grubber. As a means of coping saage focuses her attention beyond overwhelming domestic duality forward toward future. Takes aim at specific targets for her lifelong ambitions alighting on career directions beginning to pursue as early as teenage fulfills two requirements one that it all guarantees big financial reward and will impress her mother and two that it offers the kind of cultural or daring X enterprise as would excite her father and these two things combine two requirements she wants and a mate.

Such does much self parenting her upbringing teaches her ability to see both sides of sweeping argument equality that saves her from feelings of resentment. She is remarkably forgiving doesn’t quite recognize when she’s being done wrong a byproduct of not admitting she may have been emotionally left holding the back as a child. You can often criticize this ad and they will reply with the thank you turning everything into a comment compliment glowing all the more of the notion you’ve been giving thought to her. She will not see the bad and would that we all think this way she could never quite imagine herself having done any harm. This is a result of childhood two. She copes with emotional unrest by being the consummate over achiever rarely ever sees herself as anything else oblivious to shortcomings . Such type a personality that teachers worry about her working too hard heading for a fall. She is notoriously mature responsible all business from early youth quite in keeping with science Association with the established age group of 56 to 63


For a four element quality best described as radiance or glory sort of glamour that she displays something silently says she’s forced to be reckoned with … also… polarity sign Of sad projects mutable fire radiant outward parading herself and expectations others will want to bask in her presence she breathes fiery spirit of optimism into others instilling confidence and causing them to blossom into more vibrant versions of themselves

often Nerdy if not cocky clumsy keen eyed adults paturis potentially spectacular beauty she has a sense she always needs to catch up to herself when most girls are concerned with frivolous trappings and appearances she’s occupied with internships SAT scores early acceptance

most future orientated that might be debatable but maybe most future orientated woman . Difficult to live in the moment prone to anxiety disorders grass always seems to be greener experience continuous dissatisfaction with present circumstances . Infamously plagued by thoughts of roads not taken Often rocketed to top spots in life granted leadership positions which though she targeted them she may feel undeserving of. Contributes more to feelings of panic and fraudulent. A sense of having skipped steps and struggles most would have endured. She is one that makes highly self conscious. She takes 3rd party perspective further . Our godiva feels it is she who is continually being watched from a third eye perspective cameras rolling experiences of his height and strangely celebratory . Like some Queen under constant public scrutiny in her career typically rises to figurehead positions called upon to lead others as expert but often feels not up to snuff. She puts on a great show though somewhat faking it which only fuels feelings of being a fake. Eventually she catches up to herself learning by doing lofty work . She’s one long on the job training life is for her. She meets every challenge with a reflex smile brilliant gift for delegating empowering others is key to our success fails to make up for in trust and confidence in those supporter do her bidding and they better make her look good

For a 5 magic #9 magic number of initiation or blessing let’s say let’s say word 9 is derived from the Hebrew root meaning to gaze upon The blinding elimination of hero of godiva is inherent in the number there are nine planets in the solar system nine months pregnancy 9 choruses of the Angels according to Jewish mysticism doctor thought also 56 to 60 three age of maven hood time of life glorified station whereby woman can play expert role of Madame fustis rim bassador honorary age 1 feels deserving of creamy figurehead status sort of position of power regarding influence to which she feels entitled all her life

Body and soul

loves lives to be seen make a bold statement entering a room not hoping but assuring eyes will be on her Born understanding the power of first impressions determined to make a glorious one . Slowly exaggeratedly sauntering into social settings her arrival announced by her voice laughing built-in fanfare as would Herald here’s entrance into the Hall of Olympus. High and mighty Queen Search will not be overlooked underestimated or outshone. For her life is pomp and circumstance lives every day as in celebration she herself expects to be celebrated. She meets with attention and appreciation She will be beaming upbeat figure who glows from within the whites of her narrow eyes flash or skin gleams health and vitality shining from every pore statuesque being larger than life tawny Texan of the Zodiac it was quick perusal of list ladies shows giving life all she’s got no shrinking creature is she Austin didion alcott Powell Elliott willa cather Emily Dickinson Rita Mae Brown Margaret Mead those who managed to outshine man-made social barriers often literally get their stories her global fame against all odds inalienable birthright. Personifying her as haughty aplomb embodies greatness of women proving so club segment X possesses as much if not more superhuman prowess most high and mighty man. Centaur girl cannot help appear potent towering figure junoesque she is very apt picture of coltish if not for see beauty looks like sagittarians Kim Basinger Daryl Hannah Jane Fonda Jamie Lee Curtis Susan day Tina Turner Maria Callas cecily Tyson Dionne Warwick mariel Hemingway live home and leave remick Felicity Huffman Posts gorgeous glamazons line up of living breathing descriptions Hooper femininity veritable goddess is seem beyond the grasp of mortal men. She likes it this way especially with a mate she’s not interested in attracting anyone less then a similarly exalted icon of masculinity head and shoulders above the rest. Would be Queen adorned in respondent glory parades before admiring eyes taking pains with her appearance no creature of subtlety diva like image we doubt anyone who lacks confidence and charisma she naturally possesses the necessary ingredients with which to properly pull off dazzling demonstration

406 psychology like a third bred high strung and skittish prone to panic attacks projecting herself far ahead lead to feeling unworthy or fraudulent overcompensate puts on Imperial errors convince herself she’s deserving of success pathological need to be liked people pleasing become two faced overly materialistic succumb to and let him eat cake attitude

Wholesome porn bed beauty healthy body mindful ambition Born with athletic build solid bones cinerea much potential tomboy fellow fire signs unlike them embraces her she neither embraces her boyishness nor blends into a tough girl brand of womanhood . She seeks to subdue strapping qualities extra mile to feminize herself a manner is only farsighted arctura’s can do . Typically grow some hair and cascading tresses lightning her looks plucking tweezing bleaching . Protrusive forehead made all the more pronounced biconcave third eye space dramatic cheekbones small nose flaring nostrils khrist nasal foulds thin lips strong jet in the jaw extreme features . Chiseled countenance even a masculine or handsome heir takes pains to compensate thinning or brow plumping her lips cosmetically feminizing appearance . Large squared shoulders powerfully muscular arms wears draped rather fitted than fitted styles things that hang from her frame further contributing to goddess like look long column dresses. Also styles offset short waist enhancing greatest feature or endlessly long legs showing them off to maximum effect exposing fair amount of skin Natural brand of beauty fresh and wildly foreboding signs horses symbol bodies streamlined typically small breasts mere afterthought barely masking pronounced pectorals sleek torso tapered slim shimmering Savage ruled flanks flat behind Elvis why pusse appear small in shy in comparison under Harry if only due to wax. Appearance all important who knows that her body is the best advertisement she does the long range Centaur leaves no stone unturned in making herself over in likeness of a pampered Queen Fit for a King

having foresight being born under jupiter’s limitless power sachse’s beyond obstacles successfully targets Ames sexual or otherwise. The rub is that she goes too far in putting herself out there and is not always up for the emotional challenge fulfilling the role of iconic maven. Result in a disconnect of sorts styling herself as a towering luminary simultaneously retreats into a little girl personality tempt us like the logical self protection against lofty expectation She instills in others

407 archetype myth junoesque draws on Queen archetype glamorous goddess prima diva demanding of her mate like her a goddess of wives and matrilineal tradition she demands respect dignity for her womanhood Hera is no warrior or huntress her power is blinding glory causes to resist to lose his sight when he sides with her against her similarly doesn’t like to be challenged or told she’s wrong especially despises Zeus this is air dionisis just as she is protective of the power she wields in male dominated society

Such dichotomy often interpreted by men as girl can’t help it sort of thing other women think her guilelessness is phony Self motivated manipulation . When it comes to appearances she can overshoot her mark styling as a big-time gal seeking to leave behind humble underdog origins never quite escapes horsey signs hayseed roots. She can be too obvious pranking herself that is dressing for show them at manner that telegraphs desired goals. Determined to become chairwoman of the board shield on the most conservative garb and get the most teased and sprayed hairdo. Wants to be seen as fashionable shell support and on the nose replica of what Vogue laid out in its pages. In youth she inherently seeks praise might be consummate junior beauty pageant contestant bags or parents rather than pushed by them to compete. Yearns to dazzle notoriously drawn sparkling sequence exaggerated styles ultra bright colors. Not assign representative of the best in life but the most. If it’s new and expensive shall take two period seems not to have and understated bone in her body nor a sedate item clothing in her closet gaudy goddess

often catapulted into top professional positions pole vault over competition Because she looks the part she is actually push herself there the giggly girl act isn’t really an act at all but a reaction to her realization she’s the most power hungry and ruthless woman Of any sign. She doesn’t want to be seen as a ***** because she feels bad that she often is one so she pours on the sugar on them or. With a man especially she strikes a harmless passive pose subconsciously seeking to counteract imperialist purposes. She tilts her head when she talks going and I in agreement while she listens her infamously whinnying voice war bling and catching with apparent enthusiasm and excitement . She makes a point of touching a guy on chatting with him running her hand reassuringly outright flirtatiously up and down his arm stroking a person whilst she metaphorically does likewise in this way she suggests availability utter presence in the moment which of course she hardly is. She is spinning further and further into the future gauging her current actions and behavior how they might impact her ambitions knowing that listening attentively or seeming to while looking attractive is how to win friends and influence people obvious two in her body language which amounts Two squirming crossing and uncrossing legs projecting excitable persona . I’m not optimistic Jupiter most convincing yes moment in business we call life . Never shoots an idea down always makes others feel they can do anything they set their mind to a kind of appreciative person one once as a friend society fundraiser chief financial officer or steady sex partner. One look in her eyes and all is right with the world smiling beguiling radiance blinds a man not only to any fears he might have but any flaws she might possess

408 Bible literature book of Ruth name means friend partner the text outlines ancient marriage laws and customs like those concerning Hera Juno the ride of godiva female Centaur blinding peeping Tom ballad of Thomas the rhymer a retelling of Hera blinding Therese IAS . Tom given same shamanistic vision. Charlots Charlotte brontes Jane Eyre air here here are a woman struggling against societal prejudice ends up with a blinded man The over theme of sad Jane Austen Is courtship and marriage Virginia Woolf some Ginny from the waves is Juno potty diva


The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 595-600. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

Typos happen. I don’t have a proofreader. And I like to just write, post and go!
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Sagittarius Man Redux

Leo 1° (July 21)

au naturale.

