Cancer 29° (July 19)

365 body rulership reproductive system genitals bladder urethra anus tendency to gent genital afflictions venereal disease polyps as well as scientists and adenoid trouble Pluto rules regenerative cell growth as well as revitalization of mental faculties

she has her pick of men That M with an arrow sending out yonik signals Scorpio in the most literal sense a screw that to virgos virginal interpretation . Skorpios attitude tord sexuality reflective of age group 49 to 56 time with menopause symbolically menopause another facet of mysterious female sexuality impossible to control the sensation Of the reproductive regenerative force in a woman . Age Association fits skorpios plutonian rule mirroring planets correlation to growth by elimination Diverting of life to the root level. Menopause remains giant mystery to doctors and scientists while the ancients like new age sex see menopause as the onset of the Crone age when a woman’s power to foster physical growth in the womb shifts to develop her own mental and spiritual prowess as proverbial wise woman. when of menopausal age a woman is ruled by her catonian hormones . Scorpio is menopausal all her life pressure naturally mature at an early age her psychology ruled by resigned and fatalistic nature not to mention being notoriously given to mood swings running hot and cold in her interactions. Strictly carnal sense to boot she’s rather blase to words of blinking as if the advent of sex itself were old hat she makes little fuss over the loss of virginity not easily impressed often the opposite by what men might have to offer in the way of physical endowments performance etc it can be off putting enough that scorpios typically unmoved trancelike in any case during sex others still find sex with her to be demoralizing as if she were suppressing a yawn.

Chemistry is a two way St she follows her nose too which explains why there isn’t exactly 1 type of man she goes for she trusts her six cents far more than her eyes Ann appreciates a hot stud when she sees one she’s not a Locust. As an inhabitant of the third quadrant she six a meeting of the minds not so much an intellectual collection connection as a psychic one she needs to get a vibe one in the same chemistry the Heights and depths dynamical Pluto demanding psychic and yonik attraction doesn’t give a fig about shared interests and ideals . She craves unspoken bond on mutual need to utterly merge to become as much one entity as two possibly can. Scorpia doesn’t merely pair up she psychically possesses approaching a partner with a Searchlight and a pickaxe plunging the depths of his personality tap on earth and fully realized talents he has to treasure

365 she feels out and destroys problems and negative habits. Femme fatale nature: whole parts of the man she takes up with must be must simply die . Some men will allow her such powers of execution others eagerly welcome it happy to find a men managerial and mentor inmate. In every culture of death goddesses possessed a cauldron of regeneration one more interpretation of her fixed water status in which male gods or heroes were restored to life anew. Guys that fall for spider lady soon find themselves in a similar Stew. She hopes to stir a man into full possession of himself helping him grow by killing off what might be holding him back. The Scorpio ice Queen Is like a crystal utilized to transform atmospheric energy neutralizing negativity and allowing for more beneficial vibrations. Of course she comes to relationships with nothing to lose and nothing to prove conditioned since childhood to think of herself as a perfect jam . One of her fatal flaws not being able to admit when she’s wrong of bitter pill for her to swallow sometimes loses friendships relationships due to her absolute distaste for humble pie. She is programmed to repeat the role she played growing up settling into relationships early in life anxious to start mining the psyche of some male. She’s that wifey girlfriend who gets her hooks in a guy as early as eighth grade rattling off directive do’s and don’ts coming face to face with Persephone even a young male gets the sense he’s meeting his maker. She is sexually wise beyond her years signals even unwittingly sending out peaking the curiosity of older men as well as boys were age. She may be the one to make the major moves on a boyfriend always has a steady one she could have already deflowered a string of lads before hitting her 20s . Every boy she romantically befriends better for having known her cures their Madonna ***** complexes she demands to be treated like gold yet as a carnal person as well smashing archaic double standards. She does go for Mamas boys she can put up with more macho men than most but he must also possess a brand of emotional deference for women. She is accustomed to sharing the motherly role with her own mother and she quickly bonds to God via dangling apron spring strings in front of him must Lee past the mother to whom he was previously attached

367 just a first in a string of relationships that she puts on ice. What she looks for is potential . Preferring a guy who is slightly underconfident and underdeveloped in understanding his life’s ambitions to one who believes they have it all sewn up. A man with a clearly defined mission presents a problem for her making it difficult to stir ingredients for his success into the pot but the guy with lofty notions who simply lacks the know how is just the right candidate to pop into her cauldron. Once she gets finished with him he’ll be a real catch but woe to any other woman Or any lover who gets too big for his britches she fuels a man’s confidence that he develops a superior attitude and he may hint that he could do better but lookout: she will either release so burning assisting as to reduce him to castrated rubble or old shell launch cold shoulder campaign The likes of which would simply freeze a guy’s balls off she packs more metaphoric muscle than most males