Has sturdy stiff torso forever pulling muscles injuring himself evidenced by fashion accessories as splints crutches slings may explain why he always seemed to be long lending limbering up formal of settings in the most formal of settings and natural hardbody bulbous knotted muscles rounded well defined pecs stomach easily shape into neat 6 pack . Despite overall mighty musculature to steal files that stand out extending two fierce undented flanks rock solid rear visibly ripped beneath trousers becoming the seat of much of the desire he insights in a woman indeed most cerebral E transcendent female thinking herself immune to such appearances may find her loins surging with one glance of his hindquarters . Those this stallion hasn’t cornered the market on magnitude in the penus Department is overall athleticism suggested tireless roll in the hay. Any supposition would be absolutely right. Unparalleled stamina and staying power bucking Bronco can kick it all night long hardly needing to slow down or beg off considering his peerless perpetual thrust ability one might actually be thankful his not hung like a horse of course there are plenty of downsides to being labeled womankind’s mindless lay but for the whole of his youth much into adulthood he doesn’t see any downside instead prime occupation is finding a female who will approach sex the same way he does as an electrifying journey with no possible path to pleasure going unexplored

386 sex and sexuality Incredible luck with the ladies from the moment he has a libido he has ample opportunity to act on it . As an adolescent athleticism makes him a hero and a heartthrob to oram only raging girls to whom he appeals on that visceral level all through teens and 20s also more than his fair share of wild oats. Sex is another activity that offers him signature sought after thrills and he can become addictive in this behavior particularly in his desire to experience the ecstasy of climax . If Serge isn’t having sex he’s thinking of it or frequently the case enjoying it all by himself of all males he is the most masturbatory well not as a quick means to an end but almost elaborate processional of pleasure . When involved in sexual relationships or dating he will still enjoy his own and nastic practice period to his mind this Dionysus can be as significant as quality when it comes to the erotic experience quantity can be as significant as quality any sex is good sex but he wants to experience it with women sometimes men to have every size shape dissent disposition for him his own brand of looks blatant virility and meet with widespread appreciation more than most his personality type of men about women About whom women fantasize a charismatic yet carefree character naturally at the athletic but a bit messy and rough around the edges in the Savage world of sexual conquests he is considered big game and though he often fulfills a woman’s wild imaginings females my choose to relegate such a man to the realm of fantasy or a one off escapade opting for more docile down to earth guy as a long term partner

387 body rulership thighs hips buttocks sciatic nerve Jupiter rules pituitary gland control and growth and the liver cleans the blood of toxins some common sagit fiction include sciatica and rheumatism

Despite desire for variety of sexual partners he looks for an alchemist permanent relationship once all such oats are sown. Six major merger with woman who must be willing to utterly join him with him . Typically shops for ideal mate amongst population of model worthy why not he figures and yet it is a sense of humor an insouciant jovial nature that he’ll prize more than beauty still savages turned on by glamour proud to be carting around an awe inspiring beauty that other men uncle. The Archer rarely at a loss for dates starts shooting higher and higher in his attempt to score a relationship thriving on the challenge and thrill that such romantically lofty pursuits provide . Often a flamboyance or even fame that he finds most attractive in a mate not because he is a status seeker per se but because such an Association suggests excitement. Notoriety particularly global variety is an attribute of his ruling big daddy planet Jupiter just another expression of his expansive nature more is more bigger is better . By the same token he doesn’t deal in trifling casual relationships he either sleeps with someone and moves right along sending the occasional maintenance postcard Judy later decide to talk again at that port or he seeks to fold a woman completely into his life like some large conglomerate swallowing up a smaller vital enterprise

to be with him long term a woman must realize that resistance to being absorbed in his imaginative vision is futile this rare willing woman stumbles upon Might already embrace her own soaring view of existence though he is typically drawn to someone for whom he can unlock that sort of thing the doors of perception exposing a more insular partner to his particular brand of wide eyed optimism . Irony is that Sachs mate must be so confident as to never feel threatened by his need to perform such a spiritual makeover. He rarely tries to change her external qualities or superficial aspects nonetheless one might notice to rather market alteration in The Archers mate appearance as he begins to rub off on her for like Dionysus the Liberator Savage wants to feel wants to free a woman subliminal self of all psychological and emotional limitations after all someone as expensive as he is requires an equally brilliant penalty if not outright elastic partner in his zeal he ends up turning his woman into a female version of himself Woody Allen’s Louise leseur Diane Keaton Mia Farrow Sinatra era garden Joe DiMaggio Marilyn Monroe Kenneth brannagh Emma Thompson Ben Stiller Christine Taylor Benjamin bratt Talia Soto Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt what he wants is to rescue a woman from the mire of mediocrity especially resulting in other fear or societal convention . He hopes to expand her outward horizons while wildly widening her internal scope self revelation belanda live experience Savage male vantage point. Ironically he imagines the simplest way first level to achieve this is to model himself herself on him

James thurber my world and welcome to it sums up his attitude toward love relationships let alone in general. Plus a significant other enters into his experience never vice versa yet his perception of existence is so expensive and imaginative that a partner need never feel constrained or restricted playing by his freeform rules where a Scorpio man native 8 how sleep 6 two North kotyza mate saage dreams and visions wants to be on the same trip with her meld with her completely as possible on a super conscious level. The signs Association with collective mind is ironically nowhere more vividly illustrated than in his most intimate relationships one of the zodiacs for immutable science Sachs particular brand of synthesizing life’s inherent opposing forces is Fusion to him one and one makes 1 yet at the same time Savage and his true love together create something greater than the sum of their two individual parts

the love relationship takes on a life of its own and embodiment of trademark tertiary perspective almost can’t help but look at himself in a lover from the outside third party viewpoint a tendency that manifests as over romanticizing little wonder romantic poets are described as tapping into the Dionysus and sagittarian men in bodies of heightened sense of reality experience itself relationships included become inspirited magical child to be both nurtured and celebrated . No man is more the type to commemorate love bonds with over the top overtures showering with gifts whisking off to surprise excursions trademark displays scattering the blue blob with rose petals etc etc to solemnize the sexual experience. One detrimental dynamic of being the zodiacs son of Jupiter is inability to perceive experience from any other perspective than the Archer signature wide angle remove like some Mr. Big businessmen swinging a major merger such acquires a mate a move he can’t just subconsciously sees as contributing to his company’s growth . As well his outsize ego convinced any woman would benefit from Association. Focus aimed at burgeoning strength of their consolidation rather than intimate individual needs as experienced privately from the inside of the bond period to be fair sache similarly unconcerned with what he considers the minus show his own life he rarely stops to analyze little and heal any psychological or emotional rift who might harbor. Naturally harness is tremendous energy for use in targeting loftier aspirations. Expects me to do likewise. Never wallow keep riding the camero of life. For all the stops starts and stabs his opposite opposite access sign of Gemini makes and tapping power positive thinking Sagittarius men often can’t seem to turn it off. For that reason many would be partners feel he doesn’t deal with his internal issues enough. Hard to sustain healthy relationships. These doubters misunderstand that satch copes with even his intrinsic struggles by letting them run as rampant as wildfire until such time as they simply burn themselves out.

Unleashing his energy is a prime leitmotiv along with extreme sports and ventures in journeying RWT sex is one area where Centaur let’s go no Mail is more band and approached than he enviable enviably free of inhibitions and insecurities. Even those with physical shortcomings will possess that much more irresistible aplomb as compensation. He embodies the notion that in letting go sexually one rides out foibles and failings. Such as free from both the satisfying urges of the fires on areas as well as a compulsion to please which plagues many men because such is beyond Even so blatant duality as the vividly described beast with two backs inherently unconcerned with either his own pleasure per site or that of a partner he made more fully meld with the experience of the session sexual act than anyone male or female . Sex by nature is ecstatic yet especially for men sustaining this rapturous state presents a challenge . But not for sagg blessed with the ability to become one with the carnal act despite pressing tension of ensuing orgasm he can relax all the more into peeking pleasure and plateau for quite awhile without popping his cork period meanwhile his lover reaps the obvious benefits it is often said that sex with a sagittarian is in a word superlative sometimes though not always Without knowing it his signature surrender to the experience allows a woman To take the battle for giving the pun and running with it

389 as such wants to free a woman he loves from status quo so too does he seek to liberate her from sexual inhibitions Nothing arouses him more then woman giving herself over to Saks. From his third party perspective he sees the two of them his lover himself as one whole a chimeric being composed of ballot female parts the he man sexual libertine come Liberator provided proverbial key to opening a woman to the full extent of erotic experience. He is the one Manley identifies with the sublime principle pleasure within a woman something he feels uniquely qualified to access and drive to new unlimited Heights. He seems to surrender his own pleasure for the sake of increasing that of his partner. Myth of turisas comes into play this devotee of Dionysus a human kamerik priest priestess of archetypal new God is famed for his revelations on rational sexuality. Argument between Zeus and Hera he sides with her oh he sides with him that women have better time so she blinded him Athena gave him second sight indeed such personifies tracy’s perspective combining objective masculine thought with an unparalleled empathy for female feeling the sign portrays this paradoxical battle from a third party perspective like the second sided second sex teresa’s looks at life from both sides at once

if anybody is going to have a mirror honest ceiling it’s the Archer sign symbol would have it naturally removed from the effects of the swift shaft he shooting. This is the rub making love to a satch’s present and penetrating as his pounding maybe there is a sense that he is somewhere else undergoing an out of body experience. Like Dionysus he might represent the principles of disorder frenzy orgiastic ecstasy but like that male God he often himself will be blase as can be. Even when in the extreme throes of sexual rapture his partner might sense that Sacha somehow in the role of observer wearing an almost voyeuristic smile no matter how active apart he is obviously taking part in . Mirror mirror or no he sees himself from a sort of aerial view working his mind’s eye it becoming a screen worthy sex symbol of not providing one long continuous money shop. As not to his Dionysus an Association with the Vine his conduct is spontaneous twisted he is notorious for coming at a woman Every which way often to climactic results. So too does he embody that which women find most lacking in other men and need to cling an entire himself which he does with passion and persistence. He is random in his sexual manner everything goes everywhere with no predicting worse fingers tongue happiness mud next alight. Typically he’s a legs and ask man Hurt its sometimes generating little more excitement than his own. Weather for this year love of this area or because it represents that much more which is taboo like that of his neighbor Scorpio he tends to push the envelope on the endless X more than most . For many women It represents a major milestone a possibility that insights is expensive nature all the more. He relishes seeing lover reach set limits in hopes that she’ll beg him to do something he had originally considered she originally considered outrageous. If he is to be continually fulfilled she must in effect become more hedonistic if not outright raunchier and her approach to sex and indeed to life everyday sad man proves his theory that transcendence is achieved through a sense of abandoned. Little wonder he can be addicted to sex and activity in which there is always a new act to encounter a new opportunity to let down one’s guard.

Saage like sex to be 1 long cool longannet I’m cool on tone but always with A twist quite simply kinky by nature. Like ston rap physical body around a woman giving her sense that he is omnipresent as you see himself seeks to infiltrate every corner of her psychological being. Explorer of fantasies driven to uncover desires that may lie dormant in lovers mind. Employee erotic play lately entertaining partner in pointed directions on route to piquing curiosity and making carnal inroads. Being zodiacs chimera means mixing macci in temperament and behavior quality get that quality that may manifest as simple swapping of undies poor progress more elaborately to role reversal swinging full on group sets if any guy will welcome his wife or lover strapping on a ***** and giving him what for it will be sad man who enjoys that axe topsy turvey essence. His famous third party perspective means he’s very much into three sums whereas many signs might welcome an occasional third wheel rolling into bed he or she shares with a partner such tends to be that we’ll himself tired of just eating his own tail believe as he would if he could happily careening into the lives of couples looking to round out their sex lives. He loves to step In sizable reputation and staying power and to to please a woman With a proper pummeling not the notion Not only the notion of the sex starved sex starved woman begging for release but also the humiliation being directed at her lesser lacking husband or boyfriend erotic sadistic cord. If everyone involved is so inclined he may even take things to her infamous step further topping the other guy and thus satisfying and shaming this fellow in the face of his woman. Such is his seat of power to prove how much more superhuman he is than the next guy and then be gone. For better or worse in a purely sexual contact he is rarely inspired to revisit the same experience. For him once is usually enough. Satch fancies himself the quintessential gigolo. Hiring a paid escort one might hope he turns out to be a Sagittarius built to deliver that much more bang for the Buck. As a sexual persona he is at once breathtakingly masculine and radically open minded allowing for endless possibilities . As a rule such is not so much bisexual as use pansexual regardless of whether he self identifies as straight or gay the Archer is most at ease and intimate company about their men by nature he embodies a sense of homoerotic totally stepan Uber muscular masculine experience the straightest of centaurs is so confident in his masculinity’s hostility’s so never feel threatened by or phobic about the gay world in signature twist he is rather more like most women in regard to same sex relationships platonic or not bonds with other men are naturally strong and intimate. He’s not want to subscribe to the same sex double standard many men spouse that sex between women is natural erotic that shouldn’t necessarily to be fun to be defined as lesbian while even a subtext of attraction between men signifies weakness or revulsion . Such man Tends to apply the former vision of girl and girl sexuality sexuality to the world of men as well intimate relationships with other guy whether sexual or not seen as an expression of merit male empowerment just as lesbianism powers the feminist movement period from adolescents tadjik inhibits testosterone themed world being consummate rough and tumble boy thrusting himself into masculine experience he forms infamous crushes on older males gratefully playing batboy or other such subtly insinuating roles where his hero worship can be put to constructive use the Archer boy aims to please those Giants in his midst and will be witnessed too in an intimate or intimate or an initiate in such passing homosexual fancies that invariably arise among hormonally charged older adolescents he arrived he idolizes such erotic play is part and parcel of many a secret Society of this age when such acts are shrugged off as antidote to blue balls an interim release on the way to consistently scoring with females. Sharing with someone older males he admires sets him up for a feeling psychologically superior to boys is an inch later as a straight man this experience breeds in him a sense of absolute ease amongst meal male peers as if he alone has passed through some clandestine rite of passage he may maintain in anything goes attitude toward sex all his life one that includes bisexual activity is no big deal this explains why so many such guys enter long term relationships with bisexual women since as a couple they can swing any which way. As a gay men such as masculine sheep boyhood 10 some lends him an elevated sense of status amongst his peers typically fabled straight looking and acting stud many are hopeful homero is seeking to hook up with period he is almost pathologically now. Other fire signs he may be a consummate top and yet unlike those characters he is drawn to ethereal pretty voice if not outright Femi men for mates ironically of all the gay men is hodiak sagg hands down the most misogynistic . As if taking his science astrological alignment with patriarchal experience all too literally in his gay world women are anathema he finds femininity he may need in the core chistery serious he seeks to sexually befriend. Like straight counterpart gay center pushes a lover to limits attraction to docile demure if not obviously straight lead and straight laced lads where his grand fantasy begins. His combined romantic and sexual needs are complex like wild stallion For whom presence of gelding is a calming influence are pretty submissive fellow tends to soothe his soul. Other aggressive types like him pose a challenge firing up dynamic reserved for Sachs sporting or other physical endeavors. Indeed gay satchel typically enjoy a large group of like minded mostly straight but friends but these rugged lads are rarely the type he seeks to main besides being a calming influence the coys somewhat specified partner he goes for should be submissive enough to make him feel overpowering within their sexual exchange it’s a fine line sagg needs lover who will take whatever he dishes out though not so bottomless said there would be no stimulating struggle to cope with demands he might make.

Just as women praise straight Centaur gay men will spell swear that their best sexual experiences with him. In signature fashion trysts rarely proceed beyond one night standsmainly because it is so difficult for the Archer to pinpoint perfect partner who will be eternally hard pressed to enjoy this surpassing erotic experience he is known to deliver. Perfect sex to his mind should always involve being considered too much manifestation of his quantitative jupiterian rule taking a lover to the limit might include exposing him to more out their world of gay life bringing him on excursions through the feral landscape of group parties afterhours clubs inviting other dominant character to fully explore if not exploit lovers ever expanding submissive side still amid what might be considered spiraling chaos of depravity than nobly Savage center never seems to lose his full name something that cannot always be said about his partner and such will inevitably be there to catch . This is part of the thrill for saj to bring his lover to the edge even pushing over it and then fulfill his ultimate dionysian role not only as orji master but as savior as well relationships and indeed sex itself with the sagittarian men are in effect one big long trust exercise he is a trip and he knows it one night spent with this extraordinary being proves him capable of offering the kind of wild abandoned ride to which no other man can hold a candle

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 591-595. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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Sagittarius Man Revisited

Leo 0° (July 20)

Zodiacs libertarian Free Wheeling extremist nobody lives larger

forever shaking up codes and moreys colors outside the lines succeeds by taking risks

naturally expensive , embodies sense of abandon, emancipating situations from restraint of small mindedness , resetting standards and ushering in new orders

can be excessive in attitude and behavior living adage think big and be big

a born citizen of the world his oyster and approaches experience with easy exuberance

if not outright exultation. May appear reckless out of control which to him is a natural state where he feels securely composed.

Static circumstances however send him off the rails.

In love wildly romantic and effusive emotions manifest in heightened manner

displays of affection over the top

physically drawn 2 perfect 10s never shrinks from making a play for glamazons

exudes untamed energy renegade charm strapping physique a sought after heartthrob

wants playmate in female partner who will share optimistic vision Of life’s great adventure

with men He’s a big player settling down Only with someone who possesses extraordinary looks personality an open mind


378 principle DionysianPrinciple of expansion ecstasy exultation optimism combines the Apple linnean with the catonian Paints civilization with a wildly natural brush . Romanticism in a nutshell allowing an unfettered stream of consciousness to take form. Motto is I see or I understand a nod to psychedelic vision of life another is we think signaling forays into collective consciousness

Sign and mind Saage ruled by Jupiter King of the gods representing the principle of expansion Sagg male experience hinged on Need for growth optimism in the literal sense excess’s might give rise to X ecstasy and thus discernment and knowing when enough is enough 3rd sign 3rd quadrant synthesis of the energy of the two signs preceding it Libra apollonian World of conscious civilized place of light reason order BD Scorpio catonian subterranean view of existence dark mysterious environments emphasizing unseen workings nature unconscious mutable Sagittarius asserts these are not mutually exclusive the world is all good just in light ignore is it shadow pessimism but extending beyond this duality human civilization nature form of chimera shapeshifting mythical creature symbolic of cyclical nature of existence incorporates opposites into an endless wheel of alternating experience fittingly chimera is defined as a reverie or a Daydream just as it is scientifically describes an Organism of both sexes all these meanings are embodied in the Sagittarius male

such personifies Dionysus in principle chimeric amalgam of apollonian cantonian Think of a tree meant to symbolize classical columns order consonants then consider the roots representative of the unseen catonian subterranean jumble the dionisis die nation is a Malcolm God of the Vine the rootsy hodgepodge but now above ground in the scene world taking its tendrils into trees and columns for support apt metaphor for the way such area now lives his life takes what this heretofore hidden repressed wild taboo and expose it holding it up to a new model civilization As a new model reflects the Savage interior of the natural world. Nietzsche associates romanticism with the Dionysus a movement that evoked subconscious wilderness praised forms in nature because it sought to establish itself in the formal world without art philosophy music architecture romanticism wrapped itself around the domains that were already clearly established as apollonian