sphinx the burden is always on the man in her life to think fast do her bidding come up with whatever goods she demands but she can ask but he can ask zilch of her she offers nothing to anyone no explanations. Perfect in every way she’s completely beyond reproach her opinions are endlessly forthcoming but even in deep distress she keeps her lip buttoned asking others for help is tantamount to admitting weakness something she cannot do. She’s fine everyone else needs sorting out when it comes to her own career she focuses on internal affairs notoriously creative she cannot be bothered with public opinion Leaving promotion to spin doctors. Like sphinx she doesn’t think she truly does think in metaphor just as her acting talent is characterized by a strong but subtle inner life so too is their poetic mystery in her artistic endeavors songwriters Joni Mitchell Bonnie Raitt Maggie Roche Rickie Lee Jones Sylvia Plath Madame Curie Georgia O’Keeffe Roseanne Whoopi Goldberg Sherry height sign of superficial pop stars scorpios notoriety stems from exploration of depths of human experience she is an unapologetic person Committed to her own callings people be damned impressed not with celebrity her own or anyone elses

368 Same with love and sex one must seek out the sphinx the sphinx isn’t coming after you man happens upon Scorpio woman on her own terms and her home turf he must be prepared to lose himself body and soul a pact with the she devil allowing her full possession. She will do all she can to help him fulfill his every wish but in return He belongs to her . She won’t be used as a stepping stone anyone who tries will find he’s being trampled under foot. Investing in a man full time job for which she feels entitled to be paid . Many sacrificed their own karere untying the knot. Explains why sphynxes with their own creative Collins remained single femme fatales don’t hold down day jobs . Pity the poor fool who tries to throw the self sacrificing Scorpio over anyone will fight tooth and now to take an ungrateful unfaithful spouse to the cleaners you bet it’s our deadly little Persephone with her secret weapon Of warring Mars energy.

Of course in best circumstances this inherent aggression Has its perks sex is one activity that taps into her hidden fire despite her blase femme fatale facade she burns for sexual contact urgency made all the more icon ironic by her unruffled unapologetic tone. If anyone were to force a guy to go down on her in a cab it’s in your face scorp she is most uninhibited when it comes to making love unlike the ram she isn’t exclusively focused on the physical act rather she’s inclined to **** with the guys brain As she is with more evidente organs . Notoriously experimental especially in early stages of the relationship she knows how to wow guy fastening him via fascination psychic hold . She’s a real tease that girl who play Footsie with the guys crotch under the table groping even briefly going down on him offering blatant titillation to stay emotionally connected . She is no way precious about sex she may be Machiavellian in its usage employing it as means to an end. since she emotionally invests so much so quickly she may use sex as a safeguard to seal the deal she pours it on in bed pulling out all stops to ensure she’ll rank among if not be his best

369 fixed water focused feeling combination she seeks to be a man’s obsession a crystallization of his desire primary manner in which she paralyzes her prey. Bidding him be still and just kick back she goes to town pleasuring him battery vax she can be veritable succubus even while he’s asleep practically nothing is gross out as their hands and mouth make their way to places where the sun don’t shine . Enjoys getting to the root of a man’s matter acquainted with hidden areas that serve as G spots. Completely UN squeamish apps to enjoy swallowing indulging in feet or armpits even watersports maybe inbounds. She’s more turned on by the European model of penises than the American one preferring people in their natural state a little messiness in a man Fussy types who wax shaver overly praying won’t last long in her favor she likes to wet up and otherwise soak the sheets aroused by healthy body odor musky scents she will forgo showering post sex even swapping undies to keep excitement going through the day

oral skills put pornstar to shame naturally equipped Deep Throat greedily gobbles accommodate jumbo size . Though may take her time to climax her eventual explosion could be so extreme to knock her unconscious . Not typically bendy sex is not acrobatic rather her version of groovy eastly getting into a study staccato rhythm it is the sign of sex after all and the serpent’s one of its symbols a tantrik thought female serpent kundalini is said to be coiled around the lowest chakra that of the pelvis more tantric even then Virgo woman Scorpio naturally knows how to wake the snake inside her breathing during sex working in synchronicity with the muscles of her vagina accounting for any delay an orgasm as she let’s it come rather than forcing it to happen. She becomes one with the sex act put her translate state . Not heavy in the least the bedroom is one place where she doesn’t play mind games barely uttering a word to her lover though she may make great deal with primal guttural sounds losing herself completely in sexual frenzy. She doesn’t always know her own strength he needs to be a sturdy fellow with great deal staying power she requires long hard ride quickie dickies need not apply she seeks a real slow Joe with no place to go requires her daily dose of it indeed Scorpio hallways looks as if she’s just had a good romp her disheveled lips swollen chafed gate bit stiff soreness appetite forever Hardy few women benefit as readily from the actual physical shift that sexual release brings she’s famous for wearing a look of just fucked freshness