379 Planet symbol the 1st letter of the name of Zeus like the glyph of Sagittarius itself topyx human evolution by the mind the Crescent as an extension of the cross symbol of the material plain mirrors the 9th house rule of lessons learned through physical experience of living such terrian man embodies jupiterian sense of adventure… also … quadron 3rd clochette Sagittarius importance is placed the superconscious mind and the imagination seeks to expand beyond dualism neither the cockeyed optimism nor the dour pessimism sad rises above the fray and joyfully participates in the sorrows of life

the the internal function of sagittarian energies to manifest a new Grapevine of communication by winding wild fresh natural expression around existing mainstays of society in a nutshell sash man is a maverick the consummate freethinker shakes up and reshapes the pillars of civilization from the inside as opposed to some subversive outsider seeking to topple them . Just as wild Dionysus is earmarked to inherit Zeus is thrown Such is no way seditious tored mainstream society rather he feels himself air to it such entitled astrologically too worldly influence once he has it in his great grips he hopes to expand the collective mind something that falls under sagittarian rule of the ninth astrological house by bringing nature back into the mix this is the very spirit that gave rise to romanticism transcendentalism the beat movement rock and roll genres that tap and then channel seemingly random energies of nature and subconscious into single stream of consciousness there’s still formal expression . Mythology mirrors this Dionysus in effect the reincarnated Zeus born from his father’s thigh is an anomaly a half mortal male nature God winning a coveted seat on Olympus. As the 13th he is the last God to enter the pantheon Where there is only room for 12 thus signaling a new beginning some variations on the story have it that hestia gave up her throne to him the orgiastic rustic God of wine and so called disorder he is indeed nature as male a new twist certainly signifying among other things a patriarchal usurpation over even this most divinely feminine of realms . Zeus has already taken on the function of mother living breathing personification Of the Dionysus spirit Sagittarius male personifies the heretofore freeform catonian female made manifest in the directive apollonian male the wild beast come human Archer embodied as the Centaur like a leafy Vine he runs rampant upon the ramparts of civilization It’s restraint at once signaling its ruin and veneration all the while marrying what man made to natural landscape art science ideology indeed all that is deemed societal progress back to nature himself

Just as there is inherent method to his madness Dionysus that is sad is likewise not a sign of disorder but rather of a new order when abstract expressionism jazz equally improvisational musings of the beat writers and poets first came onto the scene they seemed erratic frenzied crazed yet once taken hold these movements revealed themselves as valid forms meant to express life’s underlying realities Sagittarius male personifies seemingly wild random energy only the luxury of time tells us isn’t as seamless as it seems from the outset as the only immutable fire sign of the Zodiac saage blazes his way through life untamed by existing rules or limits

380 sign glyph arrow of inspiration fired from the material cross sigil of the centaurs Wizards shamans also great magnets or great ones sacred brothers of Zeus Jupiter they were magical shape shifters half horse half man Figure being a preferred form after all if guy could choose what to be below the waist horselike isn’t so bad an option… also… element quality massage best described as lightning the power of Supreme gods like Zeus Jupiter his force represents both sad chasity and aggrandizement ecstatic states of consciousness as might appeal to the shamanistic sache

his birthright to break on through to the other side imposed restrictions the confines of overly conditioned mind. In astrology fire symbolizes life spirit mutability versatility and adaptability such as the diagnosing Vine adapting its life force that which it climbs and covers likewise sagg exhibits the qualities of lightning variable atmospheric substance of fire that fittingly wraps itself Vine like around trees and columns in a flash is very simple of omnipotence there’s a special weapon the spectacle of which caused the death of Dionysus is mother Mrs citated him being born twice ultimately delivered from the thy womb of his father such man embodies such ravished exaltation That chimeric flight of fancy related to the world is an all powerful being for whom there are no impediments attaining his wild dreams the 9th astrological house is among a slew of things one of aspiration the higher or super conscious mind as well as inspiration dreams visions and the need to experience life beyond commonplace limits House of exultation a state of which sauges the continual throws he is out there both in thought and inaction life on a grand scale weather in business travel sports higher minded philosophical or religious or shamanistic pursuits

perhaps most poignant expression of centaurs mutable fire mix one that combines all isolated musings on his psyche is the interpretation of him as a shapeshifter as anyone acquainted with him will admit this guy is a self styled zelig continually lost in as many glamorous identity’s. Fame soge impostor astronauta Waldo tomorrow did in real life the Archer man can in a flash re imagined himself making enormous changes to his lifestyle embarking on incredible journeys real or imagined stunning supposed intimates who are often left in the UN settling dust one never knows when where sagg might reappear or as whom he is that freely expressive also contains the collective conscious plus all brands of big business and global Commerce. Sweeping level that such men live little wonder his son is associated with the age group 56 to 63 good old boy years when a man is at peak of power and influence nothing to either prove or lose. Sagen bodies aplomb all his life you can only relate to the world as an omnipotent spirit might on a grand scale struggling with his intimate Association like a farsighted tailor unable to focus on fabric of life at hand Sagittarius symbolized the Sagittarius Archer symbol represents man’s proclivity for projecting yourself out there in a distant temporarily temporally and spatially he lives life armed with a metaphoric bow and arrow necessitates that he hold on tightly to far reaching dreams and visions also let go lightly of close relationships needing to be sacrificed to avoid such a aims sorry to achieve such aims connections are made on the broadest of levels whether it’s his knack for looking into powerful global networks or talent for tapping into collective conscious his creative pursuits either way he is endowed with a sense of omniscience apley signs tomatoes are I understand and we think

381 polarity the personification of the male fire spirits the Ginny the genie genius meaning inherited paternal spirit fits the archetypal pattern of Zeus giving birth to Dionysus who thus inherit Supreme masculine power … also… #9 the term stems from the magi like the CR seers OK it’s the magic number magi Sears who predicted Christ birth naturally had gestation of nine months also related to the realm of imagination 9 always reduces to itself whatever the number it is multiplied by say 2 that number 18 always adds back to 9

Of all mails he is the most readily accepted by other guys assumed to be a real man’s man perennial first boy picked for basketball he easily infiltrates inner sweat lodge circles of all male societies through such male associations he feels comforted validated most importantly glorified. Signature sagittarian dynamic sees him being recognized for whatever his particular talent elite group of males finally group of mouse in general top dogs in such as chosen field or create arena who acknowledges transcendent genius indeed the term genius is never applied lightly here originally the word was meant to mean a spirit of paternal ancestry a genie or gin Thus shapeshifting fire spirit of patriarchal inheritance indeed the Archer entrees in life always seen To stem from the top sad shoots by any and all interim steps on his way to success

twisty turny life of such Mail like Zeus onto Dionysus Savage man’s dad is a warm and fuzzy nurturing near maternal figure while his mother is Nick spent expectant authoritative fatherly disciplinarian. First and foremost satch is his father’s son A miniature version of him showers with an abundance of affection. Sauges rather more measured with his mother who feels compelled to please . Dad is an old softy fun and games nonetheless busy often absent character caught up in whirlwind of travel and heavy scheduling associated generally with a creative glamorous or even frivolous karere. Downtimes however sad goes for his father goes and does for his father does as he matures finds himself happily folded as an honor honorary member into whatever network of comrades his father fosters happily plays the sports his dad plays absorbs the hobbies his father espouses and will often wish to emulate his dad by embarking on the same or similar karere or one that his father failed to pursue. So just dad and stills and in him the importance of following one’s dreams. Mom however has strict vision of sons agenda typically until serious academic or business endeavors she uses her husband’s shortcomings as a guidebook of what not to do. As the result wanting to line with father and please his mother simultaneously he arrives strives to do it all

382 age Association 56 to 63 magneet age of the magneta word derived from magnete which means great one synonym for a Centaur such bonds acceptance in big boy networks personifying the qualities of that age he exudes sense of related entitlement relaxed entitlement acquisition perceiving the world as AM master of all he surveys… psychology… sad can be reckless feeling overoptimistic jupiters expensive energy difficulty with commitment Fidelity lust for experience calls the shots maybe wildly experimental with drugs and sexual activity perhaps inviting danger he has difficulty recognizing the limits of mortality considering himself more than mere flesh and blood

Not a dabbler like renaissance Libra hands in many pots sache outshine others in all undertakings president of student body captain with sports team play lead roles in plays valedictorian of graduating class. Saage learns to rap what he perceives as the needs of both his parents into a single notice a skill he will eventually hone without having to hit somebody based his reaches maturity one particular way he might kill two parental birds is success of his father in the same or similar field to such an extent that his mother cannot find fault . He begins to divide a tertiary path where he can tread all encompassing chimeric visions of his future whereby continual have his cake eat it too. He does both what comes naturally satisfying catonian desires and makes so huge a mark on the world as to fill fill any civilized apollonian agenda the center character in fact is perfect symbol of sauges combined wild nature with human ingenuity on a mundane level sad assumed to have it all as well Braun an brains. Still it’s that now he has for coming up with 3rd way solutions resolutions that win some points with other people particularly in professional life he gains reputation as an answer man or Wizard of sorts one who invents solutions that require no compromise by either side it is a special talent to contrive expanded visions with a third eye on incorporating divergent needs with us the zodiacs shapeshifter becomes all things to all people further fostering in himself as well as others a sense of being omniscient seeing beyond black-and-white duality’s surpassing Gray area of concession such experiences life in living color 9000 dreams and visions his whole life is a wild reverie reality unfolding before him as he is imagining it into being

383archetype in myths adds draws on Supreme God Zeus Jupiter favorite son Dionysus who gave birth to having sound him into thy rescuing him from dying mother the meaning of this Dionysus is cherished by the patriarchy only Olympian Male nature God half mortal Olympic Mail mirroring Sachs own wild nature his disciple to receive this was a shapeshifter who took both male and female form enter Sachs sensual experience experimentation He was blinded by Hera for siding with Zeus in a debate over who male or female has more pleasure in sex he said women In recompense he was given the gift of second sight his sage Ness stems from having looked at life from both sides maybe add that sagg male looks at his own mother as a mere mortal and his father as a God

body and soul the word can’t is not in his vocabulary loses himself in the phantasm of life most adventurous soul risk taker predisposition that results in great personal pay offs or the advent of true peril 9th House of growing through experience Which man of fate which manifests poignantly. He is bound to fling himself into the world gaining insight that thrills and exultation provide mostly adventures are real learns about the reaches of his own human capacity through skydiving mountain climbing in the number of extreme sports . Other sauges embark upon journeys consciousness the whizzkid third eye troubleshooting abilities graduates to position of full fledged shaman seeking to sustain enlightened glimpses into a lifelong visionquest sauges archetypal Zeus is endowed with the power of lightning and passes that baton onto his reign crane coronated self son diagnosis so too do we have sad just personal power stones from a lightening of his own condition freedom to embark upon life as a fantastical journey

literature characters heathcliff Tom Jones huckleberry Finn who’s pen name Mark Twain the point between perfectly illustrates science tertiary third eye perspective. Expression of wildside sense of adventure indulgence characters paradox we end up socially redeemed the quality is evident in such real life sauges as William Blake Jonathan swift CS Lewis Walt Disney Steven Spielberg as well as those who turned to drugs for their ecstatic shamanistic visions Jim Morrison Jimi Hendrix Keith Richards Richard Pryor Billy Idol Greg Allman Dennis Wilson all who arguably tuned in by turning on one way or other satch cwierz release new line Fortunately most seek in the chemical flood of extreme exertion or thrilling adventure rather than in substances. Dreams provide the same alchemical shift to the sides remember life is a dream being on a natural high even which endorphins offer contributes indeed corresponds to sauges males expansive signature sense of immortality . Often remark how scarce Sagittarius men make themselves while we’re scratching our heads and subjects Ashes out there getting lost in audacious reveries when he does make the requisite social appearance he wears a wild faraway expression. As a result often accused of being either shy or Snooty but he’s neither of those just some in Explicable combination of both he hopes to remain unfettered even in the Press of the crowd typically avoiding eye contact mumbling disclaimers otherwise displaying total lack of enthusiasm if approached by small talking stranger. He isn’t a word apprehensive rarely one to mix and mingle such funds arumi corner in which to comfortably flop otherwise keeping his back to the wall as to remain as far from the fray as possible and yet able to take in What’s happening all at once

384 Bible and literature Christ is modeled on Dionysus Christian community is a tamecka way of the wine gods orgiastic rites that’s all worship worship is feast on his torn body both were born of mortal virgins attracted a cult of disenfranchised followers agony and ecstasy a figure into romanticism and beat literature which uses the beatific and the beaten down into one tertiary sagittarian view Mark Twain Gnome to plume the point between Gave us huckleberry Finn a wild romantic like the wine God Tom Jones embodies dynacin excess brontes heathcliff is a male personification of nature the weathering Heights symbolizing superconscious ecstasy achieved by expression of mind and spirit

he exudes a whiff of superiority whether intended or not often literally head and shoulders above the rest even when not tall Hill manifest certain largest any number of areas massive head bulging arms and legs commanding barrel chest out size portions of his anatomy . Regardless of size his body language is best described as sprawling forever standing spread equal a lurching back and forth tennis player awaiting a serve stretching his arms up arching his back sitting with his legs splayed lounging like Dionysus eternally Crouch tapon Couched appan commodius Deus broadsoft expression not too expensive energy planet Jupiter cares presumptuous edge anyone everyone assembled before him present for the sole purpose of providing amusement such indeed a man’s man only with the twisties will see typically attracts a circle of other males to him forever engaging in what appears to be locker room banter delivering asides that result in large bursts of hearty laughter dissolving around him while he is left wearing signature self satisfied smile . Forever sizing up every female within view often based on looks and sex appeal unapologetic Lee dismissive of those that don’t fit his strict albiate closeted chauvinistic criteria women no matter how confident may find themselves reduced to shy schoolgirls in his presence. He seems entitled quality that even his famous brand of self deprecating humor cannot belie

List of sagg includes Billy Connolly Ben Stiller Jon Stewart harpo Marx Rodney Dangerfield Gary shandling James thurber Flip Wilson redfox Buck Henry **** vandyke Tim comedy no coward Richard Pryor Woody Allen Sign of comics humorous satirist’s. Even a nebbishy self put down artist like Woody Allen exudes a definite swagger having coneys to continually cast himself as a romantic lead linked with beautiful and suspiciously younger women. Sagg males embody a similar braggadocio believing themselves worthy of most glamorous loving attractive list of superlatives goes on and on women in the world a native of 9th House of aspiration satch doesn’t simply strive to be sublime he expects it indeed magnificence is assumed in every aspect of life although he tends to be ruggedly handsome even the more looks challenge sauges can be notorious model izers inspiring wonderment issue really going out with him line of inquiry. Meanwhile keeping with his outre planet ruler such is attractive he will be extremely so and he knows it putting this heavy self awareness to Pacific use.

385 More than others such is a woman’s rough and tumble take charge fantasy possesses overt masculinity predatory power natural abandoned make him the consummate stud not he actually boasts such sizable equipment as privets his horsey symbol that it seems is rather hit or miss in one extreme or another . Everything else about this big persona speaks to rousing sexual ride genital apparatus aside he tends to be a big old boy lanky if not gawky large boned and limped. Shoulders are often enviably broad not perfectly squat arms roped with thick muscle manly hands rough and callused regardless of profession adding hail lusty appeal. Topping massive noggin dense shock of thick hair course unruly like a dogs making a flip or feathering action originate Ng from natural middle part separating his eyebrows is a wide flat space his third eye spot made all the more marked by contrast of small doleful puppy eyes slanted beefy almonds. Forehead Bony protruding shape of his face narrowing at the temples sinking deeply chin cheekbones filled out again jaw medisch in nose is often flat but flared about the nostrils lips are full sensuous naturally curled upward corners creating a Joker smile. Generally more gummy than toothy marked by small square spaced out choppers where is slack mouth expression lending him loose peaceful if not panting appearance. Particular penchant for whimsical shows of facial hair soul patches goatees muttonchops a preference for the odd piercing tongue nipple navel elsewhere. Has similarly fencible style of dress overdoing it the color Department being too on the nose but it comes to sporting trends. No matter how gaudy or glitzy his garb he will typically tugged at his clothes as if terribly uncomfortable visible evidence of burning need to be.


The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 586-590. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

Typos happen. I don’t have a proofreader. And I like to just write, post and go!
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Scorpio Woman Redux

Cancer 29° (July 19)

365 body rulership reproductive system genitals bladder urethra anus tendency to gent genital afflictions venereal disease polyps as well as scientists and adenoid trouble Pluto rules regenerative cell growth as well as revitalization of mental faculties

she has her pick of men That M with an arrow sending out yonik signals Scorpio in the most literal sense a screw that to virgos virginal interpretation . Skorpios attitude tord sexuality reflective of age group 49 to 56 time with menopause symbolically menopause another facet of mysterious female sexuality impossible to control the sensation Of the reproductive regenerative force in a woman . Age Association fits skorpios plutonian rule mirroring planets correlation to growth by elimination Diverting of life to the root level. Menopause remains giant mystery to doctors and scientists while the ancients like new age sex see menopause as the onset of the Crone age when a woman’s power to foster physical growth in the womb shifts to develop her own mental and spiritual prowess as proverbial wise woman. when of menopausal age a woman is ruled by her catonian hormones . Scorpio is menopausal all her life pressure naturally mature at an early age her psychology ruled by resigned and fatalistic nature not to mention being notoriously given to mood swings running hot and cold in her interactions. Strictly carnal sense to boot she’s rather blase to words of blinking as if the advent of sex itself were old hat she makes little fuss over the loss of virginity not easily impressed often the opposite by what men might have to offer in the way of physical endowments performance etc it can be off putting enough that scorpios typically unmoved trancelike in any case during sex others still find sex with her to be demoralizing as if she were suppressing a yawn.

Chemistry is a two way St she follows her nose too which explains why there isn’t exactly 1 type of man she goes for she trusts her six cents far more than her eyes Ann appreciates a hot stud when she sees one she’s not a Locust. As an inhabitant of the third quadrant she six a meeting of the minds not so much an intellectual collection connection as a psychic one she needs to get a vibe one in the same chemistry the Heights and depths dynamical Pluto demanding psychic and yonik attraction doesn’t give a fig about shared interests and ideals . She craves unspoken bond on mutual need to utterly merge to become as much one entity as two possibly can. Scorpia doesn’t merely pair up she psychically possesses approaching a partner with a Searchlight and a pickaxe plunging the depths of his personality tap on earth and fully realized talents he has to treasure

365 she feels out and destroys problems and negative habits. Femme fatale nature: whole parts of the man she takes up with must be must simply die . Some men will allow her such powers of execution others eagerly welcome it happy to find a men managerial and mentor inmate. In every culture of death goddesses possessed a cauldron of regeneration one more interpretation of her fixed water status in which male gods or heroes were restored to life anew. Guys that fall for spider lady soon find themselves in a similar Stew. She hopes to stir a man into full possession of himself helping him grow by killing off what might be holding him back. The Scorpio ice Queen Is like a crystal utilized to transform atmospheric energy neutralizing negativity and allowing for more beneficial vibrations. Of course she comes to relationships with nothing to lose and nothing to prove conditioned since childhood to think of herself as a perfect jam . One of her fatal flaws not being able to admit when she’s wrong of bitter pill for her to swallow sometimes loses friendships relationships due to her absolute distaste for humble pie. She is programmed to repeat the role she played growing up settling into relationships early in life anxious to start mining the psyche of some male. She’s that wifey girlfriend who gets her hooks in a guy as early as eighth grade rattling off directive do’s and don’ts coming face to face with Persephone even a young male gets the sense he’s meeting his maker. She is sexually wise beyond her years signals even unwittingly sending out peaking the curiosity of older men as well as boys were age. She may be the one to make the major moves on a boyfriend always has a steady one she could have already deflowered a string of lads before hitting her 20s . Every boy she romantically befriends better for having known her cures their Madonna ***** complexes she demands to be treated like gold yet as a carnal person as well smashing archaic double standards. She does go for Mamas boys she can put up with more macho men than most but he must also possess a brand of emotional deference for women. She is accustomed to sharing the motherly role with her own mother and she quickly bonds to God via dangling apron spring strings in front of him must Lee past the mother to whom he was previously attached