370 Of all women most into **** inherent naughtiness in the act wanted to be more advanced shock more prudish people women. Variety spice of life shopping for ****** as well as lace doyleys a toy or two stashed in her undie drawer reach new Heights by down and dirty means like male counterpart we sadistic streak great pleasure rendering a man helpless torturing him tickling disciplinary fantasies fit her psychological bill in slaving a submissive man seeing him grovel for sexual attention Saddle soaping her leather unmentionables need for control rarely manifest in such an extreme manner however. She does like to be the boss in bed telling him where to touch lick nibble penetrate into what time it never the docile damn soul feigning innocence or ignorance. She is authoritative but she’s hardly the jealous type relationships probably open and forgiving of lovers who go astray sex is sex not something to get morally hung up on She doesn’t discuss her own sideline activities however on occasion she may be amenable to another woman joining in A hapless third used like a toy for their enjoyment scorpius Layton sadism seeps out subconsciously punish the other woman for simply being there

pretty women Turn Scorpio women on the latent masculine masculine Mars energy inspires klidi **** *** for Dewey face natural beauties gay or straight spider women have a sapphic side sometimes anchored bye the effect women have on her since when faced with the hottest stud imaginable she hardly bets my period she doesn’t like being taken unawares to mask any flustered feelings she overcompensates acting all the more superior immediately taking the power position. When she does actually identify as a lesbian she is notoriously mysterious about it she may not be a big believer in heart and hard and fast labels. Drawn to wholesome girls next door adopts a worldly wise demeanor trying to appeal as mentor and mother the girliest girls have the greatest appeal round little dumpling ingenues fresh daisies sweep to pluck scrappier looks educate a lovely Rita Lee drawing out her sexy instincts that might be lurking beneath the surface of a spotless psyche

371 she plays sophisticated seduces wide eyed beauty seems innocent enough at first she may begin with an invitation to the gym or a beauty treatment or a sleepover swapping stories and pedicures accompanied by cocktails champagne. Soon conversation swings to sex Scorpio grilling her friend on particular erotic history alighting on subjective lesbian contact. Given her instinctual power she’s confident in her gaydar enjoys and covering closet if closeted woman secret sapphic love tales hoping to be the next page or chapter. As a team the gay Scorpio will be out clubbing every night as an adult she steers clear of queer bars finding such an environment to obviously based on sex. She needs to be entering Virgin territory sensing a woman thrills to the experience only as a relative neophyte can appealing to her need for control she takes the woman unironic journey full charge of the proceedings as the zodiacs daughter of Pluto she shows a lover of the ecstatic Heights that might be achieved via depths of sometimes degrading and debauched sexual delights unlike her gay male counterpart she lands herself in a relationship after relationship never long often overlapping liaisons sexually aware any young age she will have had many schoolgirl experiences initiated by older superiors on a sports team or within fuzzy best friend bounds. If anyone to be cheerleader dating the football captain only to be secretly rubbing pompoms with her squadmates ovicide it Scorpio whose youthful lesbian history reads like erotica I’ll be at geared to a male audience she’ll be the first on the block to have engaged in Group fun with members of both sexes having hosted such a soiree while her parents were out of town sex is power to the gay Scorpio girl who talks more prudish femmes in her midst a dynamic that continues throughout adult life as she scratches if not sniffs the surface of another woman’s puritanical standards often working in industries flooded with females typically at the top of the heap where her business is best put to use sorry bossiness is best to use she has a pool of prettiest pick from pets whom shall prep for promotions and Weald power over

371 minus the Butch wardrobe she plays peppermint Patty to a submissive marcie wearing the pantsuit in the relationship whether or not she mixes business with pleasure allowing a work relationship to veer into a sexual one she is imperious with glasses she latches onto slowly but surely putting women through their sexual paces. She uses the element of surprise in the bedroom introducing new techniques and toys push your lover to the edge faster than you can say nipple clamps what may have started with sweet talk and end up far more slap than tickle. Paul scorpios male female gay straight welcome a little pain mixed in with the pleasure for the lesbian spider lady perhaps the most imposing on this score introducing her lover to new levels of excitement she wants to ensure her dominance in calculating a lover to her specific brand of sex she may be far more compulsive about sex than her hetero counterpart because straight Scorpio tends to be substitute procreation for purely sexual experience still gay Scorpio though the dominant female may yield to her maternal instincts she is typically the London long term bonds will choose to give birth in fact gasparilla hopes to wear as many hats as possible in a relationship as breadwinner household boss mother mentor sexual master her partner will have to be the will have to be content with that even worship full following in her wake trying tying up all the loose and attending to life’s little details scorpios hacking into life with old stroke necessitates love of so amenable a maid.


The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 581-585. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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