367 just a first in a string of relationships that she puts on ice. What she looks for is potential . Preferring a guy who is slightly underconfident and underdeveloped in understanding his life’s ambitions to one who believes they have it all sewn up. A man with a clearly defined mission presents a problem for her making it difficult to stir ingredients for his success into the pot but the guy with lofty notions who simply lacks the know how is just the right candidate to pop into her cauldron. Once she gets finished with him he’ll be a real catch but woe to any other woman Or any lover who gets too big for his britches she fuels a man’s confidence that he develops a superior attitude and he may hint that he could do better but lookout: she will either release so burning assisting as to reduce him to castrated rubble or old shell launch cold shoulder campaign The likes of which would simply freeze a guy’s balls off she packs more metaphoric muscle than most males

sphinx the burden is always on the man in her life to think fast do her bidding come up with whatever goods she demands but she can ask but he can ask zilch of her she offers nothing to anyone no explanations. Perfect in every way she’s completely beyond reproach her opinions are endlessly forthcoming but even in deep distress she keeps her lip buttoned asking others for help is tantamount to admitting weakness something she cannot do. She’s fine everyone else needs sorting out when it comes to her own career she focuses on internal affairs notoriously creative she cannot be bothered with public opinion Leaving promotion to spin doctors. Like sphinx she doesn’t think she truly does think in metaphor just as her acting talent is characterized by a strong but subtle inner life so too is their poetic mystery in her artistic endeavors songwriters Joni Mitchell Bonnie Raitt Maggie Roche Rickie Lee Jones Sylvia Plath Madame Curie Georgia O’Keeffe Roseanne Whoopi Goldberg Sherry height sign of superficial pop stars scorpios notoriety stems from exploration of depths of human experience she is an unapologetic person Committed to her own callings people be damned impressed not with celebrity her own or anyone elses

368 Same with love and sex one must seek out the sphinx the sphinx isn’t coming after you man happens upon Scorpio woman on her own terms and her home turf he must be prepared to lose himself body and soul a pact with the she devil allowing her full possession. She will do all she can to help him fulfill his every wish but in return He belongs to her . She won’t be used as a stepping stone anyone who tries will find he’s being trampled under foot. Investing in a man full time job for which she feels entitled to be paid . Many sacrificed their own karere untying the knot. Explains why sphynxes with their own creative Collins remained single femme fatales don’t hold down day jobs . Pity the poor fool who tries to throw the self sacrificing Scorpio over anyone will fight tooth and now to take an ungrateful unfaithful spouse to the cleaners you bet it’s our deadly little Persephone with her secret weapon Of warring Mars energy.

Of course in best circumstances this inherent aggression Has its perks sex is one activity that taps into her hidden fire despite her blase femme fatale facade she burns for sexual contact urgency made all the more icon ironic by her unruffled unapologetic tone. If anyone were to force a guy to go down on her in a cab it’s in your face scorp she is most uninhibited when it comes to making love unlike the ram she isn’t exclusively focused on the physical act rather she’s inclined to **** with the guys brain As she is with more evidente organs . Notoriously experimental especially in early stages of the relationship she knows how to wow guy fastening him via fascination psychic hold . She’s a real tease that girl who play Footsie with the guys crotch under the table groping even briefly going down on him offering blatant titillation to stay emotionally connected . She is no way precious about sex she may be Machiavellian in its usage employing it as means to an end. since she emotionally invests so much so quickly she may use sex as a safeguard to seal the deal she pours it on in bed pulling out all stops to ensure she’ll rank among if not be his best

369 fixed water focused feeling combination she seeks to be a man’s obsession a crystallization of his desire primary manner in which she paralyzes her prey. Bidding him be still and just kick back she goes to town pleasuring him battery vax she can be veritable succubus even while he’s asleep practically nothing is gross out as their hands and mouth make their way to places where the sun don’t shine . Enjoys getting to the root of a man’s matter acquainted with hidden areas that serve as G spots. Completely UN squeamish apps to enjoy swallowing indulging in feet or armpits even watersports maybe inbounds. She’s more turned on by the European model of penises than the American one preferring people in their natural state a little messiness in a man Fussy types who wax shaver overly praying won’t last long in her favor she likes to wet up and otherwise soak the sheets aroused by healthy body odor musky scents she will forgo showering post sex even swapping undies to keep excitement going through the day

oral skills put pornstar to shame naturally equipped Deep Throat greedily gobbles accommodate jumbo size . Though may take her time to climax her eventual explosion could be so extreme to knock her unconscious . Not typically bendy sex is not acrobatic rather her version of groovy eastly getting into a study staccato rhythm it is the sign of sex after all and the serpent’s one of its symbols a tantrik thought female serpent kundalini is said to be coiled around the lowest chakra that of the pelvis more tantric even then Virgo woman Scorpio naturally knows how to wake the snake inside her breathing during sex working in synchronicity with the muscles of her vagina accounting for any delay an orgasm as she let’s it come rather than forcing it to happen. She becomes one with the sex act put her translate state . Not heavy in the least the bedroom is one place where she doesn’t play mind games barely uttering a word to her lover though she may make great deal with primal guttural sounds losing herself completely in sexual frenzy. She doesn’t always know her own strength he needs to be a sturdy fellow with great deal staying power she requires long hard ride quickie dickies need not apply she seeks a real slow Joe with no place to go requires her daily dose of it indeed Scorpio hallways looks as if she’s just had a good romp her disheveled lips swollen chafed gate bit stiff soreness appetite forever Hardy few women benefit as readily from the actual physical shift that sexual release brings she’s famous for wearing a look of just fucked freshness

370 Of all women most into **** inherent naughtiness in the act wanted to be more advanced shock more prudish people women. Variety spice of life shopping for ****** as well as lace doyleys a toy or two stashed in her undie drawer reach new Heights by down and dirty means like male counterpart we sadistic streak great pleasure rendering a man helpless torturing him tickling disciplinary fantasies fit her psychological bill in slaving a submissive man seeing him grovel for sexual attention Saddle soaping her leather unmentionables need for control rarely manifest in such an extreme manner however. She does like to be the boss in bed telling him where to touch lick nibble penetrate into what time it never the docile damn soul feigning innocence or ignorance. She is authoritative but she’s hardly the jealous type relationships probably open and forgiving of lovers who go astray sex is sex not something to get morally hung up on She doesn’t discuss her own sideline activities however on occasion she may be amenable to another woman joining in A hapless third used like a toy for their enjoyment scorpius Layton sadism seeps out subconsciously punish the other woman for simply being there

pretty women Turn Scorpio women on the latent masculine masculine Mars energy inspires klidi **** *** for Dewey face natural beauties gay or straight spider women have a sapphic side sometimes anchored bye the effect women have on her since when faced with the hottest stud imaginable she hardly bets my period she doesn’t like being taken unawares to mask any flustered feelings she overcompensates acting all the more superior immediately taking the power position. When she does actually identify as a lesbian she is notoriously mysterious about it she may not be a big believer in heart and hard and fast labels. Drawn to wholesome girls next door adopts a worldly wise demeanor trying to appeal as mentor and mother the girliest girls have the greatest appeal round little dumpling ingenues fresh daisies sweep to pluck scrappier looks educate a lovely Rita Lee drawing out her sexy instincts that might be lurking beneath the surface of a spotless psyche

371 she plays sophisticated seduces wide eyed beauty seems innocent enough at first she may begin with an invitation to the gym or a beauty treatment or a sleepover swapping stories and pedicures accompanied by cocktails champagne. Soon conversation swings to sex Scorpio grilling her friend on particular erotic history alighting on subjective lesbian contact. Given her instinctual power she’s confident in her gaydar enjoys and covering closet if closeted woman secret sapphic love tales hoping to be the next page or chapter. As a team the gay Scorpio will be out clubbing every night as an adult she steers clear of queer bars finding such an environment to obviously based on sex. She needs to be entering Virgin territory sensing a woman thrills to the experience only as a relative neophyte can appealing to her need for control she takes the woman unironic journey full charge of the proceedings as the zodiacs daughter of Pluto she shows a lover of the ecstatic Heights that might be achieved via depths of sometimes degrading and debauched sexual delights unlike her gay male counterpart she lands herself in a relationship after relationship never long often overlapping liaisons sexually aware any young age she will have had many schoolgirl experiences initiated by older superiors on a sports team or within fuzzy best friend bounds. If anyone to be cheerleader dating the football captain only to be secretly rubbing pompoms with her squadmates ovicide it Scorpio whose youthful lesbian history reads like erotica I’ll be at geared to a male audience she’ll be the first on the block to have engaged in Group fun with members of both sexes having hosted such a soiree while her parents were out of town sex is power to the gay Scorpio girl who talks more prudish femmes in her midst a dynamic that continues throughout adult life as she scratches if not sniffs the surface of another woman’s puritanical standards often working in industries flooded with females typically at the top of the heap where her business is best put to use sorry bossiness is best to use she has a pool of prettiest pick from pets whom shall prep for promotions and Weald power over

371 minus the Butch wardrobe she plays peppermint Patty to a submissive marcie wearing the pantsuit in the relationship whether or not she mixes business with pleasure allowing a work relationship to veer into a sexual one she is imperious with glasses she latches onto slowly but surely putting women through their sexual paces. She uses the element of surprise in the bedroom introducing new techniques and toys push your lover to the edge faster than you can say nipple clamps what may have started with sweet talk and end up far more slap than tickle. Paul scorpios male female gay straight welcome a little pain mixed in with the pleasure for the lesbian spider lady perhaps the most imposing on this score introducing her lover to new levels of excitement she wants to ensure her dominance in calculating a lover to her specific brand of sex she may be far more compulsive about sex than her hetero counterpart because straight Scorpio tends to be substitute procreation for purely sexual experience still gay Scorpio though the dominant female may yield to her maternal instincts she is typically the London long term bonds will choose to give birth in fact gasparilla hopes to wear as many hats as possible in a relationship as breadwinner household boss mother mentor sexual master her partner will have to be the will have to be content with that even worship full following in her wake trying tying up all the loose and attending to life’s little details scorpios hacking into life with old stroke necessitates love of so amenable a maid.


The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 581-585. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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Scorpio Woman Revisited

Cancer 28° (July 18)

Nobody has Higher opinion of herself. Indomitable spirit can’t be penetrated by detractors.

Too self-possessed to struggle, achieves by amassing supporters who pave way roll red carpet

Oozes feminine allure /foreboding egoism equal measure, bids others come hither at own peril

Femme fatale appears unmoved by men’s advances, using insouciance to bait him Make him work for her attention

Invented hard to get expert at insinuating herself into the psyche of those she desires without lifting the pinky

All mystery assuming superiority with people . She can’t help let’s see a man In terms of what he could do for her

She sizes up candidates for affection weighing potential as partner c0-progenitor professional success

Wants full package wary of men And their ambitions which she mostly considers half baked

With women generally admires more than men bonds are or spiritual and sexual

sapphic by nature she is highly romantic in gay relationships smacking of schoolgirl crushes


356Catonian principle that of unseen nature inner workings of the planet cosmos human consciousness derived from katonia meaning underground another name for Persephone late to the map show nations of the internal feminine experience Earth personified as female . Regenerative forces of the planet the reproductive process of women both called into question During the cold storage associated with the onset of autumn And menopause respectively signs motto I just I desire signals femme fatales hidden agenda

sign in mind what lies beneath Mars and Pluto fire and ice progression And sexual urgency encased in frosty elliptical energy of the latter. Tiny Pluto rules unseen regenerative forces in the body cellular level and psychologically the reformational workings of the subconscious from our earthly perspective small remote planet soars to great Heights at certain times then dips far below in the Sky at others representing Heights and depths of human experience similarly scorpios coterie of mysterious sign symbols Phoenix perpet it to dive great altitude crashing burning rise again anew from Ashes. Pluto Roman God of underworld astrological precept of transformation by elimination. Originally an ancient female dating Pluto it was one time synonymous with Persephone who devolved into his wife Pluto Persephone etched likewise into mythos being plunged into the depths of the underworld heralding autumn Only to return to sunny surface. This is metaphor for Scorpio woman No keeping her down . The harder she falls the bigger should becomes brushing herself off. There is no end to her ability to reinvent. Survivor of the 1st order indoors life’s natural disasters big and small parlaying the most paralyzing setbacks in two subsequent successes perfect expression of her transformation Planetary principle growing by letting go

in Libra the Uber feminine planet rules masculine side pretty apollonian vision of the surface world in Scorpio masculine Mars is submerged into the depths of this feminine sign giving rise to catonian view of existence subterranean denotes underside of life in every aspect from wormy womb tomb of nature to dark recesses of human subconscious to bubbling chemistry or buzzy physics in life at the microcosmic level . Katonia title given to the black demiter or Pluto Persephone death goddess aspect 3rd quadrant of the mind focus is on perception of existence Scorpio delves subjective catonian realities those of the subconscious with the objective purpose of isolating and cataloging if not rooting out what she discovers there.

357 Planet symbol Pluto power transformation growth through elimination regeneration renewal earthly perspective planet rises great Heights then dives depths echoing Phoenix seasonal descent of return Persephone self imposed exile eliminating distractions of surface experience Scorpio gains insights which in turn fuel her ambitions and provide grounding … also … Sign Quadrant Scorpio about deep dark recesses of subconscious and the objective exploration of subjective realm dormant Persephone entranced on throne of the underworld and image of subliminal Scorpio woman focused on self economic self examination and elimination of deep seated blocks that might interfere with psychological growth

Libra woman fairest of the mall holds a mirror Scorpio woman like Alice goes through the looking glass to investigate the Wonderland of her own psyche any actor will tell you this is what the dramatic craft is all about having so firm a grasp on one’s own her life is to draw upon it no wonder so many top actresses are Scorpio. Nobody has better handle on her feelings than she. Fixed water element symbolizing emotion Control sensation as to never have a control her fixed water can often make her seem frozen . Pluto’s remote energy keeps Mars is impulsive expression in check allowing Scorpio comfortable distance from feelings meaning she rarely acts rashly upon them. Carrying on in any manner whether with angry outbursts or crying Jags or sentimentalism all blatant waste of energy that should be put into other uses . The ability to contain and control the rest of us what the rest of us experience as spontaneous sensation Makes her almost cool headed character uncannily composed under pressure. Never flustered by unexpected circumstance not easily swayed by flattery or hurt by insults she doesn’t feel victimized daunted or challenge despite others intentions to affect her. Christian Crystallisation of scorpios emotional life dictates experiencing her own feelings as facts. Others have humble opinions she has all the answers in relationships especially her way or highway. Her beliefs are non negotiable or dislikes and likes are definite definitive inscrutable self-evident whole of her mental framework of consolidation of subjective views into hard and fast system of personal truths as air tight as Einstein’s theory.

8th astrological House of perceptions beyond the five senses indeed she is all sixth sense while Libra projects her thoughtforms onto the astral plane waving her wand of idealization Scorpio operates in reverse psychically drawing experience to her like a crystal attuned to what life might have in store she picks and chooses opportunities enviable Lee avoiding obstacles

358 sign glyph of all the symbols dragon serpent spider scorpion Phoenix is probably the latter mythological bird most inappropriate for the Scorpio female character rising stronger ever after even the most startling crashing and burning 2nd dictionary meaning of Phoenix is one of peerless beauty or excellence … Also… element and quality fixed water particular to Scorpio likened to ice or other such crystals or salt precious semi precious stones . Scorpio is a gem perfected by the internal machinations of her pressurized psyche perfect 10 she maybe she sees herself as salt of the earth a precious self preservation TLE commodity

spider-woman operates as a magnet what she teaches the rest of us by example: less is more there are those who fight for finagle or hunt down or meticulously plan their ambitions are too narrowly focused blind to the big picture unable to recognize what life right naturally afford them. Spider doesn’t need to stalk its prey she isn’t compelled to make life happen or build a future as the personification of unseen intelligence of nature one that knows the appropriate seasonal time for every purpose Scorpio waits her turn turn turn trusting in the cyclical character of existence jumping on the carousel of time when the right opening comes around patients for the Zodiac spider is the ultimate virtue Meanwhile she spends her own time leaving a perfect web for trapping the bounty she feels entitled to amass to her preparing for her good is paramount and it entails removing an any and all impediments two it’s a accesion.

Another 8th house quality points to her psychology is self sacrificed an important element of elimination Giving rise to personal growth this is the crux of her being . It’s a dynamic with roots in early childhood. She is typically born in that time and her family’s life is disordered though often a happy chaos characterized by geographic change or jumble of many children. Her parents tend to be remote individually and as a couple allowing for a loose undisciplined atmosphere. Her father may be especially absent . Rather than adding to the confusion or becoming lost in the shuffle she becomes instead the voice of authority regardless of her birth order taking on a parental role sorting out the domestic model pointedly telling everybody else what to do and when to do it. Her blatant bossiness is welcomed by both parents while her siblings see her as an anchor granting her superior status in return for constant support and definitions she brings to their world. Working in tandem with her more lenient mother they form a complete maternal presence. She tends to make close respectful relationships with their mothers. Scorpios rootedness is considered invaluable winning her role of family treasure. Taking a vital position she generally sacrifices a carefree childhood digging down tapping into latent maturity well before might otherwise have emerged. Strives for stillness weaving that spider web around her emotional issues to chew on later so that she might also recreate a more stable environment in which she and siblings can meet their myriad challenges school family obligations formation of friendships and the negotiation of sexual issues from the perspective of,

359 polarity fixed water status of Scorpio mean she is often as I see as can be firmly fixed beliefs perfectly crystallized in her understanding of self completely convinced of her motivations unwavering in emotional attachment… also… sign number the number of regeneration tradition Equates 8 with transcendence higher plane of consciousness signals eternity spiral shape folding onto itself associated with money making and worldly possessions lemniscate

a family with Scorpio female is marked by solidarity amongst siblings all for one spirit of survival with she as leader . Digging in and choreographing so-called turmoil chaotic pressure of family life honed into charismatic power to the catonian Scorpio life is supposed to be random an unruly it only becomes other pandaemonium through panicky reactions to it . If one gives into chaos it will in turn give way to natural order. The trick she learns is to clear a path for Providence by obliterating obstacles in its path

little wonder Scorpio is the zodiac’s personification Of the destroyer got us . Steeped in associations with underworld afterlife figures like Persephone 8th astrological house governs concept of death as well as regeneration. The symbols of Virgo and Scorpio suggest two sons are related dimeter archetype mother earth in mythology earth goddess Virgin aspect core abducted 80s Pluto autumnal equinox and a Virgo transforms into Persephone the death Crone mother earth in deep freeze haunting the autumnal sign of Scorpio. Persephone isn’t the happiest camper like Scorpio her happy go lucky childhood aspect has been Sacrificed all be it in order that she might will to power so great as to scared the Jesus out of anyone got her man. She is death giving a person Either the thumbs up or down Where they might spend eternity she is the last word the bottom line is is the same role Scorpio woman plays in life the one who ultimately calls the shots in relationships like Persephone sitting motionless on her cold jeweled throne Scorpio releases her opinions like edicts deciding the fate of everyone she encounters always in terms of what they might offer her period others barely exist for Scorpio except insofar as they relate to her families exist friends exist and enemies do not exist all people are palms she prizes some more than others. Scarlett O’Hara gone with the wind Ashes if not Ashley taking matters into own hands Margaret Mitchell Vivien Leigh both scorpios

360 age menopausal. Cessation of maidenhood Crone aspect Persephone hormonal change occurring in this time of life unseen chemical workings of body something of which scorpius forever aware tree drops leaves growth shifts to the inner root level age signifies the shedding of the last bloom of fertility in favor of psychic fecundity of womanly wisdom … also… Scorpio psychology imperious her superiority complex rivals Leo man Like Persephone rigid icy expectant of others to do her bidding her sting manifests when faced with strangers of whom she’s almost pathologically leery

scarlet Persephone Incarnate plunged into ruin beloved Terra The Greek the Gaelic dimitre pillaged her mother like her own youthful aspect destroyed scarlet must rise Phoenix like from cinders not just for own survival but for entire brood embraces troubles on earth the root vegetable snack puts on some drapes as fiddle Dee Dee I’ll think about it tomorrow starts manipulating the hell out of people to get back on top . Mitchell even gives us Pluto in the black lab Rhett Butler Pluto means riches and it is mainly rets money scarlet is after imbat doing embodying her 8th house attribute of sex and other peoples money. Scorpio isn’t above trading one for the other doesn’t subscribe to any pristine puritanical vision of sexuality seeing no reason not to use it to best advantage . Nothing she does could diminish high esteem she has for herself. Life struggles and pressures only make her harder edged and more valuable to others. Weather Persephone paralyzed in her Palace for scarlet vowing never to go hungry again Soaring from the Ashes of calamity to new wealth fixed water ladies determination expression of her signs motto I desire only becomes that more crystallized amid chaos like a diamond vernacular ice hardest purest perfect crystal worth and beauty particular the inner kind only increase the longer she remains rooted in the pressure cooker of her catonian nature

Scorpio periodically embarks on psychological descents not more than twice or three times in her life while an individual bout might last a year or more . These are not baby Blues but something darker indigo turbulent . The catonian realm is that of the internal mysterious feminine the purest personification of archetypal energy. She has subliminal tempests raging inside regardless of cool lid she might keep on them . Crucial times in life they surface as cruxes she feels fairly forced into self reflection. Nobody else possesses the power of concentration that she does evidente if one is ever to glimpse the Scorpio at work particularly on a creative project ultimately too becoming more insular while working she appears in a trance ability to shut out externals dive into the depths of her own subconscious is also a bit of a curse that she can’t on command put a cap on the fathomless connection she feels thus when others might be able to repress underlying excitation In their psyches or not be able to make contact with its workings even if they tried scorpy has no choice but to be swallowed up into the pit Persephone and face every last secret skeleton demon craving which for her are bonfires and waging holocausts Rimado I desire points to more than mere whim a distillation distillation of wants and needs into a diamond hard determination When she does resurface she does so with an air of dead calm

360 one archetype myth Persephone the dying time of year autumn Death isador to transformation The illus inion mysteries associated with the goddess _illumination Persephone is about renewal turn mortals into gods the pattern repeated by the Scorpio woman In love relationships where she is often In the business of killing off imats impairments such that ** *** might emerge as a more divine being she’s associated with the sphinx holds lifes riddles kills men If they don’t answer correctly

Body and soul Scorpio wears expectant expression Perpetually watching waiting for something to occur arrive in conversation she anticipates ones every word hurrying conversation along with quick nods hissed yeses annoyed by slight aggressions often seems to only half listen as if engaged by other thoughts providing time until she might interject her own opinions. Preoccupation stems from her perceptive antenna feeling the atmosphere surrounding what’s being said compelled to read between the lines . Never satisfied with face value discourse scans for signs of subtext disingenuousness deceit noting ease or lack of in a person’s voice mannerisms . Be fitting fixed water Scorpio like a crystal radio zeroing in on unspoken signals may account for her blank trancelike stare she seems to listen more than look for clues about a person opening up all available frequencies to her notoriously fine tuned intuition. She often appears to be looking through a person Keeping silent tabs on other interactions stuffily minding mine are coming and going. As you enter a crowded room her eyes will meet you with the threshold if she finds you interesting sexually or otherwise she won’t let you out of your sight . With the prying look do I know you she bears down on an individual squinted eyes and sphinx smile silently signaling peaked curiosity. She is the zodiacs original spider woman Seductive creature bids those she considers fly to enter her parlor . Few women are more comfortably in’s constine their surroundings then she unlike her male counterpart who is paternally slithering about she digs into her environment not one to party hop or even make more than a single plan in a given day shall leave the cozy confines of her domestic digs only if she knows once she gets there she can comfortably park her cleanly but and be waited upon

362 Bible literature she devil death as female the bosom of mother earth femme fatale character Delilah the wikner his name also means opening both azione and Gray sex and death both attributes of 8th astrological house metaphorically interchangeable femme fatale character in literature uses sex as device for her own gain Scarlett O’Hara most infamous recalling deep red associated with the sign Rhett Butler plutonic character clad In black coincides with desolation Of the earth Terra . Alices adventures in Wonderland also depicts the Scorpio female undaunted in delving into her own psyche also Mars rulership.

Like a fine portrait whose eyes follow you She emits the glacial composure downright frosty when she wants to be her countenance holds one in suspended animation If not suspense . She wants answers and induces a person to reveal himself even the most close mouthed man finds himself spilling guts. the sphinx putting a guy in the hot seat demanding we do some fast talking while she remained silent as The grave cryptic as befits Persephone forever entranced and throned in her crypt when she does speak succinct to say the least keeping much of what she is thinking to herself. She can say more with fewer words than anyone anyway Often making a person feel he has received a subliminal transmission. This capacity used to her best advantage works with words as a writer poet songstress even a CEO would employ dripping metaphor and description of events surrounding a recent board meeting . The catonian in dweller fairly proves that poetry is indeed the language of the soul at least how that’s that’s how it surfaces in translation

She appears cold and calculating to other women Who sense she’s concealing a secret sting operation With combined Mars and Pluto rule whatever hot’s she has she keeps behind chilly demeanor. Ignorant of this men especially find themselves babbling all the more she simply cracks her Mona Lisa smile art historians thought that meant pregnant with anticipation expecting. Meanwhile that model probably is Scorpio anticipo Tori female forever fixed metaphorical state of hatching some plan or other actual pregnancy Scorpio tends to be the broodiest on the block . Despite her path depiction of sex crazed harpy she is rarely on a search for sex for sex sake instead she stakes out a permanent mate with whom to propagate . She doesn’t like to be single in lieu of dating she’ll generally enter heavy relationship after another even convinced a man isn’t the one she’d still rather take him on As a hobby of not a hobby occupying her mind making him over in her image chewing him up spitting him out better than she found him . Scorpio is convinced she’s doing a man a favor being with him weather for a fortnight or forever . Then prior ristic she takes up with someone Makes indelible mark on others

brand of beauty gothic beatific Mona Lisa internal beloved Persephone ghostly Raven haired icy blonde drained of color dusted with Frost alabaster even darker extractions will be fairer than others in our family enigmatic eyes revealing nothing set wide gaze seems impassable hairline low widowspeak fringed with Peach fuzz neck two giving her a hooded cowl appearance hair straight springy difficult to manage cowlicks great pains to taste tainment her nose is typically long straight sharp suspicious countenance notoriously sly smile perfect halfmoon character of the mouth neck not over long seemed stiff her whole body round to face in any given direction a symptom of fixed ground in stands her movements are quite staccato typically not one of the best dancers her shoulders are strong without being square pale luminous arms throat bosom revealed in de Cola taste styles no matter the season richly Rd in clean line clothing penchant for minimalist or mint vintage designs shows a lot of skin But not an exhibitionist she is oblivious to being on display.

Screen actor ability to feel completely private with a camera shoved in her face studio packed with technicians Julia Roberts Louise Brooks Dorothy Dandridge Maggie Gyllenhaal Parker Posey Winona Ryder Vivian Lee heading lamarr Veronica Lake Jodie Foster Sally Field Grace Kelly Goldie Hawn Demi Moore most successful and prolific sphinxlike ladies not only her extraordinary beauty but her ability to be intimate visceral on camera smoldering . She sleeps sexappeal perfect screen siren Wrong word if not box office treasure. Doesn’t hurt she tends to have a Primo bod lean and sinewy round and medium she obviously benefits from mars’s masculine athletic influence otherwise feminine water ruled physique long cool drink of water appreciation of Serpentine influence on her sign Firm weighty breasts feature vividly indignant snake eyes an effect combining Mars outward protruding energy and plutos nippy effects . Typically tiny waisted slim hipped without being Bony or bowl right boyish Scorpio can slip on a pair of Mens jeans no problem but on her they won’t look boyish they will claim in all the right places like her breasts very feminine swell of stomach and pubic mound which can be perceptible through her clothes slinky fabrics it’s her nature to let it all hang out notoriously not hung up on cosmetic perfection She might even look terribly UN meticulous in her regime slapping on makeup without washing her face going out without deodorant shaving plucking completely comfortable in her body as a lover will soon learn lounge around naked Mary thought to crossing her legs advertising her Scorpio ruled rubyfruit that works like a guidance system for this sex driven female just just persephone’s pomegranate decided the direction of her fate

S + S

Knows what she’s made of sexually the female body and sexuality is the human representation of the cantonian principle mysterious inner workings intricate hidden laboratory from where lifesprings women’s libido and hormonally dictated moods and moon phases circumventing rational thought Sex is irrational it’s inner workings not easily fitting pretty picture of idealized thought and higher love. With life mysteries Scorpio has far better grip on it than the rest of us it is the sign of sex Mars and Pluto active regeneration combo platter of energies determining impetus to love which for the zodiacs subterranean Lady is not a lofty cerebral courtly urge but rather a blatantly chemical one . She doesn’t need any man to make her feel like a natural woman she was born that way she exudes sexuality cheering each pheromone on as it makes its journey out into the ether

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 576-580. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


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